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/thyroid/ Anonymous 9961

Straight from the doc, just found out I have serious hypothyroidism.
Kinda explains why losing weight was so hard for me, and not because I'm a huge slob (I've lost about 12 kg on myself this year but then I hit a plateau and gained 2 of them back). I'll have to take iodine supplements for the next 12 months and a hormonal one for the next 3 before the next hormone check.
Anyone else that had/has thyroid problems here? How did you deal with them? How did they affect your body image and weight?

Anonymous 9963

Note: I'm not a doctor and not giving medical advice or anything, just talking about my understanding.
The treatment seems to be worth it, apparently the effects of treatment -can- be life changing but results vary and don't seem significant all the time.
I know people that have had this issue. I believe the regular treatment is synthroid which completely shuts down all natural thyroid hormone production and makes you dependent on the replacement hormone, which is kind of a good thing, you need to take a pill every day and get tested a few times a year to make sure your hormone levels are good.
You should really talk with your doctors about this though. I think it depends on how severe the issue is. Good luck!

Anonymous 9971

Thanks anon, yes I was prescribed a small dosage of synthroid every day in the morning (the bloodwork was horrible so we'd have to start small).

>makes you dependent on the replacement hormone

This is what kinda scares me, I know that it's often a lifelong issue for most and it kinda sucks but expected. My mother had a hormonal issue too, so my genetics are shit.

Anonymous 9972

I just got blood taken to test for thyroid problems and some other deficiencies. I have some symptoms of thyroid/hormone problems that I’ve always “meant” to have checked out, but always half-thought it was just me being overly anxious. I’ll find out the results next week.

Anonymous 10004


another hypothyroid anon here

don't hope that in next 12 months it'll be over
most likely you are in this forever, especially if you have genetic disposition to hypothyroidism

i was barely diagnosed, mocked by many doctors and own family for being a fat slob when i gained about 25 kg in span of just three months, and since then i only gained about 5 more

i am fully dependent on hormone supplements to even barely function

right now i am sitting in the fuzziest sweater available in the room with a normal room temperature, because to me it's freezing, hypothyroidism makes you feel so cold all the time, so cold. woke up too early? - it's freezing - overexerted yourself? - it's freezing - and it's very easy to overexert because my energy is always low, and yet in eyes of others i am just a fat lazy slob

hypothyroidism causes depression, depression causes hypothyroidism - it's a fucking loop with no exit
it also causes so many other random shit like ear ringing, right now basically everything wrong with me can be blamed on hypothyroidism, and I live on hormone supplements and low-carbs diet

good luck, anon

good luck, pray that you don't have to live the rest of your life like I do

Anonymous 10006

yeah i got diagnosed with hypothyroidism when i was like 12? or 13 maybe? they caught it when i was in the psych ward, they test you for like everything. i am lucky that they caught it early, so i havent really had to struggle with my weight as much as other anons.

i do find losing difficult though. my like resting weight i always end up at if i just eat and live normly, puts me at bmi 21.3. glad im not overweight but still want to lose sometimes and the only times ive been able to is the combination of going anachan plus being under extreme stress. like healthy dieting doesnt seem to work as well on me as other ppl.

ive been on 88mcg synthroid for several years now without the dose changing.it does suck being dependent on meds though because im scared of not being able to afford a doctors visit, and they wont prescribe more if i dont get my levels checked evry year.

other than that, the being cold all the time sucks, my neck looks weird and im paranoid ppl think i have an adams apple, but im glad i didnt get a worse disease i guess.

Anonymous 10008

1 week of taking the meds. Energy levels slowly rising (really slowly) but no changes in weight (assuming I've been eating as usual).
Except one day I was feeling extremely agitated and more alive than ever (it was the day I slept for only 3-4 hours). I want to go back to that state.

How did it go anon? Assuming you got the results.

>especially if you have genetic disposition to hypothyroidism
Hashimoto's from my father's bloodline and it's his sister (she's also an anachan). I guess I'm fucked then.

>i gained about 25 kg in span of just three months

Been there, done that. I still struggle to keep the lost weight off and the only way that works is ana tier shit which causes a lot of other problems. I guess if I ate normally I'd be much larger than I am now.

>healthy dieting doesnt seem to work

What do you mean by healthy though? Small calorie restriction or such?

One thing I can't relate to is feeling cold all the time, I'm kinda the opposite - sweating horribly 24/7 so my clothes stink. My palms are still really cold tho.

Anonymous 10009

>Hashimoto's from my father's bloodline and it's his sister (she's also an anachan). I guess I'm fucked then.
You are. My condolences, but at least we still have it better than diabetics or asthmatics when it comes to the dependence on medicine, i guess

>What do you mean by healthy though? Small calorie restriction or such?

nta, but I guess healthy dieting means anything that is not batshit crazy diet like crash diets or straight up ana "diet"

too bad i do not have a will strong enough to go full pro-ana and refuse carbs entirely, guess I am cursed to be a fatass no matter what

>One thing I can't relate to is feeling cold all the time, I'm kinda the opposite - sweating horribly 24/7 so my clothes stink. My palms are still really cold tho.

Can happen, too, basically your entire body temperature processing system is screwed

>but im glad i didnt get a worse disease i guess.
be wary, though, because any thyroid problem is a long-term invitation of thyroid cancer, this is more of a problem for hyperthyroidism, though
either way, hypothyroidism leads to all sorts of problems, so still, be wary, do regular health check-ups

Anonymous 10018


I looked up the symptoms and no way I don't have this. I literally related to every single one.

However, I have been psychward too where they did blood tests for me and they caught nothing. I was there for Eating Disorder (anorexia) and I guess they didn't have that in mind or something.

Anonymous 10019

For diagnosing hypothyroidism they usually need specific blood tests: checking free T4 and TSH come to mind first. I don't think it's something they do in psych wards. Go straight to endocrinologist, and be prepared for ultrasound test, too. You might be in a loop of your thyroid sabotaging your mind and mind sabotaging your thyroid as well.

Anonymous 10044

My thyroid turned out to be fine. I’m just anemic and have a few other deficiencies that can easily be fixed by eating a bit better or taking supplements.

Anonymous 10057

>thought i might have hypothyroidism
>did test i bought on amazon
>levels totally normal
thank god i guess because i cant afford medication for that shit.

Anonymous 10254

Calories in, calories out. Simple as.

Anonymous 10258


first of all it's not a weightloss thread as much
second hypo can affect your BMR so that your TDEE (not even BMR) can be 1000 cals/day and it's generally not advised to eat less than 1200/day (BMR of a petite skinny woman) so your weightloss with not ana-tier CICO on hypothyroidism could be extremely slow or even nonexistent (you'd be maintaining)
i'm not saying it's impossible to lose at all though

Anonymous 10462

Fuck man. I went in a blood test and am going to get the results in a few days, but with my existence having been pure suffering and hopelessness all my teenage years, i am getting delusional that for some reason the tests wont reveal what i wish for (hypothyroidism). It just feels unreal to think that this would all be over. I feel so fucking alone with everyone believing im just lazy. I only wish the meds will work so that i may show them how competent ive always been deep down. A year ago i started really pulling my shit together believing similarly as i do now that youll just have to push through in order to beat others at life, but despite my efforts i never managed to reach the level of others, let alone get on top. Ill try again this time with hopefully the right medication. I am driven entirely by anger and sadness. Fuck.

Can someone tell me if the meds help get rid of a puffy face? (Im not fat) I want to atleast be pretty.

Anonymous 10475

in my experience it made some of the bloating/water retention go away, my face looks kinda skinnier now while i haven't lost any fat (even gained lmao but that's on my own retardation)
but please anon don't use any meds you haven't been prescribed, especially hormonal shit. it can seriously fuck you up

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