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01 - Pretty Prince…

Pretty Princess Points Anonymous 4175

Anonymous 4176


Anonymous 4177


Anonymous 4178


Anonymous 4179


Anonymous 4180

03 - Pretty Prince…

Anonymous 4181

05 - Pretty Prince…

Anonymous 4182


Anonymous 4183


Anonymous 4184


Anonymous 4185


Anonymous 4186


Anonymous 4187


Anonymous 4188


Anonymous 4189


Anonymous 4190

Anonymous 4191


Anonymous 4192


Anonymous 4193


Anonymous 4194

This one hits too close home.

Anonymous 4196

Who makes all these? I wish I could make drawings like this. Have any of ya'll wondered who makes memes and all their variations.

Anonymous 4197

girl gamer.png

Anonymous 4198

06 - Pretty Prince…

Anonymous 4199


Anonymous 4200

love incels.jpg

Anonymous 4201


Anonymous 4202


Anonymous 4203


Anonymous 4204

41 - Pretty Prince…

Anonymous 4205

44 - Pretty Prince…

Anonymous 4206

11 - Pretty Prince…

Anonymous 4207


Anonymous 4208

what are these parodying?

Anonymous 4209

Legit question.

Anonymous 4211

They're pics of me and my soul sisters, I legit cried the first time I saw this pic >>4176 (the first PPP image I had seen) because I felt personally attacked lol.

Anonymous 4212

24 - Pretty Prince…

Anonymous 4213

Are you girls that dirty? I'm genuinely intrigued.

Anonymous 4215

If I’m busy kinda. I’m in nursing at uni plus I work part time so I have a tight schedule. However when I have the time, I give my room a huge clean up.

Anonymous 4217


damn, ur life a meme.

Anonymous 4218

i'm a hoarder, i finally have been cleaning for the past few weeks though
>tfw i have about 10 huge plastic garbage bags of trash and there will still be more

Anonymous 4219

Yes, absolutely. Some of these images accurately depict the way I live. I'm not proud.

Anonymous 4220

I can relate to some extent, but I am pretty clean.

Anonymous 4222

PPP mine tendies.p…

I may not receive my points tomorrow because I stayed up to finish this MS Paint masterpiece.

Anonymous 4223


This is very cute.

Anonymous 4228

Thank you, anon! I had fun drawing it.

Anonymous 4247


Anonymous 4248

Did /cgl/ hurt you

Anonymous 4249

I started cleaning my room more after these pics made me examine my life lol. But food on the floor, whiteboards with inspiring quotes on them and basic tasks normal people remember to do without reminders like "brush your teeth" stains everywhere and the floor covered with plastic anime junk was what my room used to look like. Also now I keep my tasklist on my phone instead of on a whiteboard.

Anonymous 4251

Not really, the only "dirty" thing in my room is a small pile of clothes. I added trash, cups and plates to my PPP though.

Anonymous 4253


Anonymous 4275


Anonymous 4278

I love those posters
I really wanna make one of these but with my own interests, as if what I would be like if my life was a mess. But I feel like I would be exposing something too personal lol

Anonymous 4279

> as if what I would be like if my life was a mess.

That's cultural appropriation reeeeeeeeeeee
you only get one if your life actually is a mess

Anonymous 4286

literally me few years back when i had no other furniture but just a mattress

Anonymous 4899

is that meant to be shoeonhead?

Anonymous 4920

Anonymous 5022

>bent geforce meme
I refuse to believe a girl (female) draw this.

Anonymous 5023

Anonymous 5028


please don't post candids of me

Anonymous 5131

Great, now I'm scared of having a son OR a daughter.

Anonymous 5132

Why do I want one of these made of me now?

Anonymous 5133

It's literally MSPaint. That's why so many of these things exist already.

Anonymous 5134

You could give it a whirl yourself. It's pretty easy.

Anonymous 5149


I'm minimalist, my apartment is spotlessly clean and essentially empty. I don't have furniture and just sit on the floor with my laptop with a pillow against the wall behind me. I get some strange comments on it, people wonder if I really live here. I have a japanese style bed that I fold away every day. Nothing on the walls, no "decorations", etc. I do leave dirty dishes in the sink until the next day, but I only have one plate and one bowl so if I want to eat anything I have to wash the dishes first.
I grew up in a dirty hoarder shithole that was disgustingly filthy and crumbling with water damage on the ceiling, mold problems, inside animals that got hair and worse everywhere, probably the whole lead paint and asbestos deal, holes in the walls revealing crumbling dusty drywall, etc. My parents had possessions stacked to the ceiling, just piles upon piles of shit all over, literally like the Hoarders show. Owning too many possessions makes me anxious. I never go shopping unless absolutely necessary and I spontaneously discard things I think I no longer need.
Sorry it's not the same style.

Anonymous 5158

These are all amazing. I can think of a girl I know or knew for nearly every single picture, it's uncanny.

Anonymous 5165

This is sad and charming at the same time. Please buy a nice matress at least.

Anonymous 5188

I'm just like you anon. My parents are hoarders and the house used to be filled to the brim with crap and stink horribly; animal hair everywhere. Occasionally find a dead rat's body.

My room is just my bed and a stack of books, essentially. I only own what I need. I could put all of my possessions in a backpack and leave tomorrow.

Anonymous 5515

Why are you dreaming of texas of all places

Anonymous 6357

Well, if I were to guess, it would probably be because she lives in Texas. Just a hunch

Anonymous 7540


Anonymous 7556

love ib.

Anonymous 7789


nice rare pepe. very… mystical.

Anonymous 7790

>Foucault for dummies


Anonymous 7792

lol the poster from tf2

Anonymous 7853

PPP revelations.pn…

Anonymous 8532

got my bf to fill up a /cum/bottle for me hehe

Anonymous 12573

Is this just Tearzah

Anonymous 12581

How many has he managed to fill up so far now? Do you still have the first one? I can't imagine the smell. Have you attempted to taste it? I'm so curious. I hope you still come here, anon. No pun intended.

Anonymous 17389

>spade on chair

Anonymous 17900

This one is partly based on my bedroom I posted on /r9k/ in 2015ish. I'm doing a lot better now :')

Anonymous 17903

I hope I can get better

My room is worse than all of these pics

Anonymous 18082


can we please bring back ppp, i had so much fun making this

Anonymous 18172

love the pony poster and bloody razors

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