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Pinniped pictures dump Anonymous 15086

This thread is about animals of the pinniped family, commonly known as seals, sea lions and walruses.

You are welcome to ask any questions about seals, I will gladly answer you.

Anonymous 15087


Harbour seals resting near the Thames.

Anonymous 15088


More harbour seals (one of my favorite seal species)

Anonymous 15089


Anonymous 15090


If you're walking on a seal spot area, and see seals purposely turning their heads towards you, you should not come any closer. Most seals species have been hunted almost to extinction by humans for centuries, as a consequence nearby human presence stresses them. Watch them for a distance, for their well-being.

Anonymous 15091


Harbour seals gather in large groups to rest. Unlike other species, these colonies don't really follow any kind of hierarchy. They just hang out.

Anonymous 15092


Unlike other species, harbor seal pups don't have white fur (vituligo) to keep them warm. There is an upside to this : they are able to swim only few hours after birth !

Anonymous 15093


This is my wallpaper.

Anonymous 15094

jeune phoque commu…

This pup is extremely cute. If you have the chance to spot one, stay away ! It's extremely important that you don't touch them or even get close ! It could stress out the mother, and make it abandon her pup. Again, harbour seals are very fearful of humans.

Anonymous 15095


Seals are magnificient and graceful underwater.

Anonymous 15096


Anonymous 15097


Seal whiskers are extremely sensitive, and very useful to them. They help them to detect fishes.

Anonymous 15098


Anonymous 15099


Anonymous 15100


Even if they are a protected species in France, harbour seals are still getting killed by fishermen, sometimes even beheaded. These scrotes accuse seals of stealing "their" fishes. It is true that seals are opportunistic and won't hesitate to snag fishes caught in fishnets : it's easier after all. These moids tend to forget that seals where there before humans, and that as predators they help to regulate the whole ecosystem. Fishermen and seals will have to learn how to cohabitate. Smart ways to deter seals from stealing fishes are studied and getting implemented a bit everywhere.

Anonymous 15101

phoque commun nage…

Anonymous 15102


This harbour seal posture is pretty funny and cute, it looks like a banana. Why is it doing this ? As humans, seals have an inner temperature of about 37°C. The waters they swim in are way colder than this, and inner temperature drops faster in the water than in the air. As a consequence, seals need to get out of the sea to warm themselves. Their face and paws have less fat than the rest of the body to protect them. They don't want to have these parts touch the cold, soaked sand, so that they can get warmer.

Anonymous 15103


Anonymous 15104

sealana split patt…

This is a cute drawing I made to poke fun of seals posing like bananas.

Anonymous 15110


Hi seal-anon, what made you get so interested in seals to begin with? They are so cute!

Anonymous 15111


Hi, well I'm not really sure… I used not to care about seals until I discovered that they came back to the beaches of France few months ago. I started to get really into them probably because they look like obese sea cats (I'm initially a cat lover). I love how fat and plumpy they look, especially when they rest like blobs. They look like they're made of jelly or something, and these kind of materials always fascinated me for some reason.

They're also part of our local fauna that we have to protect. I'm also hoping I will witness the return of the mediterannean monk seal in the french riviera in my lifetime. But for now they're trapped to some tiny greek and atlantic islands.
I'm supporting the MOm (www.mom.gr) fundation that is dedicated to the reintroduction of this monk seal specy.

Anonymous 15112

phoque moine hawai…

This thread should be a reminder that no matter where you live, there are probably exotic looking, magnificient animal species living right now in your country, but on a critical condition. Or animals waiting to be reintroduced to their initial area of distribution. In any case, these animals need support from (benevolent) humans not to disapear completely because of human induced dysregulations.

This is a hawaiian monk seal, a cousin of our mediteranean monk seal, and the extinct caribean monk seals, RIP. This specy would have went under too, if a conservation program wouldn't have been issued in the 60's. They still need support from local volunteers to prevent humans from bothering them when they come on the beaches to rest, give birth, or nurse pups. Americans especially have a rich wildlife to protect, but the general public lacks awareness about it, imo.
If you can do something to help these wildlife conservation organizations, it's great, even if it's not much. You don't even have to make a donation, simply learning about what to do not to bother your local wildlife, and putting it into action, is a great step ahead for animals.

Yes this silly hawaiian monl seal is stuck with an eel in its nose. Vets had to get it removed, and the animal was unharmed.

Anonymous 15113

D-did the snake survive?

Anonymous 15114

Sadly no. It stayed for several days in this seal nasal conduct without being able to breathe, when the vets removed it. It's pretty ironic, since the most plausible explanation about this goofy situation is that the eel tried to save its life from the seal mouth… only to die asphyxiated in its nose.

Anonymous 15171



I'll dump a few elephants.

Anonymous 15172


Anonymous 15173


Anonymous 15174

the burden of know…

Anonymous 15175


Anonymous 15185

cute harp seal.jpg

Thanks for sharing a bunch of interesting facts OP! My parents gave me a seal stuffed animal as a kid and then seals kind of became my animal. I had seal blankets, seal toys, anything seal they would get for me so this thread feels pretty comfy

Anonymous 15186


I also really like Mamegoma

Anonymous 15247

iktf walrus.png

lucky you !
I was about to get a fat seal plush but it got stolen ;____;

In the meantime I'm making pinniped memes

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