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video games Anonymous 18609

i believe the last video game thread at >>79 is full so here's a new general for video game discussion

Anonymous 18647

Plat-ed Cyberpunk, no matter what else was wrong with it I loved Takemura.
Now I have to finally finish up Death Stranding so I can get around to playing Outer Worlds.

Anonymous 18655


Anonymous 18656

HYYYYYPE!! Fucking finally!

Anonymous 18678

I hate boss battles. I just like to platform.

Anonymous 18698

Just got back into playing horizon zero dawn now that exams are over. It's crazy how a game with such meh writing still manages to keep me interested in the world after all this time.

Anonymous 19132

I've been playing through Detroit Become Human since it was free on PS+ and Connor is so precious I love him

Anonymous 19147

All Concept Art an…


Anonymous 19402


I love co-op games and I've been enjoying this cute platformer called Broforce. Spoiler, there are female playable characters, overall it's a laugh at how it parodies the US military and masculinity.

Anonymous 19406

I didn't know that even though it's on my wishlist. What do the female characters look like?

Anonymous 20705


god i love mass effect. easily my most favourite game of all time. miners, have any of you played it too? what part do you like the most? my personal favourite is first part, it has the best story/ost and very cozy graphics. too bad that you cant romance the best boy garrus here :( also my favourite class adept is low tier trash here, so i am forced to play boring soldier.

Anonymous 20920


Idol Manager is pretty difficult. I'm still learning this game and what it wants of me, but my real dilemma is that I'm a retard that gets too attached to the randomly generated girls. They're all really cute in design and you're supposed to socialize with them, and I fucking fail them every time.

Anonymous 20921

One of my all time favorites. Loved the elevator chats too.

Anonymous 21153

I’m going through an autistic obsession with this series rn. Easily the greatest rpg I’ve ever played. I wish I could erase my memory and experience it for the first time again.

Anonymous 21167

I finally beat 3 last week after stalling for like 7 years right before the last mission. Really a disappointment. I still can't believe Bioware/EA thought that was a proper ending to a trilogy of games, Even with the 'extended cut'.
Kaiden deserved better.

Anonymous 21208


Just one… last turn.

Anonymous 21225

kinda lost interest
the only thing Ive played all quratine is Ion Fury and modded new vegas

Anonymous 21618

Why do graphics cards still have to be going through price inflation. Even prebuilts.
I just wanna play Subnautica Below Zero and Deathloop.
At least I have time until Starfield comes out.

Anonymous 21621


anyone here into the souls games? which one is your favorite?

Anonymous 21626

DS1 for sure. I still play DS3 more for the multiplayer though.

Anonymous 21642

same here. really difficult to let go of any of them, i have them all installed and have barely played anything new for the past 3 years lol

Anonymous 21894

Been playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided lately to plat it because a third game probably isn't coming soon. I just love Adam.

And Destiny is having a nice story this season.
I just love Crow.

Anonymous 21917


anyone else wants to do a 3x3? honorable mentions are Shenmue, Ratchet and Clank and Jazz Jackrabbit

Anonymous 21919

I played Demon Souls, Maiden in Black is unbearable cute.

Just started Dark Souls, and just feels like more Demons Souls. Got completely lost trying to explore the catacombs after killing the Gargoyles, found out after getting to the bottom with Pinwheels I wasn't supposed to go there yet -_-

Anonymous 21930


Anonymous 21936

Oh yes, women can only enjoy sparkly cute things, god forbid we enjoy something with actual gameplay.
nta btw

Anonymous 21937

NTA but honestly, I've never seen a grown woman who actually likes Sonic the Hedgehog. Or any biological female who likes DOOM.

Anonymous 21938

I like Sonic because Adventure is nostalgic to me and it's got some great cheesy songs, but I don't actually play the games.

And DOOM 2016 is great. It's got a robot dude and an AI, and you get all the fun of an FPS game while not getting the awkward guilt of killing realistic humans.

Anonymous 23283

happens to the best of us kek

Anonymous 23341

Been playing SoulSilver on an emulator on my phone. Max comfy

Anonymous 23342


Yeah, this is nonsense and basically just another case of "women must like X, men must like Y". Sonic and DOOM are two of the most popular game franchises ever. Sonic is a bit juvenile but the art and music in a lot of the games is great, and there's an obvious nostalgia factor for people of most ages since they've been steadily releasing new games since 1991. There are also absolutely women who are not only interested in the recent DOOM games, but still interested in the original DOOM (1993) and active in its community today. They might be few and far between but I imagine they receive a lot of bother from the moids who realise that a woman shares one of their interests, so it must be quite annoying to then be called a tranny by other women for not enjoying the correct games.

Anonymous 23343

Honestly I just can't enjoy older FPS like Doom 1/2 and Quake 1 without modding them heavily. They're just too before my time. The moid bother is even worse when they're purists.

Anonymous 23355


Aside from the main character in Alien movie they look like normal women. Though the player character sprite is still the same 8 pixel chonky.

Anonymous 23489


any1 still plays destiny 2/still has the game and wishes to do a dungeon?

Anonymous 23491

I regularly play both tyvm

Anonymous 23507

Sorry I love the game but I can't play with other people, voice chat makes me too nervous.

Anonymous 23581

does anyone here play escape from tarkov? i haven’t encountered another woman on voip and i feel like i’ve been playing almost non-stop for the past two weeks

Anonymous 23582

I play Cyber Hunter because i can play on PC against mobile gamers and switch server locations freely besides the size is lightweight and free to download. Not a huge player base tho and i play against bots and hackers often. Please join my pathetic game it's kinda cute and colourful FPS

Anonymous 23892

And here I am grinding Warframe again because I need that event glyph of Ordis…

Anonymous 23893

Older FPS is about the only FPS I like to play anymore

Anonymous 23950

Now why did they bother changing the character models if I'm gonna have my helmet on in every cutscene! Bungie!!!

Anonymous 24006


i love these character designs

Anonymous 24039


Any Warhammer III enjoyers?

Anonymous 24054

I did preorder it but didn't have time to play it at launch, heard it was very buggy and that the realms of chaos campaign rushes you a bit too much with the objectives.

I think I'll wait for Immortal Empires to play it. My favourite factions aren't in yet anyways, though Cathay looked great.

Anonymous 24058

yeah, I can't wait to play ME even though I think it'll take longer than most people expect it to. What are your favourite factions?
I still think it's worth giving a try whenever you have the time! The Prologue is fun, even for veterans, and the Realm of Chaos campaign is worth finishing at least once.
The new factions are extremely fun and you can effectively disable the portals and not thus not be rushed if you wanted to.

Anonymous 24059

My favourites are Empire and Dwarves, I just love artillery, they're the most satisfying units to watch for me. For some reason Vampire coast doesn't do it for me, I think because a lot of their arty is very generic, and the only units that aren't, Necrofex colossi and Queen bess are not really artillery in the first case, and have limited availability in the second

I'll give the campaign a go, if you can mostly ignore the portals like you could ignore rituals in 2, then I think I'll enjoy myself.

Anonymous 24065

shota's hot but his design doesn't belong to a pokemon game, girl is cheap and ugly tho

Anonymous 24067

but she literally looks like a copy-paste of the shota except with braids. weird double standards.

Anonymous 24081


Anyone else still very into TF2 or any 2000s game for that matter? Miss having girl friends to play it with.

Anonymous 24101

Any rhythm gamers around here? For any game at this point, I would gladly learn a new one if it meant I had someone to play against/ talk with about the game. I play osu!mania 4k, if anyone plays any similar games (Etterna, Quaver, etc) I could download them

Anonymous 24115


I still play TF2 frequently. That game has been a large part of my teenage years. I'm really qaddened by the general state of Casual and the near-death of community servers. Valve tried their best to kill the game, but it survives.

I really miss the old community servers where you'd have a rotation of custom gamemodes and maps like versus Saxton Hale, Prophunt, Zombie fortress and the like. I had so much fun on these servers, and met some of my best friends on there too. They're all gone now though (the servers, not the friends)

The nostalgia was so great that I tried making my own server a year ago, a server similar to the ones I loved. I managed to recreate my lost paradise after a few days of scrounging source modding forums and gamebanana, but it just stayed empty. People rarely ever joined, and they left quickly.

I was quite disappointed, and left it running for a few months until my dumbass locked myself out of the VPS I used to run it (don't mess with UFW rules if you don't know what you're doing !), and I had to wipe it to get access again. Being a cheapstake, I never paid for the automatic backup option of the VPS provider, so now my recreated, empty paradise is gone as well.

I still have most of the files that were a pain to find, so maybe I'll make it again someday, when I have the energy.

Anonymous 25248


Yes! I main Medic, also play Scout, Soldier, and Engie. One of the few videogames I play, along with STALKER, Morrowind, and Minecraft.

Anonymous 25253

yeah i play mega 39 and im trying to get into stepmania!

Anonymous 25265

I used to play TF2 during my teenage years but I grew out of it. Nowadays I play Megaman, SNK games and some random ass racing games. Sometimes I play Kirby and Sonic.

I'm currently doing a MM marathon and onto MMZero 4.

Anonymous 25266

had some fun with friends tonight, playing supcom forged alliance, then some dota 2, then some tf2
good times

Anonymous 25276

should i force myself to finish elden ring or play omori?

the former isnt a bad game at all but its so long, to the point where it burns me out multiple times trying to get through it

Anonymous 25297

take a break and come back to ER if you want, because it is seriously long. took me over 200 hours to do everything I could in one playthrough.

Anonymous 25303

Your intention should be to enjoy the ride not finish it. Take a break and play whenever you recharge

Anonymous 25311


You shouldn't force yourself to finish any game unless it's a job and even then you should go at your own pace. If you're not having fun put down ER and pick up Omori. Omori isn't a long game I think.

How many playthroughs did you do?

Anonymous 25312

As someone who played the original Demon's Souls when it came out 10+ years ago I weirdly burnt out on ER–it's one of the last games I'd ever try forcing myself to play because it'd be a recipe for stress.

Also I did play/finish Omori and loved it. If it's your type of game (it was a bit polarizing) go for it–it's a cozy but dark experience.

Anonymous 25313

Yeah! Those are mainly the games I play :) (with some exceptions though)

Anonymous 25318


I feel like im going to turn into a squenix because I love the aesthetics of final fantasy and nier. Are there other games that have a similar look?
I can’t believe they made something as ugly ss that avengers game

Anonymous 25321

Try looking up games directed by Yasumi Matsuno, or games made by the Bravely Default team, that might be up your alley.

Yoko Taro also made games that aren't Nier but they are more divisive in terms of gameplay. Especially Drakengard 1.

Anonymous 25322

Turn into a squenix fangirl*
I wanted to check out the other drakengard games

Anonymous 25340

Now that's surprising. What do you enjoy about it?

Anonymous 25342

They are a very large company with many divisions, that Avengers game was made by an American studio they acquired.
I recommend Metal Gear Rising

Anonymous 25343

anyone wanna play something? :P

Anonymous 25358

MGR looks so far off from nier and final fantasy

Anonymous 26297

If I'd realized the new Warframe quest was so short I would have finished it months ago, maybe I'll finish up reputation grinding in Deimos first before dealing with the new area.
Pirates this season in Destiny.
And Sumeru is very pretty and the music is great.

Anonymous 26301

anyone want to play dragons dogma on pc with me? we can rent each other's pawns out and send gifts!

Anonymous 26326


Reminder to all that using the warp zone in Mario Bros. IS in fact cheating.

Anonymous 26328



Anonymous 26333

Ewwwwwww, rewind feature

Anonymous 26535

>single player game
literally who cares lol

Anonymous 26540


Do Gamers(tm) expect us to beat the games on a single sitting of 5 hours?? Some of us got a life. I have been playing videogames since I was 3yo and yet I default to easy mode in lots of games (and if I find it too easy, change it back to normal/hard), I feel people would beat me up for that lmao.
I find funny that as the years went by, I actually got worse at games. I used to play lots of action/skill-based games when I was little, but for the past years I mostly favor visual novels & text-heavy RPGs since I now I find more enjoyable to relax reading stories with something extra to do. I got too used to "Press A to display text" games lol, now I can barely play stuff I liked when I was little.

Anonymous 26541

Men who have no other accomplishments. No careers, degrees, life savings so the only thing they have is a fake video game accomplishment that means nothing because they even took the enjoyment out for themselves. Moid stays moid

Anonymous 26550

I hate gatekeeping moids and I dislike Mike Matei a lot
It also overlaps with their feelings of superiority for having been born in a "superior" generation, like "back in my days when Nintendo was hard you had to beat the entire game in one sitting and waste entire days grinding and memorizing the entire game" how is that objectively good if any way?

Anonymous 26552

>how is that objectively good if any way?
they still believe they're "bullied for being nerds" and video games going mainstream makes them mald and seethe

Anonymous 26566

You cheated not only the game, but yourself.

You didn't grow.
You didn't improve.
You took a shortcut and gained nothing.

You experienced a hollow victory.
Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.

It's sad that you don't know the difference.

Anonymous 26568

dude it's mario

Anonymous 26569

Even more pathetic.

Anonymous 26572

Moid mentality, bestie I paid $60 for the game I'm gonna enjoy the it the way I want. The only people who feel like that are the ones with no life outside videogames.

Anonymous 26582

Is this copypasta lol
Reminds me of my elementary school summer enrichment ""video game design"" class where we ""learned"" Unity. On the first day we just did icebreakers talking about what games we like, and even the teacher talked down to me for using an action replay. Like… what? It's a game made to entertain me. Sometimes cheat codes enhance the entertainment. Especially considering it was freaking Harvest Moon DS, a game that's notoriously slow and glitchy like come on I'm 11 years old playing a farm sim. if I want to cheat at the black jack minigame then getting shamed by a bunch of little white boys and one adult male isn't going to stop me.

Anonymous 26585

gman spin spin.gif

>play Half-Life 2
>open console
>impulse 101
>and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

Anonymous 26586

yes but it may or may not be unironically quoted.

Anonymous 26589

We shouldn't have to pay for such old games tbh but you're right

Anonymous 26593

NTA, she means in general, not Mario Bros in particular. A brand new AAA game usually costs 60$ (or 60€ for the yuros which is honestly such a shame especially if you're from the less advantaged part of yurop)

Anonymous 26595


>paying for a game

Anonymous 26596


if you know you know.

Anonymous 26600

fitgirlrepacks or skidrow gaming is free now all you need is the expensive computer which i dont have so i cannot enjoy the next gen but i dont care there is a lot of games already i can run

Anonymous 26618

I haven't paid for most of my games since 2011 or so, but I still like to support smaller games and stuff that doesn't release over here often, specially if they translated to languages other than english & made a phisical ver (they've been too comforable lately making us pay $50-80 for -digital- data + only translating games to english. I mean, I obviusly understand english, but it's nice to play long games on your native language)

Anonymous 26627

even if you do buy games i still suggest getting the pirated versions too at least for archival purposes. who knows what might happen to the servers

Anonymous 26628

My large disposable income makes me able to pay for any game I want without thinking twice about it, and the 10 bucks I pay for that 5 year old game on sale are well worth the rush I get when I unlock an achievement with an <1% acquisition rate
I'd rather get shot than pay for a game that's not on Steam though
But if the servers get down wouldn't you still be able to get the pirated version regardless…? That sounds like hoarding

Anonymous 26629

I already do that, I dump every physical (& the few digital) game I got onto my PC, I'm pretty into preserving media plus I don't want to lose my save files when the CD/cartridge eventually dies.
I'm not a PC gamer, so I don't have to worry about the whole server thing. That's actually one of the main reasons of why I dislike digital games, you're basically renting the game instead of owning it, if they decide to take down the game on whatever service it's being hosted on, say good-bye to your $50 (or +$100 if you bought a digital deluxe ver).

Anonymous 26631

what knows what might happen to the whole internet really

Anonymous 26632

If the whole internet collapses I think I'll have more pressing problems than finding a working copy of Brigador

Anonymous 26634

but how will i feed my nintendogs then

Anonymous 26635


I've been playing Okami HD on my Switch to help me cope with a tough time in my life. Honestly, I love it! I've been eyeing the game for a few years but I never realised how similar it is to LoZ games. It's a really beautiful game and surprisingly very lighthearted and cute too. It's currently €20 on the Eshop and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it. The one thing I don't like about it is that the sidekick (Issun) can be very annoying

Anonymous 26654


Any anons here like the Atelier series? I'm playing E&L and I'm really enjoying the dusk trilogy so far.

Anonymous 26664

I do, but I haven't played all the games. Playing through Sophie 2 right now and I quite like it.

Anonymous 26665

I loved the first Sophie, it was my introduction to the atelier series actually! Loved running around farming materials

Anonymous 26666

I quite like Sophie and her design.
Do you know of the YouTuber Food4Dogs anon?

Anonymous 26669

Yes! I've looked at her channel but haven't actually watched her content. She seems like a cool lady

Anonymous 26687

They're releasing No Mans Sky for the Switch. Honestly? It looks great. However, the first No Mans Sky looked great too aaaand we all know how that went down kek. I'm tempted to pre order because it does actually look like it was fixed and I really love the concept of No Mans Sky. What do you guys think?

Anonymous 26688

Wasn't the game fixed like 2 years ago? It should be good

Anonymous 26689

Not her but even if it's fixed on PC I can't imagine the performance issues and glitches that will come from a switch port of all things.

Anonymous 26691

That all depends on how much effort they're willing to put into the port. I feel like switch ports get a bad rap because of how lazy companies are with them and fuck em up. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see nona.

Anonymous 26693

download (18).jpg

Wait… are some of you really just cheating at games (i dont mean saving/rewind though I don't agree with rewind it's weird) and/or playing on easy mode? why

Anonymous 26695

it's a game i'm having fun get over yourself

Anonymous 26697

I find it fun to have a challenge when I play vidya. If I wanted to have super duper chill fun I'd just play a much easier casual game. I just think it's more fun when I have to grind a little bit and figure out how to cheese boss fights.

Anonymous 26700

god for you but why does it bother you that other people cheat at their single player games

Anonymous 26701

It doesn't it's just weird

Anonymous 26703

Yeah <3

Anonymous 26736

How much she likes Atelier makes me so happy! If you haven't played any of them already, I also reccomend the Rune Factory series (especially 4). RF gives me the same feels that Atelier does and both have really autistic crafting which I adore

Anonymous 26739

playing Chrono Trigger for the first time the soundtrack is sho gewd

Anonymous 26755

i've been obsessed with call of duty mobile the past few days. i hadn't been able to play video games by other means recently and i hadn't played cod in years so it's nice to be able to take my mind off things and play on old maps i used to love

Anonymous 26756

I've been meaning to try out RF4, never knew it had crafting like atelier! Now I'll have to check it out soon

Anonymous 26758


This is the best game ever made you filthy casuals

Anonymous 26759

Anonymous 26762


It’s soooo good. My favorite RF3 but RF4 is a banger. Definitely try it

Anonymous 26767

Just a game created out of pure passion, almost entirely made by one person. I've never played a game which tickles that sense of discovery like this one, no handholding, it's up to you to experiment and find a way to tackle obstacles. Huge variety of character builds, exploration is very rewarding, great music and atmosphere.

But beware you will likely get your ass kicked in the beginning, no shame in playing on easy with your first character. Your options are quite limited at first but it only gets better and better the farther you progress. 10/10

Anonymous 26769

Oops i replied to the wrong post, see >>26767
It also has a great crafting system, don't skip that!

Anonymous 26774

That sounds really fun actually, what's the setting?

Anonymous 26776

omg ive been trying to download this with my shitty 3rd world internet, im gonna talk about it with u in approximately uhhhhhh 2 weeks or so. dont go anywhere

Anonymous 26777

If you like crpg's in general, it's probably for you. I got over 600 hours played lol.

Copied from description:
"The game is set in a distant future, when the life on the Earth’s surface has long since been made impossible and the remnants of humanity now dwell in the Underrail, a vast system of metro station-states that, it seems, are the last bastions of a fading race.

The player takes control of one of the denizens of such a station-state whose life is about to become all that much more interesting and dangerous, as our protagonist is caught midst the conflicting factions of the Underrail as the violently struggle to survive in the harsh underground environment."

I won't, have fun!

Anonymous 26778

That sounds good, a bit like fallout 1 and 2 maybe?

Anonymous 26780

Yea it has that isometric view, turn-based and similar setting, but the gameplay is quite different honestly. Underrail is more combat, exploration oriented, there is no world map, you travel continously between connected zones.

I should mention that you can choose between two xp systems when creating your character. The Classic is more suited if you're the murder-everything kind of type, then there's Oddity which works for any build really but particularly if you want to play more stealth / persuasion.

For beginners i would recommend Oddity, and also to invest in stealth because it is very useful. The wiki is also helpful when it comes to crafting.

Anonymous 26783

I pirated the newest Saints Row. It got more woke and cringe but its a fun game not gonna lie.

I recommend it as a torrented game.

Anonymous 26786


I miss customisable consoles. I seen a pink ps2 the other day and it reminded me tha when I was a kid, one of the major marketing hooks for the DS lite was that you could get it in any colour you wanted and then change the colour themes of the menu. It also had the same little hole for charms that old phones used to have. Everything coming out in one or two colours is so boring and I hate having to pay out the ass for cute skins to cover all the boring

Anonymous 26790

I hate that the switch lite is the one that gets all the colors. I want my pretty pink tablet dammit!
Imagine how cool the color combos would be with the joycons

Anonymous 26791

The colors for the switch lite aren't great, believe me.
I got a pink DS lite and I couldn't love it more, but the pink switch lite sucks ass, it's too orage-ish and saturated (the color's name is 'coral' and not 'pink', but in the promo images and the box are way more pink than the actual console). I wish they went for more pastel/pleasant colors like they did with DS, the switch ones are eye-burning.

Huge huge same. I wonder when will they release home menu themes for the switch; the console's UI feels souless right now, the games' icons don't even make a little gingle when hovering, or have some kind of animation or diorama like withh 3DS/WII.
Also the whole keychain thing, I miss them on tecnology in general… Sucks that phones don't have holes for them anymore, and finding the actual keychains is pretty hard (I miss finding thpse Hello kitty, Pokemon and Winnie the Poh gatchapons everywhere). You can hand stuff from the dust plug, but it's more uncomfortable since they hit you on the hand all the time as opposed to hang from the phone.

Anonymous 26792

Oddity already sounds interesting to me, and so does stealth. The not having a map freaks me out. Do the areas generate infinitely?

Anonymous 26793

Actually they did add a map of sorts, but i wasn't using it very much. No, nothing procedurally generated, it's a prebuilt world but it's huge.

Anonymous 26794

Okay cool. I love huge worlds, the more overwhelmed I feel the better, usually

Anonymous 26902


I finished Okami and I have to ask- what the fuck was the plot structure?

They set it up in the beginning that a legendary battle took place between an evil hydra, a God that took the form of a wolf, and a warrior, and that the events of the game are the lesser known second half of the legend. The build up to the fight with the hydra is done so well and there's a lot of excitement BUT they literally snuff it in the first third of the game, have a completely unnecessary middle act that only serves to introduce the "real" boss of the game, attach absolutely no lore to this new boss, and then make you fight the hydra two more times before taking the most lazy rushed ending I've ever seen in a game. It was still a very enjoyable, unique, beautiful game but they really shit the bed with the storyline. Imo they should have swapped the second act with the first act, had the first hydra fight at the end of the second act, and then the final fight be the one where you go back in time with Oki be the climax if the game, scrapping the Yami part completely and sticking with the hydra ad the main boss

Anonymous 26940


Literally killing myself because I'm downloading Spyro reignited on my Switch but it's taking 9 and a half hours because Ireland imports its wifi from Nigeria judging by the download speed. I got it on sale (€19.99) because I think getting in touch with my younger self might be beneficial for my mental health. I was a huge Spyro fan as a kid but for whatever reason I just haven't touched a Spyro game since 2010 on the DS lite

Anonymous 26944

The original was horribly boring is reignited any better?

Anonymous 26947


>I loved Takemura
Same here, I went for The Devil ending first and am sad there was no romance option with him. Judy was pretty likeable too. Also cute cat.

Anonymous 26949

If you have a PC just pirate and get an eternet cable

Anonymous 27007


Ok so Spyro reignited is ass and I'm actually more depressed when I'm playing it than I am when I turn my Switch off. Back to the drawing board, what are you fuckers playing on Switch? I have
>the witcher 3
>stardew valley
>spirit of the north
>hotline miami

No it's just boring in HD. Why the fuck did I buy this? Spyro definitely had a glow up for the Nintendo DS in like 2006 because those games were far better. A New Beginning and Eternal Darkness were great it's like they got a touch more serious around the time Cinder was introduced

Anonymous 27008

I've been playing Ni No Kuni on the switch

Anonymous 27012

Finished AITSF the other day, and will be buying DGS/TGAA and Persona5 next. Played both of these already thru totally legal methods back in the day, but its nice to see them ported over + I want to own the physical editions.

Anonymous 27036

>I want the physical edition
Ayrt I'm like this. I like having the box for my gaming shelf, especially if it's a pokémon game

Anonymous 27041

I mostly like them because if they ask $50-80 for a game the least they could give me is something I can touch, not just a bunch a data. Plus box-art are pretty + I dont have to worry about cloud saves or my console suddenly dying with physical games.

Anonymous 27320

That game will always be in my top favorites. I never got bothered by how the game was structured but I overfocus on details that I enjoy.

Anonymous 27403

images (54).jpeg

>while not getting the awkward guilt of killing realistic humans.
how do people like this even get through life

Anonymous 27404

Maybe not guilt guilt, but I just don't like it. It's the main reason I don't play stuff like GTA or Call of Duty.
I'm fine with Warframe because the setting is so ridiculous sci-fi but I don't like killing in modern day games.

Anonymous 27405

Sorry you lack imagination and can't immerse in vidya

Anonymous 27750

Bump. What are you girls playing? Any recommendations?

Anonymous 27754

Heaven's Vault

Anonymous 27757


Just started the 2022 Dwarf Fortress release

Anonymous 27758

New Season of Destiny!
+Genshin and Warframe.
I really need to make time to play one last run of Deus Ex MD to get a last achievement and I have a ton of free PS+ games I haven't touched.

Anonymous 27803

I want to get back into Elden Ring now that it won GOTY and they released 6-person PvP, it's hilarious and I'm getting intantaneous matchmaking regardless of level. But I got burnt out 350 hours in and I don't want to power through it since that always ends up with me completely fed up with the game and unable to get back into it. Moreover, I really wanted a DLC reveal at TGA and Miyazaki didn't deliver.

So I'm coping with DS3. I wish I had friends to play with, co-op always looked like a lot of fun

Anonymous 27862

is anyone else excited about the new harry potter game? i did not care at all (and thought it came out last year for some reason) until i saw some of the gameplay the other day and it looks SO GOOD. it has everything i love in games and it just looks amazing. i'm blown away, but admittedly i had zero expectations so i could be overhyping it idk lol

Anonymous 27863

How does it compare with the free version? I was thinking of buying it myself

Anonymous 28339

the sprites are cute and all the complexity is there. there's no adventure mode yet and there's some very minor things missing from the UI. there's a bunch of dfhack quality of life plugins integrated already and i have noticed several bugs are fixed but i miss dwarf therapist (also there's a few very weird things like all creatures having sentient personalities and thoughts which is probably temporary). i really like the new UI, it's basically how i played the free version using dfhack anyway but if you are very set in your ways with regard to the original UI it will take a lot of getting used to. the world generation and embark UIs are much much better and you also have in-game access to some settings like maximum population and child ratio when you've already started a game. overall it's a massive upgrade over the free version unless you mainly play adventure mode in which case maybe wait a bit.

Anonymous 28342

I'm not going to play it because I don't have anything to play it on, but it does look good and I hope the game does well. As a kid I played the pc version of the philosopher's stone and I would just run around Hogwarts for hours exploring and talking to people. I'm sure exploring Hogwarts on modern day hardware is going to be super fun.

Anonymous 28391

>I really wanted a DLC reveal at TGA and Miyazaki didn't deliver.

Same. I have such little interest in most video games now, Elden Ring DLC and Silksong are the only things I'm eagerly awaiting.

>So I'm coping with DS3.

I like DS3 but I already played it a lot, was thinking of doing another Bloodborne playthrough though.

Anonymous 28396

I was never a potterhead but I still appreciate the movies because I grew up with them. I didn’t care at all about the game but all the hate towards it changed my mind plus what was shown so far actually looks neat

Anonymous 28397

Does anyone else struggle with starting a new game? Idk why but I find myself overwhelmed especially with many modern games that have an avalanche of things to do.
I hate how I’m like this because I end up playing the same games which is pretty boring.

Anonymous 28403

Thanks for the review, nona

Anonymous 28405

I just started tlou part 2 after finishing part 1 and accidentally spoiled it for myself because I googled Ellie’s age and the top result explained the whole plot fuck this I’m so stupid I went for so long without any spoilers only to fuck it up myself

Anonymous 28775

the urge to legally download harvestella but the nonbinary body option puts me off so bad i'm afraid of any other pandering in the game

Anonymous 28795

wtf is a "nonbinary body"? being so morbidly obese that you're just an indeterminate fat blob?

Anonymous 28796

They've gotten to Monster Hunter too. MH Rise has Body A and Body B, actually caught me off guard because I thought the Japanese weren't giant cowards but here we are

Anonymous 28801


Did anyone like Cult of the Lamb? I'm thinking of downloading the special edition

Anonymous 28810

Body A and body B isn’t a new thing in Japanese games, the souls games uses it. Idk if it’s a recent thing or a localisation thing
It’s really fun, I liked the cult building aspect more than the fighting tho lol

Anonymous 28819


Anonymous 28833

Cult of the lamb
Elden Ring
Red dead redemption 2
The witcher 3
Doom eternal
Slime rancher 2
Hallow knight
Dmc 5 (huge discount)
Disco Elysium (huge discount)
Idk those are the ones that caught my eye or I enjoyed

Anonymous 28859


>gets €30 worth of Nintendo eShop gift cards as early Christmas presents
>packs Nintendo Switch to take with me visiting my family for the holidays
>full Switch battery depletes on trip there. I love the games I bought!
>open bag when I get there
>"where the fuck is my charger?"
tfw I can't play the games I'm excited about until I go home + won't have them to make the journey home more comfortable

Anonymous 28860

I gotta remember to play Lightfall with my Warlock first just in case there are any more only once per account cutscenes… Finally finished Witch Queen with him and whoops can't see that Exotic quest cutscene again, sort of a good thing you can't see the face so I could just rip the lines off youtube and not miss too much.

Anonymous 28866

Im debating whether i should buy the witch queen deluxe for the dungeons or nah. The year is about to end and it means I missed 3/4s of the cosmetic rewards from the season pass.
The free week made me break my destiny hiatus

Anonymous 28869

Do you still need to buy it to play through the stories? Crow was really cute in the first two seasons this year, and pirates was fun.
Cosmetic-wise it depends on the class you play, I thought the first season was boring and the skulls in the second were too edgy, but then I got sexy pirate boots for my Warlock, and the sneakers this season look cute.

Anonymous 28870

Oooh okay I will check some of these out when I get home, especially hollow knight

Anonymous 28871

just get a cheap usb c charger?

Anonymous 28873

The past season passes are sticking around until Light fall drops, I don't think I'm interested at all in them. The activity mechanics are nothing knew which was the main reason why I didn't buy the deluxe edition at the start. I watched the cutscenes for season of the risen and the haunted, the pirates one didn't excite me the theme felt childish (OHMGG PIRATES!11) and I feel satisfied seeing most people on r/dtg trashing that season.
This season is different since I'm not familiar with the seraph towers targeting you, it's the first time I see it.
>Crow was really cute in the first two seasons this year,
Didn't he royally fuck up and is the reason why Lord Saladdin is with the Cabal now.

Anonymous 28874

I forgot to add
>Cosmetic-wise it depends on the class you play, I thought the first season was boring
It doesn't really matter, I can't get the ornaments from the past season passes since I didn't level them up nor does bungie allow you to level up past season passes

Anonymous 28875

Do I have an addictive personality or is it normal to either hate a game or get so into it that you neglect your responsibilities and develop weird pysichal tics (like eye blinking) by playing it too many hours a day for weeks

Anonymous 28876


Putting aside the dev pirating is bae

This game actually good?

Anonymous 28878

what did the dev do?

Anonymous 28879

Retconned the main character into a tranny after he trooned out

Anonymous 28881

Dev became trans after finishing the game and said the MC is also trans.

Anonymous 28882

If I wanted to play Doom but haven't started, which one's the best one to start with? Is the lore any good? I don't know why but I always love a bit of lore.

Anonymous 28885

I'm not sure if doom is about the lore but 2016 is a good entry point.

Anonymous 28886

Yeah Crow did something stupid, but it was so we didn't have to do something stupid to advance the plot, and he was really cute doing it. And I really liked the whole Nightmare Uldren thing in Haunted.

I know I was just saying depending on the class you play and your aesthetic taste you didn't miss much. Though I have a feeling we play the game for completely different reasons so nvm. Pay for the dungeons if you'll play the dungeons.

Anonymous 28888

If you like solving puzzles then the older ones are better

Anonymous 28891


I have a lot if nostalgia for those old early 2000s detective games where you just find shit in the messiest rooms ever. Lots of old memories of actually inserting a physical disk into a laptop

Anonymous 28892

it is fun but difficult! it took me a lot of trial and error on some parts but its good
(although i still havent fully completed it lawl)

Anonymous 28893

Oh wow this took me back anon

Anonymous 29091


any kenshi enjoyers?
or nonAs, if this sounds like your thing

>A free-roaming squad based RPG. Focusing on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a warlord, an adventurer, a farmer, a slave, or just food for the cannibals.

its a great game

Anonymous 29120


Those are still around, they full under a genre referred to as "hidden object" games. Companies like Big Fish, Viva, OnHand, and Cosmi push those out all the time.

Anonymous 29337


I need to share my hot take somewhere and it is that fps games are SHIT.

I've never played a first-person game with good combat. Clicking on angry men or zombies or whatever is not engaging for me. The fact that you might have to jump around like an idiot because the angry men are also trying to click on you doesn't make clicking on them engaging or interesting. It feels so asinine. Clicking on things that appear on a screen? And if you're hot shit you can even try to click on their heads which is a little bit harder, especially if they're jumping up and down and zigzagging like clowns because mashing three additional keys while you're moving makes you a professional, a real dangerous operator, it's like you're a secret agent or an action hero.

I fucking hate fps games, I have tried over and over but the combat makes it feel like the game is insulting my skills and intelligence. I cannot for the life of me derive entertainment out of clicking on angry men. It's like asking a toddler to point at a car or a doggy, how is that stimulating and thrilling for an adult?

I've played TPS games that have an aiming mode and those are great. Even twin-stick shooters can be great fun because the combat is usually more varied and there are other objectives and aspects alongside "click people and don't be clicked". It's just FPS games that I don't get. And just the first-person shooting part, I get that they can have cool graphics or parkour or even a nice story but the combat is truly irredeemable to me and I'm tired of pretending that pointing at soldiers that run across your screen is exciting. Toddlers and cats can play those games on a tablet.


Anonymous 29338

I feel like the whole point of a first person game is immersion and anything detracting from it is distasteful. I detest the spastic movements people use in multiplayer fps games. No human could bounce and slide around like some parkour genius while holding, let alone aiming a gun. It ruins the feeling entirely. I wish more games forced you to use terrain, cover, and strategy instead of encouraging the player mash buttons and bounce around like a coked up racquetball while flinging bullets with unholy precision. It also bothers me you don't lose bullets from you magic bullet pool when you discard partial magazines in most games.

The tranny's soundtrack is nice if nothing else.

Anonymous 29340

I use a controller and shoot aliens though, it's fun.

Anonymous 29343

What kind of games do you like anon?

Anonymous 29344

I keep thinking about playing it
What about singleplayer?

Anonymous 29345

The lore of the game is interesting, but it's just way too open ended and difficult for me to be interested in playing it myself.

Anonymous 29366

This looks super interesting I'll mess around with it

Anonymous 29367

Hello this is very stupid but i dont know where else to ask this. When i was little my brother had a very cute 2d pixel gamd where you are a white blob with a hat jumping around. sorry for the low info it was a platformer i think. Do you nonas maybe know what it is?

Anonymous 29377

its not a pixel game but battleblock theater maybe? do you remember the console

Anonymous 29397

simplicity is the heart of gaming honestly, you ironically made FPS games sound extremely based by describing them as "click people and don't be clicked". I will say though I barely consider someone a gamer if ALL they play is first person shooters. Like…you really unwind by playing Warzone/Valorant/etc. EVERY DAY?? Those people have applesauce for brains.

Anonymous 29398

Fez if you're a zoomer

Anonymous 29400


Indie gaming has really gone to shit and I blame YouTubers like Markiplier. Here we have the latest craze- Garten of BanBan, the newest in a long line of "ok but what if kid thing but scary? Ok what if kid thing but the mascots are trying to kill you?". It's been 10 years since Five Nights at Freddy's came out and the consequences of it are an undying plague of "the kid thing has a dead kid and the company covers it up but the police is the dead kid and the character is the dead kid is the company and you're the security guard and the haunting ghost also the incident in the 90s and someone was so guilty they made the characters real"

Anonymous 29456


Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I'm pretty sure this is a troll or parody game. The colorful characters with their names on the walls even when you don't even see most of them in the game, the pink bird that isn't properly animated yet it follows you for a jumpscare, the merch store on the title screen even when it's barely popular, the green monster thing falling into a void in a final "battle" that is meant to lead you to a second chapter that probably won't come out. It feels like it's taking shots at Poppy Playtime on a very on the nose way, even the poster feels like a parody of Poppy.

Anonymous 29457

Why are people being so overdramatic about this?

Anonymous 29465

Ayrt because it's been 10 years of the indie game market being flooded with the same thing over and over. All gaming spaces are inevitably dominated by this faggy concept, and everyone is beyond exhausted

Hate to be the barer of bad news but the second part is already out kek

Anonymous 29466

if you ever check it out and want to share what you're up to please do

it gets a lot easier the more squad members you have, some people will even join you for free. and not to spoil, but certain skills are broken as hell. i know what you mean about it being overwhelming. there's no real time limit to doing anything but its easy to get immersed and worry about the passage of time or order of events from a story perspective anyway.. that's what tends to happen to me in open-world games

Anonymous 29467

ok it actually took me 4 months but this is addictive

Anonymous 29469


Then just don't play mascot horror games? It's not like the indie horror genre wasn't filled with slenderman and silent hill clones years back before fnaf but oh nonono, not the scary zoomer bear game destroying everything(which is false because it hasn't destroyed anything in fact it brought something new to the table at the time). Horror is just an easy genre to exploit and of course people are gonna try to gain easy cash from it.

Anonymous 29473

Silent Hill is one of a kind, often imitated never duplicated yadda yadda yadda. Slenderman is just lame. The first Five Nights at Freddy's was ok on its own, didn't need 6734657834 sequels and spin-offs and sure as hell doesn't need 4365834658734648 clones.

Anonymous 29507

you understand that it's incredibly annoying to have all gaming spaces saturated with mascot horror all the time? The problem is that even if you don't play those games you will have the games forced down your throat outside of actually playing it

Anonymous 29508

Why are you defending FFNAF so much

Anonymous 29512

I'm feeling my enthusiasm for the earlier Resident Evil games start to return in force, and it feels good to go back to something that I enjoyed like a decade ago. I'm debating whether bite the bullet and shell out an unreasonable amount of money so I can finally play Code Veronica. Why the fuck have PS2 horror games gotten so expensive over the past few years? Thank god I got my copy of Haunting Ground back when it was (relatively) cheap.

Anonymous 29514

You can emulate Code Veronica on Dreamcast easy if you just want to play it.

Anonymous 29540

Because i like to make millennials mad

Anonymous 29574

Screenshot 2023-01…

I recently homebrew'd my 3DS and I can download any game I want, but I don't know what to play. Any recommendations?

Anonymous 29575


fantasy life is a fun time sink
open world(ish?) arpg

Anonymous 29576

id say anything platform game and rpg

i'd recommend fire emblem, fantasy life, the style savvy games if you enjoy fashion and anything girly are very nice, ace attorney

i guess people will rec animal crossing but i find that to be very boring when youre "old", i cant even play it out of nostalgia anymore, so if you didnt play it when you were a child i dont think it will be enjoyable unless you never played a life sim maybe.
i would recommend the harvest moon games over animal crossing if you want to play that kind of game. the only animal crossing i like is the happy home designer one now.

also ill mention it even tho i never played it, but rune factory seems cool!>>29574

Anonymous 29577

oh and i forgot story of seasons

Anonymous 29578

Fantasy life is a good contender for best 3ds game IMO, and you probably have ACNL already but the ntr cheats for that game are really fun to mess with and give it a second wind. There was also flipnote studio for the 3ds iirc? don't remember if that was already free or not
make sure you get a bunch of ds game too for the cartridge

Anonymous 29580


I have an ACNL cartridge already and even though I'm much older than when I used to play Animal Crossing, I still think the designing the town and your house is really fun. I'll probably try to see if I can get a download of Wild World since I've never played the much older ones.

Thanks for the recommendations nonas, I'll try them out, I'll definitely enjoy them since I feel like I've been burnt out on Stardew Valley.

Anonymous 29593


I'm playing Tales of Hearts R and I think I have a crush on Shing. tfw no reckless hero bf.

Anonymous 29596

Does anyone else have a dream videogame? Mine is that I want something that's like Sims mixed with Animal Crossing, but in want it to be an RPG like Stardew Valley

Anonymous 29599

Something with the aesthetics and gameplay of Destiny but as an RPG.

Anonymous 29620

>Any non-casual game that caters to women more than men please
You know what's worse? Games that are considered to be something women enjoy are usually games primarily aimed at children. The market for games is divided into moid games for moids and then cute casual games for children + women (pokemon, animal crossing, harvest moon, etc). There's basically no games that cater to women that are also for adult players or isn't Enola Holmes level of NLOG cringe

Anonymous 29623

I hate this so much. I love Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, but why is it too much to ask for something a little more mature? The same shit happens with all entertainment media. It can't be for women unless it's firstly for men. Women have more money and free time than ever before yet they refuse to cater to us. I want to support even boring cliche otome VNs as long as the heroine is an adult with a job because at least they're trying but I'm getting tired.

Anonymous 29633


Is keeping up with the Story of Seasons games worth it if I've played Stardew Valley? I'm an oldschool Harvest Moon fan but ever since I played Stardew Valley and felt it was everything HM should have been. There's more Story of Seasons games coming out on Switch and I'm wondering if they've gotten on the level of Stardew Valley yet (or better)

Anonymous 29638

I guess Nancy Drew games are kind of casual with the exception of some difficult puzzles but the do cater to women more than meb

Anonymous 29643

My 'dream game' is a survival horror game in the style of classic series like Silent Hill or Resident Evil, but where all the characters being menaced by monsters, zombies, or what have you are men. They'd be treated the same way that the horror genre usually treats female characters–e.g., gratuitous sexualization, unnecessarily suggestive moans when they get injured, and drawn-out male gaze-y death sequences. Naturally, the camera would linger quite a bit on their asses during cutscenes, and there would probably be a scene where a character's clothing gets conveniently ripped by a monster or something. Basically I just want the same kind of horror game that moid perverts make, but with men in peril instead of women.

Anonymous 29657


have you tried pokemon rom hacks and rpgmaker fangames? Many of them are way more indepth than the official franchise games and still cater to a female audience

Anonymous 29674

I would do anything for a single player destiny game or a proper mmo. I know both are extremes but I love the lore and i think a single player storytelling will improve it and reduce the repetitive themes but on the other hand raids in destiny are actually really fun

Anonymous 29678

I hope you'll enjoy them! And yes, I think HeR Interactive, the company that makes those games, was actually created with an intention to make intellectually stimulating games that catered to girls because they felt like there weren't enough of them

Anonymous 29682


my prayers for more fashion games on switch has been answered

Anonymous 29820

I’ve been dying for a new dressup game, too. I was really hoping for another Style Savvy game

Anonymous 29822

Nyami Doll.png

I got redirected here from a closed thread, but holy shit. pop'n music anon, wya? I almost never see that game mentioned.

Anonymous 29823

I totally retarded and forgot about the media board but I rly love bemani games

Anonymous 29824


can you tell me more? I was in the bemani community myself, left it due to drama. pop'n music was my main game

Anonymous 29825


I love the popn music tracks but I only get to play it at the arcade (I’m super fortunate to live by an arcade with popn music). I grew up on DDR for PS2 though and I’ve always just loved the music and art. DDR people are insufferable to me though, I hate competitive DDR players because they always hog up the machine at the arcade and they’re gross smelly moids. Popn music isn’t rly popular though at the arcade here so I prefer to play that when I’m out. I especially love the Popn music art. I love to browse remywiki for fun but I am not in any kind of community. I’m saving up for a Japanese ps2 so I can just play popn music at home.

Anonymous 29826

Iroha (Pop'n)14.jp…

ddr people are the actual fucking worst, they always get called out for being pedos too. i remember a "women only ddr tournament" and it was literally all trannies and gross men. rubbed me the wrong way.

honestly, don't get a japanese ps2 and old popn music. the old games are so outdated it's not worth it, i'd highly suggest getting arcade data. do you know what that is? you can run bemani games (pop'n included) on your pc, actually, and it works great, since the arcade cabinets basically run a version of windows. i think there's a few pop'n arcade data torrents on nyaa

I used to be super dedicated when it came to pop'n music (I played up to 49s at my peak). But the community is horrible. It's good you're not in any community, please stay as far as you can away from them. I love the art and character design in pop'n music, and the music is great too. Who's your favorite composer in bemani/pop'n music?

Anonymous 29827


That sounds really cool but I’m super computer illiterate. That’s such a shame because I’m so attached to my PS2.

I actually love a lot of Ryu☆ tracks, this is really smelly of me but I really love Mermaid Girl and I like to play it on Dance Evolution. What about you?

As far as the DDR people I could totally tell they were awful. I’m so averse to anyone who brings a towel to the arcade. I have waited hours and hours for the DDR machine and one time I finally got to play and then I played a couple songs and some towelfag came up to me and was like “umm, there’s a line?” Then I felt guilty and finished up really fast but then when I actually checked behind me, he WAS the line. Also there was a fat guy next to me playing the other machine that had been there for hours and the towelfag was the exact dude I was waiting hours for to get off the machine so I could play. It felt like he just approached me because I was a girl. Like, the both of them were playing for hours and he knows that, but he’s going to approach me? Rhythm games seem like something that should be female dominated but it’s seems sadly full of terrifying stinky men. However, I get on really really well with girls who are casual DDR enjoyers.

Years ago I met this awesome girl over the internet and we met up irl and became friends. She played DDR competitively and we lost contact but I accidentally found her twitter account by chance and saw she started her own DDR forum and I was just too afraid to reach out to her even though I loved her so much. We were friends prior to 2016 though and she’s become a pronoun person and Im just so nervous she will think I’m an insane person because I haven’t become caught up in pronoun/gender politics .

Anonymous 29828

Nyami IRL.png

unfortunately, I wasn't much of a DDR player. it'd make my body nauseous to the point of vomiting… Yeeeeah, a lot of the people don't respect lines, I knew a few jubeat people who were like that. :/
My favorite composers were des-row and wac. I love the old des-row songs especially, it was like a classic j-rock band, unfortunately he doesn't make music as much at all. I really liked the hip rock songs.

The pronoun bullshit is what made me despise the bemani community. I got caught in some pronoun drama myself when I was underage, and had 20-30 year olds stalking me and shit for months. It was horrible.
If you look in japan/korea, there's a lot more players who are women, but they seem to be a lot more quiet and don't interact with people outside of their circles (for good reason). I think I was one of the few female players who didn't become a tranny in the pop'n community. If someone says they're a woman, run. It's most likely a fucking groomer, or a man in a dress.

Anonymous 29829


Tbh I really wouldn’t mind the moids and trannies as long as women were allowed to have their own spaces to play games without them.

Anonymous 29865

Seeing more women into Bemani games makes me so happy. I love pop n music and beatmania iidx also non-bemani rhythm games like Taiko. I love playing osu!mania and osu!taiko too but god I hate the rhythm game community so much.

Anonymous 29866

Opera Snapshot_202…


Now they have their own elsagate, theres videos on youtube with these characters with weird inappropriate topics for children

i remember going to a mall and seeing a bunch of vendors selling poppy playtime merch.

>these are just three examples

Anonymous 29867

>i remember going to a mall and seeing a bunch of vendors selling poppy playtime merch
lmao i always see that at mine, along with fnaf merch
do kids really like this stuff…?

Anonymous 29873

Yeah, it has calmed down over here (though vendors still sell them), but last year almost every kid had a plush or hat of that blue guy.

Anonymous 29908

i still play the shenmue burned CDs i've had since i was a little girl. it's so fun.
additionally, Skies of Arcadia(official disc) is my fav of all time. rest in peace Rieko Kodama. also, pokemon crystal!
i really do miss the 2000s colours. everything is so dull now. bring back bright and colourful flip phones pls.
not surprising, most of the trans people i know like the game. i love metroidvanias but have never played.

Anonymous 30550

Playing ETS2 and I swear the UK is the worst area in the game because it's all the same. It needs a serious overhaul.

Anonymous 30553

I loved Skies of Arcadia (for the NGC) and Pokemon Crystal. I only played a bit of Shenmue (either 1 or 2) but I enjoyed it so much and it reminded me a bit of Yakuza, which I also enjoyed. Those two game series have such great atmospheres/settings!

Anonymous 30880

I only play CS:GO now, I think the socializing aspect is what draws me in.

Anonymous 30883


Pokemon crystal is still my fucking jam. Loved it as a kid, playing hacks as an adult.

Anonymous 30887

played ffxiv for 14hrs yesterday and the same for past few weeks instead of studying for my exams, think i have a problem with the game :|

Anonymous 31117

drive thru.png

Jedi Fallen Order is giving a very good impression on me and is making me want to go back into Star Wars all things considered.
I just wonder why is there so much stigma against that franchise, sure some people seem like they treat it as a cult, but it's nowhere different from weebs treating anything western as ass.

Anonymous 31121


anybody else grow up playing this? how does it age compared to other farming RPGs? i've only played it and stardew valley but i'm interested in expanding my experience with the genre

Anonymous 31122

Veryyy comfy and vibey! I can't speak as to how grindy it is, because I had tons of free time as a kid. I swear the red-haired girl was my bi awakening…but I kind of sucked at the romance and could only marry the brown hair girl. Now I am terrified at settling for a partner IRL.

Anonymous 31123


Holy shit, did not expect bemani to get talked about here. Women in bemani games are a blessing in general.

>pop'n music

I have a ton of fun whenever I play the game, but whenever I do, it's because of song unlocking events. Otherwise I don't play it enough… I'd rather get a controller to play it at home but pop'n controllers are VERY loud. My favorite track in the game is strayedcatz, but I don't know enough songs in the game. Found that song through playing it on IIDX kek

>Beatmania IIDX

Old but gold game. I love the older charts and songs. The song genres here are just so diverse that it's great, the game has such a nice vibe (at least the older ones). But I don't like talking to other IIDX players in the arcade, they're usually older than me and look very intimidating.

>Sound Voltex

I hate how such a fun game is full of coomer moid bait. The jackets can get so horny and not to mention their live2D navigators of the school aged girls. Ew. It's still really really fun (my favourite bemani) but after playing it a lot, I got tired of how it's basically Hardcore/Speedcore music: The Game and moved to IIDX

>DDR/other dance games

My lazy to move ass could never. I tried getting into it 2 months ago and while it's fun, it's not really doing it for me. I think I might like pump it up better? I haven't played PIU properly before. Any pump s here able to share their thoughts?

>non-bemani games

I love taiko and chunithm! I like taiko a bit more though. Don-chan is a cute! I have plushies of him kek I should get a keychain


Don't even bother interacting with the community for this one. Just don't fucking bother.

Anonymous 31125

>tons of free time as a kid
yea, this is how games that need a lot of time investment tend to go for me these days. ideally, RPGs are my favorite genre, but i can't sit through any of that stuff anymore even if i do have the time. it's sad

the grind used to be part of developing your appreciation of a game and now it just gets in the way

>I swear the red-haired girl was my bi awakening…

i see you were also blessed with owning the boy version of the game

…maybe i will hook my Wii and old TV back up and replay this game before the remake comes out

Anonymous 31289


I went into Signalis blind and I love this game.

Anonymous 31393

got fez on a steam sale recently, its really fun. i adore the music

Anonymous 31675

When it this coming out? I'm so hyped for it

Anonymous 31687


planning on getting blasted then playing fatum betula.

Anonymous 31869


I've lately been obsessed with playing Fear and Hunger 2: Termina. It's far more polished than the previous game and I like it quite a lot more. Fair warning though, it does have scenes of sexual assault and is pretty violent. I freaking love the game. Abella is my favorite character. Only thing I hate is how troon pandering the game is. I seriously cannot find any like minded person who enjoys the game who isn't some creepy troon or something. I also wish Marina wasn't just some tranny self insert fantasy and felt more like an actual character. I think of Marina as just a very feminine guy who is conflicted over his identity. The fans of the game are insufferable, so I just kinda avoid them.
Aside from that, the combat and exploration aspects of the game are super fun and it has great replay value with 3 different endings, though generally there are only 2 major gameplay paths. I love the monster designs as well and each of the characters' personalities. The character designs are all very simple and effective.

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I'm playing Secret of Mana right now and it feels boring but also addictive at the same time.

The music is annoying, the characters are one-dimensional and annoying so far, the story is boring, the in-game menu is annoying to use but… something keeps drawing me to the game.

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there is even a scene where Marina can refer to himself as a crossdresser, when the creator of the game asked if Marina would count as trans he just stated "uh idk, i'm not sure how modern settings would work for the characters" shame we have to deal with troonery but there isn't much wrong with Marina as a character tbh i view him as a gay male anyways

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It's finally coming!
May 7th!!!
Sad there's no lani minella as Nancy anymore still, and the trailer is a little long lol, but I'm still so excited! It's set in Prague and the mystery seems to be the traditional mix of history and the modern story which will be so fun. They took their time with it so it seems like the story will be better put together than midnight in Salem was. I hope the threads of the story weave together well, I'm itching for a game with a good plot and have been bringing the old games recently.

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Wrench toss 2 win

Anonymous 34404


Resident Evil Revelations 2

Anonymous 34405

I absolutely love Fatum Betula.
Man I hate that I was 8 months late to this.

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what have we been playing recently? anyone playing world of warcraft? more specifically horde on cataclysm classic? i'm planning on investing all my free time playing it once it releases. i would love to have YOU by my side during my journey through azeroth! i'll drop my bnet tag if anyone is interested

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