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People/characters you've been told you look like Anonymous 9873

Not my finest moment

Anonymous 9874


My mom tells me I look like Tatum O’Neal. I kind of see it. I’ve never watched anything with her in it.

Anonymous 9875


except with smaller mouth/lip area.

Anonymous 9876


Don’t really watch movies and stuff so I don’t know much about her, but some people have mentioned we look alike

Anonymous 9877


but uglier ofc. i used to wear purple lipstick a lot too

Anonymous 9878


I was unironically offended. She looks like a fucking alien.. which means I look even worse

Anonymous 9879

FKA twigs is pretty hot, she dresses like an alien because it's cool

Anonymous 9880


People in high school told me I looked like Kierstan Dunst (pic) and Reese Witherspoon. Personally thought they were full of shit and only said this because I’m blonde but I couldn’t help feeling flattered anyway

Anonymous 9881


people never say i look like any celebrity but the one time someone did they said i look like her. spose i could do worse

Anonymous 9882


i kinda see it

Anonymous 9883


I don't have any freckles though. just a lot of moles

Anonymous 9884


I have light brown eyes

Anonymous 9885


I am a lot uglier, but I get the Kate Bush comparison a lot

Lucky Stacy genetics

Anonymous 9886


Anonymous 9887

I hope you unleashed your bees on whoever said it

Anonymous 9888

Cage is a Beautiful immortal angel and a national treasure. You should be proud.

Anonymous 9889


Bf wihout thinking called me a "greasy goblin" one exhausting, hot summer afternoon and now won't stop sending me lewd goblin imagery.

Anonymous 9890


I started at a job right around when this movie came out and everyone couldn’t stop calling me Merida because of my hair texture.

Anonymous 9891

So basically Maisie Williams?

Anonymous 9892

it’s funny you said that because i always thought i looked more like her but no one else agrees. i have lorde’s hair though.

Anonymous 9893

That's true love right there

Anonymous 9986


weirdest part is i'm European

Anonymous 10014

who is she tho

Anonymous 10015

krystal jung

Anonymous 10016


I was told growing up that I was Clare Edwards "but with brown hair". I never saw it but I liked her hairstyle.

Anonymous 10065

People tell me I look like her as well

Anonymous 10066


I don't know about this.

Anonymous 10068


Nice try Elon, this is a femboard

Anonymous 10069

images (2).jpeg


Anonymous 10071


If she looked 5% more like a bridge troll

Anonymous 10072


Anonymous 10461


Anonymous 10462

lucky star.png

Anonymous 10463


Taylor swift I kinda get because I'm tall and we have a similar face. Merida and the Lucky Star girl, I know it's just because I have red curly hair and big glasses.

Anonymous 10465


I can see that though she's way cuter

Anonymous 10466


Sage for offtopic.

Whenever I see Rosie O'Donnell I am constantly reminded that she looks like SirActionSlacks wearing make-up

Anonymous 10467


because i wear glasses, have dark hair, have the same face shape, same eye shape, lip shape and a mole on my chin.

Anonymous 10748

tf she cute

Anonymous 11745


some 12 year old girl once asked me if I'm a Kardashian.

Anonymous 11749


freud decided to throw me for a loop by making me attracted to an actor who could be passed off as looking like my dad, according to one of my friends at least

I hate this, but I've come to terms with it

Anonymous 11751

freud came up with the daddy thing because he couldn't accept that so many women were being abused by their fathers and to cover up for his father doing it

Anonymous 11752

true but I have heard things about being attracted to people that look like they could pass for your family members. especially if you have a relationship with said family that falls on the good, bad, or somehow both sides of the spectrum (tumultuous)

Anonymous 11756


I kind of see this one. I've also had Emma Watson, but I think that was just flattery. My brother really resembles damon albarn but I've never told him lol, so maybe I look like him a bit too.

Anonymous 11757

Well, they've done studies about why we tend to find our family members stinky and the theory is that they stink because it is a scent marker that they are related so as to discourage inbreeding. However, psychology is indeed different from physiology and evolutionary psych.

I kind of disagree, I think a lot of people who have shit experiences with their family seek out difference. Majority of my bfs are non-white and I'm white, I find white guys gross-looking and nasty in part because I feel like they all look similar and thusly resemble my male siblings.b

Anonymous 11758

Also, Freud was not raised by his bio mother, a nanny did, and a lot of historians/psychologists think this skewed his bias because he did not grow up with his bio mom normally, which likely would have resulted in him not being so interested in her.

Anonymous 11759

I only have a sister and not particularly great relationships with both my parents, but I get along with my father better. I do read that people who have male siblings are less likely to pursue people who look more like them. I think that his theories are flawed and the guy was an absolute dopehead, I just like to make jokes about freud every time I get attracted to someone who looks vaguely related to me. It's not super serious

It's not like that's the only type of guy I'm into, although I tend to prefer dorky dark haired white boys, it's not the only thing I've ever been attracted to

Anonymous 12638


I’m like Björk’s plainer cousin

Anonymous 13040


Victoria/Ashley Williams from HIMYM

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