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To all my fellow artist anons 8618

Post a piece of artwork with an art style you really admire or enviously wish you could develop as your own art style

Anonymous 8633

Acca .13-ku.Kansat…

Kugai Norifumi and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Anonymous 8643


Anonymous 8661

Wow, looks nice :o

Anonymous 8667


I love Takato Yamamoto's work. Most of his illustrations are a bit too edgy for my tastes but his attention to detail and intricate backgrounds are something I'd like to be able to incorporate in my own work.

Anonymous 8680


Hey that's awesome! Honestly, I say go for it! That's how you develop an art style in the first place :) you've got to incorporate a bunch of different styles until you create your very own unique thing.

Anonymous 8694

I love his work as well. His lines, textures, and the erotic atmosphere of his work is amazing. The gore was a put off for me at first but I’ve come to appreciate it.

Anonymous 8697


Look up Ayami Kojima

possibly the best Japanese artist? For me she is at least.

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