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Dollmakers/Dressup Thread Anonymous 2451

Based on last night's pixel thread I decided to make a doll thread! (I feel like this thread should go here since most of it is us making dolls but feel free to move it to /b/ or /cgl/)

Some links:
http://elouai.com/ - candybar, roiworld, rinmaru

http://www.rinmarugames.com/ - anime, jfash, etc.

Feel free to add more links if you have them! I will dump some dolls of mine.

Anonymous 2452


I forgot dolldivine. Derp. Anime, celeb, trendy

Anonymous 2459


Oh man, I am so happy to mess a bit with those again, even though they don't have as many options as the original.

Here, have my cozy fall girlfriend aesthetic.

But man, these are so outdated, fashion wise lmao
I wish they rebooted the site with current Korean fashion. It would be so cute!

I used to go to Roiworld as well, when I was a bit older (like 14, I think, candybar I used to go when I was 11~12), so I guess the fashion is not as offensively early 00's. But they don't seem to work for me on this Elouai site :(

Anonymous 2460


I loved this thread on lc. Glad you made one here!

Anonymous 2461


I tried to base her off of the "crystal" theme but, I'm not very good with these things and they didn't have much in the way of mint green or salmon.

Anonymous 2462


I forgot all about dress up dolls!

Anonymous 2463


Wow, I used to spend hours on these. Thanks for reminding me. This shit is rad.

Anonymous 2464


There are a fair amount of greens and pinks. There's a bar above the clothes items that allows you to filter specific colors. Try that.

Anonymous 2465


I looked for another site that hosted Roiworld games. I made some "I have to work but I also have a date afterwards" aesthetic. I really like this doll's face lol

Anonymous 2466



Another one.

Anonymous 2467


I used to love these! I'd make them and then use the images as an avatar on Avatar Palace! Some of the best fun I've had as a preteen was entering fashion competitions with my huge collection of doll parts/clothing. I really wish Avatar Palace would make a comeback.


Anonymous 2468



Last one. I really like stripes

Anonymous 2469


Omg yaaas I used to love these haha.

I made myself. I had a good laugh at some of the questionable options though…

Anonymous 2470

I loved these! which one of those works? All the links are broken for me…

Anonymous 2471


made my fiance in a cute christmasy outfit.

Anonymous 2472


Anonymous 2473

avatar (3).png


one more

Anonymous 2474

avatar (4).png

made a kogyaru

Anonymous 2475

yo that's cute, i love the kogal aesthetic

Anonymous 2476


Anonymous 2478

the background and the phone notification stuff above her head makes me nostalgic as hell. reminds me of early 2000 japanese virtual pet games and flip phones. cute as heck!

Anonymous 2481

avatar (5).gif

Anonymous 2486


Can I include Gaiaonline avi's in this thread? I only go on Gaia to use the Avatar builder to make cuties. There's an infinite number of options, so to me it's the ultimate "doll maker."

Anonymous 2516


made a fall themed qt even tho fall is far over

Anonymous 2517

avatar (7).gif

me too anon. yours is super cute! i just kinda tried making me.

Anonymous 2518


made this mad max esque couple on rinmaru games lol

Anonymous 2541


Anonymous 2545


aaa i love dress up games, thanks for making this thread!
I tried to make myself haha

Anonymous 2597



Anonymous 2598

aaaa she's adorable

Anonymous 2625


i diggy

Anonymous 4919


Anonymous 5070


It was fun going through all of the "interesting" early 2000s' fashion to find a cute outfit lol

Anonymous 5071


Also another "nostalgic" game would have to be this old anime character creator. The best part is the hair options lol
Pic related is mine, I feel like I went with some of the more boring options tho

Anonymous 5073


I made an alien girl
My friends and I used to spend so much time on dolldivine. My favorites were all the dragon makers.

Anonymous 5130


Anonymous 5201

Screen Shot 2019-0…

wish i looked like this irl.

Anonymous 5212



Anonymous 5219


Anonymous 5225


Anonymous 5336

avatar (9).png

so cute !

Anonymous 5337

avatar (7).png

i love red and pink outfits, these colors fit so well

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