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heart_earring (1).…

Earring Thread Anonymous 9694

Wasn't sure wether to create this thread here on at /cgl/, but alas

ITT: Post cute/cool/nice/etc earrings, and preferrably, where to get them, if possible.
Personal collection displays are also ok.

Anonymous 9695


Anonymous 9696


Anonymous 9697


I love the assymetric earring trend.

aliexpress link: https://tinyurl.com/y7lhsr4r

Anonymous 9698

I loooove Betsey Johnson's earrings, they are super good quality too

Same, check my link out

Anonymous 9699



These are my favorites, very cute. Way out of my budget, though.

Anonymous 9700


I love the shape of these earrings but they are too big for my taste. I wish I could find them like 40% smaller ;_;

Anonymous 9701


Anonymous 9702


Origami cockatiel earrings squee

Anonymous 9703


Fairy wing earrings! I own two pairs in different styles. They're lovely.
Made by madmarchmoon on Etsy.

Anonymous 9704

bad collage.png

I love big, loud or dangly earrings the most.

excuse the bad collage, but some of my favorites + one of the cases I use:


Vince Camuto cut-out hoops, I bought them off Amazon. Doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere though, VC shit is like that.
I think these were from Amazon, but I can't find the specific listing.
I found these at a department store sale. Something like Macy's or Hudson's Bay sales are pretty good to find brand/semi-brand name stuff for a bit of a lower cost.
Aliexpress find.
from Muji. It's definitely better if you have things in the size of the stock picture there, a lot of my stuff are too big/long for it.
These are also from Vince Camuto. I used to have them in silver but lost one of them. Quite a sad day tbh, as these also haven't been in stock anywhere since then.

Anonymous 9705


I am a BITCH for the "valentine day's korean heart earring" look, as tacky and repetitive it can get. I want them all.

Anonymous 9706

butterfly pendant.…

This reminded me that I have a pendant with a real butterfly wing

Pic looks almost exactly like the one I have.

Anonymous 9707

w h e r e c a n i g e t t h e s e

Anonymous 9708

Anonymous 9709


Beautiful! I love butterfly themed jewellery.

Anonymous 9711


i'm here to post these stupid cute hoagie earrings.

Anonymous 9745

if i was rich af i would literally just collect belle epoque rose cut diamond earrings

Anonymous 9746


dropped pic

Anonymous 9768

guys im sorry but they fug

Anonymous 9771

What’s fug about them?

Anonymous 12906

f (126).jpg

Anonymous 12910


I love dumbass food earrings so much. Next paycheck I'm getting these.

Rose cut is the best cut. Those are gorgeous.

Anonymous 12918


Wearing these for my Art Deco wedding, found on Etsy. Mismatched all the way!

Anonymous 12922

How much did they cost you?

Anonymous 13405

I still kick myself over accidentally losing a pair of handcrafted antique gold earrings. My great-grandmother wore them.
I had stored them in a small lump of gift wrapping and duct tape so that I wouldn’t forget where they were and what they were. Extremely spergy solution, I know.
One day I was recovering from a physical accident, and required help with housework and stuff. I was so stuffed full of meds, that I coud barely form a coherent sentence, so maybe I just told the cleaner to throw it away or something. That, or she realized that they were valuable and took them with her. In any case, I never found them again after that day. Shit.

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