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Hot fictional men Anonymous 24942

I have a thing for men with deformities esp. facial deformities, so any recommendations would be welcome.

Post your fictional crushes here.

Anonymous 24950


Fictional moid > real moid

Anonymous 24968


I can't wait for ai robot sex dolls.

Anonymous 25019

Aren't there already several threads like this?
Not complaining about the subject though, sorry for not having pics to contribute

Anonymous 25031


I saw a cute boy one and a male actor one.

Fictional men is more broad I feel.

Anonymous 25032


Anonymous 25056


God I'm so tired of ugly men shilled as hot. It just feels like a moid psyop.

Not really saying this to be shallow or mean, but because usually IN THE REAL WORLD, they're total entitled hypocrites from what they expect of women.

Pretend to be nice, "not shallow" ( completely fucking shallow) go all out, but then you get to know what they're really like to live with, and how much they dump on you, to do by yourself at home… Holy hell you just lose so much. It's better to be single.

Even if they're "nice" they're still entitled as hell,and i dont understand HOW. How do they get away with this shit ?!! Like what the hell did you do to "deserve" me or harrass me on the street?? After I put up with all this from men, get treated second class, talked down to at my job, not respected, stalked, threatened, and yet put all this effort into looking like I do as a woman… excuse me????

You actually expect me to find your ugly overbearing ass attractive??? Why should i tolerate it?? You think you have something better to bring to the table because youre male?? That you should get a fucking looks pass? They will think they're smarter, or because they work they should get a pass to look bad, and no where near as good as us

Give me a fucking break. Everyone fucking works. Everyone is smart, Everyone lives through hell. No way will I let you step on me further and numb me perpetually by giving you an ugly pass.

Heterosexuality is predatory towards women when it skews in favor ugly men. Because the natural result is out of control entitlements, out of control ego. I'm not here to be shallow or cruel. Because most men can control how good they look. 90% arent disfigured, theyre just lazy. They just believe after all the presumption and misogyny they should get a pass to be ugly that we dont.

We honestly get a ton less from them than they get from us though. There is nothing they can bring to my life usually without a lot of stress. Why is it so fraeaking easy to be single?? Why the hell SHOULD I tolerate an ugly MOID?

They're never like fictional characters irl.

Even "nice" men who expect you to not care how they look, are ridiculous hypocrites with tons of blind spots and entitlement.

Fuck all that. Fuck the whole heterosexual bro ick factor that seems to be the default with heterosexual men.

Anonymous 25062


Anonymous 25080


He is such an asshole so I hate that I have a crush on him. Yet another fictional man I want to beat the shit out of but make out with at the same time.

Anonymous 25204


2d for life sister

Anonymous 25425


No miguel post yet?

I can fix him…

Anonymous 25501


Anonymous 25504


Sakurai knew what he was doing when he approved this alternate costume for monado boy.

Anonymous 25518



Anonymous 25622

pavlov posted on the friend finder thread first then his post got deleted (thank you mods) he's a moid he likes hylics and hylics 2 and free jazz
i'm a different anon from her and her posts were deleted i think

Anonymous 25628

Moid copium right here.

Anonymous 25632

Stop being territorial over your husbando, he's fictional and doesn't exist, who gives a fuck. "Those other sluts just don't get him like me, he's WEIRD and I am too, not like those normie bitches!" It's cringe, please grow the fuck up.

Anonymous 25667

Bitch I’m literally posting my husbando

Anonymous 25706

tfw you make up your own hot fictional men, draw them, write about them, and then realize no real person IRL will ever amount to anything like that

Anonymous 25707

Post your art of him

Anonymous 25708

I fucking hate the picrel dude in the op it makes me fucking nauseous. Everytime I come in img
Now that revolting look is plastered everywhere. Wish they would just delete this thread it feels like bait and it makes me ill

Anonymous 25710

Someone should just make an imageboard just for yumes where sperging about other anons' taste in fictional men is a bannable offense.

Anonymous 25716

the other nonita is right though, the man in the OP pic looks horrid.

Anonymous 25727


Hey nonner, I found some art of your husband, here's the source: https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/95663113

Anonymous 25728


Anonymous 25730


KEK. This reply is so based.

Anonymous 25762



Anonymous 25980


I love you anon.

He holds me when I cry.

Anonymous 26041

Fuck, other people do this? I feel less alone somehow

Anonymous 26091

God, I hope I'm not being disrespectful, but your husbando has really hot art.

Anonymous 26103


wondering how i'm the first to post astarion

Anonymous 26366


no love for Leon????

it's basic asf ik but he's got such a chokehold on me it's unreal. no real moid can compare

Anonymous 26367

He has more fans on lolcow.

Anonymous 26455

my boyfriend looks like this but real

Anonymous 26459

wondering the same thing, how can anyone not love him

Anonymous 26472


Anonymous 26502


Idk why i find James cute but he seems really empathetic and i wish i can hug him while he cries

Anonymous 26511


Harry Mason better

Anonymous 27342

Based, nona.

Anonymous 27346


I love an autistic man with scars

Anonymous 27350

is it noncon if you were a slave then managed to turn the tables on him

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