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Modeling Industry Anonymous 973

Let's discuss.

Some questions to get the ball rolling:
>how did you start following the modeling industry?
>who are your favorite models?
>who are your other favorite people in the business?

Anonymous 4120


What does cc think about francisco lachowski? I always see his pics posted on 4chan as an exemplar of male aesthetics. Is he really that attractive in your opinion?

Anonymous 4169

>>4120 needs longer hair… and longer beard… and more dense chest hair… and a two handed battleaxe…

Then yeah he’s pretty damn f9 and my type!

Anonymous 4171

gorgeous face, i dont like his body that much tho

Anonymous 4172


He's attractive, but pretty boys are peak male aesthetic. Pic relate, it's Daniel Tighe.

Anonymous 4180

YES. This is more like it.

Anonymous 4184


if you like THIS guy let me introduce you to Bartek Borowiec. He's so pretty. I think he got into photography last time I heard so he no longer models but we'll always have his pictures.
i feel like anne rice would lose her shit if she ever met him.

Anonymous 4185


Miles McMillan please sit on my face

Anonymous 4186


Lol. I >>4172 posted this exact image a few days ago when I tried to make a long-hair model thread, but I kept spelling his name wrong so I deleted it. It seems like there's interest though, so maybe it's time for a revival?

Anonymous 4187


david gandy is also an incredibly beautiful man.

Anonymous 4188


and dane dehaan is technically an actor but i loved the campaign he did for prada

Anonymous 4189

Screen Shot 2018-0…

maybe just a long-haired men general? there are so many i can think of who aren't models, but are just musicians or instagrammers or something else. pic related, this lithium.snow guy does the nicest hairstyles.
totally did not expect his voice to sound like it does for some reason.

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