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crystal cafe /art/ thread. Anonymous 21974

This is an art thread geared towards those who want to share their artworks, and who would like criticism/tips to improve. If you have any resources/books related to art to share, it goes here as well!

Good Youtube Channels:
Marc Brunet
Marco Bucci

Useful websites:
Ctrl+Paint (ctrlpaint.com/)
Quickposes (https://quickposes.com/en)
HUGE art pastebin (https://pastebin.com/d3D68y3M)

Anonymous 22455

Anonymous 22456


i drew this a while back. I always find it easier to finish the face, but the rest of the body gets difficult…

Anonymous 22457


I'm also struggling with the bad habit of only drawing floating heads. I'm going to try to do some croquis cafe videos this week to force myself to draw whole bodies.

Here's a head I drew from a photo yesterday.

Anonymous 22458

I feel you… Drawing heads are just so fun

Anonymous 22459


Most of my stuff nowadays is just unfinished sketches and doodles because i can't bring myself to finish anything properly.

Nona i love this

Anonymous 22461

I love his little tail on the right!

Anonymous 22476


I did some quick poses instead. It’s been a long time. I have a lot of issues with judging sizes of body parts in relation to other body parts.

Anonymous 22477

2022:12:31 - Aconi…

I haven't done anything other than trad landscape stuff+studies for a long time, but I drew this a while back. I'd like to redraw it sometime

If you know what it's fanart of.. don't say anything pretend you never saw it…

Anonymous 22478

I don't know what it's fanart of but I love how full the frills and folds feel!

Anonymous 22495


Op i drew your gryphon character (i think it's a gryphon?)

Yeaah a lil duck tail, ac villagers are very cute.

Anonymous 22498

You have really great designs!! Are these on pixiv too?

Anonymous 22505

Thx ^O^
I don't post my art anywhere publicly rn cause it's kinda scary

Anonymous 22506

wtf so kawaii

>Most of my stuff nowadays is just unfinished sketches and doodles because i can't bring myself to finish anything properly.

What helps me is saving it as a WIP file (like .CSP) or leaving it up on the canvas, and putting it off to the side while I work on new stuff. then working on it a little at time.

Anonymous 22507

Yeah that's what i meant, i save them as wip files and then take a while to get inspired to finally finish them. (If i ever even get inspired to do it)

>or leaving it up on the canvas

Please noooo, i've lost lots of unfinished works this way because of my pc suddenly updating or something lol

Anonymous 22711

henry martin 1.jpg

>Yeah that's what i meant, i save them as wip files and then take a while to get inspired to finally finish them.

I thinks it's fine to take a while, but if it's becoming a problem to you I'd say the only solution is just to force yourself.

Another thing that helps me is looking at the works of artists who are beloved to me to get inspired.
Like, when I struggle with coloring a piece I look at how my favorite painters use color to get inspired. In regards to color, I like Henri Martin and Edgar Degas a lot right now.

Anonymous 22712

Wow that painting is gorgeous, do you have a painterly style? I'm curious about how your art looks now.

Anonymous 22719


THANK YOU!! That's my fursona :D Her name is Mimora, and I haven't decided on a full design for her yet, haha.

Anonymous 22723


I couldn't take it, i had to finish the doodle of her based on the pic you uploaded :], i like the way she looks a lot

Anonymous 22724


your art is seriously putting a smile on my face, anon… I've been having a horrible week so far, and this is making me smile like crazy. Seriously, thank you so much!!
Here's a little sketch I did of her to test out a new brush I made. I want to really see if I can do her reference sheet soon.

Anonymous 22725

2023 02 05.png

I’m trying to get better at drawing men and men’s hair. All crit welcome!

Anonymous 22726

Aw, both of you have styles that compliment eachother. I like her both ways!

Anonymous 22740


I made this ten years ago before giving up and I want to make art again but can't find the will.

Anonymous 22741

Very cool style. Who's portrait is it?

Anonymous 22743


Not a great likeness, I was in a dark place at the time. I feel like I poured my depression and exhaustion into this image.

Anonymous 22744

I hope things get better for you nona, ik how it feels i also have been struggling with some though stuff these days

Ikr, we are cool!

Anonymous 22745

It's good to have a degree of distinction from whatever is your reference.

Anonymous 22750

this is so cool nona!!!!!! please keep making art, it would suck for an art style like yours to disappear

Anonymous 22781

Hey, please never give up on drawing… I really like that "pop art" style you've got, it's reminding me of street art. Have you drawn recently at all?

Anonymous 22790

study wip.jpg

so I'm trying to draw a character in this pose, but I'm having trouble. any tips?

Anonymous 22791


referenced from this image

Anonymous 22793

I think it looks good but your skeych is missing the accentuated curve of her back which also what's pushing her breasts up/forward.

Anonymous 22798


I made that 10 years ago, haven't done much since because it can be hard to get inspired and I've had some tough circumstances. I'm often disappointed with my current lack of technical ability.

I did draw something for a friend a year ago though, not much in the way of supplies so I had to improvise a bit. It was meant to be a crow, she associates them with her father who passed away. I'm surprised I managed to make something that looks okay because my attempts are often bad.

Thank you for your replies because I'm reminded that beyond technical ability, the magic happens when you're in that mindset of "making art", rather than trying to be good at art. I made some dogshit stuff in college but when I just poured myself into a piece of work, it became something that spoke for itself.

Anonymous 22799

The outline of body honestly isn't that bad
Very cute
Cute and epic
If he is meant to be Asian you've done a good job

Anonymous 22802

22725 here, the ref was an old asian guy so I guess I hit the mark. Yay!

Anonymous 22828

12.2.2023 Nyami.jp…

i finished it, honestly don't like it all that much. but that's life I suppose. I'll work on another drawing that hopefully looks better than this one

Anonymous 22829

Im glad that Im not the only furry/anthro character liker here.
Cute character! I like how the hands came out. The side bang thing is a little thick and too clump together for wind to be blowing it. Like it would be more spread out, but that's the only real comment I have.

Anonymous 22830

thank you! I will practice hair for the next time then :D
I am a big fan of furry characters, but not the community that comes with it… I just like how you can rope together good designs with animal features

Anonymous 22831

Maybe a little rendering would make it more cool?

Anonymous 22832

I agree the community is shit and too horny for me. I love furry characters more then humans most of the time, I think some of the character creations that furries come up with to be pretty neat.

Anonymous 22833

Same here, i love drawing anthro animals but i hate the community since it's full of annoying people or coomers that prey on others. Most of the other women into this stuff always end up trooning out and it makes me sad.

Anonymous 22866

Also same, got dragged into that “community” as a young teen because I liked drawing animals and anthros. Didn’t last long because I got sick of all the stupid drama plus the fact it seemed like every other week someone in the fandom was outed as a zoophile or groomer.

I wish there was some alternative non-coomer community for people who just like drawing anthros causally. None of the zoophile, groomer, coomer bullshit. But I doubt it will ever happen.

bird anon 22882


I think tabletop communities are the most you can get when it comes to "chill anthro" communities, but there's still groomers. It's a lesser of the two evils situation. It really sucks, I just want to write and draw cool anthros.

Anyways, here's a drawing from me.

Anonymous 23111


>Art bread in 3rd page

Really like how the feathers look on this one.

bird anon 23118

pungsan study.jpg

Thank you! the inking was definitely a very tricky part. are you the anon that drew my sona earlier? that penguin suit is cuuute

I've been honest to god, so busy with uni, I haven't felt like drawing at all. I had this but aaah, I have little energy to finish….

Anonymous 23130


I bet you could tell it's me from the simple style right lol. Also i finished the art i doodled! Not the best but i think it looks kinda good compared to the crappy art i've been putting out lately.

>I've been honest to god, so busy with uni

Which course are you doing? I don't get much about university because i've never done it but i heard these type of things are pricy as hell.

Anonymous 23132


i take husbando requests

bird anon 23142

I'm a computer science student. In my country is expensive too… but they give a lot of financial help in my region. I'm very lucky to be going for free

Is this an animal crossing character/oc?

Anonymous 23143

The hand and fabric feel so natural… Nice job!

Anonymous 23150


Derwin is an actual ac villager! Good luck in your studies by the way.

bird anon 23151


Thank you both so much… I have been so exhausted with my homeworks hahahaha
I just sketched this in a voice call, nothing too crazy. I have a lot of trouble with bodies still

I like how you draw the neck/torso. Pretty good humans… I'm not good with them myself haha

Anonymous 23152

Glad to see anthros, cool to know there are other non-furry community anthro enthusiasts here

Anonymous 23176


The furry fandom was a mistake

bird anon 23179

nah lol.png

yea lol it was, I tried getting into it but honest to god, it just wasn't for me, I guess.

I began this drawing yesterday, but I couldn't finish it. Actually… I'm having trouble finishing my drawings, I am considering giving up. I dunno. I want to draw what I like in art… but what's the point if I'm not good at it? I can't get a social media following at all. Just privated my twitter and on the verge of deleting furaffinity. I dunno. I feel really shitty about my drawings for some reason… I get an idea, but can't draw it because I lack skill. Maybe it's just depression…

Anonymous 23184


>but what's the point if I'm not good at it

I mean, do you draw art just to be good at it? Then you gotta study more. Have you ever tried drawing more loosely? Or doing gesture drawings? That may help. Imo your art is pretty good, but i understand how it can feel like it's not the way you want it to look. As for the followers part, i'm pretty sure being popular online has more to do with how you put yourself there than how "good" your art is.

bird anon 23185


I draw because I think it's fun and I want to put out my ideas… but honest to god I'm really insecure about my skill. Even when I study, I always think the way I form shapes or draw from scratch is "wrong". I have pretty bad hand-eye coordination and my stuff never looks like. Though, I have not tried gestures or loose drawings, I could try those.

I think I'll just forget about the whole followers thing. Sometimes I wish my art can get me a bit of pocket money… but I dunno. Maybe fame is not worth it for me, I'd rather just draw between people I like or small communities like these.

I like your seadramon. I used to be a huge digimon fan when I was younger.
I think I'm gonna try to chill out, or something. I bought 3 art books to see if that can help me a little, 2 are from one of my biggest inspirations. How's everyone doing? Any cool books you anons recommend?

Anonymous 23186


Social media nowadays make you worry so much about this, i also tend to go through similar situations where i get pissed because i don't get attention/enough likes on something i posted that i liked and wanna show to others, but i try my best to not let it get to me. That's the only advice i have to you i guess, it's not good to worry about likes or attention.

Anonymous 23226


Drawminers whats up? How are you girls doing? This day was really uninteresting, just started raining right now.

Anonymous 23227


tbh i havent drawn anything recently but im open to some recommendations on what to draw (plsssssssss give me recommendations) :3

ive been pretty bored too i wish there were more fun games to do n stuff :P

Anonymous 23228

Draw a girl holding a knife very evil-esque!!

Anonymous 23229


yess!! ill reply when i finish

Anonymous 23231

Cute Cece! I wanted to draw today but my husband insisted on using my tablet all day. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous 23242

sorry if this is a dumb question but is there a CC Aggie.io group drawing thing? I might have missed it

Anonymous 23244

Was he playing Osu or something?

From what i know there was one a while ago about cc-tan and in the bunker threads? We could totally create one now though, but we would need someone to be admin of it and delete vandalization by males because that can happen.

bird anon 23258


hi everyone. Haven't felt the groove to draw much today either. One of my dreams is to make cool characters.

I'd be up to participate… my PC seems to have issues with aggie, though, it doesn't register pen pressures. I still think it'd be fun, though.

Anonymous 23261

Share your twitter so we can follow you there ^_^, i also have a small following and i would be up to share it, are we allowed to do that here?

bird anon 23324


Hmm, I'll think about it. I think you can share social media accounts, but it's not advised to due to the shitty people that sometimes lurk here.
My tablet drivers are acting up and I can't seem to fix them. Guess it's pencil and paper this time being.

Anonymous 23325

oh this is so good AND it's best sf3 girl

Anonymous 23329

Do you ever use a program/software that you always wish had X function, only to find out that the software always had X function, you just never knew how to use it?
Yeah, that just happened to me. Years of digital editing and painting later and I'm still learning about all kinds of functions.

Anonymous 23372


This is really old but i wanted to join in…

Anonymous 23378


Anonymous 23380


I'm gonna take one for the team and share mine, the name is on picrel so i can delete it later, feel free to stalk me lol
Also the 2 drawings above are really pretty.

bird anon 23387


Really digging this oekaki style.

I like this one a lot, too! Even if it's old, it's still solid.

I followed you on a private account. I may open up my twitter again when I feel better. Sorry for not posting as much, btw, I've come down with a terrible cold this entire week. I drew this only five minutes, because I just want to post something….

Anonymous 23388

Share ur tweer then delete it

Anonymous 23394



Anonymous 23395

I know this is very tumblr-y but idc at this point, what criticism can you take from this?

Anonymous 23396

Legs are a bit too thin at the knee on the redhead. Could pay a lot more attention to detail overall (idk if this is a quick sketch or not, but there’s lots of unfilled spaces in the shading and gaps/bumps/unsteadiness in the lineart that are distracting)
Also, I know hands are hard to draw, but you should work on them a bit more. They’re too round for the style you’re trying to achieve. I would also recommend changing up the brushes a bit. I think a little more texture would look nice.

I really like the colors though, and their poses and expressions are pretty dynamic and pleasing. Anatomy is sound.

Anonymous 23398

I think its cute tumblresque, theyre lanky but pretty rather than ugly messes like those other tumblr drawings and its nostalgic

Anonymous 23402

I can't help but feel a tranny made this.

Anonymous 23406


Anonymous 23407


Anonymous 23408

strange yet cute and cool

bird anon 23464

nubes 24.3.2023.jp…

I'd love to see your art… the bird creature reminds me a lot of celebi.

How is everyone doing? I'm not doing too well, unfortunately. I like to paint a lot of clouds when I feel sad.

Anonymous 23473

2023-03-25 2.png

Not doing that good lately too, but it is what it is. Still sick from a cold?
Picrel is a painting wip of an oc of mine, but all the humans i draw look weird as fuck, especially the faces and it's bumming me up.

Anonymous 23475


Not doing well either tbh, everyday is full of pain. Anyway i drew a bunch of cats on my campus

Anonymous 23571

emo gurl.jpg

Anonymous 23579


Anonymous 23581

I love these

Anonymous 23582


Reminds me of lain.

Anonymous 23583

wx-78 1.png

i love these cursed schizo painting

Anonymous 23584

she is lain

Anonymous 23592


Thought so.
Silly fella, robots are fun to draw.

Anonymous 23630


Kind of quick drawing, didnt give it much attention to detail but I still really like it
Based on that picture of the two sisters if it wasnt obvious

Anonymous 23646

woah i love alien 9

Anonymous 23737


i barely ever draw but suddenly had the motivation for this

sorry if not good, im not an artist and just tried to do my best

bird anon 23742


wassup everyone, I'm no longer sick, but I've been crazy tired. honestly forgot about this thread due to being so busy. i don't even think this drawing is considered finished, hahaha….

cute cats. you draw with pens often? i want to learn how to draw in inks better

nice to see you around, too! hamtaro makes me nostalgic

do you all think we should make an art challenge or some sort of aggie to draw together in? i think it'd be fun

Anonymous 23743

Anonymous 23983

Yes i do, but i must admit i dont like my inking skills and a blue ballpoint pen was all i had at the time lol. I guess the trick is to just try it out a couple of times and copy some inking master you like the work of till you pick up some things. But yes i think we should create an aggio… but i dont think it would be active, at least id use it!

Anonymous 24006


I'm totally down for an aggie, just waiting till someone who knows how to manage it creates one, it would be fun.

Anonymous 24007

And I think you are correct

Anonymous 24042

Thirding aggie

Anonymous 24240


Honestly, there's a big chance an aggie wont work out considering the state of the board right now :c

Anonymous 24272

whats an aggie

Anonymous 24284

A whiteboard where multiple people can draw together.

Anonymous 24335

are there any artists you guys look up to?

Anonymous 24361


Just thought that maybe I should finish with this drawing and realised that it turned out too dark to discern all the details without squinting eyes or zooming in..

Anonymous 24362

Can't you just increase the contrast?

Anonymous 24366

Yeah, I could, but it feels like doing it would be cheating

Anonymous 24393


Maybe changing the background color or canvas size could help? I really dig the way you draw by the way.

There are many but the first one that comes to mind for me is always Nekojiru for some goddamn reason, a few years ago i was kinda obsessed with her work and thoughts.

Anonymous 24401

Kino xtreme

Anonymous 24413

what she shooting at?

Anonymous 24439

Thank you, lighter background did put more emphasis on the character and your little creatures are adorable as well!

My friend asked me to draw her killing men but I'm not skilled enough to draw that yet ahah

Anonymous 24906

The background looks kinda confusing. Is it meant to be a wall or floor?

Anonymous 24914


I got too lazy to color the clothes, vtuber concept though lol

Anonymous 24916

Thank you nona!!( • ω • )✧

Anonymous 24921

NTN but as far as perspective goes, the tiles could be the wall or the floor depending on how you look at it.

Anonymous 24929

letter - Copy.png

Actually felt like finishing the design ^_^ took a bit of inspo from needy streamer overload

Anonymous 24931


Anonymous 24932


Anonymous 24934


Thanks minernonaaa :]

I'm glad i could help and thanks too, but the creature isn't mine it's one of the boards mascots Cece lol!

Super cute furry, post moar

Long time since this thread got bumped huh, op got a ban and stopped coming here, sad. CC is way too ban happy sometimes.

Anonymous 24936



>op got a ban and stopped coming here

why did OP get banned?? their art was so cute D:

>Super cute furry, post moar

thank you nona ^_^ she has a squad!

Anonymous 24938

There was some powertripping janny here before going crazy and she got banned by them. You art reminds me of candy it's really cute, are these all your ocs? I like the tiny sparkledog one…

Anonymous 24939


aw man what the hell >:(

yeah those are my ocs!, they are kinda old, the sparkle dog is kind of a joke-oc I took too seriously and I love him very very much, he's very fun to draw on mspaint, he also had lore but scrapped it because it reminded me of an old friend xP

Anonymous 24941

So cuuuute

Anonymous 24951


mein oc

Anonymous 24952

I like her. What's her name ?

Anonymous 24953


I love watercolours.

I need to clean my room. I just can't muster up the energy.

Anonymous 24960



Anonymous 24962


Anonymous 24965

Looove love looove this

Anonymous 24980

I love it, she has a very expressive face. That orange painting with the flowers looks beautiful too

Anonymous 24988


sometimes my drawings will end up looking pretty

Anonymous 24990

>the creature isn't mine it's one of the boards mascots Cece lol!

Ohhh, I didn't recognise her at first o.o Unusual to see her in this art style

Anonymous 25094


I guess you could call it unusual.

Nice tatas

Anonymous 25114

This is very pretty! Have you added anything else?

Anonymous 25183

Bumping before this thread dies again, any miner wanna request something for me to draw?

Anonymous 25184

A cute mouse!

Anonymous 25200


Get it haha, lol.

Anonymous 25309


Drawminers get out of /ic/ and /i/ and join this thread.

Anonymous 25349


Left or right?

anyone use gouache?

Anonymous 25351

Nice job, I love the left one! Left has clearer shapes, imo better hierarchy and composition whereas on the right the shapes on the figure is worse and I think gets lost with the rest of the image. Don't forget to squint or take a step back to refocus on the bigger picture.

Anonymous 25359

Thanks. I agree left looks technically better, but right has .. something that I can't put into words lol.

Anonymous 25375

Adorable, love the silly face cece makes

Anonymous 25401


Thanks :D

Both. I find awesome people that can do traditional paintings, don't remember using gouache other than in school as a kid to play with. I tried watercolor years ago and all my paintings were dogshit.

Anonymous 25506

forgot to reply, I think the right one is cool too but I think it has the feeling that it is less finished than the left!

Anonymous 25510


squirrel posting

thank you! i feel the same about watercolor. maybe its because I use cheap paints but I can never get the color right and I can't get the strokes to move in the way I want. With gouache its almost like what i had hoped watercolor could be. Also who is the creature in your drawing?

ur right lol

Anonymous 25519


here's my best MSPaint drawing

Anonymous 25520

It's a bunny from Ruby Gloom, i just replied with it to not bump the thread with nothing lol. You really like squirrels.

Anonymous 25530

kemper angelll.png

Recent art that I messed around with for way too long, I just can't figure out what's off with the face. I need to get back to drawing more :(

Anonymous 25534


forgive the quick n dirty MSPaint editing.

I think the issue you're having with the face is excessive line detailing the closed folds making them appear as unfilled outlines of open eyes. Instead use colors and shading to achieve them as to look more natural. The style you've used here is rather nice but also quite simple so too many details in central places might not work well. I think the way the hair cuts behind the ear looks a bit like hair loss and just a little tuft closing that gap helps a bunch. That's not a big deal tho and everything else here seems fine to me! On a side note idk about leaving a signature on an anonymous image board.

Sorry if I come off as anything like rude or unkind I don't mean to.

Anonymous 25535

Ah shit, I meant to crop out the name but I think I selected the wrong file. And thank you so much! I'm gonna go make those edits now that it finally looks right :)

Anonymous 25536

I'm happy to help! Don't forget to delete the other post btw.

Anonymous 25537

Is that an oc? I like it.

Anonymous 25543

Not to ruin the mood but I checked your instagram account and you're 16. The minimum age of this website is 18 so I don't think it's best to post here at this time.

That aside, good art.

Anonymous 25551


It's summer miner!
(Last Cease doodle i swear)

Anonymous 25568


Little doodle I did on a random piece of paper in my bag

Anonymous 25649


changed my major from philosophy to art and library science, so i am hoping that my pieces can make people feel something as i’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time to art.

Anonymous 25661

Ouch that has got to hurt

Anonymous 26014


the first blade I did for Swordtember, somehow been managing to keep up with one a day which is nuts to me

Anonymous 26023


Some minor mistakes lol I love drawing sailor moon stuff

Anonymous 27021


unfinished sketch, tried to learn how to shade

Anonymous 27023

looks phenomenal

Anonymous 27024


Some pterosaurs that I will never finish. Also, pattern on wing membrane is lame, but I realized it too lately

Anonymous 27025

Do you have a guide or some resources on shading?

Anonymous 27119


SA, honestly, I'm not the best at shading myself, but I think looking at reference really helps. Picrel is another example I have. when I drew this, I went like "how does X artist do hair?" and went according to the reference. I like purplekecleon's old art for when I want to shade.

Sorry for the late response. I really only started shading a few months ago after years of only flat colors, so my stuff looks rather wonk. I remember reading that shading is also intuitive, another thing that helps me is knowing where you want the light to hit, so I always draw a little arrow pointing to how the light is hitting.

Anonymous 27121

is this a drawing of a philosopher in bird form? i cant put my finger on who but i feel like ive seen the reference for this…

Anonymous 27122

Birdnona i thought you left… welcome back

Anonymous 27123


nah it's just a picture of my original character dressed as my favorite fighting game character, kek. I wish it was a philosopher, I'm not that bigbrained yet.

hey, I think the bodies came out pretty nice. perhaps you could paint over the wings and have them to be a solid purple color? I think any patterns should go on the body, rather than the wings, like if you're adding stripes, maybe you can give them dark blue stripes.

Thanks. I don't really post on imageboards that much anymore, I'm much more active on my website as of late. Next time I do a drawing with a lot of shading, I'll be sure to post it here to explain better.

Anonymous 27124

Screenshot 2024-03…

ahehhah birdenhaur

Anonymous 27128

btw sorry if i weirded you out that time on dms i didn't mean to

Anonymous 27159


i hate drawing, everyday i wanna smash my hard drive with a big rock.

Anonymous 27160

Cute asf

Anonymous 27305


I'm honestly not sure what you're referring to… but it's been a while back so lmao all is good now.

Was going through my hard drive and found this old picture. gotta bird it up

Anonymous 27316


this is so awesome.

got into trad art recently. enjoying it.

Anonymous 27317

Good drawing, but using the word trad is cringe.

Anonymous 27320

, "trad" in this context has nothing to do with "based tradwives" or whatever such bullshit.

They just meant "traditional art", as in, art that is physical as opposed to digital.

Don't get triggered so easily, jfc

Anonymous 27322

!new decorated kni…

i only draw knights, this was my most recent, war master.

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