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Anonymous 9757

As a woman who has absolutely gargantuan forehead, which is less cringe: just embracing it or hiding it with bangs?

I feel like bangs look cringe on average woman, you need to look like an absolute Stacy to pull them off and even them they are a downgrade from just having normal hairstyle. But I feel like having huge ass forehead is so cringe too, even if your face is perfect otherwise.

Right now I don't have bangs because as explained, both are kinda shit choices (cutting bangs or just embracing the 6head) but at least with latter it is less maintenance as you don't need to cut your hair so often.

What do my fellow sisters think? Is having a very big forehead ugly? Or would it be better to hide it with bangs?

I'm so insecure about it. I feel like if I just had normal forehead I'd be at least 8/10 now I feel like 4/10 I just feel like it makes your face look so ridiculous and thats all others will see even if your other features are pretty. But idk I just feel like bangs are kinda cringe I can't help it? For me it just is a matter of which is less awful. I wish I just had normal forehead. :(

Anonymous 9759

I honestly didn't even notice the girl in the OP pic had a big forehead. Is it even big? She looks completely normal to me, very pretty even.

I'm more bothered by bad profiles, which I unfortunately have. Everyone is their own worst critic I guess. But to answer your question, bangs are fine! Personally I'm a big fan of side swept bangs.

Anonymous 9762

5head owner here. Bangs bangs bangs. I go through cycles of growing them out but I always look better with them. I don't cover my entire forehead though, I leave them a few cm above my eyebrows so they frame the rest of my face instead of overwhelming it.

Anonymous 9763


OP here again I need to clarify something I wrote my post in a rush and my thoughts were all over the place.

When I say bangs are cringe I'm only speaking for myself. Like, I have never looked at girl with bangs and thought oh she looks ugly, quite the opposite. I think they look cute and I think ''I wanna cut ones as well!'' and when I do it I regret it every time. :D I feel like they look cute on everyone else except me! But in theory bangs would be a perfect solution for me because I kinda hate my eyebrows as well, but every time I cut them I kinda regret it.

Fuck it… I think I'll cut them as a reward after dieting when I have hit my goal weight.

Anonymous 9766

Have you tried clip-in bangs?

Also, as someone with a short forehead, I’ve never understood the hate towards women with big foreheads. I’m jealous because you have so many more hairstyles available to you. And I just think it looks good, but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

Anonymous 9767

I have 5head and I use bangs to hide it because I don't like how my 5head makes me look. I look fantastic with bangs and like garbage without.

Anonymous 10448

download (1).jpeg

I have a 5head and hid it with a side part, kinda like in this pic. I have wavy/poofy hair though, not sure it would work with sleek/straight hair.

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