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Fav Art Thread Anonymous 1272

Enough of uglies!
Is there an art piece you love for some reason? Or an artist whose artstyle you are obsessed with?
Please share.
This is Summer by Mucha.
Weeby stuff is welcome as well.

Anonymous 1273


Going to dump a couple more.

Mark Ryden though every ~quirkyyy~ person out there seems to love him.

Anonymous 1274


And finally Kishi Torajirou because he draws a variety of different body shapes (chubbs, skinny, tall, short) in a way that is rare in manga. And all his girls look so touchable.

Anonymous 1275


I love Gustave Dore's art. Anything with a medieval, fantasy, or mythological setting is right up my alley.

Anonymous 1276

This one is beautiful, anon

Anonymous 1277


I like Francisco Goya's creepy dark works.

Anonymous 1278


Pretty basic but I love Klimt. I even saw this painting in real life last year and it's so beautiful

Anonymous 1279

There's a Mucha museum in my town, I can't wait to go and get some souvenir shop artbook.

Anonymous 1280


Usually I'm not into modern art, but I love Egon Schiele's work. He was a protege of Gustav Klimt and has some of the weirdest illustrations. His line work is attractive.

Anonymous 1281


Wie wird es enden Is a nice picture.
I love it because the first time I saw it I thought it was "Howl will it end"

Anonymous 1282

Yayoi Kusama Infi…

Yayoi Kusama

Anonymous 1283



Hell yeah, I love Yayoi Kusama. She's so cool.

Anonymous 1284


I usually hate things like this, but thought this one was cute.

Anonymous 1285


Oh I absolutely adore Schiele. My mother was looking to buy some artwork to decorate her house with recently, so I linked her to some of his work and to my surprise she loved him too. Now she has 3 prints in the living room.

I'm a really big fan of Yoshitaka Amano. He used to be the lead character designer for the final fantasy series and he illustrates these really detailed, romantically fantastical characters and settings.

Anonymous 1286


God I remember him being huge in the late 00's, his shit was everywhere, him and the likes of Ray Caesar and Nicoletta Ceccoli.

Anonymous 1287


pretty much all rococo art <3

Anonymous 1288


I had a stage where I really obsessed over an artist called Jeanette Hayes. She mixes classical art with pop culture. I'm obsessed with her paintings featuring Pokemon. They just really sit well in my heart <3

Anonymous 1289

Cliché, I know… But I love this Van Gogh so much.

This is so fucking cute.

Anonymous 1290

images (6).jpg

Oops. Forgot the painting lol

Anonymous 1291

I love Van Gogh too, and thats actually my fave painting too!

Have you read "Van Gogh: The Life" by Steven Naifeh? its the best biography out there. It will blow your mind.
Also a must-mention: the Doctor Who episode about him. (I dont like Doctor Who but this episode was really fucking good. The writers did a really good job on researching how he was).

Anonymous 1292

Wilson Chu.jpg

I really love impressionism.

Anonymous 1293


Anonymous 1294

Claude Monet, Rowi…

Anonymous 1295

I've heard about it! Thank you, anon I'm gonna look for it.
Never really watched doctor who though. Shocking, I know

Anonymous 1296


Anonymous 1297


Anonymous 1298


I've always loved Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581 by Ilya Repin. I've since never seen a painting able to depict such raw, unprocessed emotion in this way, it's really transfixing.

Anonymous 1299


I know its cliche, but my favourite painting as an edgy teen was 'Raft of the Medusa', and I still have a soft spot for it
nowadays I tend to prefer softer pre-raphaelite type of things but for some reason this painting in particular is so impressive to me
this is one of my favourite paintings ever

Anonymous 1300


I love James Jean's art. He releases a timed print every 3 months or so and I've bought each and every one of them lol. My friends all joke that my house is pretty much a James Jean art gallery and that I could start charging people admission.

This is "Adrift" and it's in my top 3 favs from him.

Anonymous 1301


Every day by René Magritte. It makes me feel things.
And >>1296 this one's great too

Anonymous 1302


I'm going to dump a few of my favs. Mostly fan artists and pastel jfash stuff.

I seriously love almost http://eiffelart.tumblr.com/ makes. Adore the use of landscapes and how the characters interact with them. Much more interesting than just a floating character that tons of fanartist do

Anonymous 1303



Their art feels like a mix between illustration and graphic design. I love how blobby and cute their characters are

Anonymous 1304



My absolute favorite jp artist. They dont seem that popular compared to others though (like saaki pyrop) which makes me a bit sad.

Anonymous 1305



Fancy Surprise! I feel they capture the Spank! look perfectly

Anonymous 1306



i liked their older more painter-y style more but their new one is nice too

Anonymous 1307


Kazuki Takamatsu

Anonymous 1308


Anonymous 1309


Anonymous 1310


Anonymous 1311


Jessicka Addams (ex-Jack off Jill, Scarling) has cute artwork even if it can be a bit cliché

Anonymous 1312

I took one look at this on the front page and was immediately reminded of Jack Off Jill. This is totally her style. It's cute but she is the epitome of cliche like she's forever stuck in the late 90s.

Anonymous 1313


Anonymous 1314


Anonymous 1315


Anonymous 1316


Anonymous 1317


Anonymous 1318


Anonymous 1319


Anonymous 1320


Anonymous 1321


Anonymous 1322


Anonymous 1323


Anonymous 1324


Anonymous 1325


Anonymous 1326


This is one of my favorite paintings of all time, it's so intensely you can tell of an oncoming storm. I love the overall style of The Temple of Flora.

Anonymous 1327


one more

Anonymous 1328


Anonymous 1329


Anonymous 1330


I would love to know the artists to these ones!

Anonymous 1331


Teagan White, in case anyone was wondering (:

Anonymous 1332


Yoh Yoshinari, they're scans from his artbook

Anonymous 1333


love his work <3

Anonymous 1334


Alexandra Dvornikova

Anonymous 1335


Anonymous 1336


Anonymous 1337


Anonymous 1338

I love these anon!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous 1339


Here are some more!

Anonymous 1340


Anonymous 1341


Anonymous 1342


Anonymous 1343

William-Adolphe Bo…

Anonymous 1344


Anonymous 1345


Anonymous 1360


anon you gotta tell me who the artist is i love this!!

Anonymous 1773


Anonymous 1786


Mayumi Konno

Anonymous 1993

images (6).jpg

Anonymous 2028


This is the best one she did I think, plus, it speaks to me personally.

Anonymous 2030


there's something about rene gruau absolute simplicity and use of colors that i adore

Anonymous 2135


I will post some Kashima Echo.

Anonymous 2136



Anonymous 2137


flood detected; post discarded 3/3

Anonymous 2150


I love glitching her photos. I guess this counts as art, right?

Anonymous 2151


This one came out kind of cute I guess. This is a glitched version of this artists' original photo, OC I guess

Anonymous 2152



Anonymous 2153


damn, i feel like i ghostwrote this entire thread (minus a couple of the tumblr artists) a lot of these images are from some of my all-time favorite artists!

lately i've been really into vintage shoujo mangaka and their styles that inspire me to work harder on developing a distinct one of my own. also coming back into loving artists i used to cling to when i first started learning about art, particularly pre-raph/ impressionism and also more modern artists like audrey kawasaki, ryden, sorren, yoshitomo nara, pater sato, hikari shimoda and (pictured) liepke.

after a personal period of darkness and being really stagnant i forgot how much art actually makes me happy and inspired, and how much i missed studying and seeing it! i wish this site was a little faster with post frequency because you all have great taste

Anonymous 2154


This is my favorite picture ever.

Anonymous 2155

Konachan.com - 245…

Anonymous 2156

Konachan.com - 249…

Anonymous 2157

Screen Shot 2017-1…

pretty much every single thing i've seen ben constantine make gives me intense artist jealousy (plumpe_oystere on instagram)

Anonymous 2374


Posting Mucha again because life is too short.


Anonymous 2375



Anonymous 2376



Anonymous 2377


Ok, a bonus and I stop.


Anonymous 2495


I know this is old af but Jeanette plagiarizes small Japanese artists and its fucking gross.


And googling her name will bring up tons more.

Anonymous 2497

>small japanese artists
>Shintaro Kago


Anonymous 2498

This is incredibly embarrassing because they're not a "small artist" …. at all.

Anonymous 2499

not surprising. you know you're not artistically gifted when you ctrl+v photoshopped pokemon into fine art paintings and then proceed to call it art. it's not even "mixing" anything, she literally just threw a transparent jigglypuff onto something that required tons of fucking skill and time. neither of these look good and i dont get why she added the random dog to the right of the shintaro kago tracing.

Anonymous 2513

this reminds me of when i was in high school. two girls i really admired drew anime really really well, and i looked up to them and learned to draw cause of it, but then they sent me holiday cards one year with traced anime i recognized. it turns out all their art was traced. also despite what others believe, tracing is bad cause it gives you the final product without you understanding how you got there.

Anonymous 2572

Trade Off.jpg

Trade off by Tama. Her works are so beautiful. I can only dream of being able to one day watercolor like her.

Anonymous 2732

mark maggiori.jpg

Mark Maggiori

Anonymous 2733


Henry Herbert La Thangue

Anonymous 3254


Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar

Anonymous 3319


Rococo/baroque architecture

Anonymous 3320

This would be a very cute banner.

Anonymous 3389

das auge der still…

Max Ernst

Anonymous 3390


more Ernst

Anonymous 3391


Francis Bacon

Anonymous 3392

remedios varo.jpg

Remedios Varo is pretty great

Anonymous 3393

aster hung - spine…

Aster Hung

Anonymous 3394

barry windsor smit…

Barry Windsor Smith

Anonymous 3395


Jacek Yerka

Anonymous 3396

jacek yerka hydrot…

more Yerka

Anonymous 3401


Jan Pospisil

Anonymous 3403


Belkis Ayón

Anonymous 3477


Love this!

Anonymous 3478


Luzifer by Franz von Stuck
My favourite painter, he always only drew very dark subjects.

Anonymous 3484

black eye.jpg

do photographers count as artists? if so, Im currently obsessed with sally mann

Anonymous 3520

This is beautiful wow

Anonymous 3584



Anonymous 3585



Anonymous 3586



Anonymous 3927


this might sound pretentious but I actually really like Rothko n I wish I could see his paintings irl

Anonymous 3928


Claude Monet and the impressionist movement also makes me really happy

Anonymous 3936

Sailor Moon and 18th century art (especially Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun) are like my two favorite things so this is perfect.

Anonymous 3988

I had an art teacher who went to see some of his stuff in museums IRL and he said they're a pretty overwhelming experience. seeing his paintings in pictures in books or on the computer really does not do them justice.

Anonymous 4088

saturn devourting …

Francisco Goya

Anonymous 4411

Seconding this. I've seen one or two Rothkos up close and it's a different feeling than just looking at photos of them. They're big and they have a presence. How they're displayed is important too.

Anonymous 4412

Mark Rothko Galler…

dropped pic

Anonymous 4413


I'm not a big fan of Pieter Bruegel because his art reminds me a bit too much of naive art which I dislike but I love his painting "Netherlandish Proverbs". It's like a proto-meme or something, and it has so much time and effort put into it. Check out the wikipedia page, it has a list of all the proverbs illustrated: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netherlandish_Proverbs

Anonymous 4418


The Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Frederick Burton

just…the way he’s holding her. so cute.

Anonymous 4427


I only knew this as Fleet Foxes album art! Thank you for enlightening me!

Anonymous 5003


Anonymous 5004


hell yea I love paintings of Holofernes getting beheaded

Anonymous 5006

I got to study these two in class and that's why I'm a fan. Gentileschi's appeals to me more because there's a real struggle going on and both women are really getting stuck in there. In Caravaggio's, it looks like Judith is cutting his head off accidentally and she's kind of conflicted about it lol.

Anonymous 5007

Yeah, as if cutting off a head is as easy as slicing butter. But I love Holofernes' pose. And his muscles lol

Anonymous 5018



Anonymous 5019

Her face is so pretty

Anonymous 5020


Ayami Kojima (mostly known for her Castlevania art) she does a lot of interesting gothic horror art and I love her work (including her weird WTF NSFW stuff). I also want her art book but it's too damn expensive now.

Anonymous 5060

Refuge_44x64 copy.…

Women & Food series. Painting by Lee Price.

Anonymous 5146

I love her work, but I never realized she is a "her"!!!

Anonymous 5147


Thank you so much for sharing this!! Of course I've seen Yayoi Kusama's "most famous" works in pop culture, but I thought she was all about huge polka dots and bold colors. Your post has me interested in looking up more of her work. Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous 5150


this looks like miles johnston's work

Anonymous 5151

Julie Dillon metam…

julie dillon's colours are gorgeous

Anonymous 5152

Loish frost.jpg

loish is another online artist i admire

Anonymous 5891


A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Arthur Rackham

Anonymous 5892


Ivan Kupala Night by Julia Kostsova

Anonymous 5893


La Storia by Nicola Samori

Anonymous 5894


A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse

Anonymous 5895


Norwegian Coast by Moonlight by Andreas Achenbach

Anonymous 5897

incredible. The essence of the night is very difficult to capture.

Anonymous 5918


A wonderful piece, by an artist I truly adore.

Anonymous 5919


I agree, the essence of the night is not something that is easily reproducible in a painting, due to the darkness and whatnot. But the feeling they give me; amazing.

Anonymous 6003


Man, his illustrations for the Divine Comedy are phenomenal! I love his depiction of the Forest of the Suicides.

Anonymous 6431


Kurokawa Inuko

Anonymous 6432

Ronald Searle - Th…

Came across Ronald Searle purely by accident a couple of years ago. Turns out he's pretty famous since he was known for creating the St. Trinian's series of cartoons. He pretty much draws straight onto paper with ink as far as I'm aware.

Anonymous 6433

Unarmed Combat.png

Anonymous 6439


Fairy Dance by Hans Zatzka

Anonymous 6441

Sidney Sime - Ther…

An illustration by Sidney Sime. A lot of his drawings can be found accompanying a series of short fantasy stories by Lord Dunsany.

Anonymous 6491

george condo.jpg

i absolutely adore George Condos works! i love how everything is so fragmented yet so composed and something about it makes me feel emotionally… as if he is trying to reveal multiple layers or levels of feelings or intentions

Anonymous 6492


heres one more

Anonymous 6495


I've liked this piece a lot since I was a child for some reason

Anonymous 6498


Are you sure these are the original colors? The wikipedia page use this pic
The story behind the painting is cool too, the author was a women and had to resort to get help from Galilei (who was incredibly famous and influential at the time) to get paid, as the commisioner thought the painting was too crude to be exposed.

Anonymous 6499

The use of the light here is amazing

Anonymous 6500


Nighthawks by Hopper

Anonymous 6818


I discovered Kaneoya Sachiko's work in 2013 and I've loved her ever since.


Anonymous 8945

reckless sleeper.j…

The Reckless Sleeper

Anonymous 8978

manuhamu 7.png

this artist on twitter, manuhamu. idk if shes still around, pretty sure she wiped all her art, but i saved as much as i could. sad :(

Anonymous 8979

creek manuhamu 2.p…

Anonymous 8980

kyle 6 manuhamu.pn…

Anonymous 8981

Everyone 1.PNG

Anonymous 8984

escalator manuhamu…

curse the damn flood watch thing

Anonymous 8985


Anonymous 9047


love this guy's paintings

Anonymous 9052


Anonymous 9091

download (1).jpg

I love all the old classic clichés on here but I'm especially into this 3D kind of look if we're talking about more modern art. I like it best with bright colours on a blue tone background, like water or the sky. The way the paint comes off the canvas is stunning imo.

Anonymous 9092

Listen to silence …

Another example

Anonymous 9093


Klimt is based

Anonymous 9094

Conrad Jon Godly.j…

3D brushstrokes are so powerful. I love Conrad Jon Godly's works.

Anonymous 9095

It could be dangerous to let me near such paintings, i'm not sure i would be able to resist the temptation to brake off some of that "excess" paint when no one is looking. Its a technique that distracts the viewer from the subject of the painting itself - technique becomes the subject.

Anonymous 9106

I mean if that's the strategy it doesn't mean the painting is not still beautiful. I think it adds to the art rather than takes away from it.

Anonymous 9107

Maybe you are just easily distracted

Anonymous 9108

I knew someone whose parents had a pricey painting in their home. Their daughter did exactly that.

Anonymous 9139


Anonymous 9145

Henri de Toulouse-…

This haunts me. I know it's of a prostitute, but I identify with how the subject appears to be feeling.

Anonymous 9153


Anonymous 9175


Anonymous 9187

Maslowski Stanisla…

Maslowski Stanislaw Wschod Ksiezyca 1884

Anonymous 9211


Anonymous 9249


Anonymous 9308


Anonymous 9332


Anonymous 9337


I really enjoy this thread.

Anonymous 9338


Anonymous 9339

Josef Theodor Hans…

Anonymous 9347


I really love tofuvi. Her art is just so beautiful, pleasant and comfy.

Anonymous 9411


Art by Romaine Brooks

Anonymous 9424


Anonymous 9425


Anonymous 9515


Anonymous 9608


Anonymous 10108

cavarozzi - sacrif…

Anonymous 10109

michaelangelo - is…

Anonymous 10118


Anonymous 10129


edmund dulac

Anonymous 10130


i love east asian dragons like that

Anonymous 10131


I love Caravaggio's work so much. Pic rel is my favourite painting of his.

Anonymous 10132


I love paintings of Judith beheading Holofernes. picrel a fav

Anonymous 10133

Far more based version IMO. Judith isn't depicted as some dainty lady but rather a badass.

Anonymous 10136

Ahhh I love Artemisia Gentileschi's version too. It's so nice to see such amazing work from female Baroque painters. But one thing I really like about Caravaggio's rendition is the little old lady watching it all and looking unfazed as fuck kek.

Anonymous 10137

Look at the whites of her eyes, she’s terrified

Anonymous 10138

Okay maybe 'unfazed' was the wrong word to use here but I think she's sporting a 'take that, you little shit' kind of look.

Anonymous 10140


august malmström’s dancing fairies is amazing. zoom in on the wispy fairies! they are so detailed.

Anonymous 10141


Anonymous 10159


Anonymous 10160



Yes!!! I love Gentileschi's renditions of Caravaggio's beheading of Holofernes by Judith. She actually made two versions. Obvious difference is the colour of the dress but why I like this one more is that she's slightly more expressive. See eyebrows. I love the disgust on her face.

Anonymous 10161


Another popular rendition of a beheading by a woman is John the Baptists head as a reward for Salomés dance for King Herod. Picrelated, but other versions I really like are Gustave Moreau's and Aubrey Beardsley's

Anonymous 10162

I had the Aubrey Beardsley Salome hanging up as a framed print for a long time. I actually thought about getting it as a tattoo.

The play/opera of Salome I found very captivating; I don't even really know how to express my feelings about it.

Anonymous 10163

Ou! What made you consider getting it as a tattoo and why did you not end up not getting it?

Didn't know there was an opera, only knew of Oscar Wilde's book, which is apparently the inspiration behind it. Not that i've read the book either. You?

It makes sense to me that Salome has been a muse to many throughout time. I love the idea of a woman causing great violence using her own sexuality as a weapon - in like a Salome way not a Helen of Troy way

Anonymous 10164


girl fucking same. Some of my favs include The Tooth Drawer, The Incredulity of St. Thomas and Medusa (for obvi reasons). Secretly my absolute fav is Bacchus bc of the stories behind it, in that he'd pick up cute homeless boys, get them drunk, paint them, pay them and fuck them. Ouuuu if those flushed cheeks and drunked gaze could speak.

Hon mention, Boy Bitten by a Lizard, who also prob got prostituted by Caravaggio

Have you been, or would you like to go the Ufizzi??

Anonymous 10165


Anonymous 10166

I just didn't have a lot of money at that time and eventually the desire to have it passed. Hmm, and also I read a comic adaptation of the opera by P Craig Russell (who does a lot of very faithful adaptions of operas to comics/graphic novels) and that maybe surpassed the Beardsley Salome as my internal 'ideal' seen image of Salome.

The story in the play/opera/adaptation is really incredible. To me it is sublime and redemptive. I tried to look into criticism of it but I got so frustrated with most of the takes I didn't get very far. Salome is desired by her stepfather; pursued by a man she has no interest in; feared and oppressed by her mother and the man she actually loves rejects her because of her station and ancestry, and maybe even rejects all desire. She bundles all of this up and does something so transgressive that it overturns all of it. She fulfils her own desire and is annihilated.

Anonymous 10167


Yes! I've read all about the crazy shenanigans Caravaggio would get up to, like allegedly killing a man over a tennis match or being friends with a suspicious amount of prostitutes. He was such a colourful character, it makes his paintings so much more interesting once you know their backstory.
>Have you been, or would you like to go the Ufizzi??
No unfortunately, but I'd love to go one day.

Anonymous 10170

How does one get started?! I've seen the odd doc on youtube about him but if you've got any books or even wikipedia type pages about him that you remember being an interesting read pls share!

I keep being advertised to check out that american, Rocky Roggiero's webinars and I'm signed up for his email subscriptions but have never actually attended one. Know of him?

Anonymous 10177


I love this artist so fucking much. I wish I wasn't poor so I could buy their art.


Anonymous 10190


Ramón Casas, 1907. She was a Barcelona flower girl and he an artist from a rich family. They ended up married. I love how he depicts her here.

Anonymous 10408


Anonymous 11611


Anonymous 11613


I absolutely love nekozneko's art and aesthetic

Anonymous 11614


I also love rrr001222

Anonymous 11672


I love Tomm Moore's movies and his art style. It's so chilly yet comfy? It just reminds me of being at a cloudy beach while it's raining and there is a forest near by and all of the greenery pops out, almost like neon. The fact that his art style provokes such a deep feeling is what makes me such an avid fan of his work.

Anonymous 11673


its so chill and relatable i want to be her friend

Anonymous 11978


Anonymous 11979


Anonymous 11980


Anonymous 11981


Anonymous 11982


Anonymous 11983


Brian Eno 11984

8 of clubs.jpeg


Anonymous 11986


Kiko Capile again

Anonymous 12116


Tiago Scaff

Anonymous 12135


Please post smth like this I need it

Anonymous 12136

what is it that you like about it? I don't know how to find similar tbh

Anonymous 12137


Anonymous 12138


Anonymous 12139


Anonymous 12140


Anonymous 12141


Anonymous 12142


Anonymous 12267


kisung Koh

Anonymous 16216

Yasunari Ikenaga, …

Yasunari Ikenaga, Ren / Satsuki, 2016

Anonymous 16217

Monika Plentauskai…

Monika Plentauskaite - Wind from the East, 2022

Anonymous 16218


Hovhannes Aivazovsky - The Ninth Wave

Anonymous 16219

Giovanni Boldini M…

Giovanni Boldini - Marchesa Luisa Casati with a Greyhound

Anonymous 16246

Lady in Yellow (18…

Lady in Yellow (1888), Thomas Wilmer Dewing

Anonymous 16247

Illustration for '…

Illustration for 'The General Zapped An Angel', Karel Thole, 1970

Anonymous 16248

Ivan Choultse - Su…

Ivan Choultse - Sunset over the sea (1924)

Anonymous 16249

Pang Xunqin - The …

Pang Xunqin - The Girl on the Couch, (1930)

Anonymous 16250

Vase of Flowers, J…

Vase of Flowers, Jan Davidsz de Heem, c. 1670

Anonymous 16251


Anonymous 16298


Anonymous 16299


Anonymous 16305

The Valley of the …

The Valley of the Yosemite, by Alfred Bierstadt (1866)

Anonymous 16306

Ross Sterling Turn…

Ross Sterling Turner - Street Scene in Munich (1880)

Anonymous 16329


Anonymous 16330


Anonymous 16334


Anonymous 16335


Anonymous 16337


Anonymous 16415


Good taste

Anonymous 16525

Vincent van Gogh -…

Vincent van Gogh - Vase with Cornflowers and Poppies (1887)

Anonymous 16543

The Destruction of…

i really enjoy a lot of Joh Martin's works, largely because of how gargantuan and complex the environments are and how they make the figures in it look minute by comparison. by personal favorite of his is "The Destruction of Pharaoh's Host" (pic related) mostly because of the color composition and how serene he makes the chaotic situation looks.

Anonymous 17024

Masao Saito - Plum…

Anonymous 17026

Psyche in the Gard…

Anonymous 17027

Julius Kronberg (1…

Anonymous 18120


I wish my art looked more like picrel. I wish my backgrounds were more detailed and I love the vibe of having an aesthetically messy room. Things with sad anime girl vibes. It would look nice with how high the contrast tends to be in my art as well.

Anonymous 18132


Someone already posted another of Goya's black paintings but this one's always look the most foreboding to me

Anonymous 18154

This is powerful. Wow.

Anonymous 18158

Princess bubblegum?

Anonymous 18159

the wholeass bike in this very small bedroom is triggering me. the entire room feels claustrophobic. i like the messy bedroom pics that are relatable but this is just too much weeaboo trash that needs a proper home

Anonymous 18161

I think so lol

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