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Plastic Surgery Anonymous 7465

Post before/afters. No moid pics.

Anonymous 7466


Anonymous 7467


Anonymous 7468


Anonymous 7469


Anonymous 7470


Anonymous 7471


Anonymous 7472

some of these girls weren't that bad before surgery

Anonymous 7494

what did they do to her?

Anonymous 7614


Double jaw surgery.

Anonymous 7615


Anonymous 7616


Anonymous 7617


>She was only a year old when her house burned down and her life was changed forever. Even though they got her out in time to save her life, they were not able to help her before she suffered from very, very bad burns to her face and body. She has never been to school because of the way she looks. Her family took her to every doctor and they all said the same thing. Nothing can be done about it. She had to live the rest of her life looking like this. After realizing she would have to live the rest of her life this way, she never left the house. She literally stayed in her room for 41 years. She had no friends, no social life, no self esteem, nothing.

Anonymous 7618

Is there a link to this? This is truly amazing. I hope she had mentally improved since her plastic surgery as well.

Anonymous 7621

Nice, a successful chin transplant.

Anonymous 7624

literally just copy the text, put "" around it and google it.

Anonymous 8456

what did she get done?

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