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snail thread Anonymous 23845

i feel that snails are sacred and beautiful creatures, i used to keep them (just found them in my garden) during uni and give them crushed eggshells for the calcium for their shells and fed them greens (i didnt give them anything like cucumber because i heard they get addicted to the sugar). they are amazing adorable creatures

Anonymous 23847

snail love.jpeg

I love you nona, Snails are wonderful!

Anonymous 23891


snails fall in love!

Anonymous 23996


Anonymous 23997


more snails on mushrooms :)

Anonymous 23998


Anonymous 23999


Anonymous 24000


frog + snail alliance

Anonymous 24001


Anonymous 24375


Anonymous 24376


Anonymous 25984

Parking Lot Snail …

snails are definitely sacred creachures. anytime it rains I go to this shopping center at night because there are always dozens of snails. I bring cucumbers for them. there weren’t any snails in my yard for years, only slugs, but recently there has been a lot more. I take it as a blessing. let’s be friends snailnona…

Anonymous 25985

i poked a snail once and it screamed. i didnt know they could do that

Anonymous 25990

Anonymous 26011

Snails are just worms with property.

Anonymous 26186


Anonymous 26223

Anonymous 26226


Snail eating popcorn

Anonymous 26232

that's an actual superpower venus flytraps are dangerous as hell.

Anonymous 26483


Anonymous 26810

next time a stoner asks me what my favorite strain is, imma show them this

Anonymous 26811

Image hits hard

Can I screenshot?

Anonymous 26836

This thread makes me miss my snail. I couldn't handle the mold in her terrarium, although I monitored the humidity and cleaned it often. Rip Grusha, you was the best snail

Anonymous 26837

*you were
Why am I so stupid?

Anonymous 26869

"Oh shit, motherfucker, I got to get out here"

Anonymous 27116

When I was a kid I would pick up snails and bring them to school on my shoulder and then let them out in the grass and one day I kept one in a little bug crate and threw a bunch of grass in and brought it to my room and then it shriveled up and died :(

Anonymous 27203


Anonymous 27351

Snail ride.gif

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