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Male models Anonymous 7052

Post and discuss your favorite male model.

Mine are Twan van der Togt and lucky Blue Smith

Anonymous 7056


David Gandy - forever my husbando.

Anonymous 7058


I can hear them saying "Why yes" in my mind

4chan really caused drain bramage to me

Anonymous 7085


Twan Van Der Togt is kinda basically perfect

Anonymous 7086


Anonymous 7087


Anonymous 7088


Anonymous 7089


haha anon yes he is beautiful.
I think its a shame that he only did short-term modeling though because he had the potential to become famous.

Anonymous 8799


Manu Rios because he is damn sexy and I want to bite on his big sexy lips

Anonymous 8811


Greetings from the long hair male model thread. May pretty boys stay around as long as there is earth.

Anonymous 8815


Look up Erik Andersson & Miles McMillan with long hair. Erik was more elf looking & Miles was more like a superior version of prince Caspian then he cut his hair & lost a LOT of his beauty in my opinion.

Anonymous 8827

Who is the one in your gif related?

Anonymous 8828


That's Miles McMillan. Too bad men start hitting the wall at 20.

Anonymous 8829

He also has short hair now and curly which looks notably worse. Big F. :(((

Anonymous 8830


This is a good length.

Anonymous 8833

I like all long hair honestly because it's a sign of healthy hair when models go for the elf look or the aristocratic look. I like All I like how the YouTuber boyinaband looks for example. Or even in Asians it can look nice the revival of Hanfu Culture in China is making chinese moids look super beautiful.

I gotta admit though straight or wavy hair looks best, I'm not into the other ones.

Anonymous 8835


Conveniently ignored my post above because your are a lazy reader.

>Or even in Asians it can look nice the revival of Hanfu Culture in China is making chinese moids look super beautiful.

Anonymous 8836


Oh great, the racebaiters are here.

Anonymous 8856


Elias De Poot

Anonymous 8857


May we post more than one? I also really like pic related. Hugh Laughton Scott.

Anonymous 8921


Lukas Gomann - he’s not my favorite but I was bored scrolling through modeling agency websites and came across him. He is conventionally attractive yet looks unique to me. From what I’ve seen he has strong features compared even to some other male models so that might be it.

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