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Phone Cases Anonymous 2251

Post cute phone cases! Shop links welcome

Anonymous 2254


I have a massive list of Society6 cases, will dump if there's any interest!


Anonymous 2602


wow those phone cases are really pretty, post your favorites

Anonymous 2603


As a droid user I used to get so jealous of iphones. They're starting to get better about cuter cases though.

The last case I bought was pic related, but over time the little cabochons popped off and the case broke when I dropped it.

Anonymous 2604


Oh I forgot, I made the mistake of purchasing one of these deceptively cute decoden cases. It was cute, but not $50 cute. The little clay shapes weren't as nicely done as in the stock photos, and they weren't as full.
The shapes popping off could be fixed with glue, but often I'd lose them while I was out so they were never found. Plus I couldn't really clean the case so everything got dirty after a couple months.

It's a shame because I really like the cutesy deco cases, but they're so often not worth it.

Anonymous 2605


Wth im so butthurt. I used to have an iPhone 4 and it had soooo many amazing cases for it. Now I got the iPhone 6 and I can't get the same cases for it in the different size.

Actually, isn't it annoying having phones changing sizes all the time?!

And don't get me started on Samsungs… they barely get any cute cases at all

Anonymous 2606

Decoden anon here.

It's really sad to hear that. I've noticed many sellers are just bad at doing it properly. I used to sell cases but people also expect your issue and wouldn't pay for them. It's a real shame.

Anonymous 2607

images (10).jpeg

I really want one like these but they're almost impossible to find where I live and I worry about quality. I also own an Android so finding one for me is even harder. I've been thinking about making one myself, so it it's not perfect at least I won't feel bad about spending mad monies.

Anonymous 2608

Let me know if you need any tips.

Anonymous 2609

try making your own decoden cases anon! It's much cheaper and you can even sell them for $50 too lol

Anonymous 2610

I feel.
>mfw when gigantic LG G5 phone

At least i've got a clear ringake case that i can customize to my liking by printing stuff and putting it under, but otherwise, finding pre-made cute cases for it is a nightmare that i stopped even considering the second i hit the internet to search for them after buying the phone lol.

Anonymous 2611


Anonymous 2638


Not that anon but I would love some tips. I trief searching on youtube for tutorials but most of them are complications and don't explain the steps to well. I want to make a cute phone case if I have time.

Anonymous 2640


Another member of the android struggle brigade reporting for duty. I just bought a Note 8 and managed to come across this. I nearly gasped when I saw it because decent 3D cases are like… practically nonexistent.

;-; I wish more major brands would make cases for non-iPhone users. I cry every time I see those cute Moschino cases.

Anonymous 2641


I recently got pic related for my samsung. It's thick so it actually protects the phone and looks cute

But I switched to a S8 and can't find any good cases that don't look weird and ugly :/

Anonymous 2642


It's not really a phone case. Super cute though. I wish I could get it, but I don't think the website is meant for international users (and it's sold out)

Anonymous 2645

I-i… I really need this.

Anonymous 2724

Y'all know these cases with "liquid" inside them are bad right? Like if they leak or break, that "water" can burn you.

Anonymous 2763

calm down anon, most of them are actually full of baby oil. don't let a few extreme cases scare you.

Anonymous 2805

This is so cute but it's probably not a good idea. I know a girl that has something similar, except it's pink and it's just fuzzy with rabbit ears and a cotton tail. That thing gets absolutely filthy all the time and overheats her phone. It also doesn't really fit in the purse at all. Adorable but not worth it. :(

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