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Anonymous 9736

Why am i so damn tired? Ive been exercising, sleeping and eating well but it hasnt been helping. Could this be coffee addiction? Because normally i drink 2-3 cups a day and i havent been drinking at all a few days. If thats the case, how long is it gonna be until im able to feel awake without coffee again? Im so tired of being tired. I just wanna be productive.

Anonymous 9750

Idk but me too anon. I just have less energy than the average person. I cope by telling myself people who sleep more tend to live way longer, but I know that if I could choose I would be actually alive now. And everyone's like 'oh just practice better sleep hygiene""just do more cardio uwu" "just eat better" like bitch I have tried so many different fucking diets and all that shit shut up. I thought I was anemic for a bit. I'm gonna get bloodwork done. I'm really pissed off right now for other reasons, I do generally appreciate suggestions, I'm just tired of being tired my entire adult life.

Anonymous 9752

Have you had any blood work done, anon? It's possible you might be low on iron.

Anonymous 9753

Are you getting enough calories? Too much screen time? Are you spending much time outdoors?

Anonymous 9755

Because you're not taking adderall.

Anonymous 9816

Caffeine withdrawal can take a couple weeks to go away. Also, coffee can block iron absorption. So can milk, which people tend to add to coffee. You should get your levels checked, if you haven't already, and try to keep your iron stores well within the normal range, not just barely high enough to be considered normal.

Anonymous 9838

if you normally drink 2-3 cups a day and suddenly stop you will DEFINITELY feel very lethargic the next few days. i had periods when i cut out caffeine completely for a few days and i could sleep like 15 hours wake up 7 then go to sleep again

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