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Holy Grails Anonymous 9781

post your holy grail skin products, hair products, and i guess, makeup

Anonymous 9785


this stuff saved my forehead

Anonymous 9794

Tell me more. Did you have acne? How bad?

Anonymous 9805


safflower oil is so great for any type of acne prone skin and it's very lightweight and affordable. 10/10 oil imho

going to try this just to try it, thanks anon

Anonymous 9806

FUN GUS.jpeg

I don't have one because they MUST all be in tandem. Fungal acne mixed with regular is a drag.
But yeah, this got me from 10 painful cysts+many comedones at any time all over my face to just scars and 1-3 lesions sometimes.

Also no refined sugar in my diet.

Anonymous 9807


Hado Labo’s Gokujyun line (face oil, face wash, moisturizing liquid, premium moisturizing cream in the gold tub). My face is looking so good.

Anonymous 9808



Anonymous 9809

Seconding this.

Anonymous 9810

Just using water and avoiding scented soaps of any kind works well.

Anonymous 9821

alright so for the first time ever i did one of those diy turmeric masks after hearing about it for 9238492034 years and ignoring it. i thought they were complete bullshit DIY useless masks for people with nothing better to do and a pantry full of spices, but i am converted. i'm dousing my body in this shit with almond milk and a touch of honey and it's amazing. i assume you guys will have tried this already but it really does work imo.

anon… i wish. just using water to wash your face does not work for like… so many people.

Anonymous 9846

That sounds heavenly (and delicious lol). But I wouldn't fill my tub with it, the tuneric seems like it would stain the bath and the honey might clog the drain/pipes if used in large amounts.

Anonymous 9847

oh no, i don't mean i'm filling my bathtub with it. im just making a bunch of it and putting it all over my body and letting it sit while i'm in the shower washing and conditioning my hair. my skin comes out so smooth. it helps that the turmeric is slightly gritty too so it makes for a wonderful scrub that isn't too abrasive like sugar or salt.

Anonymous 9848



i tried a turmeric mask, and while it does feel divine, my face is now yellow

Anonymous 9850

what brand did you use? as turmeric has become more popular, consumer agencies have been reporting an increase in adulteration/artificial dyes. it shouldn't leave anything but a very very slight yellow tint that fades easily (but definitely dyes plastic and clothes, as i've found).

Anonymous 9851

no idea, sadly, i've bought it a while ago and already moved it into a separate container with the rest of spices

Anonymous 9854

has anyone here used kukui oil for their face and body? has anyone found it to be comedogenic?

maybe just use that one for food and (idk if you're american but target has their organic line that's cheap) try the organic kind or just a more reputable brand in general. i'm using mccormick right now and the verrrry slight yellow fades super quickly.

Anonymous 9897


This is the best serum I've ever used in my life. My face feels so smooth and bright, more smooth than anything I've ever used in my life, and I've used a lot of acids, retinoids, etc

Anonymous 9898

does anybody have a face moisturizer they'd highly recommend that isnt super e? i have normal/oily skin and right now i just put body lotion on my face nd i think i need something better

Anonymous 9899

**expensive, not "e"

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