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What is your favourite flower? Anonymous 21779

Mine is white lily

Anonymous 21780


And another one, whoo-hoo!!

Anonymous 21781


Oh I don’t know. I love them all so much!

I guess wildflowers because I love when I see a field of them. Yes I know they’re all different and depend of where you are but I love them

Anonymous 21782


My favourite is when cactus plants grow their own little flower crowns

Anonymous 21783


Sunflowers because they look cool and grow really tall, plus they produce yummy seeds.

Anonymous 21784


I like most of them but limonium (sea-lavender or statice) are special to me.

Anonymous 21785

why is that anon? because of purely aesthetic reasons or because there is some kind of personal attachment you have?

Anonymous 21786


Peonies. I love how big and fluffy they can be.

Anonymous 21787


agreed, pretty af

Anonymous 21788


not really related but as far as i can remember peonies have some divine status and symbolism in chinese culture. the chinese have also breeded hella a lot of hybrids of it

Anonymous 21789


My mother used to buy a bouquet of them from time to time after going to the market with me. Those memories come from when I was 4 years old and I loved to explore the streets while she took me to do shopping. They used to sell them in a little white glass kiosk similar to pic related. I remember with affection how naive of me it was to smell each new bouquet she bought because I couldn't remember they don't have any smell (But pretty flowers have to smell!). How about you? Do you have any favourite flowers for a special reason?

Anonymous 21790

Lily of the Valley…

Mine would be lily of the valley, they look so pretty and delicate.

Anonymous 21791


lotus flower, they look so magical and fairylike

Anonymous 21792

california poppy.j…

Love the California Poppy

Anonymous 21793

image (1).jpg


Anonymous 21794


fuchsia! i always thought they looked like ballet dancers when i was little

Anonymous 21795


Love me some red spider lilies

Anonymous 21796

Same, they're super bright and pretty. And you can push the bottom for some liquid to come out, I thought it was powerful and magical, like fairy food. If you have watched barbie and the 12 dancing princesses, you'll know what i mean when I say they reminded me of magical flowers from the garden.

Anonymous 21797


i can't pick a favorite, i just love flowers in general. last year i was hospitalised, went for a walk and picked some flowers that i brought back to press in a book. after leaving the hospital i kept the hobby going and have been discovering and learning a lot about flowers since. this hobby gave me so much light when i was in a really dark place. sorry for the sappy story! just wanted to show some love for flowers. one flower i have recently found love for though, is chrysanthemum. i bought a bouquet of white chrysanthemum to celebrate the renovations and makeover i've done in my apartment. so far it's been almost 4 weeks and they're still alive! just one of them has withered. if i changed the water every day and cut the stems more often, they could probably last even longer. i just love how robust they are.

Anonymous 21798


All the coral bells.

Anonymous 27044


Pansies are lovely

Anonymous 27150

Hydrangeas (2).jpg


Anonymous 27154


I think I like roses the most.

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