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princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.

Anonymous 80

Fave games:
>Borderlands 2
>Saints Row 3
>Alice: Madness Returns
>Civ 5
>Pokemon OR
>Left 4 Dead 2
>Payday 2
>Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Games I want to play:
>Civ 6
>Pokemon Moon
>Pokemon Y
>Red Dead Redemption
>Silent Hill series
>Resident Evil series
>Fallout series
>The Evil Within
>Heavy Rain
>The Last Of Us
>Friday The 13th

I mostly play PC, but have a NES, PS2 and a 3DS.

Anyone else like horror games? What are some good suggestions?

Anonymous 87

I'm playing Pokemon Sun now, it's great. I've played for 10 hours by now, I love how the game looks, the characters' models not being chibi reminds me of Pokemon Colosseum and there are a lot of references to Pokemon RBY so it makes me feel nostalgic. The only things I dislike is the long and boring tutorial and how fighting against more than 1 pokemon makes the game so slow.

My backlog is full of JRPGs, I'll try to play as many of them as possible during the summer break, especially FF10, FF10-2, and both Bravely Default and Second. I have some SMT games on my 3DS but I'm not in the mood for them these days.

Reading that list of games made me realize I only play Japanese games.

Anonymous 88


My laptop is crappy and I don't own any powerful consoles, so I don't play much, but

>Bioshock 1&2 (didn't like Infinite)

>Animal Crossing: New Leaf
>Secret of Mana
>Secret of Mana 2
>Secret of Evermore
>Left 4 Dead 2
>The Sims (mostly building)
>Ace Attorney
>Zelda: Link's Awakening, Link To The Past & Link Between Worlds
>Super Mario All-Stars kek

I just found this while looking for a post pic and hnnnngh I want Secret of Mana to be popular again so bad so I can nerd out about it and see cosplay and art.

Anonymous 91

Fave games:
>Fantasy Life
>Ico, Shadow of the Colossus
>Metal Gear Solid 3
>Fate of Atlantis (Mostly nostalgia though as it was my first and only game for years and I played it to death back before gamefaqs and shit)
>Legend of Zelda
>Jet Set Radio
>Animal Crossing
>League (I don't think of it as a fave but I still play regularly)
>Advance Wars
>FF Tactics Advance

Games I want to play:
>The Last Gaurdian
>KH Games after 1, 2, and CoM
>Thimbleweed Park
>Night in the Woods
>Beyond: Two Souls
>Ace Attorney games after the first two
>Heavy Rain
>The Last of Us (Reading this thread reminded me of the last few)
>A bunch of other stuff I forgot

I recently picked up Stardew Valley again and it's consuming all my free time. I'm pretty sure when the multiplayer patch hits it'll just ruin my life.

>Secret of Mana
Yesss, I making my bf play though the series with me (just on the first game now) so I can get that co-op experience I never got as a kid.

Anonymous 95

I FINALLY got Skyrim set up just how I want it, on my own computer, for the first time. I have made quite extensive setups on other people's computers and sunk many hours into it. Now it's all mine!! I haven't slept much

Anonymous 97


Gamecube is the best console of all time with the most classic games on it but we all know PC is our beloved babypie right now.

I just bought Gauntlet: Dark Legacy again for my Gamecube (80 bucks on ebay) because my fucking PS2 DIED out of nowhere and is making this loud roaring sound! I haven't even touched it in years but thanks, Sony.
>tfw I won't be able to play San Andreas on it anymore
Even my SNES is still going strong and that's twice as old. Nintendo really knows how to make consoles last.

Wind Waker is my favorite game ever and I have a giant hard on for the Zelda franchise in general. I do really like medieval rpgs as well. I was wondering if anyone else here plays games like Heroes 2, Mount & Blade (Bannerlord is coming out soon aaaah), Baldur's Gate, Divine Divinity, etc.

OH and I don't usually enjoy hack and slash games because they're so repetitive but I picked up Bayonetta when it came out on the PC and that shit was so cash! Totally challenging and fun, really recommend it if you guys haven't ever played it.

There's too many games to talk about so I'm just going to end this post. Sorry for rambling!

Anonymous 101

My all time two favourite games are basically the only two moods I have. Majora's Mask and Devil May Cry 4.

Also I spend around 300+ hours in Stardew Valley right now. Reminds me of times where I was addicted to Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon when I was younger.

HoMM3 and 5 are better.

Anonymous 102

I agree 3 is better idk why I added 2. Haven't played 5 though.

Anonymous 107

>Devil May Cry 4

I wish I had more time to play games. I used to play 4-6 hours per day, but then I started going to the gym and got a job. Now I'm at 1 hour per week and maybe 2 on the weekends. :(

The only game I'm currently playing is Guild Wars 2 since it's an mmo and I often prefer them to sp games.

Other games that I love/like;
>The Witcher
>Assassin's Creed series
>Final Fantasy
>The Walking Dead
>The Last Remnant

I'm really picky when it comes to games

Anonymous 110

Currently playing Guild Wars 2 since with studies/life i don't have time for an actual game with sotry, kinda getting bored of it because i'm F2P scrub ranger and my guilds have established friendships and idk how to participate without being a bother.

Looking to finish persona 5 and Witcher 3 as soon as i have time since i left them both midway. (The withcer 3 about a year ago lol)

Also waiting for the prompto dlc to drop on FFXV. I personally liked FFXV a lot, i can see why people complain about it, but it was a very chill game if you forget that it's final fantasy.

Favorite games:
>Final Fantasy IX
>Kingdom Hearts saga (played all except 3DS one because i could not justify purchase a console for only one game and the new ps4 remake is too expensive for what it is)
>Life is Strange (i cannot wait for season 2)
Saints Row 2 (before it went all edgy and shit)
>Dragon Age series (especially origins, 2 was great, inquisition had amazing characters but it was a drag gameplay wise)
>Mass effect series (andromeda was shit but i'm still hoping they'll release the quarian ark dlc to save it a little, if they let the franchise die because they handed the game to a shit team i'll be so mad)
>Final Fantasy Crisis core (i hope the in the ffVII remake they'll touch more on Zack's story insetad of what we got in the original FFVII)
>Sly cooper series
>Sims 2 (spent over 500 hours on it since i got the complete edition for free, then i lost all my mods, got salty and stopped playing, deciding wether to get back into it or get 3 or 4, but esepcially 4 seems really devoid of content and expensive to get into)

>Games i want to play:

>Night in the woods
>FF XII remake
>The saboteur (have it in my origins acc, but never got far because life got in the way but it seemed very fun)
>Tales of Berseria (played a lot of tales games, but never paid full price for them, so i am waiting for it to get a major discount)
>Finish Witcher 3 and DLCs when i have time
>Finish p5
>Zelda games
>stardew valley
>Ni no kuni 2
>Read ded Redemption
>Suidoken II

Any recccomendations for chill games that do not requiere a lot of attention? Kinda want a game to just unwind when studies get too far up my ass and not worry about saving the world or whatever.

>which ones do you dislike or disappointed you?

I liked Andromeda the first time i played it and i found the drama it caused to be overblown, but fuck if it isn't very rough.
I can barely start a new playthrough because there would be no difference other than i am smart asshole instead of a snarky one. I played the OT to hell and back and never got tired of it, but this one oh man.
The OT did not have amazing writing, but compared to this it was 100 times better, the Angara were so shittily written.
Jaal "we value family and show our feeling a lot, did you know we show our feelings a lot and we are very into family, did i talk about our feelings or do i need to remember you about our feelings" like brother what are you comparing it to? We just met for the first time, how do you know about our human customs maybe we are very open with our feelings too.
First contact was also very handwaved in.

Or cora "i am an assari huntress, remeber the manuals that i got when i was an assari huntress, did i tell you i was an asari huntress" Don't explain me your personality the first time we met, just let me discover it like a normal human being.
When you compare the MEA characters to a character like Solas or Dorian it really shows how much of a shit team this game got.
Also the Archon an kett were shit villains, i hoped they would go more into the remnant route because they seem actually interesting, but maybe they though it would be too similar to the OT.
The romances were… okay, but the preference for certain characters really did show. I first went for Jaal and loved it, though going for Reyes or Liam next, but surprise surprise they barely get any scenes that are different from the Friends with Benefits route.

Kinda hoping the DLC will be at least on the level of Tresspasser for DAI, where it basically saves a game (also hoping for quarian husbando to make up for kal'reegar never being a squadmate)

Anonymous 114

The only games I'm actively playing right now are Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Fantasy Life. Just restarted my AC town to get a nice layout.
Also, I'm looking forward to fucking Splatoon 2! So ready. I may not have much to do with my Switch right now after finishing Breath of the Wild, but it's such a cool console.

Favorite games (in no particular order):
>Rune Factory 3 and 4
>Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Another Wonderful Life, Tree of Tranquility, and Animal Parade
>Dragon Age Origins
>The Sims 2 and 3
>Stardew Valley
>The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks
>Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Gamecube ver
>Fantasy Life
>Don't Starve
>The Long Dark
>Age of Empires II and III
>SimCity 4 and 3000
>Civilization IV
>Final Fantasy III remake
>Pokemon Pearl, HeartGold, and Moon

I like MMOs a lot but I don't keep up with the scene enough to know what's coming up or what's even worth playing. Last one I played was Black Desert Online. It was pretty much my dream game, but the rng system and cash shop wrecked it. If anyone has any suggestions pls tell.

As for disappointments, I'm sure I've had a lot, but recently the worst for me was Hearthlands. I was and still am a huge fan of city building games, so when people were raving about Hearthlands being the next Pharaoh, I almost shit myself. It's unfortunately quite glitchy, boring, and hand-holdy. Hideous art style to top it all off. I regret buying it.

Anonymous 178

Favorite games/franchises in no particular order:
>ace attorney (I didn't play any of the spinoffs though)
>hotel dusk and the last window
>megami tensei (mainline, DDS1 and 2 and Persona)
>sword of mana
>fire emblem awakening and fates
>final fantasy 2, 3 and 4
>rhythm paradise
>animal crossing new leaf
>sonic adventure 1 and 2 on the gamecube
>super mario as a whole
>metal gear solid 2
>the first dangan ronpa

>games I want to play (I either already have them or want to buy them later):

>persona 5
>the zero escape games
>dangan ronpa v3
>smt 4 apocalypse, smt strange journey, devil survivor 1 and 2
>the legend of zelda as a whole, I couldn't get into it for a bunch of reasons before
>fire emblem games that aren't awakening or fates, I was about to get a second-hand copy of sacred stones some weeks ago but I hesitated and didn't buy it. I really regret it now
>bravely default and bravely second
>rhythm paradise megamix
>smt5 or whatever the smt game on the switch will be
>splatoon 2
>final fantasy as a whole

I'll get a job this summer and I feel like it's a good opportunity to buy either a Switch or a PS3 and a TV set once I'm paid. I'm especially interested in the Switch since I like some nintendo series a lot, but maybe nintendo will lower its price later.

>Ace Attorney games after the first two
I really hope you didn't accidentally find spoilers on the series. I think you'll like the third game a lot since it's a direct sequel to the second game, it's starting from the 4th game that people have mixed feelings about the series. By the way, you should try to play Ghost Trick, it's by Shu Takumi too and it's really fun.

Anonymous 181

330x192 (2).png

wanna play some co-op secret of mana sometime?

Anonymous 182

So jealous, I can't get a group to play gauntlet dark legacy, I managed to scrap a group together for the n64 version but absolutely no emulator can run it and the ps1 version is inferior with only 2 player co op :(

Anonymous 183

>Ace Attorney
Nah, I've seen characters and superficial stuff form later games, but I only know the story of the games I played.

>Ghost Trick

Oooh, I love adventure mystery games! Cute little pomeranians are a plus.

Anonymous 184


>hotel dusk and the last window
Anon, I love you. It's so rare to find other HD/LW fans, you've made my day.

Anonymous 186

you should give Another code: two memories a try too! It's pretty good

Anonymous 187


I just play by myself honestly. No one irl would ever want to play this old ass game with me so I just grind on my own.
A-At least I get the screen to myself and more treasure.

Anonymous 190

Well I guess it's because these game didn't sell very well in the West? I bought them second-hand last year and played them during the summer break one after the other, I had a lot more fun than I excepted. Maybe because it's one of these very few video games I played before finding any spoilers about it on accident. I plan on beating other games this summer but I feel like replaying them too if I can.

Anonymous 191

I'm just replaying Umineko for the second time- I'm about 20 hours in and I've fallen in love with it all over again.

Anonymous 192

Sorry, hit reply way too early!
I've also been playing a lot of Binding of Isaac and Rouge Legacy recently. I used to hate rougelikes until recently when something just clicked and I 'got gud'

Anonymous 194


I'll play with you anon, I've been playing phantasy star alone lately so iktf. Here's a link to get in contact if you feel interested


Hopefully we can get a few users from this thread as everyone seems nice here and have pretty good taste too

Anonymous 204

Have played the last few months;
> Stardew valley
> overwatch
> feel the snow
> Town of salem
> Darkest Dungeon
> Alien swarm; reactive drop
> Heroes of the storm
> Hearthstone
> the sims 4
> skyrim
> Left 4 Dead 2

I want to finish all the games I own but I end up just playing stuff like stardew valley for days or overwatch.

Anonymous 206

> I want to finish all the games I own but I end up just playing stuff like stardew valley for days or overwatch.
Same girl, same, just sub league for ow.

Anonymous 210

Yesss sorry for the late response, I didn't think it'd get a reply! I'll join the Discord link if I can find you there?
Omg enjoy! Who do you play as?

Anonymous 215

Mostly PC and Nintendo handhelds
>Darkest Dungeon
>HBS Shadowrun series
>Civ 5
>Papers Please
>Torchlight 2
>D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
>Fire Emblem franchise, particularly the GBA ones
>Harvest Moon franchise

I want to finish FE Awakening soon so I can get started on the Fates games. Also want to finish Wasteland 2 but I spend so much time in between plays I forget what I was doing.

Anonymous 221

>torchlight 2
I've just started this solo and it's so boring, does it get any better or should I just drop it. Loving Civ V

Anonymous 222

Forget the 3ds smt games play the DS game Strange Journey it's hands down the best one

Dead Space 1 for sure, I've been (trying) to play it lately, too spooky. Btw did you play the original Alice?

nolewd mods I hope anon

>>97 >I really do like medieval rpgs
Then you should play medievil ;)

You can play Phantasy Star or Runescape with me anon, or we can just play Civ IV for a thousand hours or so and never complete one game. Also why FF3? FF5 is superior to it in every way, practically makes 3 obsolete

why aren't you playing with me yet anon, Blue Valkyrie is waiting to gather some runestones

>metal gear solid 2 your favourite
I love you, everybody always gives me disgusted looks when I say 2 was my favourite, it's not my fault the game is designed superbly and the metal gear rays fight on European Extreme is the hypest shit

Anonymous 229


Due to a raid by r9k we had to shut down temporarily but new link is up! https://discord.gg/wPx74qn

Anonymous 230

Did you watch yesterday's Pokémon Direct? What are your opinions on this? I'm excited for Ultra Sun Moon as long as it's not a third version of Sun/Moon. Some people are really pissed that they didn't announce a DPPT remake instead.

Are the GBA Fire Emblem good? I want to try them someday but it's not my priority right now. The older fans are obnoxious as fuck sometimes so I have no idea if they just exaggerate when they praise the games like genwunners for Pokémon or if they're actually much better than the 3DS Fire Emblem.

>Forget the 3ds smt games play the DS game Strange Journey it's hands down the best one
I actually have a copy of Strange Journey that I used for 2min to see if the cartridge worked well. I want to focus on the 3DS games first because I have a bunch of games I haven't beaten yet, so I might as well play them one after another. I'm a bit salty I bought it some months before Atlus announced Deep Strange Journey.

Also still me, I loved MGS2, I played MGS1 to 3 so far, and I had the most fun with MGS2. MGS3 had too many menus and small things that made it less fun, but still a good game.
>the metal gear rays fight on European Extreme is the hypest shit
I only played it on normal because I'm shit at MGS but the boss fight against the rays was so cool.

Anonymous 234

nothing personnel …

The Gba fire emblems are much muuuuuuch better, people give modern FE shit because although it did save a dying franchise it did so through easing of difficulty and arguably dumbing down plot, most importantly though was throwing emphasis on waifus. Theads went from posting critical hit gifs, arguing about best lord (hector btw) and posting hilarious edited scripts to talking about how amazing tharjas ass and feet are overnight

That aside Don't forget to play the gamecube FE too! Ikes adventure is a really good one

Also if you suck at mgs god help you on peace walker, that game is veeeeeeeery difficult solo (I'm assuming you bought the mgs hd collection)

Anonymous 236

People also give shit to the people who liked Awakening and Fates, it's pretty annoying. Not my fault I was too poor to have a GBA back then and I didn't even know some games where localised (I played SSBM and thought no games where localised, and I thought Marth was a girl too, like a bunch of people)

I don't care that much about stories in video games usually, I like good stories but I see it more like a plus. But I had to admit that FE Fates' story was disappointing, it could have been great but instead it was just Corrin, Xander and Azura being stupid and explanations hidden behind DLCs. And I don't care that much about waifu things either, I like that the options to marry whatever character is here and I like that it's also optional. For the few time I lurked /feg/ it seemed more like it was one or two guys talking about Tharja's butt and 99% of the other posters telling him to stfu.

>Don't forget to play the gamecube FE too!

I know it's pretty expensive and I can't emulate anything on my laptop so I won't do it now. I want to play Echoes next, unless I find a copy of a GBA game before.

>(I'm assuming you bought the mgs hd collection)

Yes, but for the PS Vita, so I don't have Peace Walker, and when I'll get it it'll be the PSP version. I heard the controls on the PSP weren't as good as HD Peace Walker.

Anonymous 245


So E3 approaches.
What games are you guys hoping they would announce this year? What are you hoping to see updates on?

I swear if they don't give us a release date for KH3 and they show us a little 2 min trailer with coming soon at the end again, i will cry. I also hope they show a little more of the FF VII remake, since the first episode was supposed to drop at the end of this year, but i'm not gonna get excited for it because most likely it won't lol.

also kinda hoping the yarnie studio (and nervous dude) would make a comeback this year, that man was so cute and uravel was a pretty fun game

Anonymous 246

I want announcements for games on the Switch, especially more details about the new SMT. It's not confirmed yet that it'll be SMT5 but since the next game on the 3DS is confirmed to be a remake of Strange Journey I expect the one on the Switch to be a brand new entry. I don't have a Switch yet but I know I will.

Anonymous 247


Anyone playing Persona 5?

I'm struggling to find the motivation to finish the final boss. I love Persona but I feel like this game dragged on. I don't want this to be another game I got to the end of and then just forgot about. HELP MOTIVATE ME.

Anonymous 251

Devil may cry 5 is gonna be my highlight, especially after last e3 dissapointed with god of war

No more heroes and whatever platinum will be working on next should be great

Anonymous 253

Forever crying that I can't afford a Switch. I desperately want to play the new mario, crash bandicoot, and zelda. I'm already ready for a new animal crossing game and not the mobile app thats coming out or something like happy home designer. Let's face it, it's already been 5 years since the release of New Leaf. I'm hoping that will be one of their surprises that's going to be announced at E3.

Anonymous 284

I play Destiny. I love it, but it's gotten boring recently. I hope the sequel has enough content to be entertaining through periods of no updates.
My favorite thing about the series is its lore, though. I think a novel series would be really cool.

Anonymous 289

I once took a break for it of about 1 month when i was getting kinda bored of it i was in the Futaba,
my waifu
dungeon and came back and loved it back instantly. So maybe take a break of it? Don't force yourself, most games i force myself to play without breaks when i start to get demotivated (like yakuza 5 or witcher 3) i ended up not finishing.

I found Shido dungeon to be extremely dragged on and annoying. The mouse parts were especially boring and annoying and a obvious attempt to pad more time in (hey were kinda cute in that form with their masks).
I am currently awaiting for his change of heart while building up my confidants. This dungeon took my excitement about NG+ into the shitter. All the bosses were also too easy (maybe because i had high lvl personas thanks to max strength?) i beat both and pancake man with a Raphael (phys parts) and Cybele/Satan (mag parts) in less than 10 minutes each without a single death.

Also until you get the Kawakami confidant to level 10, the time restrictions are severely annoying. A whole day/evening for making a single coffee? What the absolute fuck MC.
Even with her, they still are, dude you walked around your school today doing story cutscenes? YOU BETTER SLEEP FOR A WEEK AND LOSE 7 EVENINGS.

I love love love this game, the gameplay is fun, the music is amazing, the story is engaging and the design is superb, and most characters while trope-y are not annoying or one-dimensional with a constant reminder punch line (meat? anyone?).
It's my GOTY and probably made it's way into my top 10 if not 3 of all time, but seriously, if the end game (please no spoilers, even minor, i am still in early December) is as tiresome as the S. dungeon, ufff boy.

I am currently farming reapers in flu season and trying to get my compendium to 100% (currently 90%) + all confidants possible before the end date and i'm having more fun farming shit than the 8 hours i spent on that annoying ass dungo.

Also, why is Yusuke not a waifu you can date, his chemistry was amazing with the MC.

Anonymous 290

Yes! All of this.

Around Sae's dungeon was when I started getting antsy for it to end, and I didn't really experience that in any prior Persona games. I also was overpowered, as I did the Reaper despair trick earlier and just sort of ran through everything. Nothing really was challenging for me past that, but then again, I'm not playing on difficult or anything, lol. The most fun I had in the ending months was fusing Persona and ranking up confidants.

Luckily, I maxed out Kawakami first so I got the special massage early. I also found Chihaya's [spoiler]confidant boosts[/spoilers] helpful, near the end of the game.

I don't know if I'll do a NG+ for awhile. Definitely on my list, eventually.

Anonymous 291

God dammit, I can't delete posts? I meant to quote >>289. I lost a number in there.

Anonymous 292


Anyone else into private WoW servers? I play on Elysium, and I'm enjoying the grind so far.

Anonymous 293


Anybody else playing FFXIV? The upcoming expansion Stormblood is being released in 7 days on June 20th and I'm pretty hype.

Mind if I dump some screenshots from my time in the game so far? FFXIV really is just so stunning, I want to share it with everybody (and potentially entice others into a subscription).

This is my Miqo'te WHM, Arris. Just a shame SE decided to obliterate my main class in the upcoming expansion :'D

Anonymous 294


Anonymous 295


Anonymous 296


Anonymous 297


Anonymous 298


Anonymous 299


Anonymous 300


Anonymous 301


Anonymous 302


Anonymous 303


Anonymous 304

Used to play on Molten WoW servers. Was fun until I hit the cap, did a few achivs and got bore quickly because I played alone.

I was in the closed beta, was fun until the servers crashed lol
I like the game but something about the animations is sort of off putting. Can't really put my finger on it. Other than that the game seems great. If I had a secure job I'd probably be playing it.

Started playing DA: Inquisition a few days ago and am wondering why I haven't done so sooner. I'm really enjoying it and taking my time with exploring.

But it also looks like I managed to piss of a few people with some of my choices lol nice

Anonymous 305


Anonymous 306


Anonymous 307

You don't really have to spam the thread with screenshots, anon

Anonymous 308


Last one is me on a date with bae, who tanks as a Paladin catslut :>

Anonymous 309

Oh sorry, it's just that the visuals are absolutely gorgeous and you know when you're really enthusiastic about something you want to share it with everybody?

Anonymous 310


So, most of this E3 was recycled garbage and Sony was probably the worst offender.

I won't deny i am very pumped for Shadow of the Colossus remake, but nothing else seemed that interesting or innovative.
Most of the shit they showed i could have seen on youtube from last year's conference kek.
I was kinda hoping for more stuff from Square Enix, but they gave us a fucking VR fishing simulator for fucks sake at least show a trailer for good dlc or another trailer of KH3 fighting the titan.

sony 2016:
>FF VII remake
>The last of us 2
>New exclusive titles

Sony 2015:
>Shadow of the colossus remake
>recycled trailers, a fishing simulator, "look we've got monster hunter now!!!" and… spidermam for the grand finale.

I was so disappointed.
From the whole E3 only caught my attention Ni no Kuni 2 (again, last year announcement), Anthem (but not much, because i am wary of bioware now lol) and SOC.

Did they announce any game you were waiting for?

Anonymous 311

Is that the franchise which features a stern, buxom arachnoid-matron as its protagonist?

Anonymous 313

Oh and of course, life is strange the prequel.
Kinda hoped they would show life is strange 2, but i'll take anything from that franchise.
IDK how they will pull the power thing with Chloe or if they'll take it off completely.
Also supposedly it's not made by dotnod? (or so i've read) so i am kinda ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anonymous 314

My boyfriend told me about the Life is Strange prequel announcement last night and I'm very underwhelmed.
I was really hoping that when a new addition to the series got announced it'd be an entirely new story with a new roster of characters, but what exactly is the purpose of this prequel? The first game already wrapped up everything in a neat little package, and one of the main themes of the game is being able to manipulate your choices in order to alter fate. We already know that Rachel ends up buried in a scrapyard 3 feet under the dirt, so what possible mystery could this have?

Anonymous 315

As far as I understood it, it's Rachel and Chloes story, so probably how they met and what their lives were. Maybe because it wasn't too detailed explained in the first game. Or just to answer some player questions.

Somehow I feel it will be a long sob story, but still interesting. Damn the last episode was of the first game was messed up, hope they can create something equally exciting with this.

There's also going to be a bonus episode about Max, where you can play as her one last time.

Anonymous 316

This year was a weird e3
>ubisoft of all companies came out with the best presentation
>pc gaming had a really solid lineup
>nintendo did alright with treehouse
>xbox and sony did equally shit, 1, maybe 2 games that looked decent
>ea horrid as always

one day E3 might be good again, but it wont be anytime soon

Anonymous 317

Ugh, the E3 piqued my interest in video games again but I can't ever go back to the community. Video game communities are so fucking retarded and ridiculously obnoxious its unreal.

Anonymous 328

Just because you have shit decision making doesn't mean every community is bad, general rule is avoid popular game communities however if you choose to ignore that rule there's always more than one to choose from, get a feel of all the chats and see which is comfiest

Anonymous 331

>"have some more Skyrim"

Anonymous 332

Valenwood WHEN.

Anonymous 334


I've been in the video game community for more than a decade so I've had more than my fair share of communities. Maybe your particular video game interests makes the communities YOU'VE been in non-shitty, but the ones that are based off Nintendo or Sega games tend to be especially since /v/tards have spilled into every corners of it

Anonymous 335


>Nintendo and Sega have especially shitty communities
Uh… not that anon but where are these "v-tards"? Nintendo and Sega are the most mainstream communities consisting of families, kids, and old school players who are pretty chill adults. I could see league, cod, or steam communities being toxic and meme-y but really? Nintendo?

Anonymous 337

Exactly, most casual (mainstream) players aren't going to be on a messageboard or website dedicated to the game series they're playing.


Many /v/tards like Nintendo and Sega games, your point?

Nintendo covers a wide range of fanbases from Pokémon to Metroid. I'm not talking about the cutesy casual players who occasionally reblog art from the games. I'm talking about the people who create hacks, share their art, passionately discuss the series and its characters, ect. For the video games I LIKE, those attract a lot of toxic and childish people. That's all.

And are you really being a smartass because I said Sega? SEGA? The company that created Sonic? The fanbase that is legendary for its fuckery and stupidity? Come on bruh.

Anonymous 339

I wasn't very excited about the SotC remake until I saw some speculation that they might
add in unused colossi into the game. I think that would be amazing, some guy mentioned that 6/8 of the unused colossi had locations in the in game map that were just empty. Otherwise I still have my ps2 copy and the ps3 remaster really wasn't that long ago.

No but I'd be up for suggestions of good ones. I tried picking them up a few years ago but didn't find one I liked enough to stick with.

Anonymous 341


If the next Elderscrolls game isn't in set in Valenwood I'm gonna smear feces all over my walls in protest. Wood Elves are badass in my eyes.

I've only played on a couple servers. Elysium and Kronos are pretty decent if you like Vanilla. Dalaran seemed pretty nice, but I didn't stay long.

My favorite expansion was Burning Crusade, but with alot of those servers the xp rate is cranked way up which annoys me, because it messes up the economy, and buying skills is a pain. The much hyped Gummy's Burning Crusade is in open beta right now, and it's going to be 1x exp. I'm definitely going to try that one out when it gets released.

Anonymous 344


I'm not ashamed to admit that the Thalmor Justiciar that patrolled around Skyrim escorting heretic prisoners kinda terrified me.

Anonymous 346

Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine? Damn you need to relax. How am I being a smartass? You've been nothing but an uppity cunt in every post you made in this thread and you're reading everything I wrote and twisting it around into your own bitter words.
I wasn't being a smartass about anything, just genuinely curious on where you were coming from. Maybe take a look at the communities you're hanging out at and realize that doesn't make up the majority of the fanbase.
>Sega made sonic so that means the entire sega fanbase is cringey xD
Nice meme. There's more sega games than Sonic and lots of less popular titles. Real life doesn't revolve around your internet memes and neither do people who enjoy certain games that have been around longer than the internet. You say video game communities are toxic but you've shown yourself to be exactly that so I guarantee whatever's happened in your past "messageboards" is because of your salty attitude. Go outside and take a breather.

Anonymous 348

>My favorite expansion was Burning Crusade
Same! I started playing shortly after TBC launched though, so I have no vanilla nostalgia. Maybe if that new server works out we could play together.

Anonymous 349

Vanilla was excellent, but it was Burning Crusade that really refined everything that made it so great in the first place. If you played Burning Crusade you didn't miss much; you were already there for the golden era.

And it'll never feel the same again girls.

Anonymous 350

Yeah I don't feel like arguing over a decade's worth of experiences. It's cool if you had a more pleasant time but it's not for me.
>You need to relax
Okay Bruno Mars

Anonymous 351

what kinda sega games we talking here, I feel we could become good friends very quickly

Anonymous 358


Actually, i just finished, and holy shit, i'm kinda dissapointed about some aspects of it and i'm, gonna ramble a little, excuse me.
Very heavy ending spoilers to persona 5 here.
So the last dungeon(s) was severely disappointing,
Since i was overleveld as fuck and had almost all confidants to ten i fought max 5 shadows there because of ryuji rank 10, so i passed the whole dungeon in 20 minutes. The puzzles were mindboringly easy (which i appreciate after the fucking mouse shit) so i felt 0 tension going down to the HG. Then i arrived at the "end" fight and hooo boy, it lasted about a minute because i was doing it 4000 damage per hit. Everything goes to shit, a great cutscene happens, and back to prison.
Then the twist was revealed, which was absolutely an amazing twist, i thought that Atlus did an incredible good job there with the voice thing. And then they reveal who mona truly is, which seems a good explanation for him.

I chose not to accept the HG deal, and continued on and it all went downhill from there.
Last dungeon, instakilling the bosses, spent 10 minutes until i reached the HG.
Fight him, won in less than 12 minutes at full health. Seriously, in P4 i was overleveled too, but the last boss wasn't nearly as easy as this.

Anyways, so i saved humanity and i am basically a god now, yay. But oh wait! Another twist! You need to get into juvenile because even-though apparently Shido totally told them your case was a scam and it was all a false testimony, the police were incompetent enough not to search for the woman who he must've told them about that made a false testimony, but instead decide to incarcerate you anyways because "eh". They realised that you were an innocent man, or a possible one, but still did nothing to prove those charges to be false?. I don't know if this was a severe plot hole or it was intentional to show how useless adults are, but as my man Sojiro said, hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo boy.

Story happens, mona is "gone", time passes, spend Christmas with waifu, go into probation, Sae has figured everything out and is basically in love with your existence, spend valentines day with waifu and then the day to leave comes.
Mona supposedly is living on thanks to your cognition, in real life his cat form, and you can hear him talk eventhough supposedly he could only talk thanks to the metaverse part of him and he did not exists apart form it but suddenly he appears in the real word because people love him? eventhough the other world does not exist?. I don't know if that was me understanding something wrong, but it sounds like a hand wave explanation to bring him back to the MC side.

Say goodbye to confidants, get animu cut-scene, credits.
>all right, i'm gonna search internet for the secret/true ending now there totally must be one!
>realise that is the true ending

I don't know if it was being overleveled or something like that, but it seriously did not feel all that fulfilling. I remember the secret/true boss of p4 to give a far more satisfying experience and the end to close it all nicely together with the MC leaving (and in golden, growing up). This just felt a little bit unsatisfying.
I also felt the ending to Akechi's story was a little weird. Shido must've confessed he used his own son, Akechi, for killing in the Metaverse and the orders he gave him. But Sae is just like: "Akechi is gone who knows where he is not me lol". I don't know, it seems weird shido would confess everything and Sae would not try to find the one who carried the crimes so as she herself said, everyone in that ordeal pays and goes to court.

Do not get me wrong, i liked this game enough to consider it on my top 10, the twists were absolutely fatastic and the story tied nicely together, but it still left me thinking: that's it? for real?

Anonymous 366

vector makes shado…

pls respond I need someone to play some sega rts games with and talk about how great vanquish/binary domain and sonicis

Anonymous 368


I'm not much of a Sonic fan but the fact that Shadow exists at all is unreal. You could easily sustain a thread off of Shadow quotes alone.

Anonymous 376


I'm playing Pokemon Sun, and so far I'm loving it, but some things are disappointing me. I played for 30h so far, I'm at the beginning of the 3th island, and while the battles are fun and the graphics look great (I feel like playing Colosseum sometimes), I wish there were bigger areas/dungeons/caves/routes to explore with more puzzles. I can't remember any puzzle being in this game. And I miss how the music was until XY was released. It doesn't feel as intense and memorable as how it used to be I guess? I don't know how to say it. The battle themes are great, it's more about the routes and towns' themes.

By the way, I have a lvl34 pikachu and I have no idea if I should make it evolve now or wait until it has better skills. Its attack is much better than its special attack, and I think the only skills I can get by leveling up now are based on its special attack stat.

Get ready for Persona 5 Crimson. Just kidding, but seriously, I never played Persona 5, only read spoilers here and there, and I'm not surprised. Persona 4 Golden gave me the same impression in a way, but for different reasons. It was like the staff that made Persona 4 had a bunch of story/characters ideas they wanted to put in vanilla P4 and once they decided to make P4G, they created yet another uninteresting waifu (Marie) and put Teddie's and the final boss' initial backstories in her character.

Anonymous 388


I have a terrible problem. Ever since I've discovered Bioshock, I can't stop fucking playing the fucking game - when I'm sad or bored or undecided on what to do in my free time, I turn Bioshock on and sometimes do the whole game from start to finish. I don't even bother looking at how many hours I have on it because I'd feel super bad about ~wasting my life away~, heh.
Even though I play other games too, Bioshock is what I always return to. It drives me crazy sometimes because I know all the locations, weapons, characters and enemies so perfectly it takes me literally 0 effort to complete it on almost 100%. But still I can't have enough on it, it's really really weird. Am I obsessed?

I liked Bioshock 2 too, it was great, a lot of fun, but it didn't really have The Feel of the first game, and when I finished the whole series, I almost howled from dissapointment at how terrible Bioshock Infinite was. Fuck Ken Levine.

Anonymous 394

I'd love that! My biggest downfall when playing on private servers is I play like a total recluse, and it sucks the passion out of me.

Sadly I started towards the end of TBC, and I never even made it to endgame in time. I remember noobdom fondly, but I'll always have a little regret for not witnessing it live.

Also, I was wrong about there being no 1x TBC servers. Warmane has one, and I've been screwing around on there til the Gummy's launch. Only sketchy thing I've noticed so far is that it's highly likely they lie about their population. /who has a 2 minute cooldown and it won't display the total amount of people online.

Anonymous 451

Going to look into installing stuff to get on the Warmane servers
this weekend. Did you roll horde or alliance?

Anonymous 527


> which ones do you dislike or disappointed you?
>disappointed you?

Every single Paper Mario after TTYD. Every. Single. ONE
I dont even get excited when they announce a new Paper mario anymore, since I know it will be a disgrace.

What I think happened is they didnt like having two RPG serious with Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi games, so now they are trying to make Paper Mario into… something idek. It just makes me so sad because the first two are my favorite games of all time. And the aesthetic and dreamy feeling of game one is just so beautiful .

I just want badges, cute buddies, and recipes back plz

Anonymous 529

Would any of you girls be interested in a PSN and/or Steam group for miners who game?

Could be a great way to meet other girls here who play video games and maybe play together!
What do you think?

Anonymous 530

I'd say maybe since I don't really play in parties or co-op games, would be interesting tho

Anonymous 535

I'd join a steam group.

Anonymous 537

I'm down for a steam group fosho

Anonymous 538

Same. If you gals have any cute co-op games to recommend I'd be down to try them though.

Anonymous 539

Cool, i'm >>529 and went ahead and made a steam group, feel free to join, everyone!


I am currently looking for moderators and officers. So comment on the announcement post if you want to try and moderate.

I decided to not ban males just for joining, but ban them if they make any girls uncomfortable or do the typical "male here". If you disagree with this rule, i am open to maybe change it and ban guys completely.

Anonymous 545


Replaying SMTIV: Apocalypse, and getting back into Animal Crossing(my favorite villager moved away I'm so sad :c).

Anonymous 546

Is SMT4 Apocalypse as hard as SMT4? Not that SMT4 is particularly hard in general, it's just that Naraku gave me some problems in my first playthrough. And is STR still completely useless? I'm going to finish Pokemon Sun very soon so I want to play SMT4A next (although I'll try to complete my pokedex and complete the post-game side quests at the same time).

Speaking of Pokemon S/M, it's great and I was really into the story (which I wasn't expecting since I saw spoilers before the game got released), but it made me miss bigger dungeons and puzzles in Pokemon.

Anonymous 547


I play a lot of dota 2. Just played a match with an ursa who deliberately fed 0/27/2. Made me fucking pissed imo and i'm on a 4 game losing streak. Feelsbadman. At least the game has cute waifus, but i wish they added more "big" girls, not as in fat but more strenght heroes, maybe some undead or just monsters with vaginas.

Anonymous 548

What the fuck are we gonna do in Valenwood? Oh wow tree houses and bow&arrow elves. I hope we get Elseweyr, i think the whole gypsy thing they've got going on is really cool and it's something drastically different from the previous titles environment-wise. I want to wander the desert, worship the moon and abuse moon-sugar. I'm biased though because khajiit are my favorite race in all games, all-time.

Anonymous 550

It's been a while since I played Apocalypse but from what I remember, the enemies and bosses were easier than IV thanks partly to the partner system. I had no troubles with any of the bosses, not counting the DLC ones.

I believe most of the dungeons are pretty easy to get through (correct me if I'm wrong), however the last one can be a bit difficult. It's somewhat Strange Journey in its layout and takes some time to get through, even if you know what you're doing. It's one of those dungeons you have to do in one sitting or else you'll be completely lost when you eventually return to the game. It's definitely my least favorite part of the game but you just have to grin and bear it.

I'm not sure about the STR stat though, as I tend to use a MAG build.

Anonymous 552

What are some good online games to meet friendly people in?

Co-op gaming always interested me, but lack of friends who play games on my platforms leaves me unable to play any. And most communities I tried ended up being full of screaming children, annoying men or minmaxers that will attack you for enjoying the game and not being perfect at it, which is very tiresome.

Anonymous 553

I haven't played in a while but GW2 was always pretty friendly whenever I used to play it.

Anonymous 564

Seconded. GW has probably one of the friendliest online communities I've ever visited.

It's also f2p now so you can give it a shot and/or check out Reddit for tips and stuff

Anonymous 664


When Miyamoto dies, he the wii paper mario game was exactly like a thousand year door both in characters and gameplay and he said no and made them redoit all. Really depressing stuff

Whatever became of the group? seems useless either way since discord does everything steam does community wise better

Tfw you never responded. I just want someone to talk to about sega games and maybe get some co-op fun in. Being UK is suffering I can't find anyone to play games with here

Anonymous 671


Does anyone here plays Va11-halla?

I am only on my 5th day but I am loving it. And the board experience is just too real lmao
I found myself laughing because it reminds me of lolcow so much.

I am loving the characters as well.

My only complaint is that you can't save anytime, it really is bullshit and because of that I can only play sometimes.

Anonymous 673

>finally beat the mainquest in Pokemon SM
>just unlocked the feature that shows pokemon's IVs on the PC
>just saw that almost all my pokemon had shitty stats all along
I never played Pokemon competitively so I guess I need to catch a perfect Ditto, use some specific item and breed my pokemon so I can start going to the battle tree, but I'm really annoyed by this.

Anonymous 685

Looooove Va11-halla. I can't spend too much time reading text on screens so I play in bursts, but I've already gotten 2 endings and I would like to unlock the rest of them

Anonymous 692


Late to the party, but recently finished Tales from the Borderlands and it's so so good, like even better than what i expected after all the rave about it.
I watched an LP after finishing it and i am surprised about the fact that the choices actually matter and change the outcomes of things, as the characters attitudes towards you were quite different in the LP versus my playthrough.
Tad bit sad there will be no second season now as the ending was kind of…open. I don't mind open endings or you-decide endings but barely anything ended up tied together.
Well better to kill it when it's good than to drag it out a la walking dead, i guess.

Also very excited for the wolf among us season 2 coming out next year!

Oh! I never heard of it but reading the desc it sounds very interesting and my kind of game.
Is it a short game or does it have a lot of play-time to it?

Anonymous 694



I've read everywhere that it is a short game. I don't really know since I am going on my 6th day now and I don't know how many days are there, but each day is probably like.. 40~60 min? So it goes fast, at least for me.

There isn't much gameplay, like.. You mix stuff to make drinks. I guess the hardest was this time one girl asked for a super strong drink to get drunk fast, and I had to remember which part of the drink was the alcohol, and see which drink had it the most. (I don't know if it gets harder later though)

HOWEVER! The characters and world are, at least for me, pretty appealing. I always found myself wanting to come back to it because I feel really immersed and most characters there are so charismatic, even the troupe-y ones. I guess the only thing that feels kinda weird for me character-wise is that I noticed that every female character is either bi or a lesbian. At first I liked the representation, but then it got a bit into fanservice territory.. I am yet to see a gay male character. and there's is this ace robot, i guess.

Anyway, I really wish the fandom was bigger though. The fanarts are so scarce, it's sad. I really wanted some nsfw fan arts as well, ngl

There was this rumor that they are producing another game but I didn't see anything about it so far. Here's to hoping.

Anonymous 718

What server do you play on, anon? I know this is an older post but I just found this board and aaaaah. I wonder if starting a FFXIV general on here would take off? /xivg/ is kinda off putting with all the chemo and avatarfag drama, it would be nice to have a chill general for the game.

Hopefully you're enjoying SB! As it turns out, WHM wasn't ruined after all which is nice. It's better than SCH at least lol.

Anonymous 776

Fave Games
>Animal Crossing: New Leaf
>Rhythm Heaven
>Fire Emblem
>Stardew Valley
>Sims 2

Want to play:
>Heavy Rain
>More Skyrim (I have the game just don't play it enough)
>Persona series
>More project diva (Have the game)
>Breath of the Wild
>Fire Emblem: Echoes

Can't rly think of anymore rn but I love 3DS and WiiU games. Just Nintendo in general. I also really like simulation/rpg type games. Any reccommendations would be appreciated based off my lists.

Anonymous 810

anyone got some very fun action games to recommend? in the vein of soulsborne rather than elder scrolls.

Anonymous 817

>play smash
>mediocre at singles
>mediocre at doubles
>god tier at three for alls
>tfw no competitive three for alls
I've been dubbed the rain man of smash. Kms

Anonymous 843

I play GW2 every day (on Riverside).
Anyone from here wants to play together?

I'm also playing:
>Dragon Age 2
>Binding of Isaac
>Pokemon Moon

Anonymous 844

I would but I'm on Whiteside Ridge :/

Anonymous 846

are those servers? that doesn't matter in GW2 anymore.

i have a couple of F2P characters. i tried getting into roleplaying, but it seems impossible haha. i mostly just grind events while listening to lectures.

Anonymous 847

Yes, and it does matter?
Server transfers cost gems, the only part where you can meet people from other servers is WvW

Yea, the rp community is small, but there are servers for it and a lfg

Anonymous 848

You can guest other servers.

Anonymous 850


I love adventure point and click games, I think it may actually be my favorite genre kek
So, I really love DOS/Amiga/PC98/etc games. I really fucking adore some good pixel art and full motion video (even though I know fmv can be very cheesy).

Anyway. I was looking for a specific point and click game that I loved when I was younger (Versailles 1685 if anyone is curious lol) and came across other games from the same company, one of them being KGB.

I really like the history of the USSR, so I got very very interested, but I read it is merciless and it kills you super easily and you really got act your part like a paranoid agent, since everyone seems to be out there to kill you and you are unrailing a big conspiracy.

Has anyone here played it?

Similar games suggestions are also welcomed!

Anonymous 851

> I love adventure point and click games, I think it may actually be my favorite genre kek
Same girl, same. I've wanted to start an adventure game book club kinda deal but no one ever wants to play more than one or two in a row.

Haven't played KGB or even heard of it before but it sounds like it's up my alley. Similar game might be The Last Express, the dev team actually put a lot of effort into getting aesthetic details accurate even going as far as to tracking down the last remaining train car in a junk yard. You also play though an intrigue plot line based on historical events (though not based on real people) and have to make a choice to side with one political faction or the other, and there's a real time element in the game so you need to be in the right place at the right time to eavesdrop on the right conversations.

Anonymous 856


>I've wanted to start an adventure game book club kinda deal

Shit anon, this is actually a great idea! My only problem is that I take forever to finish a game. But I really love this idea.

Thank you for the recommendation, btw! I'm gonna look more into it!

Anonymous 1054

Any miners play Runescape?

Anonymous 1075

I'm waiting for Haunting Grounds to come to NA PSN, which will happen probably never since Capcom only cares about SF and RE

Remake never ever.

Anonymous 1087


>ctrl+F "deponia"
>no results

Step up your game, bitches. It's a point and click game that's relatively recent so it runs fine and is on steam. It's a trilogy so if you really like the first one (which you probably will) you'll still have another two games to play.

The story is a bit bland plot-wise but it's told in an endearing way, and the puzzles get better with each game.

Anonymous 1117


Fave games:
>Legend of Zelda
>Animal Crossing
>Paper Mario (original + TTYD)
>Harvest Moon
>Hamtaro Ham Hams Unite + Ham Ham Heartbreak
Last one is obviously a childhood favorite but I could still play over and over tbh
Also I don't know if this counts but I'm addicted to escape the room games, like the flash ones you can find online.

Anonymous 1118

22-20-17-Hamtaro -…

Omg yes, those Hamtaro games are amazing! Not only adorable but also well done. I played the GBC one like 50 times. Now I feel like replaying it or Ham Ham Heartbreak.
I just realized I never finished Rainbow Rescue… Might do that now.
I wish there were more fun little adventure games like Hamtaro ones.

Anonymous 1142

Ahhh I loved Hamtaro as a kid. I've always wanted to play the game boy game for it but never got the chance. Anyone know where I can purchase/play on an emulator maybe?

Anonymous 1146


Does anyone who has splatoon 2 want to add me so we can play multiplayer together? I doubt anyone I know will ever get a switch. I really want to be able to voice chat in ranked battles! But nooooo you need to have friennnds.

Anonymous 1150

I feel but I dont have a switch or splatoon 2 lol. If I do get a switch tho I know I'm gonna be in the same situation. I felt that way about the first splatoon but u really couldn't play w friends.

Anonymous 1157


Hey hmu if you end up getting a switch and splatoon 2. It's a great game. But I would personally call it splatoon 1.5. It's not that different from the first one. Still like it a lot though.

Anonymous 1159

will do! it honestly will probably be one of the main reasons i get a switch tbh. I wish it was more of a new game tbh, or that it came out on the wii u too /:

Anonymous 1168

I feel your pain, I had no one to talk to playing all my wii u games other than Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, the only game that had common sense to add an in game vc

Anonymous 1186

Just finished the first play-through of Nier Automata. I feel like this first play-through is way too short, but apparently the game doesn't expand too much until the third play-through.

Not thrilled that in the second play-through, I now get to control 9S instead of 2B. She is so fun to fight with. I guess 9S's hacking skills are neat though. I hope it switches back to 2B in the third play-through.

Also currently working on The Witcher 3, which despite everyone adoring, I just can't really get into yet.

Anonymous 1188

tbh reading the comics and books helped me get into it more.

Anonymous 1198

Ahhh, I loved ham ham heartbreak and actually purchased the cartridge to replay it a few months ago. I think I'll get the other games to and try them out. TBH they're better than a lot of adventure games meant for adults that I've played, I'd love to get some recommendations for similar games.

Emulators are great and I use them a bunch, but it ended up being pretty affordable for me to get an actual gameboy and cartridge if that's something you're interested in (less than $15 for an SP with shipping and ~$3 for the game with free shipping) Spent a few days lurking on ebay but was totally worth it because I gots a bunch of other beloved childhood games for cheap.

Anonymous 1200

Today's Nintendo Direct was pretty disappointing, I expected some news about new games or games that we barely know anything about like the SMT switch game, instead we jut saw more of the same things. I realy wat to play Super Mario Odyssey though, it looks really fun.

Anonymous 1221

I have mixed hopes for TGS next week, I hope they announce some worthwhile things.

Anonymous 1243

does anyone have any recs on any isometric story driven games like fallout? after pumping hours into new vegas and 3 i decided "hey, why not tryout the first game to get a better grasp of the universe since you like it so much?"
now i'm realizing how much the newer games have kind of "crippled" me. what i mean by this is that i'm starting to really feel just how accustomed i am to relying on stuff like map markers and pointers in order to figure what i'm trying to do rather than take in the environment and find stuff out on my own. it's invigorating playing a game that coaxes you into actually thinking things through as opposed to just shooting shit and watching it explode into bloody globules. and it's kind of making me really not like 3 as much as i did. really starting to see what everyone means now.

Anonymous 1250

How about Dragon Age Origins?

I'm going through the same thing as you, but with DA lol. It's both sad and incredible how this type of games changed.

Or maybe even Divinity Original Sin?

Anonymous 1258

I know this is a lame question but did anyone get miitopia for 3ds lol
To me it looks pretty fun, and reminds me of tomodachi life and I loved that game
I'm just hoping it's worth the buy cause I'm pretty interested tbh

Anonymous 1268


So i decided to finally play Persona 3, but i am wondering, which version is best to play for a first time playthrough of the game?

I really want to play the female protagonist, but i've heard P3P cuts out some content (which i'm not sure if it's too vital to the story) so i'm not too sure if i'll miss on too much by going with p3p compared to OG p3 for my first time.
Also i hear p3p is a little more similar to the newer persona games as far as gameplay goes, but i don't mind too much about that, but still seems pretty nice.

Do i miss on too much content for going p3p? Is it very different in general? Which one would you girls rec?

Anonymous 1269

Yay Persona 3! I don't think there's a HUGE difference between the contents, although I felt that some things made more sense when I was playing as a male, which was my first playthrough. However I enjoyed the female viewpoint waaaaaayyyy more. There are just too much husbandos.

The main difference between P3P and original P3, IMO, are the cutscenes, which are anime cutscenes in the original and 3D sprites in P3P, and of course the gameplay updates added post-P4, which you will really note if you play original P3 or P3FES after P3P.

tl;dr: female protag felt better for me and there isn't a HUGE difference, no, you're not losing too much content. Enjoy the game! I could talk for hours non-stop about P3, haha.

Anonymous 1271

Thank you for the input!
I can always youtube the anime cutscenes. If the changes are minor i'm definitely going to go with p3p.
I just love playing female characters, and playing persona as one always seemed like such a good and fun idea (kinda wish they would do it with p5 too at some point), so i'm very glad that p3p is not as cut as i thought!

Anonymous 1272

I think if you know you're going to play with both protagonists, you should play with the male MC first. As >>1269 said, some details will make more sense since the vanilla game was made with the male MC in mind (won't say more though because of potential spoilers). I also like the female protagonist more because of the social links, I found them more interesting than the ones you get with the male MC (not just the husbandos). The protagonists are silent but they show their personality traits in the options in dialogues, I liked both equally, they're both cute.

By the way, I didn't think removing the anime cutscenes was a bad thing. I found the anime cutscenes cringey in P4, mostly because of the English voice acting. But that's an unpopular opinion so it doesn't mean much. You can still watch them on youtube later if you want.

Anonymous 1274

>I think if you know you're going to play with both protagonists, you should play with the male MC first.
I don't have much time to play videogames so doing 2 playthroughs is off the table for me, so i cannot do both genders, sadly, that's why i was trying to settle for one haha.
Will i be lost in some parts of the story if i go girl MC?
I don't mind doing a male playthrough if it makes more sense generally, but yeah, i do prefer the girl.
I don't mind spoilers about why the male mc makes more sense if they are minor!

sorry if i am asking too much shit, i just wanna make the playthrough of this game count since i'm very excited to play it at last lol

Anonymous 1275

I've just got into the metal gear series 838282 years after everyone else.
If anyone else here is debating playing em I would super recommend them, I've had so much fun the last month getting into all the more, tho I can tell I'm getting a bit spergy about it irl so I'm looking for other people online to get hype with.

Anonymous 1276

Nah, don't worry, you won't miss anything relevant nor get lost. Anddd… well, the first example that comes to mind is a major spoiler, so I'm not ruining the fun for you! (It has to do with another male character who appears early in the game.) Also don't worry about asking too much, I'm happy that someone is that excited about my fav game!

>>1272 I played both P3 and P4 with an undub&subtitled cutscenes patch, so no cringey English voice acting for me, yay. Highly recommend getting that!

Anonymous 1278

There's quite a lot of good high-quality isometric RPGs. Imo, the best among them are:
>Fallout 1/2
>Baldur's Gate/2 (classic, pretty much a must-play)
>PS:T (also Torment: Tides of Numenera, a new sequel but not as good as the older game)
>Arcanum (flawed gem, but amazing once you get past the terrible combat system)
>Underrail (a lot like Fallout crossed with Metro 2033)
>Avernum series (older ones are kinda hard to get into, but the first two games have been remade recently)
>Shadowrun: Hong Kong/Dragonfall (both amazing games, but avoid Shadowrun: Returns because it's awful)

Pillars of Eternity/Wasteland 2/Divinity: Original Sin are also pretty good as well, though the latter two aren't fully 2D. Also, if you're more into story and less into combat, I'd probably avoid Icewind Dale, Serpent in the Staglands and ToEE.

Anonymous 1381

Has anyone played Cuphead? Is it worth the $20?

Anonymous 1382

>>1381 yes, it's amazing. Especially when you consider the way the art and music was done to replicate that era. Gameplay is super fun to play too!

Anonymous 1383

I'm currently going through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on my Switch.

My next paycheck is going towards getting a copy of Splatoon 2.

Currently, the Switch is my favorite console. However, it feels largely unfinished. There's features on this device that aren't even done yet, however, I think it makes up for it by how modular it is.

Anonymous 1397


Wew, just finished p3p playing a female character a few days ago and it has probably become one of my favorites, if not my favorite, persona game(and games in general).
It has such a fantastic story and characters, i'm really thankful for the people here that encouraged me to go with p3p!

Kinda wanna try FES to experience the "true" game now, but losing control of my party members makes me very reluctant about it.
I really hope that sometime soon they do a p3 remake or something (considering that they have the models and locations for dancing moon night, i'm kinda hopeful) and they include FemMC because so much amazing shit was lost on her side because of the psp capabilities and i'm incredibly salty about it. also incredibly salty that Atlus seems to really hate FeMC so if they do a remake they will probably not include her :(. The ending especially was a major bummer comparing what i got on p3p vs what was going on on FES.
But whatever, the game is still fantastic and i recommend everyone that has not played it to give it a chance!

Also, Akihiko best boy.

Anonymous 1399

not bad, very short though. i also kind of wish they'd stuck to more of a theme than just 'look it looks like 30s cartoons' but i will say that it's fun and worth picking up

Anonymous 1402


Right now I'm reading Kono Oozora which everyone is mad about the translation for but I don't think it's that bad, I saw that thread with comparisons to the original text and I personally don't think it's unreadable. They censored the sex but I didn't want to see it anyway so I don't mind since I am a dirty howaito piggu gaijin niwaka. Ageha is best girl.

Anonymous 1410


Ayyye, I'm glad you liked it! :D It's a bummer Atlus dislikes FeMC's. (Remember that stuff Hashino said about a female protagonist in P5? Sheesh…)

The stuff I told you before, that made more sense when playing with male MC, was the stuff with Pharos and Ryoji being more or less "your other selves", and that made more sense when the MC physically resembles those guys, especially Pharos. Gosh, I love those two too much. Thank you Atlus for letting us date Ryoji, I cried hard at the end of his SL on 31 Dec.

Anonymous 1424

I hate when people get mad about cutting the sex in games. They almost always release an all-ages and an 18+ version in the end, so why not let people have their cute, pure, sex-free version. Also, I haven't started yet, but my friend told me everyone was just bitching about nothing with the translation, which is usually the case, so I'm glad to hear more positives about it.

Anonymous 1436

Does anyone else still plays TF2?

I am so happy with this update.

I wish there were some other things that Valve probably won't do, but I am happy enough. I really wish there were more official SFM videos, though.

Anonymous 1458


Will Doki Doki Literature Club scare the shit out of me? It sounds interesting but I'm also a bit of a baby when it comes to scary stuff.

Anonymous 1460

Definitely. Especially if you're sensitive to suicide themes and unsettling stuff. I couldn't keep playing. It's a shame since it's a really interesting and well-done game.

Anonymous 1463

I am a baby when it comes to horror movies and gore with real 3D humans but I thought the scares in DDLC were pretty funny because they were so over-the-top.

Anonymous 1465


Wow, I had this game on the edge of my radar but hadn't looked too deeply into it and was totally unaware that it was a horror game. Are there any jump scares? That's the one thing that I really can't stand in horror.

Anonymous 1466

>over the top
Explain? if you wanna use the spoiler tag go ahead, I'll probably never play this game lol

Anonymous 1483

I'm easily spooked when it comes to horror and i seriously detest gore, and i played doki doki to completion (including reading secret files and such (or what i could get lol)) without getting even remotely scared or having to alt-tab.
I only got a little bit spooked when Natsuki's neck broke in an after-poem scene and she approached you running without a mouth and with her eyes blacked out and when a poem told me to look at a dot for a period of time, since i expected some shitty jumpscare (didn't have one), otherwise, i'd say it's pretty mild "horror".
Some of the imagery feels more "uncomfortable to look at for some reason" rather than "scary".

I honestly wonder if i am playing a different game compared to all the people saying this is too scary to play even to "horror enthusiasts" lol

It has no screamers, no jumpscares… etc, the most disturbing thing about it are its themes.
But otherwise, i'd say go for it. It's a really interesting game, it's well written and it has a lot of interesting ideas put into it. I especially like the whole "hidden file messages" idea.

Not that anon, but (obviously spoiler heavy).
Having a girl that cuts herself if she becomes too over stimulated stab herself multiple times in the stomach and the chest because she can't deal with how much she loves you and having someone caring for her, and having to deal with you confessing to her/rejecting her after her feelings, and then having to spend the whole weekend watching her corpse in first person decompose slowly as the blood rusts away.
Have a static image of a cute 2d girl acting normal suddenly stare at you with uneven realistic eyes as she breathes for minutues directly looking at you as the screen darkens and gets a static effect


Anonymous 1502

I'm about to get Mario Odyssey tomorrow, that is if scalpers won't buy the shit out of them. -_-

I swear, I wish it was legal to kill those kinds of people.

Anonymous 1503

I missed out on so many games on the PS2 and GBA because I didn't have these consoles back then, and now I'm buying some games little by little because I always wanted to play them, but now I don't have enough free time because of college and my job. It sucks. I almost want to drop out of college because it's absolute shit in the first place and just work so I can have more free time and money and finish my backlog.

I also really want a Wii U just for Bayonetta 1&2 and the Zelda games because I couldn't finish Wind Waker at the time for a bunch of reasons and my youngest siblings fucked up all the Gamecube and Wii controlers we had. I feel like this might be a bad idea because I also really want a Switch, but since I can find a Wii U for 120€ pretty easily, maybe this is also a good way to wait until the Switch becomes less expensive and more games are released.

Anonymous 1512

that sounds pretty spooky

Anonymous 1550


Bf got Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 final mix (or whatever the actual title is) as a reward for working hard. I am ready to ride the nostalgic train.

Anonymous 1595


Well, this has been a very shitty and sad N7 day.

I will never stop being salty about bioware killing one of their best franchises for a shitty destiny copycat.
I expected at least… something. Maybe an anouncement for a mass effect collection wth dlcs to make up for Andromeda or an announcement of an hd remaster, or at least some info to see if they will kill the franchise for good or whatever, but nope, only some streams and a video, that albeit very heart pulling, only made me remember how good the franchise used to be and how much they cared about it before they decided lol mp makes us money fuck off with that mass effect shit.

The archives a la DA they made give me hope that maybe they will stop being idiots and decide a canon ending for the OG ME and continue expanding on that universe (with new characters, maybe) instead of continuing on Andromeda or wherever else.

To be honest i just don't want the franchise i love so much to become a mediocre book/comic series.

Anonymous 1601

This is how I feel about the AC series honestly. And I hope ME and DA don't go it the same direction. (Well, ME already kind of did, as you said)

Here's to hoping they'll improve, even if a tiny bit in the upcoming years.

Tbh I'm worried about the gaming industry as a whole.

Anonymous 1605


AC as in Assassins Creed? I didn't know that they planned to make it into books, or are you talking about the movies?
I've read that the last game was kinda good and not too scummy with DLC, though, which seems nice.

>Tbh I'm worried about the gaming industry as a whole

Same. I honestly am kinda scared for the future of videogames if these shitty practices keep being brushed off and making their way into being considered normal.
>broken games delivered as "complete"
>loot boxes becoming the norm
>all games must have mp so they can make money
>companies making you pay to play online even when they do not host the servers
>story being delivered through DLCs (i'm fine with DLC if it's like a separate thing to expand on the story, but when important story points that tie heavily into the main story are put into them it pisses me off. hello DA inquisition)
>stories being pushed to the back in favor of action or ways to cash more money

I'm not even a hurrdurr videogames used to be better kill all companies hurrdurr kinda type, but seeing the medium turning into garbage and beloved franchises getting killed off in favor of making MP games to cash on the whales is really saddening.
Unless there is some change and people stop feeding into this kinda bullshit the videogame industry will soon become a virtual casino.

I can just imagine:

"Please pay 3,99 to unlock the next story point!" Shudders

Anonymous 1660

Is anyone here getting Pokémon USUM?I'm not sure when I'll get a copy because I was expecting it to be a sequel to Pokémon SM (like Black and White 2) but some people on /vp/ are saying it's more like a third version like Emerald or Platinum. If it's really a third version I'll buy it later.

Anonymous 1661

No. I was obsessed with the Pokemon franchise all through my life, but after I was disappointed with Sun, no way I'm going to support another lackluster continuation. I want a Sinnoh remake desperately.

Anonymous 1662

I played Sun too, and while I liked it in general, I have to admit it was disappointing as a Pokémon game, there were barely any dungeon or puzzles in it, it felt like I was visiting Alola as a tourist and not actually exploring it as usual. I liked the plot though somehow, but didn't like how long and annoying some cutscenes were as well as the tutorial. That said, I liked it enough to try and complete the pokédex and I just need to trade a few mons for that now.

As I said I'll wait until I know more about USUM to see whether I'll buy it or not, but I'm not expecting a masterpiece just because it's a gen 7 game. I loved Pokémon XY (I have X) and people tend to criticize the gen games harshly online but I loved it just because the pokédex was more interesting and there were actual dungeons in it, as short as they were. I'm not going to compare SM to the other main games because even though I played all the mainline games, it's more fair to compare it to the 3DS games.

>I want a Sinnoh remake desperately.

I wouldn't mind not having one because I think Platinum doesn't have enough flaws to get one and I didn't play the other versions so I can't say for sure. But if we get one it's most likely going to be on the Switch, and it would be so cool. But then I think about how ORAS wasn't as difficult or fun as Emerald and I start having doubts.

Anonymous 1666

Do playing on emulators count? I got into them a few months ago and got Animal Crossing the GameCube version working on my computer! I'm so happy.

Anonymous 1668

I'm fucking terrified for DA because inquisition was really good and cemented my love for the franchise. It'll break my heart if it goes to shit now.

Anonymous 1706

It can't get worse than ME:A at this point. It just can't.

Anonymous 1723


Anyone playing FFXV comrades?
It feels pretty barebones and buggy but i am enjoying my time on it.
Kinda expected it to be open-world-ish, not mmo gathering type quests with matchmaking that only lasts 1 round but it's fun so far. Hopefully it will be more interesting in the coming months after it gets morw polished.
My favorite part is the CC though, it's so good and i'm having so much fun creating characters!

Anonymous 1727

I'm so hyped that I finally have a moment to play through some of my old favorites since I've got a few days of downtime before classes start back up.
I've got this GBA emulator on my phone and I'm wondering if you guys have any suggests as to what I ought to try out? Maybe some lesser known stuff that you think is great but not a whole lot of people talk about?

To be honest, I don't think I liked the originals enough to warrant buying a Switch just to play USUSM. With how things have been going since XY, it's really gonna take a bit to coax me into it. I'm tired of being so underwhelmed.

Anonymous 1738

You don't need the Switch for USUM, it's on the 3DS like XY and SM. Gen 8 will be on the Switch though, since they said some months ago that they were working on a mainline Pokémon game for the Switch.

Anonymous 1743

Oh, I'm a huge dummy! I'd only ever seen promos of it for the Switch, I had no clue.

Anonymous 1835


I'm looking forward to the Bayonetta series on the Switch. I always wanted to play Bayonetta but couldn't because I didn't have the right consoles. I don't have a Switch yet but I'll preorder Bayonetta 1 and 2 and try to buy a Switch for cheap before I get the games. I'm glad the Switch is going to get games I always wanted to play or sequels of games I love.

By the way, what do you think about Death Stranding? I don't think I'll get a PS4 anytime soon because I don't have a tv, but I'm very curious anyway. People tend to post about how the game is going to be weird and nonsensical because of the trailers but I feel like, for the story at least, it will either make even less sense than what we've seen in the trailers, or it'll make sense (regardless of quality) and it's just Kojima not wanting to put potential spoilers in his trailers.I only played MGS1, 2 and 3 recently but I've been told that Kojima hates spoilers in trailers and didn't show Raiden in the MGS2 trailers because of this so this could be possible, idk.

Anonymous 1837

u can buy the first bayonetta on steam, anon. it came out earlier this year

Anonymous 1840

I can't play anything on my computer, and there are no Nintendo games on Steam so getting the Switch is a good investment in my case.

Anonymous 1861


Does anyone play LiS:BtS? I got it on Steam recently but it crashes like a motherfucker all the time. I've updated drivers, verified game caches, reinstalled, and lowered graphics settings. But the game keeps…fucking…crashing. I was wondering if anyone has played it on console instead of PC and if it still crashes or if it's more stable. I might just return it on Steam and get the PS4 version instead.

Anonymous 1862

Weird, it never crashed on me on my pc (1080p screen, i7-4790K, amd r9 380 and 8 gb of ram.)
What specs and setup are you running it on? I've heard that 4k and dual monitors can make it crash pretty badly.

Maybe this thred on steam could help you out somehow?:

The devs seem willing to help so you could contact them on twitter or steam if the thread does not correct the issue.

Anonymous 1863

Hmm I do have dual monitors. I wonder if I switch the settings to single if it'll fix the problem. Unfortunately, I've read through almost all of the crash threads on Steam and no one seems to have a solid solution. I did put in a ticket with Square but haven't heard back yet.

Anonymous 1867

My favorite franchises are Armored Core and Oddworld.

Anonymous 1897


Mangagamer is doing a visual novel humble bundle right now!


Lots of stories for only $10. If you are new to VNs and interested in them because of Doki Doki Literature Club, I'd recommend Higurashi from this bundle!

Anonymous 1904

i hate supporting manga gamer tho…

Anonymous 1914

I have it on ps4 and haven't had any issues.

Anonymous 1916

anybody have steam?

Anonymous 1917

same anon, link to /crystalcafegames is dead that's why lol

Anonymous 1918

I'm the one who made it and i killed it because nobody joined in weeks even after the interest in the thread lol I guess it must have felt awkward or something to join a small group anf stop being anon idk
I'm not sure if a new group would get more people now that the website has more traffic? I'd join one if a new one was made since i definetely want more friends to play on pc!

Anonymous 1924

I'm up, I'd love to join it when we're a bigger comm, don't forget the idea anon!

Anonymous 1925

I want to join but I'm also scared to. I like being anon and I'm worried that I'd get doxxed if I linked to my actual Steam ID. Maybe I should make a secondary anonymous one but that would suck to re-buy all the games.

Anonymous 1927

yeah I would not link ID but possibly remake group so we can all probably add each other? I dunno what you all think

but would be nice to play something with you all!

Anonymous 1928

Yeah, i get the sentiment and why nobody joined the first time around.
What if the group was private so we could only accept certain people?
Then we would only have to worry about how much we trust fellow miners to not be shitty and there would be no need to post IDs here or share them publicly.

Discord also would be ideal since it's pretty anon and good for gaming, but since admin doesn't allow them that's out of the question lol

Anonymous 1930


yeah making it private would be a good idea

Anonymous 1939

LiS BtS last episode anyone?

Anonymous 1954

I only played a little of the first episode but didn't find it as engaging as the first LIS and I ended up never picking it back up. Is it getting better? Should I power through and catch up?

Anonymous 1958

I only liked it because i like the vibe of life s strange but i was very let down.
Most of the interesting shit was put on a slideshow in the end,
like, come on, at least give more explanation.
I also hated how "packed" the whole ep felt, it felt like they forgot for the 2 first episodes that they only had 3 to work with and on the third one they decided "oh yeah right, we better give the characters like Rachel's mom some kind of development and plot. Like, what the fuck happened int he first 2 episodes? basically nothing expect for minor development to the characters and the romantic relationship between Chloe and Rachel.
Also what the fuck was the deal with Elliot in that last scene, like oooo you ignore me blah blah blah, dude i barely know you existed thanks to the fact that the devs only remembered you existed in the last few hours and decided to turn you into a psycho, thing that had 0 impact because we didn't even know what your fucking personality was thanks to 0 character development.
If they extended the story through the 3 episodes better instead of packing it all on the last episode it would have been a lot better.
Don't get me wrong, i liked the game, and i find that, albeit rushed ( i just met you but i love you, like lol) , Rachel and Chloe's relationship was beautiful and they had some VERY interesting things, but most of those things were super rushed in the last episode and weren't allowed to grow organically through the episodes so you gave a shit like in the OG LiS.

Anonymous 1959


My desktop from 2011 just died on me. I am debating on spending about 900-1000 bucks on a new desktop vs buying a ps4.

I dont want to build my own rig

Anonymous 1963

Desktop, anon. Master race.

Anonymous 1964

i think there's some site that lets you put in what you want your computer to do and it 'makes one' for you.

Anonymous 1974

It depends on your preferences on games and how much you are willing to spend. I have both a PC and a ps4 because i think the ps4 has some really nice exclusives and i've bough every single playstation console to date.

If you don't care about the exclusives and can build an ok enough rig, go with pc, since apart from the available games, you can also emulate old ones and use it for other stuff, also most console exclusives are now releasing on pc after a few years so you won't miss much.

A lot of online places offer for you to pick and choose parts and then they build it for you for a fee, so get some nice components instead of a premade pc since you'll save some big bucks.

Anonymous 1976

Is the steam group up?
I'm not sure if I joined the right one.. lul

Anonymous 1985

As far as i know, no. I was the one talking about making it but never did since people had anon concerns lol

The only steam group with the name crystal cafe i found seems to be made even before the board was a thing (iirc) so i don't think it's from here.

Anonymous 2042


Anyone else here enjoying VRChat? I never really got into other virtual avatar chat rooms like IMVU and Second Life but this is a blast.

Anonymous 2043

>>2042 clucks

Anonymous 2045

definitely gonna be downloading it asap. looks fun and i cant wait to look like an anime girl

Anonymous 2053

Yes! I'd love to form a little group of friends there.

Anonymous 2054

I've been watching immortalHD stream it and i think it looks really really fun! I really want to play it.

Wish i had a vive to play it since it seem to make the experience a lot better, but it's so expensive i can't justify buying it for a virtual chat lol.

Anonymous 2057


I'm playing it with just a mouse and keyboard and it's still fun. With just the mouse you can still pick objects up and interact with them, turn your head and move your eyes to look at something, and do actions like dancing.

Anonymous 2064


What is the purpose of this game/chat? What can you do?

Anonymous 2065

It's like Second Life except those with VR headsets can play it in VR.

Anonymous 2066

Yeah, maybe i'll try it with M+K. It's just that having VR seems to be the optimal experience for it since you can express emotions and stuff haha

It has no purpose tbh.
It's a virtual chat where you get an avatar and get to dick around with people in VR (or no VR, doesn't really matter, if you have it you can move your arms, dance, etc) and it has rooms like amusements parks, shooting ranges, etc.
It's basically like an early 2000's chatroom but with voice chat and VR support.

Attached a video of a compilation from the streamer i mentioned before, it shows a little bit what to expect out of it.

Anonymous 2073

>non dreadlocked tan knuckles

Anonymous 2089


Do any of you guys play fighting games? I'm trying to get into them (specifically Guilty Gear XRD), I'm really bad at the moment but hoping to get better! If anyone is on PSN and wanting to play some GG with a scrubby Slayer hit me up maybe!

Anonymous 2098


i got into KOF after randomly seeing a this mess in a arcade, fighting games are fun but i really like when they put some lore.

Does anybody here play tactical rpgs? i remember playing disgaea 2 and really liking it but i don't know other titles that are fun or with a interesting story

Anonymous 2119

Can I get a new invite to this if it still exists?

Anonymous 2121

trails in the sky.…

I love Trails in the Sky!

Anonymous 2127

Thank you for reminding me, was meaning to try this game forever. What do you enjoy the most about it?

Anonymous 2141

The world building, the attention to detail, the characters, the nuance in the plot, how the series builds upon itself with each subsequent game.

Anonymous 2175


Is anyone else hyped for Shadow of the Colossus remake in almost two weeks?

Anonymous 2176

Me! SotC is in my top ten games and the remake looks absolutely gorgeous. What's everyone's favorite Team Ico game?

Anonymous 2197

SotC is the best one for me. I've played Ico a bit and really, really want to get ahold of The Last Guardian to try it out when I can. I heard it got not so great reviews though. Can any anons confirm if the reviews are true?

Anonymous 2198

I haven't finished it yet but I like The Last Guardian a lot. People mostly complain about the AI, but if you go in with patience and the expectation that Trico will be a little fickle, you'll have a better time. Not to mention the game is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous 2206


Fuck yes, cold steel 2 is coming to PC this Feb. I thought for sure we'd be waiting all year for it; I'm so excited.

Anonymous 2207


does anyone play tera here?

Anonymous 2222



So now that BtS is out, thoughts?
Also, I've heard that there is going to be a LiS 2, with all new characters!

I grew super attached to Amber during BtS, I loved the chemistry she had with Chloe, It was much stronger than with Max imo. Playing their relationship helped me understand why Chloe was so distraught in the first game.

And all of Chloe's "dad dreams" fucked me up, they were super powerful.

I actually think I may have enjoyed BtS more than the original game.

Anonymous 2223


Shadow of the Colossus and ICO are my favorite games, so I jumped on the chance to get the collectors edition of TLG when it came out. It's a beautiful game, please play it, if you love SotC and ICO it would be a crime not to!

Anonymous 2226

>tfw you accidentally hit a button and it makes a choice you didn't want so you hit rewind at the menu.
>tfw it rewinds the entire fucking episode instead of letting you pick a transition point.

For some reason I always feel emotionally exhausted when playing games like BtS and LiS; or any in depth choices matters type games. After I saw it took me back to the beginning of the episode I had to put it down for a while. I'll probably need a break from it for a week or two before I can start playing again.

Just from what I was playing, I still don't like Chloe but she was less of an asshole this game than in LiS.

Anonymous 2232


Great taste, anon. I love Kiseki. Ao translation will be out around the same time.

Anonymous 2233


I just don't get why they took the ability to crouch out of Mass Effect 2 and 3…

Anonymous 2235


Soo I didn't know this until recently but there is a usable version of danger/u/


Anonymous 2251


Do any other anons here love the Sonic Adventure games? I love the music (probably amongst the best in the franchise, tbh), the corny yet still oddly dark stories, the cheesy dialogue, the Chao Garden, the level design (when it actually wants to work :')) and just the overall aesthetic of the games. They scream late 90s', early 00s' to me and I just adore that.

Sometimes I get a bit embarrassed about telling others I'm into Sonic, due to the reputation the franchise has garnered over the years, but I think SA1 and SA2 are still pretty solid titles in the series!

Anonymous 2252

I've been itching for an MMO lately, but none of them look very appealing.
in truth I just want to have the same experience I had playing old maplestory as a kid, but that ship sailed a long time ago, breaks my heart, really.

Anonymous 2256

Same here. Well the bf has been trying to get me to buy a new computer so that I can play MMOs and other games with him, but I don't need one just yet.

Nostalgia MMOs: Maplestory, Gunbound, Survival Project, Guild Wars, Runescape.

Anonymous 2264

I've been dying to find a good new MMO but haven't found any that are that appealing. I used to play EQ, EQII, and WoW. I gradually stopped EQII since no one was playing it and I quit WoW around the time BC came out because I was getting tired of all the rep grinding. I honestly miss playing it now but I don't know if I'd ever go back to it. It just doesn't seem to have the same community feeling as it did before.

Anonymous 2268

Then try Guild Wars 2
We often get new player who come from WoW and love the change since the game is way more casual, doesn't have a gear treadmill and the community is really friendly.

It's F2P (with restrictions for free accounts) so you can try it out. I really recommend it.


Also, if you ever feel burnt out by the game, you can leave for months and don't have to worry that you missed out on anything.

Anonymous 2277

Yes, I love these games so much. I played them on the gamecube a lot. I like them so much that even thinking about the glitches (that and playing with a fucked up controller) in the games makes me feel nostlagic. I really miss the chao garden, makes me wish there was a way to play these games on handhelds so I could raise my chao whenever I want.

I liked Heroes after that and the DS games but I didn't care all that much about Shadow's game and I never finished Unleashed on the Wii. I have Colors on the Wii somewhere but I lost it (somehow?) before I could even play it at least once. I tried to play the first games of the series on my PC a long time ago and the games just wouldn't save my progress. It was one of the compilation/collection games but I don't remember the name at all.

Anonymous 2301



Since it seems like people were still asking for it, I made a Steam group! Don't be shy, feel free to join. Add others, chat, shitpost, lurk in the depths, doesn't matter! I'll be leaving it up for as long as Steam lives.

Anonymous 2302

joined! also omg i love the description anon a+

Anonymous 2303


More people should play visual novels. Too many people have horrendous misconceptions about the medium as a whole.

Anonymous 2308

I bought a psvita for Persona 4 Golden and Dangan Ronpa (the first one). I have played other games on it as well and I'm kind of interested in visual novels but I never really know where to start, because I have a huge backlog on other consoles and especially because I'd be more interested in games that aren't localized like some otome games and BL games.

Anonymous 2309


Anyone has any recommendations of something like A Little Lily Princess?

Or maybe someone is a fan of indie-rpg genre and likes Aveyond?

Anonymous 2310

Screen Shot 2018-0…

I played it for a while but eventually got bored of it (like most MMOs) I just can't handle wasting too much time on it. I gotta say though, their character creation thingy is really nice I spent over 40-50 minutes just creating my character. It's a shame that the game is too big and isn't available on macOS (my internet sucks way too much and to download it again I'd have to wait countless hours and besides, I'd need to use a pc to play it anyways).

I would go for a laptop rather than a console but if I were to buy a console I would buy the switch it seems really fun tbh.

Anonymous 2316


just started up staxel. it's so comfy! it's a bit buggy right now since it's in early beta (bug report) and lacking some content but the aesthetic fulfills the weeb in me. it's kind of like a cute marriage of harvest moon and minecraft. it also has some pretty fun events! i hope some miners will join me when it's more stable.

Anonymous 2325


>a wild weeb appears!


I've been debating on creating a VN thread on here for the longest time, but never mustered the guts to. Visual novels have an underrated potential for telling stories, with its audiovisual aspects and the option for the reader to make choices. I wonder how they'll evolve, but that's a discussion for another day.

What did you think of Chaos;Child? I finished Steins;Gate and enjoyed it, though I set Chaos;Head on a perpetual hiatus since last year.

No need to rush, anon. Just play whatever you fancy. What are the non-translated titles you're interested in?

Princess Maker 5 embodies a similar charm. The downside to it is that it's hella long…like, 40-60 hours long for one run, due to you scheduling every week of your daughter's life for five years. Despite the multiple endings, the game doesn't encourage replays due to its tedious length. If you can see past that though, PM5's pretty cute and filled with content.

Ebi-hime's games are probably the next closest thing. She's known for her clever writing and in-depth character analyses. I'd recommend starting with Asphyxia. The characters–cute girls, of course–are inspired by 18th century poets, though the plot's far from cute. Blackberry Honey, another game of hers, features yuri Victorian maids, though I haven't read it yet.

(On another note, I've been playing Himawari. Still on the common route. Makes me nostalgic for stars. Might get started on Lisa soon, though I'm not the best with combat in any game.)

Anonymous 2327

Recent things I've been playing to see if any anons also play or are interested in them: Diablo 3, because got it for console not too long ago, and a new season is starting; Bloodborne; FFXV; Kingdom Hearts Final Mix; Rayman Legends

Have too many games (thx PS+) that haven't been started but interested in: Hatoful BF (lol); Life is Strange; want to replay Rachet and Clank.

Excited about: Shadow of the Colossus, but we're probably gonna wait to get it because so many other games to finish; Dark Souls 2 Remaster; KHIII.

Anonymous 2328

Ah fuck also forgot have Persona 5 that the bf started but he probably won't finish it so I should play.

Anonymous 2330

I really want to play Utapri on the PS Vita because I'm getting into the anime and it's fun, I heard they were remakes of the ones on the PSP. And I noticed that some of them are actually translated either on the PSVita or the 3DS, like Corpse Party or Hakuoki. I'm actually a newbie when it comes to VNs and dating sims, I just like the concept a lot from other games like the recent Fire Emblem and Persona, among other things.

I heard there were a lot of otome games on the PS Vita but I forgot almost the titles right now. I think the PSVita isn't region-locked, it's great.

Anonymous 2335


Any other anons going to pick up the Yume Nikki reboot coming out on Steam tomorrow? I'm a huge fan of the original, but I gotta say that the reboot looks like it will be more frightening to play.

Anonymous 2336

Any ladies here into speedrunning? I've been looking in to maybe trying it out but the community kind of seems unwelcoming what with all of the neckbeards and "omg a REAL gril?!" mentality.

Anonymous 2337

I enjoy watching them but don't see myself participating in the community really for related reasons.

Anonymous 2338

It's a damn shame, really. I feel like as soon as I try to get into it I'll get a lot of backseat gaming and know-it-all autists who have nothing better to do than humblebrag about their strats and run times. A lot of speedrunners seem pretty full of themselves and I never see female runners last too long in this scene or get much attention at all. Really demotivating.

Anonymous 2339


I started playing the game a couple months ago but even though I knew the community's existence for days (uboachan, reaction images et cetera). I have to be honest here: this game is a rollercoaster of nice and boring moments: sometimes you'll be running in circles for hours looking for something only to find copy-paste sprites everywhere and sometimes something cool might happen.

Anonymous 2340

It's also full of blatantly mentally ill transwomen.

Anonymous 2342

I love watching speedruns and have considered picking up the hobby myself, but I just don't have the time or will to only play one game constantly every day. Plus the influx of trans women in the movement is a bit of a turn off as well. It seems that every month you hear of another male runner coming out as a trans woman. It makes me curious as to why the speedrunning community has this occurring in it.

Anonymous 2343

Speedrunning seems to attract a lot of mentally ill people but I guess it makes sense considering what kind of hobby it is. I can't read up on anything speedrun related without somehow coming across a comment about Narcissa or some kind of drama in general.

Same here anon. I'm trying to look into shorter runs that I could maybe practice a few times a day but then I get into looking for strats and somehow end up finding about how speedrunner #28583 is a transwoman now and drama surrounding it. Feels like an actual woman would be treated as a joke if they ever got known enough.

Anonymous 2344

There's plenty of games that are only about an hour long, anon. If you have a Switch then you can try out Odyssey's Any% run. It looks like it has a lot of tech involved, but its community is pretty large and there's lots of guides!

But yeah, I couldn't imagine becoming a female speedrunner, going to an AGDQ/SGDQ, being interviewed and having to use female pronouns to enable selfish narcissists like ProtoMagicalGirl. It would make me feel like an embarrassment of a woman.

Anonymous 2346

It's funny you mention Odyssey cause that's one of the ones I was actually looking into! I've always had a soft spot for the love that goes into routing Mario (and LoZ) runs.

Anyway, you're exactly right about that. GDQ itself is something I've been unsure of supporting for a while because of the way they handle… everything lol. It feels like it's just a snowflake hugbox at this point and meanies or people the staff don't like are not allowed!!! A shame that a charity event had to end up like this. At least the charities stil get their money though, thank christ.

I find myself generally enjoying what RPG Limit Break does, though I've never looked around to see if they have any drama as it's still fairly small compared to GDQ.

Anonymous 2347


I'm playing civ III right now and i'm so addicted to it.
But i think i'm retarded because i'm always in negative gold and idk how the fuck to get over the stump, i did everything guides said to do, i reduced my corruption to almost a nothing, but i'm still in the negatives (like -100 negatives kek).
I think i'm around 850 AD? so yeah. The latest thing i unlocked is he ability to make banks. (It's my first civ game so i'm a babbie)
What do?

Anonymous 2348

>What do?
Do yourself a favour and buy Civ 5. Best civ game!

Anonymous 2349

I liked IV better tbqh

Anonymous 2350

any good life sim games that'll run on my potato of a laptop? basically something with nice npc's that i can romance / befriend, blah blah blah. doesn't even HAVE to be a life sim really, just something that'll get me engaged.
da 1 ran with a little lag, da 2 ran with quite a bit of lag but was still playable, to give an example of what i'm working with.

Anonymous 2352

Stardew Valley maybe? You can befriend NPCs and get married, and in addition you take care of a little farm. Idk if that's the type of sim you're looking for though. Or maybe you can just play the sims since it's basically made for the whole romancing befriending thing, but idk if that's your type of game. Sims 4 runs on my laptop that I've had for about 4+ years and there's even a laptop mode on it so you're not killing your computer or having a super laggy experience.

Anonymous 2356


Chaos;Child is very good. Favorite VN I read last year and I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone who enjoys VNs or just likes games with interesting plots and ideas. It's better than Steins;Gate in my opinion. However going in you shouldn't expect there to be much of a connection between them, and C;C is substantially different, being more of a murder mystery and also having a school setting. It's somewhat of an indirect sequel to Chaos;Head, since it doesn't have any of the same main characters but does have similar themes and plot elements that carry over. You can definitely read Chaos;Child without having read Head.
I would recommend waiting for Chaos;Head Noah to be translated anyway for that, since its the definitive improved version (only the original has a fan translation).

Anonymous 2358

are C;C and C;H supposed to happen in the same universe? i know C;H and S;G are.

Anonymous 2378

Final Fantasy XV c…

who here gonna get final fantasy 15 for the pc? im a simple woman, i see cute boys, i buy. and it's not turned based which is a plus for me. i dont mind turn based games but im such a sucker for action based combat

Anonymous 2381

Maybe if I make room, the file is like 86gb, which I do have to spare but it's not a priority when I already have the game for PS4.

Only got a few hours in so far, it's pretty and more action-feeling than a typical FF title, but the combat system is a bit wonky, the camera sometimes shits itself, and there are quite a lot of tedious time-sinks that can't be skipped (driving cutscenes lmao).

Anonymous 2434


Does anyone else here think the new Smash Bros. game for Switch will just be a port/slightly enhanced version of the Wii U one? Usually Smash games are announced a couple years before they release to build up hype, but this one is releasing later this year with no prior announcements. Just makes me think that it's not an entirely new game.

Anonymous 2436

Sounds like it since they announced it oh so casually and it wasn't hyped like the 3DS/Wii U game was.

I just finally want a new animal crossing game. It's been 5 years but they're stalling with stupid shit like mobile games and ports.

Anonymous 2441

Lmao, I remember the Animal Crossing Plaza app on the Wii U. All those nice models they made for all the villagers and Nintendo didn't do anything with them except make a shitty board game spin-off no one asked for. There's always this year's E3 to hope for though. You can only play NL for so many years before it starts to get a bit boring.

Anonymous 2442

I got bored of NL in 2 weeks and stopped playing then after the release date. Wild world and the original game were just way better with more shit to do and felt less flaccid and materialistic. Nintendo completely missed the point of an AC game with NL.

Heres to hoping the new one will be worth playing.

Anonymous 2448

This sounds right. My friend was telling me that he think it's gonna be a brand new smash though because HAL is working on this one (I guess they didn't work on Sm4sh so correct me if I'm wrong) and because BotW Link was in the trailer or something. I wish they would bring back something similar to Subspace Emissary.

Also, while on the topic of the switch, I'm really bummed that I didn't get one. The only thing stopping me is because I got the Wii U maybe a year or two after its release and don't wanna spend more money on a big console and have my WiiU collect dust. I bought the WiiU mainly because I had hope that it would release some really good games and just to support Nintendo TBH. I'm really happy we got stuff like Sm4sh and Splatoon but the games all came out at such a slow rate, especially when compared to the Switch. I feel like Nintendo really neglected the WiiU when compared to the switch. Maybe I should make the switch and get one winkwink

Anonymous 2451

i had to give myself really forced goals in nl but once i achieved them i stopped.

Anonymous 2492

Public Works Projects in that game were just annoyingly grindy to get. I've played my copy of NL for 100+ hours, have gotten a bit of them, but haven't gotten the ones I wanted for the theme of my town. Trying to get all the Sloppy series from Re-Tail is a task, too. I've gotten a lot of duplicates of some items from that set.

Anonymous 2500


I think I may give up on Nintendo games. The latest entries on the franchises I used to like (Pokemon Moon, Layton's Mystery Journey, the last couple Ace Attorney games) have dissappointed me so badly. I think they are just trying to cash on nostalgia instead of actually doing something imaginative. Even AC Pocket Camp became boring after a couple of weeks, as cute as it was

Anonymous 2502

lone survivor.jpg

Lone survivor was inspired by silent hill. It's really good.
The Lakeview cabin collection is also pretty good, if a bit campy.

Anonymous 2503

I love Pokémon and Ace Attorney a lot but I have to admit I found Pokémon Sun (the version I played) and Dual Destinies and the 6th entry whose title I forgot not bad but underwhelming.

What you said about nostalgia is really obvious when it comes to Ace Attorney because they just won't stop rehashing plot twists and tropes from the popular cases and characters from the first 4 games. And since the series is all about solving crimes I expect a minimum of suspens and tension but now the cases are way too predictable. I was really looking forward to DGS because I wanted something fresh, instead we're stuck with having final cases with half of the characters being the original cast and the other half being copies or at least inspired by the original cast. I mean, it's pretty bad when you notice that the last cases of Dual Destinies where "inspired" by Ghost Trick in the end (and I'm putting it lightly here) even though Shu Takumi wasn't involved in Dual Destinies. At least the characters are still somewhat interesting and the filler cases are still good, at least to me.

Anonymous 2520

I thought the latest Ace Attorney game was pretty good, it was honestly better then AA5, which I just found pretty boring. The only moment that hyped me up was when Edgeworth returned

The newest Layton game is a boring disappointment. The puzzles are WAY too easy and the mysteries weren't interesting. I can't even finish it I'm so disappointed.

I'll probably play any AA game that comes out because I'm such a stan for the series, but what you said is pretty true. The first 3 games are the best and if someone stopped playing after that, they probably wouldn't miss too much.

Anonymous 2521

I'd say you can add AA4 with the trilogy. At least it tried to bring new things to the series, even though some plot points and twists were weird or badly done. I liked that Klavier wasn't as belligerent as the previous prosecutors and his link to Kristoph but I think it was badly handled. Everyone I've seen talking about the franchise complain about Klavier being too much of a good guy and helping Apollo too much even though that's his job. But I have a feeling Shu Takumi wanted the players to be highly suspicious of Klavier because he's Kristoph's brother and Ema said he was involved in Phoenix's disbarment, so we would think he was involved in a mess up plan with Kristoph. Instead everyone guessed he was a good guy and the fact that his best friend and his brother are guilty of murder and in jail is never really explored. What a waste. Something everyone complained about was Lamiroir not telling her children her real identity and the pianist being charged with murder even though it's obvious it's not him, because Shu Takumi didn't write the plot twist with the shark dude like he wanted to iirc.
>I'll probably play any AA game that comes out because I'm such a stan for the series
Same. They confirmed AA7 for the Switch, or at least a new entry in the Ace Attorney series so I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous 2535


Anyone into Horror games?

I've played resident evil 7 and Paranormal activity in VR recently and I've never experienced something so intense before.

Anonymous 2537

I wish they would do a Gantz videogame with VR. Look at this promo they did for the movie and tell me if it doesn't look cool

Anonymous 2557

Future trilogy sucks but AAI2 is the best game in the series despite being a spin-off. Apollo Justice fucked up everything.

Anonymous 2562

I don't think Apollo Justice ruined the series. Personally I'd say that the interesting characters and plot points that come from AA4 got ruined in AA5 and 6. I hated the explanations about Apollo in AA6 and I think it retroactively ruined parts of AA4 for me, it just felt out of place.

Anonymous 2698

I cannot believe we finally got a release date for KH3, i'm so hyped for it, i've been waiting so many years.
I do hope they release an edition for ps4 with all the previous games so i can refresh my memory without having to change disks/buy 4 different games though.

This years E3 was pretty good so far, certainly A LOT better than last years train wreck, i'm mostly excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 though.

What are you girls more hyped for so far?

Anonymous 2699

On the kh3 hype train. I think the collection edition will come out much later than the kh3 release, so you're probably better off getting the 1.5+2.5 remix and playing that before next year (which is my plan, I'm close to finishing kh1 again).

Other things I'm piqued on: Cyberpunk 2077, Death's Gambit, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Anonymous 2710


Oh my god.

Anonymous 2738

I agree with you. Apollo Justice wasn't badly done, loved hobo Phoenix and it was a nice way to pass on the series onto a new generation of characters. Bringing back Phoenix (and how cases were handled in AA5) ruined the franchise for me at least

What are your opinions on Smash Ultimate miners?

Anonymous 2739

No complaints. I think it’s great.
I know people are generally upset about the lack of new characters but with so many playable fighters in one game, honestly I think it’s completely reasonable.

Anonymous 2741

I liked hobo!Phoenix too. I think people didn't like him mostly because they felt like him being a competent and well-known attorney at the end of AA3 got ruined but I love plot twists and suspens and that's what all this series is all about, so I loved it. I didn't think he was as OOC as people made him out to be, I mean when you ignore is internal monologues in the trilogy and see how the other characters see him (especially the witnesses), he also seems to be a weird scheming guy who's hiding something.

Also, I'm really looking forward to Smash Ultimate but I don't have a Switch yet. Seeing that all the characters are here makes me kind of glad I didn't get SSB4 on the 3DS because that would mean buying DLCs for some of the characters but not even all of them. I'm also looking forward to FE16 and I really need Nintendo or Intelligent System to confirm whether the character designer really is Kurahana Chinatsu because having the Togainu no Chi and Utapri artist on Fire Emblem is just hilarious to me, even though I love her art.

Anonymous 2752

Steam sales are on, miners! How many games are you getting this year?

Anonymous 2831

Finally bought Until Dawn it's a pretty good game.

Anonymous 2837

Picked up FFXV because I'm in need of some new husbandos

Anonymous 2838


Ignis is best FFXV husbando.

Hope you enjoy the game (and husbandos), anon!

Anonymous 2858

I kind of wish all-girl video game tournaments were more popular, it would be nice to play in an OW competition without having to deal with Gamer Boys

Anonymous 2860


The things I would do with a husbando like him….

Anonymous 2861

Can somebody please explain to me his sideburns they don't make sense

Anonymous 2862

>the things I would do to him
Brush his hair?
>grow sideburns really long
>brush backwards with product

Anonymous 2863

Oh that makes sense thanks.

Anonymous 2864

It wouldn't, if you had hair in your ears.

Anonymous 2865

Actually yeah it must irritate his skin. I guess he is ready to suffer for fashion

Anonymous 2866

If you don't suffer, you shouldn't be fashionable desu.

Anonymous 2879


I have never played any FF games and I don't know where to start. Any recommendations, miners?

Only posting pic related because I think she's really pretty

Anonymous 2883

FF1 is a good introduction to JRPGs in general if you've never played one before. You can choose 6 classes to assemble your four-man party, and you can have as many of one class as you want in a party (e.g.: Warrior, Warrior, Warrior, Warrior in a single party). Highly recommend playing either the GBA remake or the remake for PSP (it might be on mobile too? Not sure, I played the GBA one), as it fixes a lot of the issues with the NES original, such as giving mage characters an MP meter instead of limiting spells so you can only use them a specific number of times.

FF6 I've not played yet (though I own it…), but I've heard the storytelling is very good, as well as the battle mechanics.

I didn't grow up playing FF7 like a lot of people did, but I bought it for PS4 two years ago. Got past the first boss, then stopped playing a bit afterwards. The graphics bothered me a bit (especially the backgrounds), but I might give it another go sometime.

FF13 is meh. I almost beat it to the end until the disc got fucked by my Xbox. It's been 7 years since I've played it, but I remember it being very linear. There were side quests in the game as well, but I literally don't even remember completing one?

TL;DR: Recommend FF1 to learn about JRPGS and basic FF mechanics if you've never played one (play the remakes, not the NES version). I guess I'd also recommend FF6 as well, by word of mouth saying how great it is.

Anonymous 2886

I love Terra Branford, and I also like FF 6.
FF 12 is also a good one, I really like it although I still haven't finished it, but if you have a PS2 take the original version, not IZJS.
But I still don't understand why Vaan and Penelo are even travelling with the rest, ok Vaan has a valid reason to want to join them but Penelo is in the group literally just to babysit Vaan, and tbh the others should have just not let them come along, they're just children and also Vaan is stupid and annoying.

Anonymous 2906


I keep replaying the same LOZ and pokemon games to an unhealthy extend, because they take me back to my childhood. I rarely try new games. Or if I do, I can't find myself really intriguged by them. That is unless they're really, REALLY good. Or if they're games with a kind of simulated feeling of nostalgia, like the mother series and yume nikki.

Thats a pretty cute image! I feel like I need to try out kingdom hearts as well, everyone seems to like it and, well, I just sometimes feel like an outsider when I realize there are such mainstream games I haven't gotten into. I'd like to hear some of you girls' opinions on this series.

Yes. YES!! VA11HALLA IS THE FUCKING BEST. It doesn't even give off nostalgia, but it makes me so happy. Just getting to talk to interesting people with interesting stories in a unnffrghhkllkdjj CYBERPUNK DYSTOPIA and all these cute and nice anime waifus just having fun… just having fun with friends while living a low-life but still having it comfy while watching the world going through huge changes with its society and awesome technology. The music is mmmmmmhhhshhznn so GOOD and it gives the excact perfect comfy vibe of like, the future beibg so unpredictable while that is okay and there's nothign to worry about…

Never played bioshock, but I can relate to this so badly with splatoon, mario kart and last but not least, pokken tournament. Online games are extremely addicting to me because everyones skill is always ranked somehow somewhere. They make me feel like I'm striving for something, I'm striving for being better than others at the game. Beating the shit out of skilled opponents is sososo satisfyingg……. Oh man. ^This goes so much without saying that I feel stupid for going through the effort of writing it. But it does bring me to this point: why the hell do people still think females don't enjoy video games like males do? After all, trying to appeal to others is very much considered a huge trait for us. It is actually quite the same thing with males when they're playing online games, they just try to show it in a more of a masculine way i guess.

Anonymous 2907

Thanks for the recommendations anons! A friend recommended FFXII to me a long time ago, might check it out soon as well as IX and VI

I bet I won't like FFXV (I don't even have a PS4 and I'm sure the game would be laggy as hell on my PC) but I'm a big fan of the seiyuus so that's the most tempting part to me

Anonymous 2926


Was there ever a better character than pic related?

(fave female video game characters?)

Anonymous 3013

I am admittedly really bad at video games but I think they're super fun. Not ashamed to admit that I recently played Horizon Zero Dawn on easy and I still had trouble sometimes, but it was still fun and rewarding for me.

What are some other games that have strong story lines and would be manageable to play by someone who has mediocre skills?

Anonymous 3016

Maybe you could play a game like a 3D fallout (new Vegas is the best) and lower the difficulty really low? It might be doable for you. Don't give up, anon-chan, you'll get better with practice!

Anonymous 3022

Fable is easy to play and short.

Anonymous 3026


I'm really hyped for KH3 purely because I fucking love Tangled. Too bad I only have a Switch

Anonymous 3091


Dug up ye olde ps3, and am going to play okami. I love games with pretty visuals and folklore. I thought odinsphere was another good one like that.

Anonymous 3094


Does anyone else play FGO? Pic related, my harem

Anonymous 3095

Anon, I'm so jelly of that NP5 CasGil. I only got Archer, even grailed him.
I got Dantes in the paid gatcha last week, and I'm now an happy woman on the 5* front.

Anonymous 3096

I got Sherlock in mine. With him, I can now make a classy gentleman party with Salieri, adult Waver, Hyde and summer Gil.

Anonymous 3177

I really liked moss.

Quill is so cute!

Anonymous 3178

Embedded it for you

Anonymous 3185

Has anyone played the new walking dead telltale game season? I have downloaded it yet but i hope its better than the last one

Anonymous 3196

Started playing Pokemon Mystery Dunegon: Gates to Infinity. I had it sitting around for a while and started it years ago but never finished, so this time I’m starting with a clean slate. The dungeons are pretty…mindless and boring to me but hopefully it gets more interesting later on.

Anonymous 3200


Recently been getting back into fighting games after not playing games at all for the past few years. Have been playing DOA5:LR with Marie Rose.

Was thinking about picking up Tekken 7 and just found out they're adding Negan in the new season pass - so I think I'll definitely be trying to grab it now. Also excited about Anna - her design is incredible. Feels like I'm coming back to the game at a good time.

Anonymous 3201

Is there anything to tekken apart from fighting?
My friend bought me tekken 7 to play with him but I don't know anything about it

Anonymous 3203

LOL that's cute. I love Negan he's so cute and his character is just likable. I know it's an unpopular opinion but idc

Anonymous 3208

Yea, it's great tbh

Anonymous 3211

Oh good.. cause S3 was trash lol

Anonymous 3218


I'm playing Ni no Kuni 2. I hated the first game, but 2 is miles better. Although I wish there was more voice acting, it seems odd that there's so little of it. Also I dislike that none of the party members have any personality except for Roland and Evan, everyone else might as well not even exist.

The gameplay is fun though and the graphics are beautiful.

Anonymous 3220

>but 2 is miles better
How so?

Anonymous 3221

The combat alone in 1 made me drop it, it managed to be both boring and frustrating. I wasn't a fan of the overly-emotional plot either, I felt the characters were not developed enough for me to feel anything for them. It was cheesy in a bad way.
The ghibli cutscenes were nice I guess but that isn't enough to carry a game.

Anonymous 3229

Do any of you play csgo?

Anonymous 3231

Cool, I'll definitely check out 2 then.

Anonymous 3243

Not really, but Tekken 7 allows for character customisation. It also has some mini-games. I would recommend trying it out and seeing if you like it - Tekken and Mortal Kombat remain my favourite fighting game franchises for a reason. Plus fighting games are always fun with friends, in my opinion.

Negan seems pretty well liked in general so I wouldn't say that's an unpopular opinion. Jeffrey Dean Morgan definitely makes him charming. It's kinda weird he's featuring in Tekken but it might be cool.

Anonymous 3246

Nah he isn't well liked at all. People are saying Negan ruined the show and that he shouldn't be on there or at least not as long as he is. But I totally disagree with that statement because out of all of the villians he's the one I like the most. Maybe its because it is Jeffrey, but I don't think his character ruined the show.

Anonymous 3370


>Bandai Namco sale on Playstation Store
>Been waiting for an old Bandai game to go on sale
>So excite
>Check the sales
>Game I want isn't on sale
>But all the add-ons are

Guess I'm paying $80

Anonymous 3373

which game

Anonymous 3400


I'm actually so happy for this. And it looks like they're incorporating online? I feel the original game was held back multiplayer-wise by the need for all four players to own both a GBA and a GBA link cable

Anonymous 3401


I found some old gaming magazines from 10 years ago, it's so fun reading them. There was a fan letter with 10 reasons Raiden is gay lol. Also now I feel an incredible need to play all my old games again, I wanna play FFXIII-2, I can't believe how much time has passed since I played it. I didn't even like the game so much but it was kind of relaxing playing it.

Has anyone played the game "The Dog Island"? It's a game for kids, I played it when I was younger, it was so adorable and so fun. I loved dressing up my doggo, I think it was an orange husky. And the collecting/fishing was so fun too.

Anonymous 3407

I loved black and white. It is one of my favorite games.

I am very sad that my computer can't play it properly.
The second one is utter garbage…

Another one is Neverwinter night 1, I know how much i played it, but I could never finished it because my game crashed as I was saving and that destroyed the file.
Still sad about this, even it happened many years ago.

At the moment i play cities skylines, was a steam sale and it was recommended because i play Banished. It is quite good.

Anonymous 3408

omg anon I love it, it's so comfy and well done. Amazing how many dog races are in it.
I also adore the gbc/gba/ds Hamtaro games, so fun and relaxing

Anonymous 3409

chao world.gif

You're right on the money on what makes the Adventure games special.
Standing in the Chao World Lobby, there's just something that feels so special, like I'm in another fuckin world. Ever since I was a kid, playing SA2 was like stepping into the future. I'd fantasize about being able to physically run around its world. Sounds autistic, but what can I say. I can't tell you what SEGA did to create such a feeling, but they did it right.

Anonymous 3410

sign aura.jpg

My DDR session got fucked up by using different shoes last time, so after tampering with my old shoes a bit, it looks like they'll hold together for now until I find a good replacement.
Finally got around to finishing Danganronpa. Ended up liking it more than I thought, so thinking I'll get started on 2. It's a shame Project Zetsubou never got to finish 2's translation, since I thought the first one's was awesome and better than what I saw of the official one. Heck I didn't even realize I was playing a fan translation, since I got it so long ago.
Replaying the .hack// quadrilogy in an attempt to 100% it. Still on Infection because it's the hardest of the four for some reason and Elk is a little bitch.
Got some other PS2 games stacked up and am going through. Halfway through FFX, going bit by bit through DMC1, have a couple platformers but I'm not quite in the mood for them. Only now playing G.U. and stuck on Sakaki.
Also halfway through DKC2, so will probably continue that at some point.

Oh shit, after playing PM2 until I got the princess ending, I was feeling an itch for more but didn't feel the need to replay it. Dumbass me forgot there were other games, despite the '2' in the title. Guess I moving them to the top of my priority list.

Anonymous 3413


I love this game. I bought it on the xbox 360 and showed my bf it since he's never heard/played it. He loved it! too bad its been like a year since we touched it our babies are probably dead by now rip.
I love Sonic Heroes. I just found out recently that not that many people liked this game.. but I love it. I used to play it all the time with my brother and I just found out that the soundtrack is on spotify. So ive been listening to it constantly

Anonymous 3425



Anonymous 3426



Anonymous 3430


I'm salty that the European version of KH3 deluxe edition is so shit.
90 euros for a keychain and an art book when all the other previous re-releases had the same goodies for the 60 euro price point.
Hell, i got the persona 5 special edition for the same price and that included a shitton of goodies including a plushie, a bag, an artbook, stee lcase etc.
So far i've had all the KH special editions but they are taking the piss with this one. I wish there was a normie edition with the steel case like most games nowdays.

Anonymous 3432

The Dog Island is one of my all time favourites! The comfy vibes and cute characters keep me coming back to it years later, I'm so glad someone else likes it!

Anonymous 3437


Sonic Adventure 2 is my absolute favorite game for the same reasons you gave. I own three different copies of this game. I probably play through the story every other year but even during that time I still play it for a couple hours each month.
I really love this game lol. The numerous friends I've made because we both love this game is crazy. My boyfriend doesn't even like most Sonic games but he loves SA2.

I could literally go on about how much this game has stuck to my side since I was a child with no shame.

Anonymous 3439


I'm looking to get just dance to make my cardio a little more fun.
Should i purchase a VIP subscription for Just Dance Now or get one of the actual games like JD 2018 or 2019? I'd buy them for ps4.
I only tried the free 2 songs they give you a day for Now and it seems okay so far, although I've heard horror stories of being unable to cancel the subscription/the Now is buggy-er than the actual games, etc.So any help from someone here who plays the games would be greatly appreciated!

Anonymous 3466


The games are fun and keep you entertained for a good while if you intend to use them as a way to stay fit. I tried out JD Now but I still think it's better to get the physical games.
Most of the older ones are available second-hand for cheap so get a couple of those and start dancing. All my JD games are second-hand.

Anonymous 3467

Ayee im the same anon here >>3413 and i'm just coming back to say I actually just got this game for my birthday (yesterday) and im pretty freaking excited

Anonymous 3474

I also love SA2(:B)! <3 It's so weird since I grew up as a nintendo fangirl but got this on the Gamecube and it was just so nice and cool and great, the levels had so much variety and the whole vibe was cool and then there was the cutesey Chao world break that everyone appreciated nonetheless and before you knew it you were doing the actual levels for the sole purpose of winning in the chao race :3

When I just started playing it, I thought you had to beat up the Chaos so they turn into devil ones and unlock the hell. ;_;

IT turned out that unlocking the hell place was wasted effort anyway. It was not cozy at all.

Anonymous 3633


Anyone here playing Maple Story 2?
Been playing it for a couple of days and it's quite fun so far and the community isn't too bad.

It has some weird small issues and a bit of repeated assets but it isn't too bad. I wish there were some ways to get cosmetics without having to pay irl money though.

I also made a crystal cafe guild if anyone here is interested in joining i can post it!

Anonymous 3650


Well, nobody asked kek, but if anyone wants to join the guild it's named Crystal Crusade.
I'm on the EU servers, not sure if that matters much.

Anonymous 3770

Probably going to pick up Dark Souls 3 soon. It's a series I've been interested in for awhile but just never got around to playing. Should I play the games in ascending order, or is it fine to start with 3? Didn't want to miss too much lore/story.

Anonymous 3771

start with 1 and enjoy the dlc, get dissapointed by 2 and enjoy the dlcs and then play 3; knowing the story gives 3 a huge boost in his quality (also their 2 dlcs are a blast to play)

Anonymous 3772

Do you recommend the remaster or the original DS1?

Anonymous 3807

as far i know the remaster was a complete disaster, i think steam won't let you buy prepare to die so if you don't have it you are forced to buy the remaster

Anonymous 3978


I'm so ready for this. I quit in 2011 a bit in the third expansion. I started half a year before the first expansion and never really got to experience the original game fully. Thinking back on it, this was the game that really broke the "there are no girls on the internet" and it was a bit of a meme to have women healers in your guild.

I won't let it get in the way of school or health like I did as a teenager. Actually, I have a sad prediction I'll get bored in a few months and quit as I don't really play videogames anymore but am hopeful this could rekindle the hobby.

Anyone else going to play?

Anonymous 3979

It's also a meme that women destroy guilds
Because horny retards acting like retards is somehow the womans fault

Anonymous 3981

True. I used to read rants about girls getting white knighted by the guild leader or something, or got special treatment even when playing terribly.

The best guild I was ever in was with a couple that lived together and ruled the guild equally.

Anonymous 4009

these games are beloved for a reason. there are a couple of things you should know though:

don't level resistance!
shields are a crutch imo but don't be afraid to do anything the 'cheap' way. its totally ok to bow and arrow a strong enemy down from a distance or lead it into a trap.
hidden passages can be revealed by hitting walls.
if the enemies are too hard, the game probably doesn't want you to go that direction.
this game world has an incredible amount of thought put into it. don't hesitate to backtrack to certain areas wearing certain items to see new things or moving npcs, and read all the lore descriptions (many keys have their lock locations in there!)
enjoy the experience, and don't be afraid to die.
take the old witches' ring!

amazing view ahead… praise the sun!

Anonymous 4366

I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas, right now. It reminds me of DA:I but so much better, even if the NPCs are lacking a tad. Then again, I've only cleared Greatspring.

Anonymous 4442


I really recommend the game 3 in Three, it's a puzzle game, very interesting. Has anyone played it? Or does anyone know a similar game? I really feel like solving some puzzles again.
I think this game is free to download but you need an emulator. Also a similar game from the same creator is Fool's Errand, but I liked this one better.

Anonymous 4573


DMC 5 finally comes out in 2 weeks and I'll be able to play as my future husband

Anonymous 4574


Why do they look like Jonas Brothers

Anonymous 4575

Is that Ezra Miller

Anonymous 4578


His name is V, he recites William Blake poems and he's my husband. Please be nice to him (or he else he will become even edgier)

Anonymous 4580

my bf recently bought me a fan translated version of Dragon quest caravan hearts and ive also been catching up in dragon quest 10

Anonymous 4586

God please play tekken, it gets so lonely being the only girl into fighters, theres no one to talk about the fandom with because most guys arent into shipping/fanart/fanfics/ect. There are some really cute male characters too!!!

Anonymous 4587

Can anyone recommend a free game for Mac in the vein of oldschool JRPGs like Secret of Mana/Evermore?

Anonymous 4705

>black and white
Wich animal did you have as your Creature?

Anonymous 4721

Been playing too much Destiny and Warframe.
But also some JRPG's like Wild Arms and Last Ranker.
Can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding.

Anonymous 4723


Been playing a lot of Age of Empires 3 lately. I love the building and civilization aspect of it. I have the War Chief DLC and game on CD right now but I think im gonna cave in and just buy the whole game on steam soon.

Anonymous 4724

lmao just pirate it

Anonymous 5062


Anonymous 5063


Have you played civ 5?

Anonymous 5064


I’ve recently got back into Minecraft after not playing for 7 years, although I don’t really know of any servers to play on and make friends. It’s kinda weird re-learning how to play it all over again.

Anonymous 5065

do you play vanilla or modded? I like mc but no 20+ year old want to play :(

Anonymous 5066

Vanilla, I’ve never played modded!

Anonymous 5082

Is the pic from the game or an edit?

Anonymous 5083

Been playing through the Halo series now that I know I'm not terrible at first person shooters.
Master Chief really is the perfect chill action hero.

Anonymous 5098

I'd recommend you to play FF5.
>has some basic plot that's a staple in the early and some recurring Final Fantasy games.
>nice characters
>great classes

Another point of entry that's a bit more modern would be FF9.
>more focus on story and characters
>less focus on min maxing characters

Once you've played your first FF you could play through the other mainline games in whichever order you please (they're not related most of the time):

You may also opt to play one of the fine spinoffs:
FF Tactics created by Matsuno, who tends to insert political intrigue plots into his games.

Anonymous 5103

To add to this anon's post :

FF12 was also directed by Matsuno and it shows in the quality of the plot and worldbuilding, although the Squenix suits still meddled with it (mandatory teenage protagonist !) unfortunately

Anonymous 5104

And my favorites are 6 and 12.
I think with the fact that all the games have completely different settings and characters but very similar gameplay it all depends on which appeal to you personally.

Nothing wrong with Vaan, he's the player viewpoint character. He's nowhere near as obnoxious as Tidus at least.

Anonymous 5105


>three houses has five lesbian options
>three gay male options
>two of which are old men
>none of which are claude
Yaoi fans will never recover

Anonymous 5108

Fave games:
Pokemon Platinum
Planescape Torment
Vagrant Story
Tropico 3
Victoria 2
Tomodachi Collection

I grew up having a big brother who got me into PC games. We didn't really have consoles because we were poor.

Anonymous 5134

I used to play mostly PC games and some handheld games as a teen and a child, but I dropped off when I got into college. For someone who wants to get back into playing video games, where should I start? What are some essential series? The last game I played was Resident Evil 2 (not the remastered version). Also, what console should I get if I'd rather not get an actual PC build yet? What are some games that could run on a standard laptop pretty well?

Anonymous 5137

Look at any top lists. Browse gamefaqs or other database sites by genres you like and ratings.
Anything PS1 and before is most likely emulatable. Console depends on what exclusives you might be interested in. Your questions are very vague and your the only one who knows your own taste.

I really have to get around to finishing Planescape Torment.
I finished up the parts that are mostly talking and puzzle solving at the beginning and never really got in the mood for the fighting parts.

Anonymous 5138

>What are some games that could run on a standard laptop pretty well?
Metal Gear Solid V is a very optimized stealth action game
Terraria is a good indie game that has a lot of content
Saints Row 3 is a zany third person shooter
Left 4 Dead 2 is a first person zombie shooter
Torchlight 2 and Grim Dawn are action RPGs
Tropico 4 is a tropical city building game where you can enact some laws and be corrupt or not

All those are varied and should run well on any laptop from 2014 to now.

Anonymous 5142


>What are you playing now?
Final Fantasy 9 and I discovered an Animal Crossing clone named "Magician's Quest Mysterious Time" which is pretty bare bones but it has some things I wish Animal Crossing games had.

>What games are you looking forward to play?

Dragon Quest XI S. Already played DQXI on PC but the Switch version offers so much more that I'll double dip. Also heard a new Dragon Quest Monsters game featuring Erik is in the works, I really hope we get a Western release as well.
Also Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, I played the first of the two games but never the second so I'm looking forward to the compete edition on PC.

>Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you?

I'm mostly a PC gamer but I own a PS4 and Switch as well, the Switch is pretty comfy because of the whole Switch gimmick… However the Switch is a bit disappointing because I was hoping more JRPGs would be on the Switch by now, but most of them are just ports.
I love JRPGs and there isn't a single game I would consider my most favorite, but I love the Breath of Fire games a ton because they are the JRPGs of my childhood.

Anonymous 5144

Apparently you can complete the whole game without ever actually getting into a fight if you play your cards right (probably starts at chargen), or maybe there's only like 1 or 2 mandatory ones. I always end up fighting stuff anyway lol.
It doesn't actually take too long to finish the game, but I'd recommend doing it in a few good dedicated sittings since (just in my experience) bits of the story and setting can quickly become forgotten/confusing: wait, who is that character again? what was i doing with this quest? what was this item needed for? oh god i just ripped out my own eye, now i remember. etc.

>Resident Evil 2
This covers like 20 years of gaming, holy fug. But you haven't really told us much in terms of genres or things you like to do in a game, so it's gonna be pretty scattered. I'll focus on PC games that you can play on a somewhat crumby laptop, though perhaps not at highest settings for the more demanding ones.
Here's some from the last few years:
Stardew Valley
Pillars of Eternity
Kerbal Space Program
Ori and the Blind Forest
Life is Strange
Divinity: Original Sin
A Hat in Time
Doki Doki Lit Club

And going back a bit further:
Talos Principle
To the Moon
Torchlight 2
Hotline Miami
Spec Ops: The Line
Thomas Was Alone
The Stanley Parable
Papers, Please

Much further back than that and the list would bloat waaaay out (if it hasn't already) since even an oldish laptop could handle most things.

Anonymous 5145

Right now I’m replaying Fractured But Whole. I went and preordered Three Houses yesterday and I’m gonna play that this Friday.

Anonymous 5150

Vaan doesn't ruin the game or anything, but he brings very little to the plot and has pretty much no reason to be there

Anonymous 5151

He's the one who brings everyone together.
It's doubtful Balthier and Ashe would have even met or worked together to work against the Occuria without his influence.

Anonymous 5152

Iirc, Balthier and Ashe meet in the Garamsythe Waterways after Balthier, Fran take Vaan along on their escape from the Rabanastre palace. We can assume that had they not met Vaan (who was out staling the same thing as them) they would have escaped the same way and met Ashe anyways.

And after that small episode, Vaan has no role in keeping the party together (nor does Penelo) since Balthier does it for the payment at first, and then to find out why his father seemingly went mad (thus the Occuria connection), and finally to confront his father, Fran goes along with Balthier, Ashe wants to gather Nethicite to reclaim her kingdom, and Basch goes along with Ashe

Even if Vaan had contributed in a meaningful way to the original meeting (which I don't remember him doing) he could just as easily have been an NPC only present during that small portion of the game, since he has no role in the plot after that.

Although to be fair you can argue that he contributes to Ashe's character development

Anonymous 5153

I found this game in development called Snacko that looks really cute and might be the Animal Crossing for PC and I'm really looking forward to that.
Also found a Pokémon/Terraria mix called Nebulosa, it's very early in development but the art style is very promising.
Found both of them looking through the indiedev hashtag on Twitter and they don't get much attention, however I'm very excited to see them completed and to play them.

Anonymous 5154

I like
>dark souls
>honster hunter world
thank you for comming to my ted-talk

Anonymous 5160

I'm really into open world games rn, just got botw finally and will definitely play the sequel. Oblivion is becoming one of my fave games cause I love putting the main story on hold to explore or mess around. Game I want next is fire emblem three houses, will marry Dimitri hehe

Anonymous 5166

What are some good third-person perspective games with great replayability?

Anonymous 5186

If you like horror games then I would highly suggest Resident Evil 2 Remake. Very replayable imo and you need to finish it in 4 different ways to truly experience what the game has to offer.
I'd say Skyrim and Fallout 4 are playable in 3rd person and have lots of replayability. Just don't fall in the endless loop of modding the games if you happen to play them on PC, trying a mod, then installing another one, start a new game because the mod broke your save file and repeat.
If you don't mind challenging games there's the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.
I also highly recommend the Devil May Cry series, if you haven't tried it already. The special editions of 3 and 4 are very replayable.

That's all I can think of on top of my head atm.

Anonymous 5189

Wanted to buy SMT strange journey but can’t find car keys

Anonymous 5192

You can install CFW on your 3DS and run 3DS/DS games on it without having to leave your house !

And for free too, which is nice

Anonymous 5252

Finally bought a new copy of Doom (2016) after Gamestop fucked me up.
FPS are so fun when they aren't realistic.

Anonymous 5253

The slower FPSs play more like a strategy game than an action game - you think carefully before you act and it can be satisfying to outsmart the enemies and get out of a bad situation. The frantic ones rely on reflexes instead and so it's lot of fun just jumping around and blowing things up. I enjoy both!

Anonymous 5255


I am playing DMC5 and I forgot how much I love Dante and How he makes my heart feel.

Anonymous 5270

Playing Tower of Time atm, a really nice tactical rpg. Event Horizon did a pretty good job on this, the story is outstanding and so is the level design. Check it out! <3

Anonymous 5282

Three Houses was such a disappointment.

Anonymous 5283

Why was it disappointing? Among all the FE entries it doesn't have the best story, graphics, music or gameplay, but it's still fun.

Anonymous 5286

There's a lot of really fun decorating mods to play. My ex really liked this one for magic, but I didn't understand it so I build instead.
I just started up again because Cube World is returning and I got that when it came out.
Serious Sam just teaches you to run backwards.

Anonymous 5292

Playing Final Fantasy VII. Just finished disk 1

Anonymous 5297

Playing Rimworld for a couple of days now… or weeks?

Anonymous 5298

It seems like Final Fantasy is very popular here? Why do you like it so much?

Anonymous 5299

The series is just the first thing you think of with JRPG's, and a lot of the older games are nostalgic to people.
There's a surprising amount of variety of characters/settings in the series though so you can like some without liking all of them.

Anonymous 5342

AeriS and Tifa are 2 of the best written female characters in vidya history.

Anonymous 5351


Anybody with gaming PCs here? I'm looking for a cute smol case and so far this is the best one I've found. would be happy for recommendations

Anonymous 5352

Have you checked out "https://smallformfactor.net/forum/category/custom-cases-projects/"?
They sometimes have manufacturers showcase their latest products in small form factor cases. Some of the big names you can check are DANcase ncase and nfc systems.
I've been thinking about designing my own case in Solidworks.

Anonymous 5354

I prefer Etrian Odyssey personally. The stories in Final Fantasy never captured me too much anyways. EO isn't about story much at all but I think its more fun to make your own characters, like a single player D&D.

Anonymous 5356


I better use some extra cash for buying clothing than fancy pc case.

Noone, besides ones i invite to my house, see pc case anyway and none of those have any idead how differ hdd and memory sticks, anyway.

I use default cheapest case, that suits my motherboard and cooling system.

Anonymous 5366

This is an object that I will be looking at everyday. I want to see something that will make me feel good, not cheap.

Anonymous 5380


> I want to see something that will make me feel good, not cheap.
Zoomers those days…

In my youth all i wanted a black pc case, not standart ibm white one. And w/o keys, so i could easily get hdd and bring it to my friend to share games, videos and pictures.

Anyway, i wish you get the most finest pc case, you ever wanted.

Anonymous 5389

Finished Borderlands 3 a little while ago. Absolutely could not stand the writing by the end of it. Vaguely annoyed that I paid full price for it instead of buying something that might not have pissed me off. Fuck you Randy.

Anonymous 5390

Playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Very cool so far.

Anonymous 5397

How is the writing compared to 2 ? I can't imagine it's possible to do worse

Borderlands 1 had a nice atmosphere, it's a shame the sequels threw it away.

Anonymous 5399


Playing eve online after long quit.

Feels i waste a lot, but i got extra 7 million exp since last logout.

Anonymous 5400

BL0PSEC is recruiting <3

Anonymous 5402


I don't like the cold season that much, but it has one big plus: it's time again for The Long Dark!

Anonymous 5423

Please, no shitstorm, but…
PC or console?

Anonymous 5427

If I had all the money in the world I'd say Why not both? As a kid I used to have all Nintendo consoles, but over the years my PC got more and more important and it was more economic to invest in better hardware. Plus, emulation is fine and works often.
I wish I had the chance to play Breath of the Wild, Red Dead Redemption II or God of War though.

Anonymous 5428


Pc for online games and console for singleplayer leisure in front of tv.

Also, you dont have to upgrade console in any way, so if you're kinda poor, console is better for modern games.

On other side, there is a shitton of old pc games, that could be launched even on microwave those times, so its more about tastes.

Personally I own switch, ps4, 2ds and and pc. And yeah, I got skyrim for pc, ps4 and switch. And yeah, some game got really diffrent gameplay if you play them on controllers and on mouse+keyboard.

Anonymous 5429

Console because it would probably cost like $600 to upgrade my PC to play new games.
I only bought my PS4 with giftcards from online surveys.

Anonymous 5431

Console. If you already use your PC for browsing it is weird to run games on it, because it will deteriorate faster.

Anonymous 5433

>deteriorate faster
wth are you talking about…
That's not how computers work.

Anonymous 5435

Why? Ram, videocards, cpu, they all work that way. Also sames with ssd and almost everything.

Anonymous 5436

citation needed.jp…

>If you already use your PC for browsing it is weird to run games on it, because it will deteriorate faster.

Anonymous 5442

Anonymous 5449


As a computer science student, this physically hurt to read.

Anonymous 5582

Happy Byleth.jpg

Giving this a bump.

>What is/are your game(s) of the year?

>Most memorable game of the decade?
>Least favorite game of the decade?

Anonymous 5682


Recently finished bully,it was pretty good.What do the miners here think of this game?

Anonymous 5688

I loved to play it with my cousins on the PS2. I guess it's time to play it again…

Anonymous 5696

Smash Bros. Ultimate quick play has been making me mad. And my internet has been cutting out.

So I just played Octopath traveler all day.

Anonymous 5712


I just finished To the Moon plus Finding Paradise and had some very emotional moments for specific reasons.
I understand why people are noting the lack of gameplay, but to me they are rare masterpieces made with heart & soul.

Anonymous 5737

Cyberpunk got delayed to September…
I hope it's actually worth it.

Anonymous 5752

Anyone here play Dom 5? Been struggling to find a game.

Anonymous 5759

I haven't played eve online since highschool and now want to get back into eve but I don't know whether I should get a starter pack or buy some PLEX. Can anyone help?

Anonymous 5766

Anyone here play fighting games? I got into them recently and they're really fun, but I don't have anyone I can do casual matches with to improve in a meaningful way.

Anonymous 5802

I've been itching for an MMO, a lot of it probably comes from the fantasy of reliving a certain aspect of when I was a kid and teenager and Maplestory was a sort of social placebo, but I know I couldn't possibly get into it.
For one, MMOs are all but a dead genre and people don't really use them as a social hub anymore, not when they can jerk around in discord or whatever.
And for two, I guess I just got older, between school and work I hardly have the time for something so time consuming as an MMO, and I also can't imagine lighting that flame that was in me when I was a kid and I was in awe of the new areas I would explore.

I'm shocked they never did anything more with this IP, this game was a blast in almost every way.

Anonymous 5818

Warcraft classic can have the classy, childhood vibes of an MMO you're looking for. It can be played casually and be very enjoyable, or you can grind the hell out of it and push. Either way, it's the closest I've gotten to that no-clue-what-I'm-doing-but-still-having fun feeling and having friendly nice, interactive communities.

Anonymous 5822


Rune Factory 4: Special just released. God. The nostalgia's hitting hard. Anyone else playing it?

Anonymous 5825

I'm playing metal gear solid 3 for the first time. It's taking me a long time to get used to the controls and mechanics, I just realized I was supposed to be eating through all this.

Anonymous 5828

lmao yeah and if you don't eat food soon it might spoil so eat it.
Also when you face the extremely old man try not to kill him, he will give you his sniper rifle which fires tranquilizer shots if you sneak up on him and point a gun at him. I think. Or he gives you some cool camo but either way don't kill him.

Also fun fact if you save the game in the fight against him and then turn off your console and don't play for about a week he will die of old age lmao I think it's a very good game for mechanics such as this one but I think the story is stupid and I'm not good at shooting

Anonymous 5832


This game called Virtuaverse is being released in May, I think it might be the first game I buy for pc. I love the art and also I love Victor Love a lot (the musician who made the soundtrack and wrote the story) and I know he makes really hard puzzles so I'm sure it's going to be interesting. The main character seems like a total self insert for him though

Anonymous 5847


>mfw I wanted to add it to my wishlist noticing it is already on my wishlist

Also, I loved Hyper Light Drifter so much I started a second run, ignoring my never-ending pile of shame.

Anonymous 5857

right now im playing hollow knight and breathe of the wild. im looking forward to animal crossing. i played ds and wii as a kid, my first consol i got for myself is a switch

Anonymous 5883

Have any of you played Trails of Cold Steel?
I finished Trails in the Sky trilogy and really enjoyed them so was thinking about picking up CS. But the screenshots I've seen make the game look very harem-y and catered towards an otaku male audience. I liked how in Sky the party was balanced gender-wise and how romance or cute girls was never that much of a focus. The reviews I've seen make the game look good though but they seem to mainly be written by men so I thought I'd ask here.

Anonymous 5889


Anyone wanna play league?

Anonymous 5891

What server do you play on? Add me on disc if NA

Anonymous 5921

But isreal is real good for the goyim!

Anonymous 5970

Hold out for the Crossbell games if totally-not-Persona isn't your thing.

Weirdly enough, even /v/irgins don't care for the harem antics and Rean's black hole protagonist status.

Anonymous 6047

Anyone played Final Fantasy 7 Remake yet? I've her mixed opinions about it and I'm not sure if I should.
If I'm a huge Cloud and Tifa shipper will I be upset?

Anonymous 6048

I'm just watching various Let's Plays. I don't think you'll be upset, they have cute moments here and there and everybody looks hot in the game. It really made me fall in love with the characters again. Cloud+Aerith have quite a few moments too and there are other characters hitting on Cloud as well.

However, I'm quite critical about some parts of the game, especially the last few chapters.

Anonymous 6176

>and there are other characters hitting on Cloud as well
Let me guess, Jessie?

Anonymous 6186


Point&Click plus Cyberpunk!
<3 it so far.

Anonymous 6187

Yay! I wanted to buy it too but I'm afraid to put my credit card number on Steam. I love Victor Love/Master Boot Record. If you like the music I have to recommend his other projects too (they are a bit different though, MBR is the most similar to music from the game): Keygen Church, Hacking the Wave, Epochate, Dope Stars Inc.

Anonymous 6189

I was already looking for the OST and found Master Boot Records on bandcamp, nice stuff.
Thank you anon for your other recommendations. :)

Anonymous 6191

Does anyone here play Fortnite? I’m almost ashamed to admit this, lol

Anonymous 6203

I've been playing Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 1 during quarantine. I've played New Vegas too many times..

Anonymous 6214


Is anyone familiar with the original P.F. Magic Petz games from the late 90s/early 2000s? Dogz/Catz 3, 4, 5, etc. The first one I played was Catz 3 which was included in a "Games for Girls" 3-pack my parents bought me lmao.

I spent hours playing these as a kid and I go back to them periodically ever since. They're very simple but they had a really interesting online modding community and the art/animation style is so unique and fascinating. The breeding mechanics are also surprisingly deep. In my opinion they're gorgeous games that were ahead of their time, and I've never played another pet sim that came close to how enjoyable they are.

Anonymous 6216



You can buy a CD from Amazon or Ebay or… there might be somewhere online to find it that's less intensive than this, but this is where I got my copy: http://homebody.eu/carolyn/downloabx/p5backup.htm

You don't need to do the regedit stuff she mentions cos you're not reinstalling the game. The instructions might look a little intimidating but it's a free and (I assume) safe copy. I hope you can get it to work :)

Here's a really useful tool for the game that lets you do godmode stuff like insta-breed pets, sex change, set age/hunger/other stats, etc:

Anonymous 6217


Also if you use this method keep in mind you have to mount the ISO file every time you run the game (right click -> Mount once you install virtual CD software like Daemon Tools or similar). The game won't run if it doesn't think the CD is in. I had an issue with this before I figured out what was wrong.

Anonymous 6223


To pass time during quarantine, I've been revisiting old DS games that I loved as a child. I bought Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Under the Knife 2 a while ago and have been playing them daily, along with Pokemon X. Last night I ordered Mario Party DS and it should arrive within a week. The last time I played any of these games, I was eight years old had a pink DS Lite. It's crazy how time flies.

Oh, and Victor is very handsome.

Anonymous 6377


Friendly reminder that steam sale is starting SOON!

Anonymous 6431

the only rockstar game i've ever really enjoyed

Anonymous 6432

Fave games:
Yume Nikki
Silent Hill 2
Cave Story
Pokemon Crystal & Emerald
Final Fantasy 9
Yoshi's Island
Shadow of the Colossus
Mario Sunshine

I have a huge backlog of games i want to play since I tend to just emulate older games on my pc.

Anonymous 6439

Silent Hill 2 incarnates art in its totality.

Anonymous 6614

>Best games of 2019
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Devil May Cry 5
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

>Most memorable game of the decade:

Zelda: Skyward Sword
Games not bad. F the haters. Some of the best music, dungeons, and bosses the series has ever had. Surprised me.

>Least memorable game of the decade:

Zelda: Breath of the Wild
This surprised me too, not in a good way. With Zelda going open world i thought they could do so much with it…but i didn't get any feels like i did with SS, or any other Zelda game for that matter. Hopefully they get it right next time, was not a fan.

Anonymous 6646


Rune factory 4 is insanely fun, trying to marry this catman at the moment.

Anonymous 6647

I loved his story. It's a great game. Are you playing it on the switch or 3ds?

Anonymous 6706


On the switch! I'm still trying to trigger this guy's marriage event at the moment, I've completed the story and got him to over 10 hearts and done the day in Leon's life event.

Anonymous 6862


tfw you'll never be able to play it

Why are you doing this to me Epic? To us? To mankind? ;_;

Anonymous 6887

i'm playing this game on the 3ds because of your post :)

Anonymous 6897


That's great anon! Let me know how you find it. Also we have a kid now!

Anonymous 6907

Cute :)

i like it a lot even though i found stardew valley really boring. I like how everyone says hello when you walk past them, and my favorite part is throwing stuff. i like that you can weaponize items that are normally only bad for the player and throw them at enemies. Thanks to my boy Vishnal for the disastrous dish. it's a very cozy game. I was going to ask out Dylas on my first year but forgot to give him a cookie somehow on vday. Now I'm going through winter.

Anonymous 6910


Yeah it's a really neat game with a very deep crafting system, plus it's really nice how all the townsfolk say different things every day. I really like the storyline stuff as well. I can't wait for rune factory 5.

Anonymous 6999

The new Warframe update made me realize how weak I am to dumbass robots. Cute little mining bot.

Anonymous 7013

Anyone care for the mario collection thing that's gonna be on switch next month?

Anonymous 7256

Beat Trials of Mana on Switch. Now I'm playing through Gotcha Force on Gamecube. I highly recommend that game it is very comfy and nothing but pure gameplay and shoot em up goodness.

Any Mega Man fans? My favorites are X3 and X4.

Anonymous 8383


Ah I just watched the recent direct, I absolutely can't wait for rune factory 5. The new characters all look really cute especially the new female protagonist.

Anonymous 8384

I used to watch Petz sites and wished I could have the game, but all my family could afford was Babyz and I was extremely happy with that. I used to play with that shit for hours.

Modding was surprisingly easy and a good intro for coding/programming work.

Anonymous 8385

Oh and I spent an obscene amount of time hunting the early web for clothes. The rise of pacifiers was truly a time to be on the internet.

Anonymous 8393

How was Trials of Mana? Did you play the SNES version? I started it a few times and never finished it (despite playing through SOM a million times) and the generic 3D graphics of the remake don't appeal to me, but I'm still on the fence about buying it

Anonymous 12539


I cannot stop play 13 Sentinels. It's so good, I love it. It's heavily story driven. I'm almost done playing the game. I live vanillawear games and try to play them all. Odin's Sphere is still my favorite.

Anonymous 12551

god i'd kill for a switch port

Anonymous 13439


Anyone getting into Genshin Impact hype?

Anonymous 13867

It was ok, it is a good game to keep my mind off problems or anxiety while covid passes away.

Anonymous 14213

I have very strong opinions of this game that I’ll type later when I’m on a laptop. I haven’t even played it but I have 350 hours in Breath of the Wild, and I’ve watched some letsplays of GI. The whole game feels like everything wrong with China and Chinese youth culture. It’s a ripoff of a masterpiece down to the mechanics (stamina, gliding, shrines and towers), enemies (blue slimes, bokoblin camps holding wooden bats and an archer on a platform), and the whole concept. A rip-off alone would be tolerable because it’s free and you could pass it off as a homage, yet the Chinese have stuffed it full with the most obnoxious weaboo uwu pandering aesthetics humanly manageable. It looks like every female character is a cutesy shrill voiced saccharine pixie who flashes her panties and white stockings at the neotenous bland male hero templates.

I don’t want to sound racist (I literally am Asian) but Chinese weebness and culture of stealing other peoples IPs pisses me off so much. Like it makes it harder for other Chinese people who want to make honest work and original art because no one takes our country / ethnicity seriously because you convinced them we’re all scammers and plagiarizers.

Anonymous 14346

I'm playing through Mother 3 on an emulator. I'm absolutely loving it! The music is fantastic and interactive for combat, the story is engaging and similtaneously cute, funny and sad (the humour I can't compare to anything other than Earthbound), and the art is very detailed for a GBA game.
However, I can't read moonrunes, so it was a pain for someone with little tech know-how to apply the English fan translation. Absolutely worth it though!

Anonymous 17075

I beat Mother 3 in a few days and it was an amazing experience, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
My friends started playing it so I gave it a shot too. It's okay I guess, it's your typical gacha with how most things are time-gated and advancing costs money unless you want to grind what little you can without it.

Anonymous 17104


has anyone been playing hades? i'm in love with the characters.

Anonymous 17106

Anybody here play Grow Home? Or better yet Grow Up?

Anonymous 17107

I've completed like 70 runs and I still can't get the epilogue it's driving me mad

Chaos is my favourite of the cast

Anonymous 17124

Civilization has always been the game series I've played consistently, I only take breaks when I am playing something new. But I am looking forward to trying the new Humankind game.

I've also been replaying Enter the Gungeon.

Anonymous 17131


I can't fucking put it down. 52 runs and counting.
Dusa is my favorite, she's adorable and so hardworking and I'm happy Zag gets to give her a bit of a break.

Anonymous 17134

I plan on getting it when it goes on sale. Open world free-realm exploration sounds fun. I assume you would recommend it?

Anonymous 17212


>buy games
Download qbitorrent, and all games for free.

Anonymous 17214

Skidrow website has more games.

Anonymous 17216

I fairly just started gaming
Playing Dead by Daylight rn
I want to play Phasmophobia someday
Getting a nintendo switch for Christmas so I'm also looking forward to that

Is anyone interested in playing DBD with me? I'm fairly new so atm rank 16 I live in Asia so ping may be high :/ Just really want to play DBD with someone and make friends bc I don't have any

I could reply with my Discord if anybody is interested :3

Anonymous 17217

My PC isn't good enough to play new games.
It would cost the same to upgrade it as to buy a PS5 but with more hassle dealing with the OS.

Anonymous 17219

Sure. Post discord user just block any lurking moid that might add you because keep in mind this a public space & anyone could see your account name keep your personal messages to friends only I guess if it ever gets annoying one day.

Anonymous 17222

Yeah I understand. I'm posting my alt discord account so it'll be alright I suppose.
If anybody wants to play DBD with a noob in Asia or anyone who just wants friendship add me :D


Anonymous 17223



I recommended Dionysus boons for stacked damage over time. Also the mirror trait that increases damage for 2+ status effects. Unless you mean "end game" story then I'm not there yet. Ganbatte!

Aww, Dusa is one of my faves too!

Anonymous 17254

I mean the "end end game" epilogue. I dont think I've lost a run after getting my first clear, and my streak is at 60 something.

Anonymous 17343

gdi Crow(Uldren) is so cute. I love gap moe.

Anonymous 17355

I'm very excited for OMORI!
Finally coming out this month and it looks beautiful.

Anonymous 17498


anyone hype for rune factory 5 and the new story of seasons next year?

Anonymous 17526


I'm replaying Mount and Blade and it's remembering it's so good! It's been so long since a game ran so smooth on my potato laptop. You guys should play it too!

What game is this? Looks cool.

Anonymous 17529

Iznt That game harder if you play as a woman because moids underestimate you? (realiztic tbh).

Anonymous 17552

the upcoming rune factory 5

Anonymous 17553


Anyone played Bloodstained? What I'm in for?

I like well designed girl protagonists. Not a huge fan of Lucina or Corrin I like them more edgy.

Anonymous 17560


Yes, if you choose to be female you can't be given castles or fiefs from a king or lord because he doesn't want to be called a simp and bullied by their lord friends. But that just means you have to take everything by force and if you don't want to do that you can always make a male power fantasy character and wield a massive hammer as I sometimes do.

Anonymous 17565

I thought that was a qt raven haired man. But yeah I'm going to look into Mount&Blade both games the old one and M&BII.

Anonymous 17590


Everyone that owns a computer should playthrough Deus Ex (2000) at least once in their life.

It was made in the year 2000 as sci-fi dystopian RPG set in the 2050's where terrorists destroyed the statue of liberty which caused a "War on Terror" and many think the government destroyed the statue in order to justify increased globalization. There's also a disease going around that seems to only effect poor people. Basically what I'm getting at is that this game predicted 9/11, the Patriot Act, the War on Terror, and even COVID if you're schizo enough.

The gameplay is not so bad either. It's level design can only be described as 'thick', where there are so many nooks and crannies that miss on your first playthrough that you are shocked when you discover an entire nightclub underneath a map you though you knew like the back of your hand. The game also surprises you allowing you to kill key characters and not break the game. Also, characters will actually comment on your actions, like when one of your colleagues gets pissed at you for not rescuing him. The only fault it has is that the gunplay can feel a little slow at the beginning, especially when you don't have the right skills or mods.

But probably the most iconic part of Deus Ex is the playable character and pic-related, JC Denton. His character and way of delivering lines treads a strangely smooth line of autism and badassry. Words can't really describe him accurately, you kind of have to see it to understand:
I used have a huge crush on him when I was young and I still gush about him time to time, I even cosplayed as him when I was 15, but we don't talk about that.

But yeah, that's my essay on why Deus Ex (2000) is great. If I didn't convince you to play this game here's a short humorous review that accurately says what I'm saying:

Anonymous 17592


i just started playing dark souls and it's pretty fun. do other girls actually play it or is it all just trannies and men?

Anonymous 17593

I finished that game around 2015 then I beat the other ones. It's not a hard game, it's a "hard game" to get into because you need to learn what the numbers in the status screen do guess not many people press the Select button to read… Once you know what everything does it's just a game about spamming light attacks and rolling back with timing.

Anonymous 17594

NTA but that was nice to read, I've been thinking about playing it but was held back by its reputation of being very hard to play. Might try it now!

Anonymous 17595

They are fun. If you are too lazy to take your time to read in a safe area then watch a tutorial video in YouTube. People will always tell you to pick the Knight starting out but go for Bandit or another highly physical class, armors dont matter since you find all the game fashion on the floor as you explore the levels.

And pick the Master Key as starting gift.

Anonymous 17596

spiral leaves.jpg

I love playing Skyrim so much. I have a special "fireplace" scented candle that I burn while I play; it makes me feel cozy and immersed in the world.

Right now I'm on Solstheim breaking up an assassination plot and it's a lot of fun. I have a lady orc follower and she is v badass.

Anonymous 17599

Yes and no.
In early game as you just become a lord (or lady, I suppose) you don't get a fief because the king's all "lol the others would say I'm a simp", so you start out at an economic disadvantage, as soon as you do get a fief it plays pretty much the same.
On the other hand playing a woman means you can marry one of the lords, so instead of getting somewhat of an opinion boost from your wife's family members you get a lord leading his own armies who's always on your side, which is great for when you start your own kingdom.
Also marrying the lords is easier, with the ladies you have to get her to accept, get her dad to accept and pay him out the ass, with lords it's just "lmao wanna marry" and they say yes just like that.
So it's an early game advantage vs a late game advantage, and that late game advantage blows the fuck out of the early game advantage.

Anonymous 17601

Post character.

Anonymous 17654

There's rumors of The Great Ace Attorney being localized for console. I'm really happy I can finally play this game

Anonymous 17660

you mean the switch?

Anonymous 17661

switch and ps4 but I could be wrong,

Anonymous 17668

Deus Ex is amazing. Another Western RPG that which is as good is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Even if you hate Star Wars you should play it, I believe it was perhaps the single most important RPG of its time and unlike many other games you can play as a female.

Anonymous 17737

What’s everyone’s favourite switch games? I’m getting one for my birthday on Tuesday and I need things to play!

Anonymous 17741


Deus Ex is probably the best candidate for 'greatest game of all time'. Which kinda sucks since it came out 20 years ago and nothing has surpassed it since.

Anonymous 17745

animal crossing, story of seasons and fire emblem i recommend!

Anonymous 17758

Playing 2077 has really made me miss the 'simple' threat of the Illuminati. I love that Deus Ex is so obviously conspiracy theory that it's sort of funny, but a lot of the stuff in Cyberpunk is stuff that feels a little too close to home and it's just depressing.

Anonymous 17761

There's a lot of good games on the switch, what kinds of games are you into and what do you already have?

Anonymous 17769


Sea of Thieves is 1 dollar on the Microsoft store after you buy the xbox gamepass, they give you that game for free to play with friends, really good game in a team of 3 or more.

You can cancel the microsoft game pass after you download the game so you dont get charges after April.

Anonymous 17770


anyone else really into rhythm games? i love them but i feel like i just play the same ones. if anyone has some recs i would appreciate (besides dance games like just dance or ddr, etc)

Anonymous 17771

i hate rhythm games… EXCEPT rhythm heaven. the designs are so cute, the music's catchy, and i like just closing my eyes and still acing a perfect. no other game comes close

Anonymous 17772


anon i have so much respect for you right now. not only are you passionate about a game i love, too, but youre selling the hell out of it.
>It's level design can only be described as 'thick', where there are so many nooks and crannies that miss on your first playthrough
absolutely. i replay this game yearly and there's ALWAYS new stuff i'm discovering and i love it. same for human revolution and mankind divided, too
i hope i run into one day so we can talk funny conspiracy video game

Anonymous 17774

yes! i love rh. what’s your favorite minigame

Anonymous 17775

pekepekepeke desuka? Humh! pekepekepeke desuka? Humh!
Hee sugoi desu ne! WUUAAAH!

That one because it's funny.

Anonymous 17777


A little old but Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan is really good! I also recommend Pop'n Music.

Those might be a little less accessible, but Love Live is fun as well in terms of mechanics, and for games that are not a gacha I really like the Persona Dancing games! You don't need to have played the persona games to enjoy the dancing games.

Anonymous 17787


that one is good, my favorite might be karate man 2 cause i like the music
>elite beat agents
ohh i’ve been meaning to play eba, i still have my ds so maybe i’ll give it a try.
>pop'n music
i love the music and art so much but there are so many games in the series i dont know which to start with. i heard there’s one on pc coming out
>love live & persona
played the first one when i was younger, it was fun but i ended up deleting cause it took up too much space. im tempted with p5 cause i know there’s a miku dlc and what i play now is project diva

Anonymous 17790


anyone play whiteday? it's a decent spooky story and the characters are cute.

Anonymous 17799

definitely munchy monk 2. oh my god that one's so fun and enthusiastic. karate man 2 is great, too–all of the karate man games are!

Anonymous 17802

video games are gay lmao

Anonymous 17804

p95fj08w1a651 (1).…

YUSS i love the look of this game but I am on a second hand 2006 laptop so it's not going to happen :( is it one of those short games? (not taking much time to play)
>>17802 yes they're gay but only if you're playing over 25. They're a nice escappe

Anonymous 17805


I got addicted to DayZ recently but I have to share it, so watch each other play

It's basically an online survival sandbox where your enemies are cold, starvation, diseases, other players, and zombies. Eastern Europe apocalypse setting.

PLS if anyone else if playing can you mention? Because we could be on the same server and play a game :)

Anonymous 17806

I'm extremely into FFXIV right now, I like collecting pets.

Anonymous 17810

it seems boring to play but i like to watch

Anonymous 17811


Highly recommended for those who seek a beautiful, cozy & story rich platformer game. Lots of love has been put into it.

Anonymous 17828

What characters did you all play on WoW?
1. First character was a Blood Elf (yes, I know) paladin, because I loved the idea of being a beautiful knight. I was terrible at it though, I wanted to heal but I think I had specced into Ret or something. Left her at level 30 or something
2. Human priest. So I wanted to keep healing, so went for a Priest, and went Alliance because I had a bad time with Horde. It went better, but it really wasn't what I was after in terms of playstyle, plus it took ages to level (this was early BC).
3. What eventually became my main for 5 years, a tauren shaman. God, I loved playing her so much, I will never forget leveling though Mulgore the first time. It was even better because I was on an RP server where everyone was so nice. Found a nice guild, learned the game "properly", and ended up going Resto for raiding. We did quite well considering it was an RP server. A great time.
4. I had a few alts throughout, but the only one two that I really invested in were a Belf priest and a Dranei shaman, both of which I never really took interest in.

Anonymous 17829

Play Overwatch if you love supporting, the supports there are gods.

Anonymous 17879


Excited about Nier 1.22! I can't wait to play as shota Nier.

Anonymous 17925


anyone else hype for splatoon 3?

Anonymous 17927


Anonymous 17931

Yesssss I can't wait!

Anonymous 17932


i loved omori

Anonymous 17937

Do you know good games that run well on laptops?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Anonymous 17939

Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 3
Genshin Impact
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time / Majoras Mask in emulators
League of Legends

All those should work just fine in your laptop. What video card you have? does it even say on the stickers that come when you open the laptop? It should have some stickers on the right side opened up.

Anonymous 17944


integrated Intel HD 520

Totally forgot about emulators, good idea anon.

Anonymous 17945

It can run decent stuff. Most new games are garbage anyway not gonna lie. Games this days that sell graphics always flop because the gemeplay couldn't keep up with the hype. Fallout New Vegas is going to keep you entertained for a long time and you can add mods to it by going to the nexusmods website and using the vortex software they got but don't add too many just the ones that really make the experience more fun.

You can possibly run Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2. Even in their remastered editions.


I think that you can even run VRChat for social interaction when REALLY bored.

Anonymous 17956


Is it shallow of me that I wished that they kept the ability to play as either male or female Omori/Sunny? I know it barely affects the plot at all but I still would prefer it anyways for my own personal immersion's sake. Makes me wish there was a mod for it.

I know Yume Nikki and all its copycats already covered the whole "shut-in girl" thing, but I really liked the themes in Omori that he had a chance at normal friendships even if it was all ruined. That's very different from YN's total isolation. A game where you are either a mentally lost hiki or try to accept the burdens of reality while living out your cutesy pastel dreams.

It's nice that Omori is a cute shut-in boy even though actual shut-in moids are disgusting in their pigfilth and honestly manage to amaze humanity with just how low they can sink. The Lisa games are more honest about the nature of shut-in males than Omori.

Anonymous 17957

I am but my goodness, 2022's quite a ways off. Hope it's worth the wait! Maybe they'll tease something in Splatoon 2 before they transition to Splatoon 3 since it's still on the same console.

Anonymous 17961

anyone else in love w/ the new giant Stardew Valley update for PC recently? It got me back into it and I learned how to use Nexus to install mods after my bf told me to look into it (most fun thing ever IMO), and it was so worth.
Mod recs: Tractor mod, Stardew Aquarium, and Bigger backpack [these req other mods to run btw]

Anonymous 17962

I just finished Cyberpunk 2077 and man, none of the endings really felt that satisfying at all. I don't really know what I was expecting after most of the game being kinda depressing, but damn.

Anonymous 17976

I'm playing SW4 right now.
Samurai Warriors 5 is supposed to come out this year but I don't have consoles and I can't run yuzu that well :(

Anonymous 18019

man 2020 went by in a flash, i feel like this year will likely be the same

Anonymous 18033

anyone have recs for a game like dcss? i like dcss because it's a game you can just open and play consistently instead of just finish and replay. it also stimulates my imagination which is good.

i played m&b warband but i'm really bad at it. stardew valley is super boring. games like minecraft are too sandboxy. if i can natively run it on linux all the better but not really required.

Anonymous 18035

I think the ending where Johnny gives all his rockstar stuff away and just leaves is the most wholesome ending. Like as if he overcame himself.

Anonymous 18036


>anyone have recs for a game like dcss?
Unreal World is free on their main website. I'd recommend you to start as the Seal Tribe since they usually start with fishing equipment or the Dirk-somethings Tribe since they start with good weapons. Either way you can do the tutorial which gives you survival equipment for free anyway.

The fishing rod is the most essential since you can eat forever, and for some reason in that game you can drink water from any source since its based on Finland which supposedly has very unsalted oceans for some reason.

Anonymous 18069


I've recently played cyberpunk, greedfall and currently finishing kingdom come deliverance. All of them enjoyable games. I'm looking forward to the new dragon age & mass effect the most as well as cyberpunk new content. When I'm done with kcd I'm planning to play pathfinder kingmaker.

Anonymous 23874

anyone up for some minecraft?
I'm playing on a server, the IP is mc.chimpout.club:25600

Anonymous 23875

Oh I'd like to. Should one just join randomly and that's all?

Anonymous 23880

yeah feel free!

Anonymous 23889

is this even safe though? there's a lot of hackers in MC now and probably most that joined it are males.

Anonymous 24427

The Greggest.png

Hi Gregsisters!!!!

Finally reached level 180 on Greg, he is now not only my LOVE, but also the STRONGEST knight to ever grace the land.
We should start a petition to make the King's Choice devs give him more attention. He NEEDS to be added to the lover pool and I NEED his kids.
Unironically though, does anybody else even play this game. If so, who is your favourite character?
For me it's obviously Greg, because he is the one who is the most loyal and always tries to protect his Princess.

You should also consider, that he is extremely hot and attractive. Just check picrel.
(Pls don't delete I am just trying to make fun of my sister that is lurking here and playing this shitty mobage)

Anonymous 24491


Are you going to play Overmeme 2? Are they changing it a lot?

Anonymous 24514

Won’t it cost the same as the first overwatch?

Anonymous 24515

I believe it's cheaper for the original Overwatch owners.

Anonymous 24552

They’re not changing things much just adding a new mode and changing team composition idk if im going to buy overwatch 2. The ping for overwatch 1 was atrocious for me.

Anonymous 24553

Anonymous 24617

I recently rediscovered TERA thanks to the servers dying and tried out that Menma one. I forgot how addictive this game was.

Anonymous 24625


>I used have a huge crush on him when I was young and I still gush about him time to time, I even cosplayed as him when I was 15, but we don't talk about that.
Please tell us.

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