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soft feet Anonymous 9881

How do I get nice soft feet? I have dermatillomania (skin picking disorder) focused on my soles and toenails and the bottom of my feet are rough. I've gotten it largely under control but I'm still insecure about how they look. I've tried babyfoot but the parts with thick skin stayed the same, it only affected the already soft-ish skin around them.

Here's a babby picture bc I'm not about to go looking up womens' feet on the internet.

Anonymous 9883

I find the best way to keep any skin soft is to moisturize, not exfoliate. Wear socks to bed every night with lotion or vaseline inside. This might help with skin picking too.

Anonymous 9884

Have you tried a foot file? Specifically the electronic ones? They might look like they'd be painful but it's quite ticklish actually. They're good for getting tough, harder bits of skin off.

Anonymous 9885

There is foot masks you can buy online. They are like bags you put your feet inside them then let it dry then you peel away that thing. They won't stay soft for long though, its normal that they become hard since you walk on them. But it's something I guess.

Anonymous 9908

anon i have the same problem. my feet are always bleeding. i'm desperate but i can't stop. how did you get it under control?

Anonymous 9909

Not the OP but I had a skin picking problem too (in my case, on my scalp). I managed to stop by paying attention to when I was doing it. Usually it was when I felt stressed or bored. I would then try and self soothe another way, such as distracting myself by reading something or just writing down what is stressing me to get it out of my system a bit.

What also helped was paying attention to how much it hurt while healing. The hurt feels good while you are picking but, in my case, washing my hair was extremely painful. I imagine walking with picked at feet must be painful too.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous 9910

I forgot to add, also thinking about how much I didn't want other people to see it, or worse, comment on it. Feet picking is probably easier to hide, but there are still times when your feet will be visible, even if it is only to your family or partner.

Essentially, all these things took the enjoyment out of picking and emphasized the negatives, making picking a less enjoyable thing to do.

Anonymous 9913

These really do work, but they take a few days.

Also, moisturize your feet a lot.

Anonymous 9914

>I have dermatillomania (skin picking disorder) focused on my soles

my sister…… I do this so much and I have terrifying zombie feet now. Sometimes I have deep cuts in my soles because I start taking off the hard skin with a nail clipper and tear it off too hard. You already mentioned babyfoot, for me it doesn't do anything for the really hard parts either but I still love using it because it satisfies my skin picking thing sooo much. I always have 2 packs in my nightstand (I use a cheapo version for 5 dollars per 2 socks and only do 1 foot at a time)

sorry for no contribution but yeah.

Anonymous 9925


Counterpoint: wearing socks all the time encourages fungal growth. My toenails have been gross for years now because I used to do this.

Anonymous 9967

I used to have great feet when I didn't walk barefoot. I mostly used crocs. But I had to stop because they gave me knee pain.

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