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Guy Crushes Anonymous 2034

Post your 3D husbandos

Anonymous 2035


I still have yet to see something cuter than Michael Jones eating a 10lb gummy bear

Anonymous 2036


Such bad taste here and in the nsfw cute boys thread….

Anonymous 2037


Good times. Young Leo, ahh…My heart.

Have some Nick Hoult, everyone!

Anonymous 2038

I'm pretty sure that's not Leo but Cole Sprouse.

Anonymous 2039

Jake Gyllenhaal.jp…

You can just tell he has a nice dick and would treat you right. It's in his eyes.

Anonymous 2040


O shit, you're right. I guess we need this then.

Man, am I getting old

Anonymous 2041


Anonymous 2042


He can get it

Anonymous 2043


ugh same anon

yess hes so articulate

Anonymous 2044

motherfucking yes. i love how calm and calculating he is. it would be wild

Anonymous 2045


Colin Firth makes my girl parts tremble, especially as Mr Darcy (original, not BJ although I love that one too )

Anonymous 2046

The only thing I like about him is his name lol. I don't know why but I say it to myself all the time. It sounds cool. Also, I don't like how old he looks in BCS

Anonymous 2047


Adam Conover
I just really like chubby geek guys. He also seems very nice and chill in his streams.
I will admit I prefer his old look back in his Olde English days (depth perception video on yt) but he's still pretty cute.
>10/10 would cuddle with while playing vidya

Anonymous 2048

tmp_10509-olde eng…

I found a picture of him from then. His old glasses suit him better. I might be biased since mine are similar though.

Anonymous 2049

my husband.gif

Brock O'Hurn

>tfw no stronk Viking husband who likes to cuddle kittens

Anonymous 2050


Cillian Murphy is number 1 3D husbando

>see also; red eye toilet scene

Anonymous 2051


yall probably think i have shit taste but i've thirsted over adam for a while now. somehow his ugliness makes him seem really masculine and appealing idk

agreed, and he's aging like a fine wine

Anonymous 2052

same here anon! I really liked him in the show.

Anonymous 2053


force choke me darth daddy UwU

Anonymous 2054

Ayy anon, im the one who posted about Colin Firth. We have the same taste in men. Ive had a shameful female-boner for Adam since the FA awakens. I dont know why , he looks weird but that Kylo costume-fit, and that deep voice hmmm

Anonymous 2055


i don't like the actor himself, he does nothing for me, just him as the character, precisely because he's so disgusting.

Anonymous 2056


tru! the voice is a big factor

Anonymous 2057


Rami Malek does the thing for me. He's absolutely petfect

Anonymous 2058


Anthony Padilla. Both emo hair era and now, just hnng.

Anonymous 2059


I can't be the only one, right? He looked better as he got older tbh

Anonymous 2060

yes! american beauty spacey is gorgeous

Anonymous 2061

I sometimes wish he would murder me..

Anonymous 2062


Taika Waititi is so dreamy.

Anonymous 2063


Anonymous 2064

This. He was so fucking dad hot in American Beauty. Glad I'm not the only one.

I also wish these boards were more active. ;-;

Anonymous 2065


Okura Tadayoshi from Kanjani8 i love his moles and "tired" eyes

is anyone else into j-idols? specifically Johnny's?

Anonymous 2066

Cas wink.gif

>tfw no Castiel bf

Anonymous 2067


>tfw no viking bf
why live

I don't even find him that attractive in real life but his character in vikings did it for me a lot. Most characters in vikings did it for me tbh.

Anonymous 2068

david bowie.jpg

The legend himself

Anonymous 2069

Why was my picture of David Sylvian deleted, what do you have against David Sylvian? Speaking of, why were all my posts deleted? I never posted anything against the rules. :thinking face:

Anonymous 2070


I can't say, but it was probably your own fault.

Anonymous 2071


TFW Ben Barnes will never ride up to me on a horse and steal me away into the sunset

Why live.

Anonymous 2159


help me i'm eternally stuck in my mid-late 2000's emo thirst and still want both of them to murder me

hard agree on all of these, i have such trash/weird taste lol especially because the hottest bowie to me is labyrinth bowie
also, young steve buscemi and young christian slater have got me fucked UP

Anonymous 2259


Just FYI Keanu is my husbando.

Anonymous 2261


Ugh god.
My s/o looks a little like Damon Albarn when he styles his hair right.
Damon is god though. Still would even now.

Anonymous 2262

keanu is pure and most be protected at all costs

Anonymous 2383

same!!!! gerard will forever have a spot in my heart. tbh i still find him cute even if everyone's picking on him for how bad he looks now KEK

Anonymous 2384

I KNOW RIGHT? tbh i don't think he's as attractive as he was like 2 years ago but these insane fangirls also forget that he's a father in his 40's who makes comics for a living now

(frank keeps getting hotter tho, like dad hot)

Anonymous 2385

did you see what frank replied to that fangirl on twitter though? they both seem like such great fathers. ;_; especially frank aahhhh

Anonymous 2389

benicio guy.png

shamefully agree, or at least I used to

Yeah it's painfully slow here unfortunately.

Recently I've liked Benicio del Toro. He looks weird now that he's older, but I'm trying to find earlier movies/pictures to look at. His hair was so nice, and he just had good interesting features. very qt

Anonymous 2390

He kinda looks like a beaten-up Brad Pitt

Anonymous 2391


I know he has some jank ass feet but Ezra Miller is so beautiful and lovely looking

Anonymous 2392


Kentaro Sakaguchi.
He gives off this carefree and warm aura! His goofy smile is like a warm hug. Also, I love his jaw. I'm so sick of the stupid V-line chin trend.

Anonymous 2393

Omg yes Tadayoshi is adorable! I'm personally more into j-actors and tarento rather than Johnny's.

Anonymous 2398

When I was much younger I used to be OBSESSED with the Johnny's guys, esp the ones in Shonen Club (I still consider Jimi Mackey my husbando btw).

Anonymous 2413


I think ​Toby Kebbell is really cute and it's a shame that he doesn't show his face more often (he's amazing with the whole motion-capture deal but I'd rather see his expressions)

>Recently I've liked Benicio del Toro
Same here, anon, same here.
Benicio del Toro and Javier Bardem have this je ne sais quoi that make them really handsome, imho.

Anonymous 2590

my b.jpg

young al pacino. what a qt

Anonymous 2592

Mads Mikkelsen.jpg

My other favorites already got posted so here's another one of my favs.

Anonymous 2624


>tfw you will never play with his hair while looking into his green eyes

Anonymous 2666

love him

Anonymous 2667

ugh, the guys from /deutsch/ are here again.

Anonymous 2668


there is only one. too bad he is half turkish.

Anonymous 2669

he's an nationalist tho

Anonymous 2670

Older?! Are you a Nazi?

Anonymous 2671

fuck off r9k

Anonymous 2705

images (22).jpeg

lol I had 2 threads open and posted my husband in the cutie gal thread. Sorry


Anonymous 2706

images (23).jpeg


Anonymous 2707

images (24).jpeg

And the last one! 3/3

Anonymous 2708


i would smash him with or without his long hair. his new tacky fashion sense and four nipples only makes things hotter for me.

Anonymous 2739


Dafoe, he has a great face.

Anonymous 2750

W-were these all posted by the same anon?

If you don't live in England…you should lol Every single one of these guys looks British as all get out

Anonymous 2751


I can't be the only one

Anonymous 2752

I posted all of them with the exception of the last picture you linked. Yes, I should have been born in England )': I know.

Anonymous 2753

Hey anon. You can always come here (I'm American but studying in England).

I'm probably the only one here who likes black guys, but the amount of hot black men in suits in England is just HNNNGGG. If I liked England more it'd be a perfect place to settle down.

But…if you like British culture/don't mind the weather, then it's abrnomally easy to immigrate here. :)

Anonymous 2757

because 3 of those pictures are of the same guy, genius. and the first poster made it clear she was posting three pics of the dude.
and who cares if the guys are british? they're cute and both of these guys are extremely popular overseas. i'm not even british but i dont get all the hate for england that a small loud minority of anons on this site keep posting about.

Anonymous 2764

Chill out. Damn…talk about an over reaction. This isn’t lolcow.

Anonymous 2773


You're not the only one…
<3 <3

Anonymous 2778


…you read that as not chill? maybe youre the one who should relax anon lmao. no one cares how much you hate british people or if u dont like what other anons like. u sound like a whiny child and u probably came from lolcow which is probably why you're mentioning it.

nicholas hoult a qt

Anonymous 2779

aaah im the person who originally posted him, please don't fight lol. Let's just appreciate his beauty<3

Anonymous 2791

10/10 Apparently he has a huge d too

Anonymous 2799


People bully him a lot but I think that he's really cute.

Anonymous 2802


Would have to be this man.
>tfw no Tesla daddy to electrify me.

Anonymous 2803

images (22).jpeg


I don't know how I got flood detected even though I just posted now lol

Anonymous 2804

images (23).jpeg

2/2 flood detected

Anonymous 3237


Young Bruce Campbell, but honestly even now he could get it

Anonymous 3238


I'm having a weird moment because this sounds like something I would post, but I don't remember posting it. Am I going crazy? Someone else tell me this is their handiwork.

Best itt.

Anonymous 3241


100% daddy material. Even now, still hot as hell and with a banging body.

Anonymous 3242


Please. I'd still have him even as the goofy mayor of Portlandia.

Anonymous 3261

Shit I love Oingo Boingo.

Anonymous 3299


Andrew VanWyngarden is/was super cute.
Had the biggest crush on him in like 2010 and i still find him cute.

Anonymous 3304


I want to cry, he was my first crush ever!

Also, Bill Skarsgård

Anonymous 3339


Anonymous 3410

>>3304 a woman of fine taste, I see.

Anonymous 4075


Anonymous 4076


Anonymous 4086


Play for me Stu, I'll be your girl-vulture.

Anonymous 4087

Do you girls like… Muscles?

Anonymous 4094

He looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome

Anonymous 4095

i see it

Anonymous 4096



Anonymous 4097



Anonymous 4098



Young Leo and River Phoenix

Anonymous 4138

dis qt.png

white girl reporting I love george miller aka joji

Anonymous 4139


Timothée Chalamet is an absolute cutie.

Anonymous 4140


And young Leo as well.

Anonymous 4141


Anonymous 4145


My newest crush

He also vaguely looks like my recent ex

Anonymous 4148


Yes, lately I'm obsessed with him!

Anonymous 4149


Hnng, i'm glad i'm not alone, you girls have a very patrician taste.

Anonymous 4150



our uniform

Anonymous 4435

original (3).gif

Dane Dehaan is a total and absolute cutie.

Anonymous 4436


Probably my favourite gif of all time…

Where can you find guys like him, young Leo, >>4435 or little Timmy?
Genuine question, I never seem to encounter guys of that particular type irl. What kind of hobbies do they have? The only ones I meet are either football + drinking fans (who couldn't care less about how they look…), greasy nerds, those bearded hipsters or the "my daddy's gonna sue you!"-law/business student types.

Anonymous 4445

large (3).jpg

If you ever find out, tell me, because same.
Sometimes i'll see these kind of boys walking down the street and i am dying to talk to them, but i'd feel more comfortable in a hobby/common setting.
Maybe college?

Anonymous 4446

There are two guys in my philosophy class who give off the vibe I believe you're looking for.
Take a philosophy or maybe a higher level english class.

Anonymous 4447


Not even a weeb, but he was hot in fast and furious.

Anonymous 4450


I actually study teaching, so not exactly philosophy but at least somewhat similar direction and my main subject is my country's language, but sadly no such guys in sight…

Anonymous 4458


this is my husbando but sadly this photo is old and he isn't half as cute today :'(

Anonymous 4461


tomoya nagase: no joke literally exudes everything i've ever wanted in a guy. his face has changed sm over the years but would absolutely get with any version of him

Anonymous 4477


tfw no autistic doctor bf to tell all my medical issues and to calm down and cuddle with

Anonymous 4478


he looks like todd howard lmao

Anonymous 4500


Anonymous 4502


Anonymous 4503


holy shit anon this gif just killed me. i love him so much.

Anonymous 4504

is this gerard way?

Anonymous 4544


Early 80s Adam Ant is so beautiful he causes me physical pain, tbh

Anonymous 4583


Anonymous 4584


he looks exactly like billy corgan when he was young.


Anonymous 4585


more billy


Anonymous 4586



Anonymous 4718


Anonymous 4749

yeats 2.jpg

billy was my only celebrity crush for about ten years, until a switch flipped somewhere in my head and I was able to get over it and start having feelings for guys I could actually, y'know, have.

yeats is still my once and forever literary husbando though.

Anonymous 4751


Young Roger Taylor was really hot, kinda prince.

Anonymous 4948


raviv ullman aka phil from phil of the future still looks fine as hell

Anonymous 4952


I can't stop thinking of him as of late, his voice is so beautiful and calming. It's a shame how he looks now.

Anonymous 5032



cosigned. Some quality husbandos here. You miners have good taste.

My contribution: 00s David Tennant.

Anonymous 5035


Anonymous 5068



Favorite musician too

Anonymous 5069


top tier taste

Anonymous 5072

very nice

Anonymous 5153


hozier! his voice is so dreamy

Anonymous 5162


yuta orisaka… doe like features and the most interesting singing voice

Anonymous 5167


Anonymous 5173


Anonymous 5174

Herr Urst.gif

This guy gets posted on /fa/ a lot, has got some quality stuff on his blog, even if it is pretty much nazi larping

Anonymous 5175


Anonymous 5181


Speaking of guys posted on /fa/, I've been drooling over this picture for days.

Anonymous 5182


>His parents divorced when he was 13,[13] and he and his older sister Mandi lived with their mother,[4] an experience Gosling has credited with programming him "to think like a girl".
>He "hated" being a child,[9][18] was bullied in elementary school[19] and had no friends until he was "14 or 15".[20][21] In grade one, having been heavily influenced by the action film First Blood, he took steak knives to school and threw them at other children during recess. This incident led to a suspension.
>He was unable to read[22] and was evaluated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but was not diagnosed with it and, contrary to false reports, never took medication.
>Performing boosted his self-confidence as it was the only thing he received praise for.
I love you Goose

Anonymous 5184


you guys have good taste

i want matt champion to fuck my shit up tbqh

he has a tiktok account! it's @noeneubanks

Anonymous 5187

>TikTok account
Nevermind he isn't hot anymore.

Anonymous 5190


c.c needs more photos of my love!

Anonymous 5194

He looks like he looks 40+ on a good day irl.

Anonymous 5197

Doesn’t he also sell some vintage threads? Herrurst @ tumblr iirc

Anonymous 5198


he's basically a tailor for military vintage uniforms or anything slightly reminiscent of the vibe. Some of his shit looks goofy af though.


Anonymous 5203

>looks up age
>only 17
welp, i guess im a pedo
fuck, why do so many underage white kids look like they’re 25?

Anonymous 5327


dumping my own

do you ever feel bad cause you feel too ugly for them irl?

Anonymous 5328


ughhh who is this cant find sauce

Anonymous 5329


same tbh wis he would clean his lyfe up

Anonymous 5330


Anonymous 5331

Proper nutrition and vitality unlike that of a starvation period leads to excessive growth and early maturation of the body. All the more reason to cut the age of consent in favor of an age-gap law.

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