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Guy Crushes Anonymous 2034

Post your 3D husbandos

Anonymous 2035


I still have yet to see something cuter than Michael Jones eating a 10lb gummy bear

Anonymous 2036


Such bad taste here and in the nsfw cute boys thread….

Anonymous 2037


Good times. Young Leo, ahh…My heart.

Have some Nick Hoult, everyone!

Anonymous 2038

I'm pretty sure that's not Leo but Cole Sprouse.

Anonymous 2039

Jake Gyllenhaal.jp…

You can just tell he has a nice dick and would treat you right. It's in his eyes.

Anonymous 2040


O shit, you're right. I guess we need this then.

Man, am I getting old

Anonymous 2041


Anonymous 2042


He can get it

Anonymous 2043


ugh same anon

yess hes so articulate

Anonymous 2044

motherfucking yes. i love how calm and calculating he is. it would be wild

Anonymous 2045


Colin Firth makes my girl parts tremble, especially as Mr Darcy (original, not BJ although I love that one too )

Anonymous 2046

The only thing I like about him is his name lol. I don't know why but I say it to myself all the time. It sounds cool. Also, I don't like how old he looks in BCS

Anonymous 2047


Adam Conover
I just really like chubby geek guys. He also seems very nice and chill in his streams.
I will admit I prefer his old look back in his Olde English days (depth perception video on yt) but he's still pretty cute.
>10/10 would cuddle with while playing vidya

Anonymous 2048

tmp_10509-olde eng…

I found a picture of him from then. His old glasses suit him better. I might be biased since mine are similar though.

Anonymous 2049

my husband.gif

Brock O'Hurn

>tfw no stronk Viking husband who likes to cuddle kittens

Anonymous 2050


Cillian Murphy is number 1 3D husbando

>see also; red eye toilet scene

Anonymous 2051


yall probably think i have shit taste but i've thirsted over adam for a while now. somehow his ugliness makes him seem really masculine and appealing idk

agreed, and he's aging like a fine wine

Anonymous 2052

same here anon! I really liked him in the show.

Anonymous 2053


force choke me darth daddy UwU

Anonymous 2054

Ayy anon, im the one who posted about Colin Firth. We have the same taste in men. Ive had a shameful female-boner for Adam since the FA awakens. I dont know why , he looks weird but that Kylo costume-fit, and that deep voice hmmm

Anonymous 2055


i don't like the actor himself, he does nothing for me, just him as the character, precisely because he's so disgusting.

Anonymous 2056


tru! the voice is a big factor

Anonymous 2057


Rami Malek does the thing for me. He's absolutely petfect

Anonymous 2058


Anthony Padilla. Both emo hair era and now, just hnng.

Anonymous 2059


I can't be the only one, right? He looked better as he got older tbh

Anonymous 2060

yes! american beauty spacey is gorgeous

Anonymous 2061

I sometimes wish he would murder me..

Anonymous 2062


Taika Waititi is so dreamy.

Anonymous 2063


Anonymous 2064

This. He was so fucking dad hot in American Beauty. Glad I'm not the only one.

I also wish these boards were more active. ;-;

Anonymous 2065


Okura Tadayoshi from Kanjani8 i love his moles and "tired" eyes

is anyone else into j-idols? specifically Johnny's?

Anonymous 2066

Cas wink.gif

>tfw no Castiel bf

Anonymous 2067


>tfw no viking bf
why live

I don't even find him that attractive in real life but his character in vikings did it for me a lot. Most characters in vikings did it for me tbh.

Anonymous 2068

david bowie.jpg

The legend himself

Anonymous 2069

Why was my picture of David Sylvian deleted, what do you have against David Sylvian? Speaking of, why were all my posts deleted? I never posted anything against the rules. :thinking face:

Anonymous 2070


I can't say, but it was probably your own fault.

Anonymous 2071


TFW Ben Barnes will never ride up to me on a horse and steal me away into the sunset

Why live.

Anonymous 2159


help me i'm eternally stuck in my mid-late 2000's emo thirst and still want both of them to murder me

hard agree on all of these, i have such trash/weird taste lol especially because the hottest bowie to me is labyrinth bowie
also, young steve buscemi and young christian slater have got me fucked UP

Anonymous 2259


Just FYI Keanu is my husbando.

Anonymous 2261


Ugh god.
My s/o looks a little like Damon Albarn when he styles his hair right.
Damon is god though. Still would even now.

Anonymous 2262

keanu is pure and most be protected at all costs

Anonymous 2383

same!!!! gerard will forever have a spot in my heart. tbh i still find him cute even if everyone's picking on him for how bad he looks now KEK

Anonymous 2384

I KNOW RIGHT? tbh i don't think he's as attractive as he was like 2 years ago but these insane fangirls also forget that he's a father in his 40's who makes comics for a living now

(frank keeps getting hotter tho, like dad hot)

Anonymous 2385

did you see what frank replied to that fangirl on twitter though? they both seem like such great fathers. ;_; especially frank aahhhh

Anonymous 2389

benicio guy.png

shamefully agree, or at least I used to

Yeah it's painfully slow here unfortunately.

Recently I've liked Benicio del Toro. He looks weird now that he's older, but I'm trying to find earlier movies/pictures to look at. His hair was so nice, and he just had good interesting features. very qt

Anonymous 2390

He kinda looks like a beaten-up Brad Pitt

Anonymous 2391


I know he has some jank ass feet but Ezra Miller is so beautiful and lovely looking

Anonymous 2392


Kentaro Sakaguchi.
He gives off this carefree and warm aura! His goofy smile is like a warm hug. Also, I love his jaw. I'm so sick of the stupid V-line chin trend.

Anonymous 2393

Omg yes Tadayoshi is adorable! I'm personally more into j-actors and tarento rather than Johnny's.

Anonymous 2398

When I was much younger I used to be OBSESSED with the Johnny's guys, esp the ones in Shonen Club (I still consider Jimi Mackey my husbando btw).

Anonymous 2413


I think ​Toby Kebbell is really cute and it's a shame that he doesn't show his face more often (he's amazing with the whole motion-capture deal but I'd rather see his expressions)

>Recently I've liked Benicio del Toro
Same here, anon, same here.
Benicio del Toro and Javier Bardem have this je ne sais quoi that make them really handsome, imho.

Anonymous 2590

my b.jpg

young al pacino. what a qt

Anonymous 2592

Mads Mikkelsen.jpg

My other favorites already got posted so here's another one of my favs.

Anonymous 2624


>tfw you will never play with his hair while looking into his green eyes

Anonymous 2666

love him

Anonymous 2667

ugh, the guys from /deutsch/ are here again.

Anonymous 2668


there is only one. too bad he is half turkish.

Anonymous 2669

he's an nationalist tho

Anonymous 2670

Older?! Are you a Nazi?

Anonymous 2671

fuck off r9k

Anonymous 2705

images (22).jpeg

lol I had 2 threads open and posted my husband in the cutie gal thread. Sorry


Anonymous 2706

images (23).jpeg


Anonymous 2707

images (24).jpeg

And the last one! 3/3

Anonymous 2708


i would smash him with or without his long hair. his new tacky fashion sense and four nipples only makes things hotter for me.

Anonymous 2739


Dafoe, he has a great face.

Anonymous 2750

W-were these all posted by the same anon?

If you don't live in England…you should lol Every single one of these guys looks British as all get out

Anonymous 2751


I can't be the only one

Anonymous 2752

I posted all of them with the exception of the last picture you linked. Yes, I should have been born in England )': I know.

Anonymous 2753

Hey anon. You can always come here (I'm American but studying in England).

I'm probably the only one here who likes black guys, but the amount of hot black men in suits in England is just HNNNGGG. If I liked England more it'd be a perfect place to settle down.

But…if you like British culture/don't mind the weather, then it's abrnomally easy to immigrate here. :)

Anonymous 2757

because 3 of those pictures are of the same guy, genius. and the first poster made it clear she was posting three pics of the dude.
and who cares if the guys are british? they're cute and both of these guys are extremely popular overseas. i'm not even british but i dont get all the hate for england that a small loud minority of anons on this site keep posting about.

Anonymous 2764

Chill out. Damn…talk about an over reaction. This isn’t lolcow.

Anonymous 2773


You're not the only one…
<3 <3

Anonymous 2778


…you read that as not chill? maybe youre the one who should relax anon lmao. no one cares how much you hate british people or if u dont like what other anons like. u sound like a whiny child and u probably came from lolcow which is probably why you're mentioning it.

nicholas hoult a qt

Anonymous 2779

aaah im the person who originally posted him, please don't fight lol. Let's just appreciate his beauty<3

Anonymous 2791

10/10 Apparently he has a huge d too

Anonymous 2799


People bully him a lot but I think that he's really cute.

Anonymous 2802


Would have to be this man.
>tfw no Tesla daddy to electrify me.

Anonymous 2803

images (22).jpeg


I don't know how I got flood detected even though I just posted now lol

Anonymous 2804

images (23).jpeg

2/2 flood detected

Anonymous 3237


Young Bruce Campbell, but honestly even now he could get it

Anonymous 3238


I'm having a weird moment because this sounds like something I would post, but I don't remember posting it. Am I going crazy? Someone else tell me this is their handiwork.

Best itt.

Anonymous 3241


100% daddy material. Even now, still hot as hell and with a banging body.

Anonymous 3242


Please. I'd still have him even as the goofy mayor of Portlandia.

Anonymous 3261

Shit I love Oingo Boingo.

Anonymous 3299


Andrew VanWyngarden is/was super cute.
Had the biggest crush on him in like 2010 and i still find him cute.

Anonymous 3304


I want to cry, he was my first crush ever!

Also, Bill Skarsgård

Anonymous 3339


Anonymous 3410

>>3304 a woman of fine taste, I see.

Anonymous 4075


Anonymous 4076


Anonymous 4086


Play for me Stu, I'll be your girl-vulture.

Anonymous 4087

Do you girls like… Muscles?

Anonymous 4094

He looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome

Anonymous 4095

i see it

Anonymous 4096



Anonymous 4097



Anonymous 4098



Young Leo and River Phoenix

Anonymous 4138

dis qt.png

white girl reporting I love george miller aka joji

Anonymous 4139


Timothée Chalamet is an absolute cutie.

Anonymous 4140


And young Leo as well.

Anonymous 4141


Anonymous 4145


My newest crush

He also vaguely looks like my recent ex

Anonymous 4148


Yes, lately I'm obsessed with him!

Anonymous 4149


Hnng, i'm glad i'm not alone, you girls have a very patrician taste.

Anonymous 4150



our uniform

Anonymous 4435

original (3).gif

Dane Dehaan is a total and absolute cutie.

Anonymous 4436


Probably my favourite gif of all time…

Where can you find guys like him, young Leo, >>4435 or little Timmy?
Genuine question, I never seem to encounter guys of that particular type irl. What kind of hobbies do they have? The only ones I meet are either football + drinking fans (who couldn't care less about how they look…), greasy nerds, those bearded hipsters or the "my daddy's gonna sue you!"-law/business student types.

Anonymous 4445

large (3).jpg

If you ever find out, tell me, because same.
Sometimes i'll see these kind of boys walking down the street and i am dying to talk to them, but i'd feel more comfortable in a hobby/common setting.
Maybe college?

Anonymous 4446

There are two guys in my philosophy class who give off the vibe I believe you're looking for.
Take a philosophy or maybe a higher level english class.

Anonymous 4447


Not even a weeb, but he was hot in fast and furious.

Anonymous 4450


I actually study teaching, so not exactly philosophy but at least somewhat similar direction and my main subject is my country's language, but sadly no such guys in sight…

Anonymous 4458


this is my husbando but sadly this photo is old and he isn't half as cute today :'(

Anonymous 4461


tomoya nagase: no joke literally exudes everything i've ever wanted in a guy. his face has changed sm over the years but would absolutely get with any version of him

Anonymous 4477


tfw no autistic doctor bf to tell all my medical issues and to calm down and cuddle with

Anonymous 4478


he looks like todd howard lmao

Anonymous 4500


Anonymous 4502


Anonymous 4503


holy shit anon this gif just killed me. i love him so much.

Anonymous 4504

is this gerard way?

Anonymous 4544


Early 80s Adam Ant is so beautiful he causes me physical pain, tbh

Anonymous 4583


Anonymous 4584


he looks exactly like billy corgan when he was young.


Anonymous 4585


more billy


Anonymous 4586



Anonymous 4718


Anonymous 4749

yeats 2.jpg

billy was my only celebrity crush for about ten years, until a switch flipped somewhere in my head and I was able to get over it and start having feelings for guys I could actually, y'know, have.

yeats is still my once and forever literary husbando though.

Anonymous 4751


Young Roger Taylor was really hot, kinda prince.

Anonymous 4948


raviv ullman aka phil from phil of the future still looks fine as hell

Anonymous 4952


I can't stop thinking of him as of late, his voice is so beautiful and calming. It's a shame how he looks now.

Anonymous 5032



cosigned. Some quality husbandos here. You miners have good taste.

My contribution: 00s David Tennant.

Anonymous 5035


Anonymous 5068



Favorite musician too

Anonymous 5069


top tier taste

Anonymous 5072

very nice

Anonymous 5153


hozier! his voice is so dreamy

Anonymous 5162


yuta orisaka… doe like features and the most interesting singing voice

Anonymous 5167


Anonymous 5173


Anonymous 5174

Herr Urst.gif

This guy gets posted on /fa/ a lot, has got some quality stuff on his blog, even if it is pretty much nazi larping

Anonymous 5175


Anonymous 5181


Speaking of guys posted on /fa/, I've been drooling over this picture for days.

Anonymous 5182


>His parents divorced when he was 13,[13] and he and his older sister Mandi lived with their mother,[4] an experience Gosling has credited with programming him "to think like a girl".
>He "hated" being a child,[9][18] was bullied in elementary school[19] and had no friends until he was "14 or 15".[20][21] In grade one, having been heavily influenced by the action film First Blood, he took steak knives to school and threw them at other children during recess. This incident led to a suspension.
>He was unable to read[22] and was evaluated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but was not diagnosed with it and, contrary to false reports, never took medication.
>Performing boosted his self-confidence as it was the only thing he received praise for.
I love you Goose

Anonymous 5184


you guys have good taste

i want matt champion to fuck my shit up tbqh

he has a tiktok account! it's @noeneubanks

Anonymous 5187

>TikTok account
Nevermind he isn't hot anymore.

Anonymous 5190


c.c needs more photos of my love!

Anonymous 5194

He looks like he looks 40+ on a good day irl.

Anonymous 5197

Doesn’t he also sell some vintage threads? Herrurst @ tumblr iirc

Anonymous 5198


he's basically a tailor for military vintage uniforms or anything slightly reminiscent of the vibe. Some of his shit looks goofy af though.


Anonymous 5203

>looks up age
>only 17
welp, i guess im a pedo
fuck, why do so many underage white kids look like they’re 25?

Anonymous 5327


dumping my own

do you ever feel bad cause you feel too ugly for them irl?

Anonymous 5328


ughhh who is this cant find sauce

Anonymous 5329


same tbh wis he would clean his lyfe up

Anonymous 5330


Anonymous 5331

Proper nutrition and vitality unlike that of a starvation period leads to excessive growth and early maturation of the body. All the more reason to cut the age of consent in favor of an age-gap law.

Anonymous 5365


Anonymous 5372


Anonymous 5390

Screenshot 2019-04…

brett from (dying youtube channel) cow chop is perfect in my humble opinion

Anonymous 5391


dan smith looks so cute here (from when he was younger) but totally different in other (more recent?) pics? idk a lot about him. but he definitely looks better with that hair

Anonymous 5392

Why do most of these dudes look like men I've had sex with?
I should stop

Anonymous 5393

Do women really think this guy is ugly?
I understand that hes not extraordinary attractive, but ugly? really?

Anonymous 5394


Anonymous 5395

I can't even see that he is objectively unattractive, in my mind he is rather good looking, but just looks mixed race.

Anonymous 5396

this is a thread full of attractive men. lol why would you want to stop?

Anonymous 5399

He looks fucking hideous imo but go on.
I guess everyone has different taste.

Anonymous 5403

I'm like the anon that posted him originally, I find him hot as fuck cause he's really masculine but looks very unique. He was great in that show Girls, fell in love with him right then and there. He's got that big dick energy going on. That said I haven't watched him in star wars.

Anonymous 5408

I never got into his music but he always seemed perfect to me, even the punished Varg that we have today.

>tfw you'll never have his hair

Anonymous 5409


Anonymous 5412

I think age of consent is less about physical appearance and more about competence. The average 17-year-old boy is 200% guaranteed to be a fucking moron who is as likely to survive on the streets without his Mom and Dad as a guinea pig without its owner. The stupidity only gradually becomes less so with age until around mid-late 20’s.

As a fully grown, self sufficient adult - try having sex with a literal retard and see where it gets you.

Imo the age of consent needs to be raised to 22.

Anonymous 5419

ia that the age of consent needs to be raised. I would say to 20. it's 16 in my country which is far too young imo

Anonymous 5420

so who is this guy? i feel like i've seen him in a couple of threads now. varg? am i right in saying he killed someone? or was in a metal band? or both?

Anonymous 5421


Yeah, he's Varg Vikernes. He killed a member from one of his bands and he was in a couple of metal bands, but most of his music it's in a solo project. I think now he's retired from music and he just upload videos on Youtube

Anonymous 5431


what do you think of Death metal boys?

Anonymous 5432

They look good. Most men look way better with long hair anyway.

Anonymous 5434


He lives in a forest in France with his wife and children. Semi-illegally, I think. This is his wife, she is autistic. Both have published various books on prechristian European philosophy and religion, and are what you would call neopagans. Varg also thinks autists are superior beings and absolutely hates porn.

Anonymous 5435

imo most men and most women look better with short hair

Anonymous 5436


Varg is for all intents and purposes , a very shitty and petty person.

Anonymous 5447


I realized I was talking about other husbandos, but not mine. I would love to cuddle with Steven Wilson while he sings to me, I've imagined that situation more times than I like to admit.

Anonymous 5456

How can he live there illegally if he's Norwegian and Norway is in Schengen Zone?

Anonymous 5461


Anonymous 5528


japanese daddy, please.

Anonymous 5529

"The Geisha" made me fall for him.

Anonymous 5534


I'm late but Cody Fern was hot in AHS S8.

Anonymous 5535


My sister

Anonymous 5536


He stole my heart back during my emo phase and I still love him to this day
not with his weird mullet hair though

Anonymous 5558


I want Brian's d*.

Anonymous 5559


Diego Luna is a cutie

Anonymous 5560


Anonymous 5561

Muammar Gaddafi.jp…

Anonymous 5564


Anonymous 5566


like me some skinny sad boys

Anonymous 5567


Anonymous 5568


Anonymous 5569


Anonymous 5570


Anonymous 5571


Anonymous 5572


Anonymous 5579


Anonymous 5580

did you buy it.jpg

Todd can climb my mountains anytime he wishes, if you catch my meaning

bonus points if he forces me to buy skyrim on every platform

Anonymous 5584


him and yung lean both look so goofy sometimes, and other times weirdly attractive idek

Anonymous 5587


curly lean best lean

Anonymous 5599


Anonymous 5610


Anonymous 5631


Anonymous 5632

Is that boy-slvt? He has a nice torso but weird legs, still hot though. Miss his Tumblr that got trashed along with the other thinspo guys/girls.

Anonymous 5636


Louis Garrel

Anonymous 5697

a beauty

Anonymous 7340


Anonymous 7405


i dont know why but this one personality james mcavoy plays in split can get it

Anonymous 7555


Anonymous 7762


slightly younger willem dafoe. ez
i want him to asphyxiate me while we cuddle

(sry 4 the degen thoughts)

Anonymous 7768


He's very cute.

Anonymous 7776


youtube recommended me a pretty good song from this kinda cute guy and i looked up his name and found out he's John C.Reily's son

Anonymous 7785


William Hurt aaaa

Anonymous 7786


Anonymous 7787

We all know his wife cheated there’s just no way

Anonymous 7802

i'm 100% gay, and young adam ant can get it

Anonymous 7803

omg his facial structure and facial hair is just like my bf's…i wish i could get him to wear makeup

Anonymous 7965

Thats Knochensack & he is not an actual nazi just likes historical stuff a lot. He likes more the Germans that defected away from nazi germany or that were critical of nazi germany because their philosophy is deeper. Ernst Junger for example.

Anonymous 8144


Anonymous 8164


Anonymous 8366


needs moar Richey. I think if I had 1 wish I'd ask to find out what happened to him

Anonymous 8399


He’s adorable, there’s something about his eyes that makes me wanna hug him

Anonymous 8402

Really good looking.

Anonymous 8406


Judge all you want but it's still cute

Anonymous 8407

Too bad he was really stupid. But I agree.

Anonymous 8411

There are hints that he wouldn't have been so stupid if not for the gross environment he chose to be around. His early lyrics were actually pretty insightful for an airhead. He seemed like just the right amount of slightly stupid but from an influential progressive academic bg. Away from shitty influences, he probably would've been very moldable. It is too bad.

Anonymous 8430


i think he was an airhead but it was cute and so was he. i think he was probably smarter and more capable before he started doing benzos everyday.

where's that gif from, anon? it's adorable

Anonymous 8436


imo he started looking worse during your pic's era. apparently he was extra hopped up on drugs to complete his tours and was actively ODing on stage because he was under intense pressure from his management. he looked better when he was more like a normal person, fewer ugly tats, and less bloated from the drugs. he was very raccoon-like. the gif is from some short video of him and his ex.

Anonymous 8437

giphy (1).gif

Anonymous 8438


excuse the raccoon posting

Anonymous 8440


in terms of being fucked up, yeah. i'm pretty sure >>8430 and this were from particularly bad times but his eyes are so pretty. his tour schedule @ the time was rough though and he was trying to leave gbc, no wonder he was using more.

appearance wise, i think he looked worst when he had the split pink/black hair. looked like straw.

Anonymous 8444


Anonymous 8448


don't get me wrong, he was still cute either way but you could definitely see the difference in his appearance. the added stress of being a clueless 20 year old saddled with serious legal and financial obligations definitely took a toll on him. it really is sad all around. there's something very appealing about a slightly subby, somewhat depressive and skelly himbo. not to get too deep into this tangent but he was clearly very naive and hopeful about people who were actually just preying on or leeching off of him. so very sad that he lost his life for no reason, but also that we'll probably never find slightly depressive, subby, skelly himbos, anon.

Anonymous 8449


i think things could've turned out differently for him if even a few of the people he was surrounded by looked out for his well being instead of leeching off his newfound stardom. it happens to a lot of rappers though, they feel like they have to bring up everyone who they were at the bottom with. nice sentiment but this is what it leads to. i think peep and tracy were genuinely there for each other at least
>slightly subby
that first gif you posted is so fucking cute for this reason
>we'll probably never find slightly depressive, subby, skelly himbos, anon.
truly unfortunate

Anonymous 8455


posting my husbando

i want a bf who looks like this so muchh

Anonymous 8457

This man has murderface

Anonymous 8458


idk for some reoson i find him qt but i see what you mean

Anonymous 8477


the accent pushes him over the top tbh

Anonymous 8486


Anonymous 8487


Please stab me

Anonymous 8488

I don't get it.

Anonymous 8489

anon wants to be stabbed by adam driver. somehow this turns her on because she has bad and dangerous taste

Anonymous 8490

Op here.Nah it just my masochistic fantasy. My taste of man are pretty weird. Lmao

Anonymous 8625


björn andrésen

Anonymous 8629

are you underage

Anonymous 8646


Anonymous 8654


>thinking anyone has to be underage to appreciate björn's ethereal 1 in a million angelic looks.
I wish more moid's had this transcendental beauty but I guess it wouldn't be so special then.

Anonymous 8655

imo, you should be underage or very near underage to. he looks really young and visually wields the same tier of attractiveness as a lamp to me. he looks very obviously too young, like very clearly he looks 14-15.

how is it one in a million? he just looks like a young teenage boy. there are plenty of them in the world that look just like him, albeit, yes, you're right, they no longer style their hair into blonde helmets.

Anonymous 8656


Quit whining.

Anonymous 8657



Anonymous 8658

>visually wields the same tier of attractiveness as a lamp to me
that's just you, anon. i could say the same about a lot of the men in this thread. a lot of them look like regular moids i would see at my uni, they're nothing special to look at. björn is also regarded as an early influence for bishounen characters in shoujo and is considered beautiful by many others, so i don't think being underage would be a requirement to find him attractive.

Anonymous 8659

don't reply to moids

Anonymous 8660

i'm not a moid, i just don't find young boys that look like young boys, attractive?? not at all strange.

i can understand being okay with 16 yos that look 18 but he looks legit 14. idg the attraction at all whatsoever and i like feminine men, just not children. anime guys look extremely strange and empty of any eroticism too.

Anonymous 8753


I'm surprised no one posted Robert Pattinson. He aged pretty well imo

Anonymous 8762


I love Pattinson. I'm not into him but he's genuinely strange and it's hilarious. I love that he lives like a tasteless freak and barricades himself inside for ages. He's like a basement dweller but with charm and without resentment. He hasn't aged much at all.

Anonymous 8808

images (30).jpeg

Anonymous 8859


Got into GvF recently and I'm crushing real hard on the lead singer rn. I'm not normally into short guys but he gets a pass because he's real cute

Anonymous 8927

people develope at different rates. dont feel guilty because "muh laws"

Anonymous 9058

i have a huge fucking crush on the goth guy from british bake off the comedian. i laugh at all of his jokes can someone post a picture of him please? im too high to find one

Anonymous 9079


Kek you mean this guy?

Anonymous 9080


kek I thought this was Albinwonderland's "wife", Niko (trans).

Anonymous 9081

Anonymous 9251


i don’t really enjoy his content but the way he looks like my ultimate ideal crush …………. he really makes me want to get a bf

Anonymous 9252

He is extremely beautiful.

Anonymous 9253


he is. what bugs me the most, is that he has a pretty rare type of a face. i’ve had a crush on one guy for 4 years in my school, my first real crush, and they look similar. i worry that the crush may have imprinted his type of face in my brain :(

Anonymous 9260

He looks mixed asian or latino with white or something. Idk but he is cute.

Anonymous 9261


Saito Soma <3

Anonymous 9262


Anonymous 9263


Anonymous 9268


niki proshin wholesome siberian tiktoker

Anonymous 9269

Now that i think about it young Gaddhafi really was hot.

Anonymous 9270


I just found some pictures of Christoph Waltz when he was younger…. hhh gnng…

Anonymous 9271


Im so touch starved i want to jump off of a house

Anonymous 9272

Oh. Oh, my.

Anonymous 9280


Anonymous 9618

I just watched the LOTR trilogy for the first time (I’m late, I know) and Elijah Wood is seriously the epitome of cuteness to me.

Anonymous 9619


Forgot to drop picture, oops!

Anonymous 9622


Same anon, I watched it for the first time just recently and he was so cute as Frodo.

Anonymous 9669


King Critical is so hot im going to jump off of a house

Anonymous 9670

based TERF anon.
I agree. Tfw no long-haired gender crit bf.

Anonymous 9671


Anonymous 10039


Young Tim Heidecker… so cute

Anonymous 11746


kek me too, anon. He looked adorable in The Mighty Boosh as well.

Anonymous 13207


Just watched Back to the Future for the first time and Biff was kind of a qt.. besides his personality.

Anonymous 13208

He grew a goatee :(

Anonymous 13216

I have so many it's unreal

The more I look at them the more I realize how ugly the men around me are

Anonymous 13218


Anonymous 13219


Is that Sam Hyde?

Anonymous 13220


He's tall

Like 6'7" (1.98 meters)

Anonymous 13229


Jason Statham

i'm as basic bitch as they come

Anonymous 13251

Who is this?? I love beautiful men with long hair usually metalheads

Anonymous 13273


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Anonymous 13274

He defends his pedophile former colleague/s, fuck him.

Anonymous 13409


I have no clue sorry

Anonymous 13410


Anonymous 13423

When is he going to appear in movies again?

Anonymous 13451

>google pics of "hot long-haired metalheads"
>want to know name, reverse-search it
>"no clue, sorry"
Story of my life

Anonymous 13466



Brent Spiner has my heart but Adam Driver is gorgeous too. I don't give a single shit that they're both considered ugly by most women.

Anonymous 13475


A lot might be deleted by the OP so it's hard to find, most pics I find (and I mean guys I actually like not buff men with manbuns) are on pinterest and reverse search gives sources to tumblr, which in turn don't provide the name of the guy in the pic. I have a lot of metal cuties in my area tho

Anonymous 13584


I'm really into eboys and I wish I wasn't

Anonymous 13585


Yes, I'm a Cawweyhag. Every man I want to fuck in entertainment turns out to be an egotistical piece of shit who lets fame go to his head. See also Taika Waititi. Reputation be damned, I'd also let Jared Leto fuck the shit out of me.

he's cuter than AD, very pretty eyes

I blame recent viewings of his movies, but I understand this. Have you seen the nsfw shoot he did with Claudia Schiffer? Phew.


Anonymous 13591

Did you get that picture from 4chan? I saw the the same picture on /b/ but it wasn’t in black and white

Anonymous 13685



Anonymous 13686

the ultimate buttisface

Anonymous 13732


composer aesthete types are dreamy - that being said his glasses and hair don't make it any less easy to not swoon

Anonymous 13733

Looks shopped

Anonymous 13736


Just dehydrated, maybe standard industry shoop

Anonymous 13760



Anonymous 13761


plebs. you're all plebs

Anonymous 13762



Anonymous 13774



Anonymous 13803


Humina humina humina

Anonymous 13804

he looks like ted bundy but gayer

Anonymous 13844


Random guy from a 90’s Gap commercial I saw on youtube lol. The pale skin really does it for me.
I don’t know who he is, but he’s adorable.

Anonymous 13845

Shostakovich, gay Soviet composer

Anonymous 13851


Anonymous 13852


Anonymous 13853

>i don't know who he is, but he's adorable
ikr happy to see others of taste here
lol die

Anonymous 13854

whoops sorry I think I got him mixed up with Tchaikovsky kek
In any case, Shostakovich was super fucking cute (yes, I'm a fellow glasses enjoyer, how could you tell?)

Anonymous 13940


Wi Ha-Jun

Anonymous 14004


Anonymous 14090


Not crushing personality vise at all I think he just has perfect face featured and stuff

Why does he have to be gay

Anonymous 14220


I SWEAR I am not trying to start a political discussion, but Kyle Rittenhouse is extremely adorable and I want to pinch his cheeks.

Anonymous 14225

He's got this deep south autistic christian loony face. And he reminds me of the dugger boy that molested his sisters. When he was crying on the stand he sounded like an 12 year old klepto that was abandoned by mom in a mall. Please for gods sake don't breed. Your crotch goblins would be fucking doomed. Don't turn this board into backwoods stan hell. Just keep it in Mississippi for Christ's sake don't bring it here. Not trying to be political…? Does it even matter??? I almost hurled in my fucking coffee.

Anonymous 14226

You could always just masterbate with a can of mace! That's how much pickme desperation you'd have to endure daily talk yourself into finding that face attractive.

Anonymous 14232


LMAO I made you mad didn’t I? Anyway I stan Kyle’s chubby cheeks

Anonymous 14233

Look, I don't think Kyle did anything wrong and I literally cheered at my screen when they started reading out the verdict. So I have nothing against him when I say this; Please stop talking.

Anonymous 14234

I guess if the backwoods evangelist script is your thing but watch out for sister fuckers out there, they have no limits

Anonymous 14236

Go extinct

Anonymous 14238

You sound like a degenerate moid who feels satisfied when people are rightfully disgusted by him. Not saying you are a moid but that's the impression you give off

Anonymous 14239

I just thought the over-the-top reactions were ridiculous. Not a moid lol. I just think he’s a qt.

Anonymous 14240

mike stoklasa.jpg

I think mike stoklasa from red letter media was genuinely handsome.

before he let himself go lol.

Anonymous 14241

Yes! Mike before alcoholism.

Anonymous 14242


Anonymous 14243

He looks so dorky and cute here, lol
But I think I like the mature, but pre-obese mike more.
He looked like a south slavic mafia boss or something, just that dark but suave look about him.

Anonymous 14244


The sad part is that she’s not the only one who stans him

Anonymous 14245


Very cool.

Anonymous 14246

Hannah Gittings is definitely not a Kyle “stan.” If you watch interviews with her, she was upset about the acquittals and protesting them. She probably had malicious intent giving her number.

Anonymous 14299


i love back to the future! young michael j fox is so cute

Anonymous 14321

Can you tell me more? I’ve never heard about this.

Anonymous 14333

yes! i feel that his short height makes him even more attractive in a boyish way

Anonymous 14459


I like his hair

Anonymous 14460


i stalk this man's social media

Anonymous 14812


Slightly younger, clean-shaven Q from Impractical Jokers is very cute

Anonymous 14813

Holy shit, you just reminded me that I fucking love Impractical Jokers and how hot young Q used to be.
He's so cute indeed, my favorite Joker.

Anonymous 14825

Based! You’re welcome anon. I love guys with downturned puppydog eyes aaaaaaaaa…

Anonymous 15011


Vincent Gallo is what I call a TrueChad. He has the looks, obviously, but beyond that possesses a spirit rare in men today. Creativity, artistry, integrity. He is truly a man who knows his worth.

Anonymous 15018

Hhahahaha what the fuck anon

Anonymous 15127

why are his eyes so BIG

Anonymous 15296


I've an impossible crush on Glenn Gould. Holy shit was he cute.

Anonymous 15297


The first time I saw Adam Driver in Star Wars I was like "yes this is it." My bf looks like him a little (less refined though because he's not a celebrity) so I wonder if maybe that's why

Taika's character in What We Do in the Shadows is my favorite. He plays the sweetest vampire and I just love him

For pic related I specifically like Henry Cavill as Geralt. I think he's attractive other times but I'm not all about him (like as Supes). I think it's the long hair and the bright contacts that do it for me

Anonymous 15330


I love him so much. I'm not really into his whole current femboy phase though and I really miss sadder edgier incel drug addicted 2014-2016 Bladee because he's relatable. That being said it's nice to see him happier and slightly less drugged up these days.

He's so pretty to me, I just love how he tries to seem aloof and too cool for school on the outside but is obviously an insecure compensating soft emo boi with a passion for esoterica on the inside, trying to hide it behind a shallow hypebeast exterior. I also love his bad posture, gentleness, general aspie awkwardness, his weird hand and arm mannerisms, his soft voice, little accent, the way he looks all far-off and dreamy when he's high and the fact he sounds like Yoshi sometimes. Everyone loves Bladee you literally can't not adore him. He's an awkward angel.


Anonymous 15331

He's lucky Nordic prisons are so soft and more like dorms. He would have been immediately turned into a boiwife if he had been put in a US jail with Bubba and Cletus.

Anonymous 15332


chris cornell is the only dude who genuinely aged like a fine wine imo.

he had a cute baby monke face when he was young but he aged into a sexy suicidal pirate. rip daddy.

Anonymous 15341

>>13732 Shostakovich…You should look up Klaus Mäkelä finnish conductor because he looks like him when he's performing with glasses tbh

Anonymous 15348

black hole sun wont you coome

Anonymous 15368


Lol Varg lurks crystal cafe he's a miner uwu

Anonymous 15370


Anonymous 15371

is this an incel selfpost? this nigga looks like absolute ass

Anonymous 15372


Anonymous 15375

lmao your husbando is too embroiled in legal matters to notice you

Anonymous 15376

this mans face legitimately repulses me

Anonymous 15377

back to LC

Anonymous 15378

Anonymous 15488


Anonymous 15512


Anyone watch the show Ink Masters? Cleen is soo cute to me which is weird because he is not my usual type.

Anonymous 15592


Fucking fuming that I will Never Kiss Him

Anonymous 15609

I would bully him

Anonymous 15610


Anonymous 15616


Why am I even here, how am I not watching this show rn

Anonymous 15617


Very very much

Anonymous 15699


Imagine those big hands around your waist

Anonymous 15715

>tfw he'll never quit drinking and womanising just to be a better man for you.

Anonymous 15722

I know but he provides a exemplary service to society that few others are willing or able to do so I can overlook it. Still yeah I wouldn't expect any of that tbf.

Anonymous 15723

>I love guys with downturned puppydog eyes
That and he's just chubby enough to be cute. And he's a cat person. And his eyebrows are cute. And he's nerdy. And so on…

Anonymous 15725

There's something so attractive about guys who like cats and I haven't been able to figure out why

Anonymous 15726

>he already has a girlfriend

Anonymous 15961


Lots of good taste in this thread, here's my contribution <3

Anonymous 15983

his eyes are weird

Anonymous 15984

i, too like him better blond

Anonymous 15985


the guy from love, simon is such a qt

Anonymous 16178


Santiago Cabrera but only with his Chilean Cristobal Rios accent. His natural accent and the other ones he uses are like nails down a chalkboard for me for some reason. Shame he doesn't seem to use the Chilean one for anything else.

Anonymous 16179


potentially the most embarrassing thing i could ever admit but i think that the riddler in the new batman is rlly cute

Anonymous 16181


paul dano <3

Anonymous 16185

Good God how can you subject yourself to that show? Get help.

Anonymous 16186


this, much

Anonymous 16188

Lol, I'm literally only watching it for him. I did a rewatch of the first season and skipped all the scenes he wasn't in.

Anonymous 16198


Anonymous 16200

lol are you from LC? I've been seeing Paul Dano on this site a lot today

Anonymous 16201

I found cc originally from lc but I haven't browsed lc in months. Is he popular on the unconventional male attraction thread?

Anonymous 16210

Henry Cavill gives me "creepy neckbeard" vibes.

Anonymous 16514


Yes, he's so popular now that he got his own containment thread on /m/ kek

Anonymous 16516


Sorry for the random ass image kek I was trying to post a Dano pic but it's too late to delete my post now (didn't it use to be a 2 hour limit though?)

Anonymous 16564

I am crushed. They killed off my husbando in the most stupid way possible. Whyyyyyy. He was supposed to have a cool spinoff.

Anonymous 16565

Benjamin-Biolay (1…

kind of into benjamin biolay's look when he was younger

Anonymous 16566


Anonymous 16615


i need you so bad

Anonymous 16619

Screen Shot 2022-0…

if you know, you know

Anonymous 16621


Hello fellow Danofags, I've been busy cooming to him for the past couple week

Anonymous 16635

This post feels like a glitch in the Matrix…

Anonymous 16640

life is a glitch in the matrix of pure unconsciousness

Anonymous 16788



Jen Hook 16797


Anonymous 16879

handsome (4).jpg

Anonymous 16880

He honestly pisses me off. I hate his forced deep and monotone voice.

Anonymous 16881

Nice to see you here non-ee

Anonymous 16919


he is my king

Anonymous 16920


Holy shit shut up
When I first saw kyle I thought he was adorable too and I wanted to marry him
Then the more I saw him…at a passing glance he is cute but when you see him up close he is like a little gremlin or something
And omfg when he cries…blech!

Anonymous 16921


Anonymous 16922


Anonymous 16923

Impecable taste.

Anonymous 16925


Anonymous 16926


thank you.

Anonymous 16927

I was told by someone reliable that he’s annoying irl.

Anonymous 16928


Annoying how?
Disappointing but still cute.

Anonymous 16940

Kind of full of himself and his abilities. They didn't work together much so maybe he's better if you know him.

Anonymous 17051


>145+ IQ
>Godlike looks

I think he has the right to be full of himself.

Anonymous 17059

>godlike looks
Don't get ahead of yourself now, I've never seen a god that looks quite like this goober

Anonymous 17066

Scrote logic here tryin to compel women to hate and even mock and abuse stunning men, because scrotes be hangry and jealous

Anonymous 17067

Oh lawd here comes another one.

Anonymous 17075

Yeah I was totally encouraging abuse towards this man and to make you hate him. I guess "goober" was a little bit mocking, but not even. Grow a spine, your oneitis is garbage.

Anonymous 17080

Posting from a dungeon basement in the deepest red south. Isn't there a hurricane heading for the gulf or something shouldn't you evacuate or change clothes or something

Anonymous 17087


Anonymous 17925

Hes really handsome, I love russian guys

Anonymous 17926

saw this on the front page and came to ask if he was a slav lol. I love how you can tell russian homes based off such few details (the paint on the walls and the curtains). who is he? I love myself a good eastern european guy

Anonymous 17927

Pretty sure hes the owner of some kind of networking company

Anonymous 17929


reminder that this the 23 year old hapa the owner of the creepy/pedo soyjak website larps as. most of eduardo's pictures that he uses to dox mask are from when he was in highschool.

Anonymous 17930


Anonymous 17931

Anonymous 17932


Anonymous 17935


Anonymous 17937

Die faggot die

Anonymous 17944


lee GODson. look at this canadian metalhead twink. you know his garage band just sucks. he still cute tho

Anonymous 17946

he cute

Anonymous 17947

oh my god he is so attractive

Anonymous 17949


Anonymous 17950


Anonymous 17951

Yeah he's just some random cute late teens early twenties russian twink.

Some 34 year old pedophile soijak board owner became obsessed with him and started larping as him and posting his pics pretending to be him, now everyone thinks this poor innocent Russian boy is the pedo. Sad.

Anonymous 17975


Anonymous 17992

this post aged like milk

Anonymous 18005


I don't even watch the UFC but the blonde guy (Pimblett) was so hot in this fight. I need more cute male wrestlers that i can watch in tight short shorts lmao.

Anonymous 18012


Reddit link (sorry lol, thats where I found it).
You can probably find the whole fight if you search "Paddy Pimblett UFC London."

Anonymous 18014


Not enough CUTE factor for my taste!

Anonymous 18016

Wot do you see in him anon? He seems scary

Anonymous 18035


so beautiful. he looks so much like my ex, it's killing me

Anonymous 18036

Youre welcome hehe

Anonymous 18038

ImASquint_ Photo.g…

Anonymous 18040


Good choice. I'm more into Scully tho.

Anonymous 18050


Anonymous 18057

Low E opinion

Anonymous 18064

Anonymous 18087


Good taste.

Anonymous 18090

Gentleman Style.jp…

Ah yes

Anonymous 18091

I love them both

Anonymous 18092

images (28).jpeg

I just want an x files thread who would be down with that

Anonymous 18147


For me, it’s Chino.

Anonymous 18156


anons will always complain but i'm just so into the look

Anonymous 18157

Yes please

Anonymous 18171


I just feel the need to announce that I am, in fact, lusting for this man

Anonymous 18175

Who isn't, congrats nona

Anonymous 18177


Anonymous 18182


based caucasus brute appreciator

Anonymous 18183


Anonymous 18186

God this is gross

Anonymous 18187

Low E opinion. You probably simp over some numale chinless pedophile YouTube streamer.

Anonymous 18189

No just not this horrific cliche that just wants to choke you to death in bed. Ugly as fuck scrote. Get out.

Anonymous 18190

go back to 4chan, you dumb homo

Anonymous 18204

He might be a really nice guy. You’re so shallow.

Anonymous 18230

>guy wearing a t shirt saying he killed a woman

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