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video games Anonymous 18609

i believe the last video game thread at >>79 is full so here's a new general for video game discussion

Anonymous 18647

Plat-ed Cyberpunk, no matter what else was wrong with it I loved Takemura.
Now I have to finally finish up Death Stranding so I can get around to playing Outer Worlds.

Anonymous 18655


Anonymous 18656

HYYYYYPE!! Fucking finally!

Anonymous 18678

I hate boss battles. I just like to platform.

Anonymous 18698

Just got back into playing horizon zero dawn now that exams are over. It's crazy how a game with such meh writing still manages to keep me interested in the world after all this time.

Anonymous 19132

I've been playing through Detroit Become Human since it was free on PS+ and Connor is so precious I love him

Anonymous 19147

All Concept Art an…


Anonymous 19402


I love co-op games and I've been enjoying this cute platformer called Broforce. Spoiler, there are female playable characters, overall it's a laugh at how it parodies the US military and masculinity.

Anonymous 19406

I didn't know that even though it's on my wishlist. What do the female characters look like?

Anonymous 20705


god i love mass effect. easily my most favourite game of all time. miners, have any of you played it too? what part do you like the most? my personal favourite is first part, it has the best story/ost and very cozy graphics. too bad that you cant romance the best boy garrus here :( also my favourite class adept is low tier trash here, so i am forced to play boring soldier.

Anonymous 20920


Idol Manager is pretty difficult. I'm still learning this game and what it wants of me, but my real dilemma is that I'm a retard that gets too attached to the randomly generated girls. They're all really cute in design and you're supposed to socialize with them, and I fucking fail them every time.

Anonymous 20921

One of my all time favorites. Loved the elevator chats too.

Anonymous 21153

I’m going through an autistic obsession with this series rn. Easily the greatest rpg I’ve ever played. I wish I could erase my memory and experience it for the first time again.

Anonymous 21167

I finally beat 3 last week after stalling for like 7 years right before the last mission. Really a disappointment. I still can't believe Bioware/EA thought that was a proper ending to a trilogy of games, Even with the 'extended cut'.
Kaiden deserved better.

Anonymous 21208


Just one… last turn.

Anonymous 21225

kinda lost interest
the only thing Ive played all quratine is Ion Fury and modded new vegas

Anonymous 21618

Why do graphics cards still have to be going through price inflation. Even prebuilts.
I just wanna play Subnautica Below Zero and Deathloop.
At least I have time until Starfield comes out.

Anonymous 21621


anyone here into the souls games? which one is your favorite?

Anonymous 21626

DS1 for sure. I still play DS3 more for the multiplayer though.

Anonymous 21642

same here. really difficult to let go of any of them, i have them all installed and have barely played anything new for the past 3 years lol

Anonymous 21894

Been playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided lately to plat it because a third game probably isn't coming soon. I just love Adam.

And Destiny is having a nice story this season.
I just love Crow.

Anonymous 21917


anyone else wants to do a 3x3? honorable mentions are Shenmue, Ratchet and Clank and Jazz Jackrabbit

Anonymous 21919

I played Demon Souls, Maiden in Black is unbearable cute.

Just started Dark Souls, and just feels like more Demons Souls. Got completely lost trying to explore the catacombs after killing the Gargoyles, found out after getting to the bottom with Pinwheels I wasn't supposed to go there yet -_-

Anonymous 21930


Anonymous 21936

Oh yes, women can only enjoy sparkly cute things, god forbid we enjoy something with actual gameplay.
nta btw

Anonymous 21937

NTA but honestly, I've never seen a grown woman who actually likes Sonic the Hedgehog. Or any biological female who likes DOOM.

Anonymous 21938

I like Sonic because Adventure is nostalgic to me and it's got some great cheesy songs, but I don't actually play the games.

And DOOM 2016 is great. It's got a robot dude and an AI, and you get all the fun of an FPS game while not getting the awkward guilt of killing realistic humans.

Anonymous 23283

happens to the best of us kek

Anonymous 23341

Been playing SoulSilver on an emulator on my phone. Max comfy

Anonymous 23342


Yeah, this is nonsense and basically just another case of "women must like X, men must like Y". Sonic and DOOM are two of the most popular game franchises ever. Sonic is a bit juvenile but the art and music in a lot of the games is great, and there's an obvious nostalgia factor for people of most ages since they've been steadily releasing new games since 1991. There are also absolutely women who are not only interested in the recent DOOM games, but still interested in the original DOOM (1993) and active in its community today. They might be few and far between but I imagine they receive a lot of bother from the moids who realise that a woman shares one of their interests, so it must be quite annoying to then be called a tranny by other women for not enjoying the correct games.

Anonymous 23343

Honestly I just can't enjoy older FPS like Doom 1/2 and Quake 1 without modding them heavily. They're just too before my time. The moid bother is even worse when they're purists.

Anonymous 23355


Aside from the main character in Alien movie they look like normal women. Though the player character sprite is still the same 8 pixel chonky.

Anonymous 23489


any1 still plays destiny 2/still has the game and wishes to do a dungeon?

Anonymous 23491

I regularly play both tyvm

Anonymous 23507

Sorry I love the game but I can't play with other people, voice chat makes me too nervous.

Anonymous 23581

does anyone here play escape from tarkov? i haven’t encountered another woman on voip and i feel like i’ve been playing almost non-stop for the past two weeks

Anonymous 23582

I play Cyber Hunter because i can play on PC against mobile gamers and switch server locations freely besides the size is lightweight and free to download. Not a huge player base tho and i play against bots and hackers often. Please join my pathetic game it's kinda cute and colourful FPS

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