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Natural Long Hair Appreciation Anonymous 17513

A thread for tasteful pictures of women and girls with long natural hair. Normal photos of long hair are welcome as well, it doesn't have to be a professional photoshoot in HD. Please don't post wigs/obvious hair extensions. All hair textures are welcome as long as the hair is significantly long.

Anonymous 17515


Anonymous 17516


Anonymous 17517


Anonymous 17518


Anonymous 17519


Anonymous 17520


Anonymous 17521


Anonymous 17522


Anonymous 17523


Anonymous 17524


Anonymous 17525

braid 1.jpg

Anonymous 17526


Anonymous 17527


Anonymous 17528


Great thread OP

Anonymous 17529


Thanks! Vintage pics are such a mine for this!

Anonymous 17541


Anonymous 17542


Anonymous 17543


Anonymous 17544


Anonymous 17545


Anonymous 17546

i love long hair but i hope you nonas know this is a not so rare fetish. i truly hope some scrote isn't asking us to dump material here. the women and girls only specified made me wonder.

Anonymous 17547

not to mention the "natural" only also. and "tasteful". professional HD photoshoots like the person is an expert that looks for this shit often and knows a lot about it. idk, mods?

Anonymous 17548


OP here, I know some men have a fetish for it, but what do men not fetishize?
>the women and girls only specified made me wonder.
I specified this because I know there's a ''male models with long hair'' thread somewhere else and because I don't like men with super long hair, I specially don't enjoy the viking types and I hate beards, men with very long hair tend to have beards and moustaches.
>not to mention the "natural" only also
What's wrong with that? Natural hair that is properly taken care of is a valid aesthetic, I don't want weird neon colours and I hate the idea of people wearing a shit ton of plastic attached to their scalp. Maybe a fantasy/cosplay wigs thread can be made if someone is interested but that wouldn't be me. I said tasteful, yes, pictures have to be nice, not sexual, not hairdresser adverts, not weird photoshop…
>professional HD photoshoots
I can assure you I'm no expert, not even an amateur photographer. I just wanted to clarify that pictures posted here don't have to be extreme high quality.
I understand your concern, threads regularly raise suspition to me as well. I hope my post explained the idea of this thread because I got the sensation you jumped to wrong conclusions very eagerly.

Anonymous 17549

None of the pics posted by OP are sexy. Yes, a moid could still jack off to them but moids will jack off to anything. Most of the pics here look like they were taken from the long hair forum which is for women who share tips for growing out their hair.

I'm not the OP but I agree that extensions nearly always look bad, same for wigs. Or they look too artificially perfect.

If you're concerned about a thread, you should report it so the mods can check the posting history.

Anonymous 17574


Anonymous 17575


Anonymous 17576


Anonymous 17577


Anonymous 17578


Anonymous 17579


Anonymous 17582

Her hair looks so pretty. I want to grow my hair like that too, but my ends tend to split due to the cold weather of where I live.

Anonymous 17589


Anonymous 17592

These look so unkempt at the ends to me I can't stand it. When long hair cut straight at the bottom though, it looks okay.

Anonymous 17604

As someone that has always wanted long hair very badly, this thread makes me seethe. Why couldn't I have been born with better genes?

Anonymous 17605

when is this pic from?

Anonymous 17615


I love the aesthetic of this picture, it looks like the backstage of some late 80s/ early 90s long hair contest, maybe the casting process for some long haired extras in a movie. The bald head popping out on top ruins it!

Anonymous 17616


Anonymous 17617


Anonymous 17654

My Hair.jpg

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