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/thrift/ Anonymous 993

>throwing money at the big textile
>current year
Who /thrift/ here?

Anonymous 994

Thrifting is life. It's so much more fun to shop.
I've been watching Thrifted Transformations and she really makes me want to start sewing and making magic.

Anonymous 995


I love her channel, found it through her bandeau swimsuit tutorial which is super adorable!

I'd love it if we discussed some of our finds here, maybe?

I recently went to a flea market where I found a cute oversized hoodie for 2€ and the album Appeal to Reason by Rise Against for 1€ (that was probably the happiest I've ever been about a find, because my childhood friend introduced me to them, so lots of nostalgic memories associated with that!)

Anonymous 996



cool, thanks for posting this channel anon. Holy shit she's good! I wonder how long each transformation takes.

Sometimes I watch Annika Victoria, she has some thrifting related videos.

I LOVE thrifting, my favourite things to look for are:
>vintage fabric
>sewing patterns
>sewing accoutrements (buttons, zippers, trim)
>vintage dresses

Anonymous 997

Anika Victoria is cool too! In my opinion she's not as talented as thrifted transformation, or at least her style is a bit less refined so her end result is less to my tastes. But she explains really well and I'm probably going to be relying heavily on her videos when I try to get into sewing!
They did a collab together actually.

My favourite stuff to look for when thrifting:
>poofy skirts
>cardigans and dresses that look like curtains
>shirts and t-shirts that look to be from the 90's, especially when they have kind of a vaporwave vibe
>oversized sweaters
>handmade stuff. God I love finding those
I'm probably going to go today or tomorrow to try to kind some baggy, comfortable jeans too.

Anonymous 998

I love thrifting!!

I always find the best sweaters and dresses. I've never had good luck with jeans/bottoms which is frustrating because those are usually the most expensive to buy new.

But dresses wise I've found amazing stuff. I really like vintage/teacup dresses and I have about 5 or 6 that I've gotten thrifting. A couple are authentic from the 50s and 60s, while the rest are high end brands.

Anonymous 999

haul 29 mai.png

Went thrifting today, here's what I got !
I couldn't find nice lightweight jeans and ended up buying lots of tops I don't need, as always. At least I got the skirt, I didn't have any this long (it goes almost below the knee) and it goes with most things.
I hesitated a long time for the middle top shirt because it's super cutesy and I don't usually wear stuff like this but what the hell, why not.
I don't know if the shirt on middle bottom is a reference to something butit was too ironic to pass on.
Overall I'm pretty happy because thinking of it I did need some light clothes for the warmer weather.
Total was Y4,320, so about €35.

Anonymous 1000

I'm from a really small town so it's not really "a thing" here. It's also the reason why a lot of second-hand shops don't survive long.

Would definitely give it a shot if I had the chance.

Anonymous 1001

I love thrifting! It's something I've been into for a few years now, but lately I've been itching to go out and do some more. That might honestly be because of my pretty recent obsession with watching thrift haul/thrift diy videos on YouTube. Sometimes I get so jealous of the good finds some of those girls on YouTube get, though! It motivates me to go out and hunt down some better deals!

I recently found a few cool items that I really love. I've mostly been after activewear lately and found a few really nice Adidas pieces and a few other nice Nike tops. I also found the cutest pair of Liz Lisa shorts for $3 the other day but had to pass on them bc they were wayyyy too short on me. Shame.

Does anyone have any suggestions for /thrift/ based YouTube channels?

Anonymous 1002

Would love to thrift but from where i'm from spain the only "thrift shops" that are here (at least where i live) are run by scamming hipsters that overcharge for it to the point of it being ridiculous (100 euros for a no brand ugly as a sin smelly shirt just cause it's muh ~american vintage~ or 500 euros for vintage shitty levis that you can buy in asos marketplace for like 30 euros tops).
If i ever found a thrift shop where i live i would definetely buy there, i find fascinating the amazing things people show in thrift hauls that they got for dirt cheap.
>tfw when you wanna stop supporting fast fashion but can't because every other store is overcharging garbage

Anonymous 1003

lol same here, paying 100$ for a pair of pants that have been "made" into shorts, aka they cut off the legs and nothing else.

Anonymous 1004


damn, that sucks. I hate when places overprice USED things. Sometimes for more than you would even pay new! I guess I'm lucky to have a variety of thrift stores where I'm from.

I find the best treasures at the little shops run by churches. They sell everything for so cheap.. plus it's mostly stuff donated by old people, so I always find nice ceramics and crafting stuff. Good, inexpensive, retro furniture too.

Anonymous 1005

Does anyone else hate it when they're thrifting and they find a cute top or dress and it's from H&M or F21 and you just internally rage because you're there to NOT get stuff from main stores? lol

Anonymous 1006

Yep. I do all my "thrifting" though buying on eBay or Poshmark now. At least I can avoid shitty clothes that way lol

Anonymous 1007

>buying on eBay
>avoid shitty clothes

Anonymous 1008

on ebay you can search for a specific brand and size, thereby avoiding having to sift through piles of acrylic granny blouses from the late 80s to find something good

On that note, I've just bought a Hugo Boss 3 piece suit for €100 (including postage fees). Just the blazer goes for €300 new, I love bargains. I'll need to tailor it but I'd have to do that anyway even if I bought it new.

Anonymous 1009

I don't mind this at all because I'm there to buy cheap clothes and it's still usually cheaper than getting it new. My biggest problem with for example f21 is their sweatshop labor, so buying it used doesn't bother me since I'm not supporting the company that way. At least from a donation based company where it doesn't create a second hand market.

I get all my liz Lisa on eBay I love it so much!

Anonymous 1010

I remember a few years back there were some "fat acceptance" warriors screaming about thrift transformations being sizeist. I know it wasn't very many people or anyone who matters but it was so ridiculous that I still laugh about it to this day.

I'm so jealous of that top middle shirt, it's so cute!

Anonymous 1011

THAT TOP MIDDLE SHIRT I'm weeping, I've never found anything that cute in an opshop. It's all sequins and moomoos.

Anonymous 1012

I actually saw that post the other day. The first time I saw it I'd put on a lot of weight and I still didn't see the point. I think what some dipshits don't remember is that charity stores give their profits to charity. Buy the smelly size 20 dresses jesus christ. There is literally no shortage of fat clothes in any thrift store I've been to.
I think at some point you've got to take it up with big business, if there aren't a lot of over 9000 sized dresses then start up an indie business with your plussize friends or learn to sew. Basically no one fits off the rack sizing. But I digress.

Anonymous 1013

Is there a difference between a "thrift store" and a charity shop (where people donate clothes and stuff they no longer want and are then sold for the charity that runs the shop). There's a thrift store in Manchester, but it just seems to be what the SpainAnon here >>1002 described.

Anonymous 1014

Out of curiosity does anyone have a basic guide for thrifting clothes of good quality? What even is good quality? Halp.

Anonymous 1015

Hi everyone! I love thrift stores.

in the usa people pretty much use the term thrift store for every kind of used clothing store that you donate to.

we have resale stores that either specialize in vintage clothing that you can sometimes sell to, or resale stores you sell to that go by brands they think are cool like plato's closet and buffalo exchange. I don't think calling these thrift stores makes much sense bc they are curated for you.

as far as donation based thrift stores - they are either run by a local charity, like a woman's shelter or humane society, while chains like goodwill or salvation army donate to or operate community based services like job training, meals, etc.

I have a couple tips~

Don’t look for one specific thing, but have a list of colors, fit, kind of item, theme, etc. For example:

Colors - most important imo, unless you will get around to dying something. This is the easiest way to weed out things you don’t want to waste your time on - just look out for your approved color list. I recommend a couple neutrals, base colors and accent colors at least. Something that helps you remember “I don’t need another black skirt but I do need [base color] bottoms/ cardigan etc to complete outfits/ have something to throw on”

Fit - remember common fit issues you have with clothes and don’t struggle to make something work. I won’t get tops with dumbass small cap sleeves for example. Knowing what kinds of dresses/tops/bottoms/sweaters you like, what features you like to look out for and features that won’t work for you makes flipping through the racks quicker and less taxing.

Material / Quality - some people think only natural fibers like wool / cashmere / silk are the only way to go but anything can be good quality, it just takes some patience and time to learn what to look out for. Pay attention to how neatly an item is sewn, if it is pilling, if it’s bagged out, etc. Used stuff that’s made well will often hold up where others fail because they were made by someone with some forethought. If you look at something and think “wow that looks cheap” chances are it is! I do like looking for things like silk button ups, cashmere, merino, thermal silks, linen for summer and wool/silk/ other hair blends but for me they are little gems! Anything can be good.

Looking for cool clothes you actually like - okay so I will attempt to be helpful here. back to what I said about not having a specific item - you can’t go out only looking for the exact item you see in a store, but if you are flexible you can find things that usually fit a couple criteria. Also remember to have a list of basics you need - I always forget them.
That said it depends on your area. In my small town thrift stores I have found cool vintage and 80s/90s things but only a couple of remotely 'cute' items.

Other thoughts - learning how to alter clothing just a bit can make a lot of difference. Even just hemming things changes a lot. But don't keep a hoard around waiting to do something with it!

Anonymous 1016

Looooove thrifting but it can be a little time consuming sometimes, but always pays off. Depop is a good option for those who want thrifted looking clothes without having to search through a whole thrift store. You can also sell your own clothes on there too! Some people make their prices kinda high tho which is annoying but i've found some cute decently priced stuff on there before.

Anonymous 1017

LADIES, weird question but can homeware be classed as fast fashon/muh big textile?

My sister just got some really cute cushions from Primark. I hate primark with a burning passion usually but I didn't even know they did homeware?!

I've bought homeware from charity shops before but not like cushions/blankets etc? Just tables etc.

Would you say the same ethics apply? I need guidance oh beautiful thrifty miners

Anonymous 1018

You could argue that there are homeware/decorating trends (minimalism, whites, the "Nordic Aesthetic', light brown woods, etc. were big in the past couple of months) and depending on what it is or who it was produced by it could most definitely be considered fast fashion imo.

Take H&M Housewares. Last summer fucking everything was pineapple. Pineapple blankets, kitchen items, candles, etc. And just earlier this year I was there and the few bits left were discounted to like 80% off and girls were openly saying "Eugh this was so big last year I'm glad it's out"

Anonymous 1019

>>1018 but things like plain coloured pillows should be alright surely? I can attempt to make them last and even try to sew new covers if the old ones get all weird from scrap material? Idk. I think it's more that primark are the evil villains of the uk high street…

Anonymous 1020

>should be alright
Just buy what you like, not what's trendy.

Anonymous 3221

Has anyone else noticed a massive increase in cost at thrift/charity stores? I went for a little nose around in an old favourite of mine and everything was way more expensive than usual. Like £20 for a blouse.

I can't justify spending the same amount of money id spend in a high street store on something second hand. It wasn't even a good brand. I get the muh environment POV but fuck me, when did people get so cheeky? Is this a trend or is this store just being run by a nob head?

Anonymous 3222

My sister recently went thrifting and bought a Calvin Klein sweater for $13. I was honestly pretty shocked… it seemed pretty expensive coming from a thrift store. IDK if brand played a role or not but I was thinking maybe $8 sounds more reasonable?
I remember two years ago I went to a thrift store and bought 3 shirts for like $13. Recently I bought an adidas jacket from a thrift store for $6, so IDK why my sisters sweater was so expensive, especially since we were both at the same brand thrift store.

Thanks for the tips!!! I also have been really wanting to go to a buffalo exchange to drop off some pieces I don't wear anymore so I can use some credit there $$$$

Also do you prefer Goodwill or Salvation Army? My first and only time at Salvation army I found my favorite pair of jeans (levis<3) but countless stops at Goodwill have resulted in a lot less luck.

Anonymous 3224

>>3222 do you think because of the number of "vintage shops" that were actually just basically selling the same as charity/thrift shops, the latter figured they could charge more for more charity profit? I honestly don't know what to think.

>I remember two years ago I went to a thrift store and bought 3 shirts for like $13.

Literally this though. You used to be able to get an entire wardrobe revamp for the same price they're charging for one piece now. Hmph.

Anonymous 3438

Yep I've noticed it as well in the past few years. I don't know if this is a big issue but it also makes me feel bad if there are people who relied on thrift stores for affordable clothes and might not be able to afford it anymore.

Anonymous 8424


It really sucks that thrifting is popular because now you have teens/young adults taking and selling the good simple shit for way more than what they probably paid for on websties like Depop and Mercari. They'll have stuff like "VINTAGE T-SHIRT $25" when it's just a Rugrats t-shirt. Like really?

Anonymous 8425

The suckers who buy those things online are dumb. Why pay 25$ for an item when you can go to the thrift store yourself and buy something better for a fraction of the price?

Anonymous 8426

Exactly. They're basically an online Goodwill. Goodwill is expensive for no reason,too, at least in my state it is. They shouldn't even be considered a thrift store anymore. It's just all a mess.

Anonymous 8460

The depop "thrift" market is def annoying and dumb, but I wanna know where y'all live where every thrift store trip is a slam dunk. I live in a small midwest city and all the places here are mostly piles upon piles of ugly early-to-mid 2000s stuff and the worst of fast fashion from 3 years ago. I don't even bother to look at pants/jeans because it's literally all low-rise/bootcut/etc mall crap from like 2010. To be fair I'm really picky but I'm also thorough and it can be difficult to impossible to find stuff worth buying, let alone interesting pieces that have the thrift/vintage look.

I can't afford to rn bc unemployed new grad but if I could I would probably, shamefully, buy stuff from depop bc there are so many desirable items that I'd have to search for an eternity to find in my area. It's a college town so maybe the thrift stacies are snapping up good shit before I can get to it? The plus side I guess is that Goodwill is still relatively cheap here, although prices have risen somewhat in recent years.

Anonymous 8462

I live in eastern Europe and we have stores that get old clothes from all over Europe; there isn't really much "vintage" or whatever looking clothes, there's mostly dingy clothes but I find interesting things often too. Usually the prices will be up to 10$ but eventually they will reduce the prices to a dollar an item. Of course by that time there's mostly the dingy clothes left but I managed to find cool things even then. I think it's because thrifting is not popular with young people here, so there's nobody to buy clothing in smaller sizes so it's all left for me muahahaha
I wish I could take you shopping here with me.

Anonymous 8498

There's a cute thrift shop near me that's closing due to Corona. :( on the plus side I got some nice long skirts for $2.50 each.

Anonymous 8687

Has anyone used ThredUp? It's an online thrift store.

I've gotten a lot of stuff off of that site lately, like a brand new pair of shell toe addidas and a nice gap trenchcoat. All were reasonably priced for the item and quality. It's not "thrift store" prices, but you can narrow down your fav brands and styles, and they offer nice discounts. It's for sure cheaper and more "ethical" than buying muhfastfashun

Anonymous 8688

why do americans only have the cool stuff
t. coping pleb

Anonymous 10180

My city is THE main hellscape when it comes to vegan hipsters who suck all the good items from thrift shops/who open a store and sell a rugrats tshirt with a hole on the belly for 30€.
So I dont even bother.

Id much rather thrift online but wjete should i go??? Ebay here is shit upon shit, other shops ive seen are scams and come out pricier than if you buy new. Someone please give me good recommendations!!!

Anonymous 10183

thrifting sucks sm where i am. there's literally no clothes in my size ever, and the prices are barely cheaper than in stores.

Anonymous 10641

Poshmark is great for finding nice vintage clothes.
You can also find things for quite cheap. Often people try to sell their shit there before moving and have these "everything must go" sales where they almost give things away for free.

Anonymous 10681

woah how did you find all of these? just search regional thrift stores? Anyways, thanks for the list!

Anonymous 10682

Yeah I just searched regional thrift stores. They’re so so much better than goodwill and Salvation Army in terms of price.
Another tip is if you got the means, travel to well off and bougie areas (hopefully with a high percentage of elderly people). You will find SO MUCH vintage and cool stuff. Usually a little bit more pricey but still not as expensive as online or consignment stores.

Anonymous 10683

Also, I’m a bored ass research librarian lol so I just love answering questions

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