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/p/ thread Anonymous 5424

Anyone into photography at all here?
I'm kind of a newbie at this whole thing and I'm looking for some motivation (or inspiration even?) to go out and shoot some nice photos.
pic related is from my trip to Japan, used a Nikon d3400, a kit lens and a tripod for that long exposure.
If I could go back and retake it I would do some things differently, especially readjust the tripod so that the stairs look straight (even though they're this crooked IRL)

Post pictures you took yourself!

Anonymous 5425


You could probably try to alter the image by rotating it in Photoshop or a similar program. It looks good! I'm quite into film photography myself.

Anonymous 5426


I dont know much about photography and took these on my phone lol. I really like your picture tho, maybe try rotating it?

Anonymous 5427


Anonymous 5428

y they side ways ;_;

Anonymous 5429


OP here, whoa, didn't expect this thread to catch on this well, I was expecting, like, two replies in 24 hours.
Anyway! here's a pic I'm more proud of, also from that same trip to Japan!
I have it as a wallpaper on my desktop!

Anonymous 6038


I like this thread, I'm going to bring it back from the dead.
Pic related is also from Japan, Nara specifically.

Anonymous 7541


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