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/egirlg/ - e-girl femjak general Anonymous 7267

post your favourite e-girl femjaks, picrel

Anonymous 7269


Anonymous 7271


Anonymous 7481


told my polish bf that I couldn't stop posting on cc instead of being productive and he sent me this
idk what it says but kek

Anonymous 7482

it says shitposter girl, for cyrillic languages -ka suffix is added to a word as a way to refer to a girl like umnichka (smart girl)

bottom right: argues with grannies on FB about gay rights

below lemonade: everyone wants to date her

phone: in every two posts she emphasizes that she is a shitposter

loves tiktok

something about playing lola on mid to flex and she's not typical

her bf probably has a meme page

bottom left says
"hey if you see it i wish you a nice day and remember i love you"

Anonymous 7486


Anonymous 7488


Anonymous 7507


Anonymous 7509


Anonymous 7514

pretty good, quite well done translation indeed
likes tiktok, not loves
also missed : that lemonade is sommersby, it's a beer mixed with juice which is a polish meme about women drinking in bar : ordering a beer with juice. it's kind of karen, a woman that goes halfway just so she can stepback immediately

Anonymous 8479


tfw you can't live the rest of your life as a cute cat girl.

Anonymous 8749

scene wojak.jpg

i like the scene hair fem wojak the best, probably because i used to look like that

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