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"Rural" Japan Anonymous 2359

When I was traveling around Japan I came to love the smaller prefectures more than the big cities.

Anonymous 2360


Anonymous 2361


Anonymous 2362

chiba prefecture.j…

Anonymous 2363


Anon, I know exactly how you feel. We left “civilization” a couple of times to get to out-of-the-way onsen during my first and only trip there, and I was enchanted by the tiny rural train stations. Here are the pics I could find of the one nearer to Tokyo, but there was an even more remote one southeast of Nara that absolutely fulfilled every weeb fantasy I had.

Anonymous 2364


Anonymous 2365


Seen from the bridge over the tracks

Anonymous 2366


And a couple of panos if it’ll let me upload them, showing how rural the area was.

Anonymous 2367


Anonymous 2368

tsuchiya koitsu 2.…

Thank you! This is my jam!
I really love inaka sceneries. The big traditional houses/ryokan. The cicadas. The damp hot atmosphere (which I actually hate but it's such a signifier lol). The general quietness. The "green" smell. The simple and cheap food.

I am not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't want to live in a total bumfuck nowhere with only rice fields and mountains, but a smaller country city (and about 1 to 3 hours from a big city like Tokyo or Oosaka) would really be my ideal place.

I mean, as a tall tattooed gaijin I know I stick out like a sore thumb, but I do appreciate these places.

Anonymous 2369

kawase hasui 3.jpg


Just wanted to add: I also really really love urban sceneries as well, like I'd love to stroll around in Tokyo at midnight, go to a kombini and drink iced tea bought from a vending machine while admiring city lights, but inaka Japan is so under appreciated. I guess because weeabos in general like the technological pop culture aspect of Japan. Which is totally cool, but yes, give country Japan some love. The festivals are so unique and nice.

I guess that's why I really want to live somewhere that meet both things (urban and country) in the middle.

Saged for samefagging.

Anonymous 2378


I traveled throughout Japan but regret not taking photos. One of my favorite "rural" places was Beppu. I like how you can see the mist from the onsens as you drive in, and it actually clouds the road (pic related)

I'm seriously considering moving back to Japan because it's so peaceful. Nice pics OP!

Anonymous 2379


More pics. I always liked the rock formations by the beaches (even in the distance). Never been to this particular beach, but it looks nice.

>>Summer pic

Anonymous 2380

iwate winter.jpg


>>Winter pic

Anonymous 2381

this is the kind of japan i really love and would love to live in. not because muh animu, but i like the idealistic way people try to interact, like 50s america. being cordial, sweeping negativity under the rug, trying to preserve 50s style families, low social interaction, everyone keeps to themselves other than talking behind your back. but i am only 1/4th japanese and, even my grandma didn't feel as accepted when she came back after leaving. even though i like a lot of things that many people (especially weebs) would hate about japan, i would never truly be or feel welcome.

image dump when i go home.

Anonymous 2394

OP here, did you take all the pics yourself anon? They're super pretty!!
Ahhh you understand me! I've been living in a big city my whole life so I think living in a completely isolated small town would freak me out. About 2 hour away from a big city sounds absolutely perfect though!
You made me want to visit Beppu now anon!! The pic is so calming…

Anonymous 2395

kamakura inamuraga…

Anonymous 2396


Anonymous 2397

rural 7.jpg

Anonymous 2414

I love this thread so much and can really relate to >>2381 and >>2394. I would love to visit rural Japan one day but would probably end up very lost lol
Sage because I have no pic to contribute

Anonymous 2417


Anonymous 2418


Why do you think you would be lost anon? Big cities are a lot harder to navigate than a small town

Anonymous 2419


Anonymous 2420


Makoto Shinkai has some nice countryside Japan art in his movies.

Anonymous 2421


Anonymous 2422


Last one I'll post before flood detection heh

Anonymous 2439


Anonymous 2440


Anonymous 2441


Anonymous 2446

your name.gif

I'm not very good with Japanese I only know hirigana and katakana lol and asking someone for directions would probably be very hard for me. In addition I feel like more rural locations aren't made for tourists and have a lot less info for them/maps. Also I'm from a big city so traveling in one doesn't scare me as much due to the possibilities of more forms of transportation, maps, and English speakers. I would still love to give it a shot tho and this thread only makes me want to explore rural Japan more. It's really beautiful.

I found a lot of the countryside scenery in Your Name super cozy and nice

Anonymous 2447

your name 2.jpg

Anonymous 2479

I really like this one.

Anonymous 3243


Anonymous 3244


Anonymous 3245


Anonymous 3246


Anonymous 3247


Anonymous 3248


Anonymous 9706

bumping this thread even though i have nothing to share. this is comfy.
this place is definitely the location of some anime. i'd love to live there

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