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Hater Thread Anonymous 30199

Post about media you hate i.e. books, movies, anime that you dropped (or finished) and why you hated it.

Anonymous 30201


Miraculous Ladybug.
>Marinette is a goddamn creep
>Seriously. She invaded Adrien's personal space so many times, and sabotaged a lot of shit just to smell his ass. She is not a good friend to Kagami, AFAIK.
>Marinette's creepiness and possessiveness over Adrien are ridiculous because it's not like he even knew she liked him
>the show's "will they, wont they" device with Marinette and Adrien's relationship dragged on for so fucking long, I had enough and quit the show a while ago.
>in the episode of Chat Blanc, how tf did Adrien deduce that Ladybug is Marinette, when just the episode before, Marinette used powers to convince him that she and Ladybug were two different people?
>what the show did to Chloe's character development was shitty
>Alya's character is emptier than a bag of Lay's chips. At this point, Alya is whatever Marinette is at the moment. If Marinette thinks XYZ, Alya will think the same. If Marinette does XYZ, Alya will support her or do the same. She's written less like a character of her own, and more like a puppet.
>show can't seem to stay consistent with how much Gabriel cares about Adrien
>speaking of Gabriel, how tf did he not figure out that Cat Noir is Adrien a long time ago? Even for a kid's show, it's stupid that not even Marinette's parents can identify their only daughter wearing a domino mask, and a skin-tight suit when Marinette isn't even using a fake voice.
>show wastes our time with the first two seasons because approximately every single episode in those seasons are basically the same.
>show's creator self-inserts his life into the show way too much, and pretty much based Marinette's family, including Marinette herself, on his past relationship with his ex. IMO that's childish.
Decided to repost this because of a dumb typo. Sorry about that btw.

Anonymous 30203

Anything with superheros in it. I'm so fucking tired of hearing about these movies. Movies are shit now. I won't watch anything now if it's a tent pole remake. Sick to death of remakes and superheros blah blah blah good god just get good creatives and stop making rehashed crap.

Anonymous 30206

You take children's garbage too seriously

Cannot believe you wrote this much about a faggy 3d animation

Anonymous 30207

The thread is for hating media. Well, there you go. I don't like Miraculous Ladybug.

Anonymous 30209


holy fucking shit I hate saya no uta. I always think I'm the insane one when I say why I don't like it, because moids and scrotes get on my ass and say "well ACKSHULLY, it's philosophical! it's a game that makes you think!! it's a terrifying horror game!!" fuck NO it's not, it's literally a fucking loli porn nukige.

while I did like the horror parts of saya no uta, they focused way too much on the fucking loli sex, and the game is around 4-5 hours as well, which isn't enough to develop the characters. If I remember correctly also, moids got pissed at a russian who wanted to remake saya no uta, because he aged up the main character.
I kinda want to cut the game some slack because it is 20 years old or so, and it's basically a very experimental one. But I also hate how people give it so much praise and think it's one of the best VNs of all time. No it's fucking not, it's like watching shitty porn. I love VNs and playing this game made me not want to touch VNs for a while.

Anonymous 30210

if anything i'm surprised eroge/nukige from the era of "let's make erotic games with decent plot and characterization" ended up as like a holy grail of VNs. it's still porn at the end of the day.
scrotes need to realize not everyone is going to like a porn game but that's asking for a lot from them.

Anonymous 30211

I also fucking hate it. It's just loli porn. Disgusting.

Anonymous 30213

one piece is the epitome of everything i hate about anime

Anonymous 30215

Could I ask you to elabore a bit? I'm curious on why One Piece in particular.

Anonymous 30218

Somehow I don’t remember anything about loliporn when I was reading it, I remember it as a slightly detective psychological thriller with a schizo protag
I think my brain just ignored and filtered all weird sex stuff I am sure were there

Anonymous 30219

I dropped that bunny girl senpai anime like 3 or 4 episodes in. it's been awhile since I watched but I remember the characters being so boring and soulless. like just very generic and unlikeable with nothing redeeming about them. the moid mc in particular felt like a shitty self insert to me. it also gave me the feeling it was going to turn into a harem anime if I were to keep watching, and for some reason the interactions between the male mc and his little sister felt off to me. the artist of the light novel which the anime is based off of has made a ton of hentai, a lot of which features underaged girls, so I'm glad I dropped the anime even though I don't think he had much involvement.

Anonymous 30220

I hate anything battle shounen (even if they’d call it seinen) and I hate how anime equals battle shounen
nayrt, but since relevant to my post: for me it’s hyper and dumb - overemphasises any emotion, any event, too much drama I don’t believe a bit - I know it’s because it’s for kids and they don’t know subtle, I guess, but adults praise it too
Also various body types for male characters and one universal for female characters, haha classic

Anonymous 30225

There was a censored version released, iirc, but the most common versions of the game include the porn.

There's still really weird shit like one of the MC's friends being turned into a sex slave that sucks him off while he talks to his friend on the phone, and the whole thing where the alien race Saya belongs to "needs human semen to survive", or some shit like that. So even if you take away the sex scenes, it's still pretty ingrained into the plot.

Anonymous 30230

Saya is literally drawn and made to act like a child and the protag fucks her. Get a grip.

Anonymous 30243

Looked it up and ready the summary on wikipedia. For the first half I was like "what's so bad about this?" and then I kept reading. Who the fuck actually likes this shit?

Anonymous 30255

Saya is one of the most overrated things of all time. What I dislike is how the story itself and so many of it's fans try to make it seem deeper and darker than it actually is. I think it's a very basic story but so many people make it out to be this totally unique and amazing experience that it just is not. I think you have to be easily impressed or a little dim in the head to really like it.

Anonymous 30267


Annoying and dumb.

Anonymous 30353

>She invaded Adrien's personal space so many times
Idk, sounds based.

Anonymous 30370

I like the concept of fuminori vision and saya being an eldritch abomination who only he can see and who kind off "saves" him. I do agree that the sexual aspect is too much. I like the disturbing factor of fuminori's vision but I don't think all the sex scenes ( rape and mind breaking of yoh ) were at all necessary for shock factor. However the detective lady was an underrated girlboss !
It is one of the most effed up things I've read but I enjoy the creativity of it, it takes alot to disturb me
I do agree that it definitely isn't for beginners, it made me take a big break of VNs for some time. Just because it's a short story doesnt mean it's beginner friendly

Anonymous 30376

The ace attorney anime is so awful I could only stomach the episodes with the anime exclusive cases and even they were so bad. NONE of the charm and class of the original.

Anonymous 30377

Exactly. Most of the animation is crap too and I don't think they used music from the games (maybe they couldn't due to copyright reasons??)
I had been waiting YEARS for an AA anime and when it finally dropped it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life as a fan

Anonymous 30763


What's upsetting about miraculos is that it has so much potential, like the miraculous and their history, Gabriel's relationship with Adrien, the dynamic within the characters, Adrien and Felix being sentimonsters, it was all there for an awesome series to arise.
The love square is an actual creative and original idea yet it's wasted on this show, I hate it so much but the fandom is full of extremely creative people that do awesome content.

Anonymous 30764


every miraculous episode

Anonymous 30768


I jus' don't like any of it..

I also didn't enjoy LOTR but I could kinda get into the Hobbit movies.

Anonymous 30776

All the star wars movies are so cheesy to me.

Anonymous 30778


The Final Fantasy series is so hit or miss for me…

Anonymous 30779

I mean, with a franchise with such a myraid of entries, is it really surprising that you end up disliking a bunch of them?
Even the most hardcore FF fans have THOSE games that they hate. FF8 is a popular one in this regard since it was always considered a black stain in the middle of the perfect streak from IV to X.

Anonymous 30780

I just don't get it. Why put them under the same franchise title if there is hardly any overlap between the games?

Anonymous 30781

Most fantasy anime sucks. It usually devolves into an incel harem fantasy with weird rape or pedo vibes. The worst aspect is the slave girl that falls in love with the male protagonist. Whenever there's a strong female character with an actual personality. They usually get captured or almost raped by some antagonist. Only to be saved and added to the male protagonists harem.

Anonymous 30784

Shared gameplay and mechanics, recurring elements, reused enemies, brand recognition. Also the trend started back in the NES era probably due to the closeness in release dates and it stuck around like with many other titles like Dragon Quest or Megaman.

Anonymous 30785


I'm so fucking tired of FNAF shit everywhere.
It's so annoying, i'm sick of it. You open youtube with no cookies and from the get-go you get fnafshit shoveled down your throat

Anonymous 30786

i cant relate, most of my recommendations are redpoop and saturated DIY videos. you shouldnt clicked on that fnaf video 3 yrs ago

Anonymous 30787

Idk what ur watching but I dont get that shit in my recommended

Anonymous 30800

Any medieval fantasy. I hate how this setting is so popular.

Anonymous 30846

I hate most media in general because it'll always be better than what my life has been, what my life continues to be, and ultimately what my life will end up being.

Anonymous 30855

the music is like crack but this is true. Tired of fnaf

Anonymous 30856

This isn't the vent thread

Anonymous 30872

I hate Gantz for the way they portray female characters. I was disgusted with just how misogynistic the manga/anime was. They're not interesting or useful, they're only there for the shitty coomer moid characters/readers. I still read a lot of Gantz because I thought it was interesting but the misogyny bothered me a lot and tbh, I thought all of the characters were shit and didn't give af about any of them. I hope the manga artist gets ball cancer for being a sexist pig

Anonymous 30873

Screen Shot 2023-0…

That is par the course for seinen manga. Still, Izumi best boy.

Anonymous 30874

Post-2010 anime is utter shite. It’s all shonen big 3 ripoff crap.

I hate AOT, MHA, Demon Slayer, Hunter x Hunter. They all seem kinda content mill-y to me.

I started watching anime when I was a child in the early 2000’s. The genres of each show were so much more diverse, the plots had so much more substance and meaning, and the art was so much more detailed. I used to get so excited when I met a fellow anime fan because I had someone to talk about my interests with.

Now, whenever I meet an anime fan, they like all the modern shonen BS that I don’t watch, so I might as well not even bother seeking out other anime fans. These shows are also far more palatable to normies, so the demographic who consumes anime has completely changed. Whenever I try to show them older shows, they are completely disinterested. It makes me pretty sad because I wish I had IRL friends to share my interests with /:

Anonymous 30875

You are aware HxH is way older than that, right? Also most mainstream anime has always been shonen battle manga and the "big three" are all DBZ wannabes themselves, just like those shows that came after.
You have to dig a bit deeper if you want to talk about other types of anime, but mainly you'd want to talk about manga since there's much more variety there (like it has always been).

Anonymous 30888

Yeah, Izumi is such a qt

Anonymous 30897


I feel the same. Life's shit, just want Ai Yazawa to come back…

Anonymous 30905


What about media you used to dislike, but now you don't mind or even like?
As a Colombian, I grew up with reggaeton everywhere and despised it a lot. But now it's something I don't mind, in fact some tracks are really groovy.

Anonymous 30906

I hate Stardew Valley. It took a lot of effort, and I can respect that but it's a shitty Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons clone that mixed some Rune Factory in. The sprite art is so unappealing, and the fans are obnoxious.

Anonymous 30907

Made in abyss is creepy lolifag torture and body horror porn. Lil furry rabbit girl gets so fucking horny and it's gross. They're all like 8 years old

Anonymous 30909


I hate hazbin/helluva boss. I followed the creator years ago because I thought her art was striking, not necesarily good but I liked it enough to be curious what could be done with it animated. It's sad to me seeing how mismanaged it's been. She got the show she worked on for years in development hell and fired the friends that made her original pilot posible. Then all the episodes of the other show she made shows how her team just doesn't have the chops to carry a show because it's just no fun, all the episodes feel like they animated a first draft where characters just play to their schticks and go through the motions with something kind of like a joke but feels like no thought is put into actually being funny. But what actually pushes me to actually hate all of it it's the fanbase blindly consuming any crap that they churn out leading to all of it never improving and just keep sinking until it just all collapses on itself when hazbin finally releases not being good at all or the bulk of the fanbase stops being teenagers and move on the something else to base their personalities on.

Anonymous 30922

Any novel written by Henry James. Every time I try I end up dropping it after 1-2 chapters no matter which one it is. The fucker takes like 20 pages to say what could be said in a paragraph, and barely anything gets communicated in the first place so it feels like you wasted all this time for no reason. It drives me fucking crazy, I'm done trying. One of my favorite authors is Joyce so it's not like I don't enjoy dense and meandering literary bullshit that fills you up, and I've read through Gissing's self-pitying slop just fine, it's just James in particular. It makes it worse when one of his fans gets mad that I don't like it and starts indignantly gushing about how amazing he is. Good for you but no, I will not like it even if you do, it's just not my thing.

Anonymous 30924


Yeah it's gross as fuck. At first I thought the world building made up for it, but at S2 I ended up noping out

Anonymous 30925


For me it's FMA 2003.
It captured none of the humor and charm of the manga, was full of needless changes, left wide open plot points, and twisted certain aspects of the series to be darker just for the sake of them being darker and more convoluted . Also don't get me started on the ending, it's completely retarded (especially the Hitler part), unnecessarily depressing, and turns Al from an independent character to Ed's bottom bitch lapdog. And people have the gall to say it's "more mature" despite the manga/BH having quite serious/somber moments as well. The only people I've come across who say the manga is shit and 03 is better are edgy contrarians and degenerate fujos who have a kink for suffering and incest. They could've just left the ending open like most anime do nowadays, but the director was braindead and effectively took a fat steamy dump all over Arakawa's work with the ending. Fuck that fanfic tier garbage

Anonymous 31003

marvel and similar shit, so boring, I went to watch the one movie with thanos I forgot how it's called it was something with avengers, where it was supposed to be this emotional moment but I lowkey fell asleep and almost missed it.
not my cup of tea for sure, also people who enjoy this shit are kinda obnoxious most of the time from my experience lol

Anonymous 31004

Feels like lazy Family Guy tier humor. Also the swearing and sex jokes gets old after a while.

Anonymous 31007

I was that girl who was 'smart' and nerdy, and somewhat corrective. My family members calling me "Sheldon" made me hate the big bang theory long before it was "cool" to hate it. On one hand, I am thankful that show existed, because it did sort of show me how annoying I was being and I corrected my behaviour. At the same time, however, most people are complete fucking morons and just think anything vaguely sciencey/academic = big bang theory. I know people have ranted about this show before, but being socially awkward sucked so much as a teenager, and it would've been nice if there wasn't a show whose primary punchline was laughing at socially awkward people.

I also really hate any "sport" involving animals, especially horse-racing or dog-racing. Any "sport" that exists solely for gambling. Any gambling. I hate the gambling industry. Oh also the news, and social media, and my mum's Facebook where she has photos of me as a child on public which would tarnish the otherwise professional image I've made for myself. Yeah…

Anonymous 31010

Every movie is basically one lukewarm idea spread over two hours of boring dialogue and generic direction. I resent having to watch them to fit in

Anonymous 31015

Honestly after that one movie, I gave up on trying to fit in. it's not worth it, I could literally study coding with the time it takes to catch up with all the movies. it's terrible. I never knew a movie could be so, generic?? basic?? I don't get the appeal at all

Anonymous 31128

I love this drawing style, specially JoJo.

I hate with all my being this is still the same with current seasons. It’s somewhat interesting now, but it took 4-5 seasons for it finally becoming interesting…

Anonymous 31159

Disco Elysium. Made by pretentious people, for pretentious people.

Anonymous 31164

Metal Gear Solid. it exudes this "ex-boyfriend media" feeling to me and I've never actually dated anyone who was that deeply into MGS but every scrote swears this game changed their life. I don't get it.

Anonymous 31169

Same. Capeshit sucks.

Anonymous 31171

I hate Adventure Time and the impact it left on modern western animation.
I hate stand-up comedy and SNL, "comedians" are not even funny and the moid ones disgust me.
I hate Genshit and I hate its style so I hate every game that looks like that and I won't even bother to try to tell them apart because it's all sickening to me. It literally just looks like coomer AI "art".
I hate moeshit, I don't think moeblobs are cute, they just look and act like retarded baby aliens that I feel the need to forcibly deport back to their home planet.
I hate Overwatch and most of its characters and especially Mercy. the characters that I don't hate deserve to be in a better game than that. Honestly I hate all Blizzard games and also all class-based multiplayers that aren't TF2.
I hate like 95% of fantasy as a genre, I'm tired of Tolkien knock-offs. I hate capeshit but at least this is becoming more and more of a popular opinion thankfully.
I hate Taylor Swift and I think you have to be absolutely braindead to be an actual fan any deeper than maybe her big hits that play on the radio, let alone one of those imbeciles who seriously believe she is secretly a lesbian feminist leftist who is "gaming the system". I also hate Radiohead and their boring music and their pretentious fans and Thom Yorke looks absolutely punchable.
On a lighter note I think Animal Crossing is very cute but the gameplay just bores me to death so I could never get into it. Also fuck Nintendo's console exclusivity autism, thank Goddess for emulators at least. I hate those deranged freaks who sexualise the Animal Crossing characters and I think they belong in an asylum. Actually I think all furries should be lobotomized and thrown into an asylum.
I actually do like MGS a lot somehow but I do hate its scrote fans so I refuse to talk to them and only hang out with the fujos and yumejos. Too bad most of those have trooned out and become absolutely insufferable which is on par with all fandoms these days.

Anonymous 31172

colleen hoover is an untalented hack. her “problematic” subject matter is made completely unbearable when combined with her inability to write something interesting. and she names her characters dumb shit like blaze even tho she writes contemporary romance.

Anonymous 31173


this disgusting shit.. why are so many of those vo1dchan type girls obsessed with this creepy ass loli porn game?? do they know? the two main cats chocola and vanilla are literally 9 months old, and then aged up to be 9 years old in human form .. WTF

Anonymous 31174

ON GODDDD!!! I swear this is wild I have no idea why people let this shit slide.
>do they know?
most likely.

Anonymous 31176

pick-mes who think being into gross pedo scrote shit makes them "cool girls"

Anonymous 31177

I used to save photos of these anime girls when I was young not knowing that the source material was a porn game. I mostly loved the way their eyes were rendered and the coloring in general, the art style was so appealing to my 13 year old self and now it feel tainted now that I know it was drawn by the hands of a creepy japanese lolicon.

Anonymous 31178

i had no idea, they dont look prepubescent, that is unfortunate. i just like the design and still like it so will keep using it at times but i dont really care for porn of any kind and find it gross and bad

Anonymous 31185

If it makes you feel any better, iirc the creator is a woman who based them off of her cats so in any case at least it wasn't the complete stereotype.

Anonymous 31186

Nta, but they're based on real cats? That's worse.

Anonymous 31187

>i just like the design so will keep using it at times
are you retarded?

Anonymous 31188


Wes anderson is rick and morty tier
>Look at these celebrities doing quirky things in pastel colors!
Fuck outta here

Anonymous 31196

>"well ACKSHULLY, it's philosophical! it's a game that makes you think!! it's a terrifying horror game!!" fuck NO it's not, it's literally a fucking loli porn nukige
Lol, moids will always try to pretend their favorite animu or eroge is 'deep' so as to not seem like gigantic perverts. I think this should be widely known by now.
On Saya no Uta, there were philosophical elements to it, as with all of Urobutcher's works, but yes, the H-scenes really detracted from the message and the serious tone of the whole game. I still enjoyed it though for the horror aspects, nevertheless.
Are you new to VNs though ? Japanese Visual Novels are mostly coupled with H-scenes because it's like a sort of troupe with those types of games. I've heard stories of otaku refusing to buy games if they aren't coupled with ero-content.
This. Little Franziska was very cute though.
Most 'normie' anime fans were always into the big shounens, whatever was popular among psuedo-intellectual contrarians, or whatever flavor of the month anime was showing at the time. None of these people truly genuinely liked the medium and never will. Anime isn't otaku only anymore it's for the masses because everything else in comparison is overall garbage.
, are you me? Are you my lost sister that was seperated from childhood?

Anonymous 31204


I dropped Heavenly Delusion. I cannot believe I wasted my time with this
>cool setting, mysteries are planned and well paced out
>lovable main character duo
>okay the girl is actually an incestuous boy, thats weird but I can handle—
>rape scene
They did the Japanese thing where a perfectly normal character turns out to be “soo cuhrazy hehe Im sticking my tongue out Im cuhhrazy.” Absolute trash! Way to torpedo your own manga
And this gets front page billing on Hulu? And Disney+ too? Am I taking crazy pills?
Gantz is bad with women but is somehow even worse at telling a cohesive story. member when a bunch of Italian statues show up and walk all over the toughest Gantz soldiers? And then the mission just ends because the author wanted to write about giants instead?
What happened to the statues? They were apparently bad enough to threaten the entire Earth… and he just forgot to mention them again??

Anonymous 31244

Honestly I haven't seen anybody that thought the rape scene was done well.
The author was clearly just thinking with his dick at that point.

Anonymous 31263

Love Mr. Fox, aside from that I 100% agree.

Anonymous 31265

You should've realized the author was inserting his weird fetishes into it when the brother admitted he was insestuous and then proceeded to masturbate in his dead sister's post-surgery beat up body. That's when I dropped it.
>“soo cuhrazy hehe Im sticking my tongue out Im cuhhrazy.”
Kek, you made it sound so funny.

Anonymous 31311

i watched this movie in theaters recently and couldn't hear most of the dialogue, even if it had subtitles i think i still would’ve been confused because the dialogue was so clunky. i haven’t seen his other movies so i don’t know if they’re any better but this one felt like it would never end

Anonymous 31320

>hate the big bang theory
I tried watching bbt and they only mentioned the most obvious low tier science concepts. I get they want normie appeal but I thought it was supposed to appeal to nerds too. I hate that media always tries to have a broad appeal to everyone to increase profits and so only ever uses the most basic concepts everyone learned in high school
>I hate Taylor Swift
I follow her as she usually has 1-2 songs I like per album but her lyrics are so bad. I swear she thinks up random lines during the day and writes them in a notebook and then when song writing time comes around she sticks a bunch of the disjointed lines together.

Anonymous 31323

just finished this, so boring. nothing happens and the whimsical thing is tired. scarjo's character is nothing but a coomer fantasy
>you took my photo without permission?
>you're going to sell it?
>tee hee let me strip nude for you
>yes, a nude pic is fine!

Anonymous 31324

>I swear she thinks up random lines during the day and writes them in a notebook and then when song writing time comes around she sticks a bunch of the disjointed lines together.
She has pretty much admitted to doing that. I hate how her fans act as like she is a musical genius and a "master storyteller".

Anonymous 31333

I liked Isle of Dogs and Life Aquatic, but his films are very hit or miss

Anonymous 31338

I love the idea of urban fantasy but have yet to encounter an original book series I like. Video games and manga can get the vibe right and then I just go digging for decent fanfic of that (sad!).

Anonymous 31350

Thank you! Laundry Files sounds right up my alley. I got filtered by Dresden because, while I know I can like characters written to be fuckheads, I don't care for Harry's brand of it.
>straight male narrator who likes women
This can actually ruin a book for me if it sucks too much. Would you mind elaborating?

Anonymous 31352

Do you recommend any of Urobuchi's other works? I really liked PMMM but was turned off to Saya no Uta because of it's h-scenes.

Anonymous 31363

>James Marsters' narration
does he do the spike accent? I will binge all of these if he does

Anonymous 31384

I fucking despise kpop so much

Anonymous 31538


Pretty Boy Detective Club. I watched this because I like pretty boy characters (and this anime is full of them!), but it's pretentious swill clearly targeted towards anime elitists who think the type of media they consume makes them superior. Unnecessarily wordy dialogue and vague plotlines, and we're supposed to believe these characters are middle schoolers BTW…

Anonymous 31550

tbh this is how I feel about brotherhood but in reverse. I found it dumb asf, everyone was ugly, it was twice as coomery and the writing got worse. When I found out that brotherhood was supposed to be closer to the manga I just gave up and decided FMA in general isn't for me. I still like 2003 but I acknowledge that what I like most about it is everything that divulged from canon material; I really liked Shamballa for this reason too. I found that I didn't enjoy Silver Spoon either so I think I just don't like Araki in general kek. I wish there were more 2003 fans that were normal. I get tired of trying to talk about 2003 only to either get brotherhood spergs or edgelords.
I hate Big Bang Theory so much. I'm an aspie and I just hate it honestly, it's an extremely moidy show too. I can never mention my condition to normies who know what tbb is because they just automatically either think I'm Sheldon or Amy despite not looking or acting like either of those characters. Fucking annoying

Anonymous 31589

most video essays on youtube. i usually use youtube to listen to music or watch really simple videos but sometimes i get recommended these video essays and most of them seem like quasi-intellectual ramblings to me, they don't really serve any important purpose or life changing advice at all.

Anonymous 31591

I agree with everything you said. One hundred percent. I love verbose authors and intellectually challenging litterature but I don't know, Henry James makes me seethe SO MUCH.I forced myself to finish The Golden Bowl out of pride and I regret every second of it.

Anonymous 31592

I actually really agree with this. 2003 FMA was far better to me. I liked brotherhood but it didn't have the same impact on me.

Anonymous 31604

stupid shit.jpg

Anonymous 31615

finally someone who agrees. tired of being treated like an idiot who "just doesn't get how deep and intricate it really is" lol no it's just 2010s tumblr cringe and not even the endearing kind

Anonymous 31676

I really, really fucking hate Mushoku Tensei but I want to know how much I hate it so I keep watching it and I just get angrier and angrier even though I tell myself it's a show literally made for shut-in, fat, 40+ NEETS who think women are retarded mythical animals. The production quality is so high and the world and side characters are so interesting. It's a western fantasy with the potential for a huge and diverse ensemble cast, but Rudeus and his perversions are the domineering theme. It's a show made for men who can't conceive of anything but themselves. My hatred for it feeds my soul in a way a mindless, pleasant watch can not. I love how much I hate it.

Anonymous 31677

I literally lost one of my friends to Homestuck. She became obsessed to the point of completely changing her friend group. What sort of black magic is this garbage casting?

Anonymous 31680

Well, if it makes you feel any better Rudy completely loses his libido and becomes suicidal in season two.

Anonymous 31681


Pretty much all anime now. It's so buried under stupid cliches, the SAME characters and plots rehashed over over, and yet trying to be overly overly sentimental.

There are some 90s anime I will always love like sailor moon and ccs. But most of it is just irredeemable crap. It's so indescribably bad. How do they even get most of it made?? Even the 'really good ones' feel like they have the same exact characters with the same exact attitudes and supernatural problems. Japan need to take a break and go back to doing what it did in the 80s. Nothing from the 70s or 80s felt the slightest bit contrived. Even though it was all old at least it didn't borrow the same thing over and over .

Worst of all, I feel like the creators are 100% aware of how recycled it all is

Anonymous 31682

There's a few good manga and anime out there, but you've got to really dig through the dirty and sometimes be willing to push outside your comfort zone to find them.

Anonymous 31685

i feel the same. "go watch this!!!!" and its just some guy fighting demons, cyberpunk ripoff, garbageisekai or pedobait moeblob. been trying to read some manga but the way characters talk and retarded plots piss me off. maybe animu is just not for me.

Anonymous 31686

and the next step is praying to the Lord it is fully and translated and piratable

Anonymous 31688

I know. I'm watching it as it airs. I never thought I'd ever watch an anime about a kid with erectile dysfunction. I want to know what goes on inside the head of the mangaka. It's so intentionally written for male audiences who have never had a single woman present in their lives that it mystifies me. All of the female characters exist as a means to an end and some of them are introduced and written as if they're literally retarded.

Anonymous 31692

To be fair, most things are these days. The market for manga and anime in the US and Europe is big enough now that anything more than a few years old has an official translation or sub, and if you're impatient anything with a decent following online will have fan subs or scanlations within a few days or weeks of a release.

Same goes for pirating, it's not like back when our poor ancestors had to tirelessly search Kazaa or Limewire, spend two days downloading a file with only one seed, and then pray it wasn't a virus or something. You can find pretty much anything now.

Anonymous 31693

Really nice artstyle but it being a reverse harem and not a bl or at least homobait is kinda disappointing

Anonymous 31704


I hate Country music.
I'm sick of it, and I hate how popular it's getting.
It's all so braindead and obnoxious. Half the songs that chart have to be about the fuckin culture war too. Just mindlessly bad drivel for the infatilized white trash that infest this country.

Anonymous 31706

Is this in response to that new song that's going around? I hate music that is so very easily dated by whatever cultural problem it's about. Everyone knows gross rich sociopaths run the country. Cool. Do you want a cookie? Go make some real art that feeds the soul, not breaks it further in unified anger.

Anonymous 31707

>Is this in response to that new song that's going around?
Yes and no. That one is annoying but there's more than just that. I've been noticing this trend for a while now. I just hate country.

Anonymous 31991

> [she] fired the friends that made her original pilot posible
Wait… she did? Why? When did that happen?

Anonymous 32053

As I remember it, the reader wouldnr know that “she” was actually her brother at that time. At most youd probably think wow what a weird sexual narcissist
but I might be remembering it wrongly

Anonymous 32057

I recently watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and I really don't get the love for it. The meta gimmicks with episodes sounded cool and unique, but the actual episodes are dull and the humor consists of "LOL BOOBS! LOL GROPING XD!" so what is even the point? Apparently people see the characters as endearing or as some sort of clever parody (?) but I just find them annoying and boring. You can sum it up as
>titular character constantly acts bitchy and autistic, sexually harasses other character, causes trouble
>victim character cries, squeals, has boobs
>generic guy is almost the voice of reason but too beta and spineless to do anything
>other guy does nothing except pull exposition out of his ass
>final character sits in the background in silence, quietly unfucks the situation using magic when it comes down to it, but otherwise ignores everyone else
I mean what's the appeal here?

Anonymous 32058

Weebs are mentally ill.

Anonymous 32158

To comply with unions or something. You can't have anyone you want doing voices when you sell your soul to companies. I have no idea why she didn't just go indie like with helluva boss

Anonymous 32164

It was one of those series that was interesting when it was new, it had a meta mystery plot and randomized broadcasting shtick that left people questioning what was it's deal, it's just not that experimental anymore.

Anonymous 32168


Taylor Swift, I fucking hate Taylor Swift now and everything I have learned about her the past 5 years has been against my will.

Anonymous 32171

is picrel unironic

Anonymous 32184

This trash and many similar are based on web novels.

Anonymous 32189

Haruhi was before the web novel craze. It was a published light novel first.

Anonymous 32191

Watch NieA under 7. It has actual comedy that doesnt consist of sexual "jokes" meant for horny losers.

Anonymous 32196

ayrt were not talking about Haruhi

Anonymous 32207

tokyo revengers lolol what th heck why is it so violent and why do middle schoolers keep yelling theyll kill ea other every episode..i dont like how it keeps glorifying gangs

Anonymous 32208

I'm very embarrassed, I'm sorry.

Anonymous 32209

I find most anime to be very cringe & unwatchable

Anonymous 32212


I was just reminded of another hate I have: I despise all YA novels, and their movie derivatives. I hate Harry Potter.
I hate Hunger Games.
But more than all the others I hate A Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska, both of which I had to read and watch in fuckin Sophomore English.
The dialogue is the least accurate to how teenagers actually talk of any other piece of media ever written, and the themes it tries to explore aren't even pseudo-intellectual, they're just facebook platitudes put to some incredibly boring prose. And the coming-of-age parts are so blatantly written by a 30+ year old male that they do border on fucking weird.
I reminded they even exist semi recently when tik tok began spamming me with the author and his brother's unbelievably lukewarm "Nerd Fighter" nonsense. I also hate them as "The Vlog Brothers". They literally just parrot (often objectively incorrect) trash they heard on NPR and CNN in their obnoxious overly twee style of presentation and speaking.
You are legitimately less sentient than me if you actually like their YouTube or John's horrible writings.

Anonymous 32213

i think if posts were rain, my post is drizzle, and yours is hurricane

Anonymous 32229

Just about any current isekai anime. Fanboys go into a tard rage if you barely criticize them. They're so creepily misogynistic and sexist and everyone acts like they're incredible works of art (RE: Zero), it's depressing how ingrained objectification is in men.

Anonymous 32233

Eh, I feel like there's some good ones like FarAway Paladin. That being said, I never got that vibe in ReZero, if anything there's a weird habit of describing the main character's ass and body while with woman it's kept fairly light.

Anonymous 32238

Even though all Isekai is awful and not just "current"?

Anonymous 32249

Eh, isekai used to be a feminine genre, think back to series like magical knight rayearth or escaflowne. It's only recently that moids have perpetuated this stereotype of "male only garbage porn, women not allowed".
Many series mismanage their marketing entirely to fit this weird stereotype.

Anonymous 32250

Inuyasha and Ascendance of a Bookworm are decent. Everything else is trash.

Anonymous 32253

Reboot Monster High.
>tranny Frankie
>drag queens
>rainbow-ass palettes
>boring plots
It was a mistake.

Anonymous 32608

hate it when m/f romance stories suddenly go "this guy can't cook, so the woman starts cooking for him!!"


Anonymous 32611


The inverse is kino though

Anonymous 32634

I am not a fan of the fantasy genre in general and never liked Harry Potter, but the fans made me hate it. So boring.

Anonymous 32644

Read Icebreaker by Hannah Grace
Most infuriating pick me smut book
Mostly all porn no plot
It’s got chapters upon chapters of skating, partying, being drunk, and fucking, some unnecessary drama, rinse and repeat
Too much going on and yet nothing happens at the same time.
All the side characters just exist as set dressing for the main characters to show how cool and popular and loveable they are.

The main female character is a bit of a bitch and acts grumpy and stubborn to everyone yet everyone loves her because she’s a badass girl boss who stands up for herself. And there’s a weird subplot about her eating disorder?? Despite that she of course has big tits and ass for every male character to ogle at. Which is unrealistic if she is underweight. Also she wears no pants and has random casual sex with men which seems too cliche? Is that what college is really ljke? I was doing an online degree so someone tell me because Idek I don’t have any point of comparison

She of course only has one female bestie who is barely in the book. All her friends are the male hockey team players. And her Other best friend is a male friends with benefit.
Also the main male character is everything a woman would want in a man: tall rich big dick and athletic god body. And he doesn’t care if she lashes out at him he always comes crawling back desperately.
And yes he can’t cook so the girl goes to cooking classes to feed his frat house like Snow White and the seven dwarves.

Lastly the dialogue is just banter and if you cntrl + f in a text file for pussy, dick, wet, hard and throbbing, you’d find 100000000+ results lmao

Anyway I like reading trashy bad media for fun to shit talk it, i got too much time on my hands

Anonymous 32672

>moid sees an attractive girl and initiates small talk
>instant cut to a sex scene with them like they're sitting on an electric chair together
It's not from anything specific because I see this all the time but I absolutely fucking hate it! 🤮
These forced sex scenes offer little to no value except appealing to moid fantasies.

Anonymous 32673

South Park was never funny and it's just gotten worse in recent times

Anonymous 32686

Most anime now is japanase pedo otaku escapist self-insert fantasy so yeah >>31681 they're totally aware of it, they just care about the main female character design because of all the figures and dvd sales they can get from it after they create the "perfect seasonal waifu"

This shit it's so true, I can't watch american movies with other people it always happens and it's so awkward. I remember that one time when I watched a biopic about the bang bang club, the photographers were in Africa taking pictures of poor people dying of starvation and other tragic shit and then suddenly there's a sex scene wtfffff

Anonymous 32688

Right now I very much dislike the focus on magic systems in current fantasy in general, and particularly despise how those "systems" are just blatant, unashamed game mechanics in Japanese fantasy. There's a modern manga tendency to even go so far as to make game menus pop up in front of the protagonist's faces reading off their stats and spell lists…

Magics should feel as though they have their own personality, not just their own rules. What makes magic transgressive, what made magic such a menace to public safety that pagan Rome would hang those who practiced it, is that it is intentionally calling upon the gods to curse and damn and condemn. The crime the poet Apuleius was almost convicted of, which carried a sentence of death, was the use of sorcery to concoct of a love potion. When so much of the public life of Rome was built around propitiating the gods the witchmen and poisoners would intentionally piss them off to call down curses and mishaps while under the impression that they, like Sisyphus, could simply outwit and evade the wrath that they themselves had summoned against society, leaving only their targets struck. A love potion is a manufacturing of Aphrodite's curse, the mania of love, fully destructive and volatile; a deliriant the madness of drunkenness from Dionysus, distilled beyond the moderating limitations of wine; foretelling, the madness of prophesy from Apollo, snatched like a thief without paying the price of devotion worked by the Pythia; a poison, the power of Ares called through murder without requirement of physical courage, angering the lord of battles in such a way that the whole city will pay as war will surely follow. Each act, each curse, each grimoire is filled with the personalities of the beings and spirits that the practitioner is in communion with, no less than the ritual sacrifices and secret rites of devotion for the gods. Forbidden magic is not just asking for the wrath of the gods to strike someone; that might as well be a public prayer for justice. Forbidden magic is intentional sin committed in such a way that the gods will strike, but the transgressor steps away from their strike; disguising themselves from the god of darkness they offend through wearing candles and mirrors, leaving only the hair, skin or blood of their victim as evidence of who the god shall smite; hiding their deceit from the goddess of love by raising cacophany, foul odors and offensive signs until the love potion is brewed and can deliver its fateful curse to crush the wits of its recipient. One of the many signs that Apuleius had been brewing a love potion had been the fermentation of fish in his own house (itself a crime under Roman law). Offending the gods, deceiving the gods and conning the gods takes every bit as much work as getting on their good side.

Anonymous 32691

I honestly think that anime these days are made for failed narcissists. Narcissists are very good at taking credit for the positive actions of others. One one hand, losers who watch anime vicariously live through protagonists who are surrounded by helpful friends while going on great adventures and defeating "evil" to become numbah wan and get adored and praised by people around him, and on the other hand, losers watch anime like Love Live and feel good about being with the girls throughout their journey and take credit for their success because they supported them.

It's sad that studios don't want to take risks anymore, and they mostly play safe by adapting successful media like light novels and manga and piggyback over it, or they just produce something original with an interesting premise but same old rehashed plot formulas. Studios get requests to make sequels but they're still obliged to produce only what their clients request them to, and they care more about money than artistic endeavors.

Anime in the past really had to pull hard punches to stand out, and were ready to take serious risks. Now it's all about sales or else you just shut down the shop. No fucks given about art, you just have cheap CGI instead to cover budget.
I don't even want to talk about sexualization of minors.

Anonymous 32704


I loved Fallout New Vegas but hated Fallout 3 and 4.

Anonymous 32792

I hate webtoons. I tried to read a few to see why they are so popular as a whole. The western ones are the worst, so many cliches and ugly art too.

Anonymous 32814


Traps and femboys. Basically draw a girl with a flat chest and call it a boy or give it a Schrodinger's dick then you have pornsick moids go diamonds over these cookie cutter waifus making tons of gross porn and repeated "anime girl with penis" jokes. It's annoying and obnoxious. I do like pretty androgynous boys but these aren't to me. They're like a hybrid of anime girls that appeals to porn addicted moids who don't mind penises and would get off to anything that looks "submissive" and "breedable" to them. Plus they're all voiced by women, acted like manic pixie dream girls or shy blushing girls and are usually crossdressing. Zero androgyny in comparison to reverse traps. If you ever dissed anything about traps and femboys or hated them, their fanboys will gang up on you like you just disrespected the most beautiful popular girl in school who should never be criticized. Also all those off-model sissified porn of bishie/ikemen characters like Link and Cloud is fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 32816

Seconding this. Just went back and re-watched TRON: Legacy. It was absolutely fabulous in every way. Perfect acting, compelling story, and stunning visuals. It came out in 2010. Compare that to the garbage that Disney makes right now. It's just not apples to apples.

Anonymous 32817


I'm sorry. I forgot to include pic rel.

Anonymous 32878

I’ve tried so hard to get into jujutsu kaisen but it’s just so fucking BORING. Genuinely the only character that appeals to me is mahito and the entire fandom hates him. I’m unafraid to be a mahito enjoyer because every other character has the most stale white bread personality. It’s actually making me go a bit insane because I know there HAS to be something good about it for people to be this deranged about it but I don’t know what it is for the life of me.

Anonymous 32984

lmao imagine trying to get into shonen trash and expecting quality content

Anonymous 32995

I thought it was boring too when I first watched it because how popular it is though I gotta give credit that there is no fanservice of female characters which is pretty rare in shounen. Plus they have hot men.

Anonymous 33008

you got me there!

Anonymous 33009

This is why I'm convinced the mangaka is a woman. That and the fact that the most popular character is clearly a Kpop pretty boy while the rest are all sexy men of different archetypes. So going by this assumption I wanna support her and see what else she can create in the future

Anonymous 33025

I want millennial moids to shut up about helf-life. That game popularized those AWFUL cutscenes where you walk through nothing while waiting for the voice actor to finish his or her contrived, campy lines. I hate it.

Anonymous 33029

It was 19 years ago, nona..

Anonymous 33036

there's less than 10 minutes of exposition in Half-Life 2's entire campaign.
Why have retards constantly made this argument? The HL games have more mechanical detail than most shooters both before and after them. Is this the best use John Carmack has for his own personal AI model is spreading this nonsense?

Anonymous 33037

Sorry but if you can't appreciate halflife that means that something is wrong with YOU

Anonymous 33041

everything I have heard about Baldur's Gate makes me find it absolutely trashy and cringe

Anonymous 33042

i don't like dune
i read it a long time ago and didn't think it was anything to write home about
then i dated a moid who would not shut the fuck up about it
why are they all so impressed by basic-ass space operas

Anonymous 33098


Grand Theft Auto and R* games in general.
GTA V is more boring than not playing a videogame at all.
It's so mindlessly easy that it doesn't feel like you're ever not playing with cheats enabled. This goes triple for the online that gets so much playtime. Just feels like a game made for people to be able to play after getting smoking weed.
The ones before this all had funny memes I remember growing up with (Hey cousin, let's go bowling!) but they're not that much more fun and the "clever satire" moids praise them for, is in fact, antithetical to the concept of cleverness.
Red Dead is just the same thing but cowboys.

Anonymous 33100


I'm starting to hate all the nostalgia about past media/trends. I know there are great things from past times but this nostalgia just hurts current media. Almost every form of media has been surrounded by nostalgia for a while. People can't stop looking at the past

Anonymous 33101

But people are making so much money from it

Anonymous 33102


Anonymous 33117

I hate Haruki Murakami's books. When Norgegian Woods came out, it became all the rage. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, so I went on a reading spree and read all his books back to back. I shouldn't have forced myself to suffer like that, but I was desperate to understand why everyone praised it while I just couldn't see anything of meaning. His books don't make sense. So many things get introduced without a why. Is it some type of symbolism? I certainly have no clue what it would mean, nor do I think anyone does really. There are a couple elements, for example the woman in 19Q4 whose occupation was to murder trash men, or that sheepman (I don't remember from which book) were ok I guess. But what I hate even more than the meaningless elements and plots are the main characters. Insufferable. They are always these fake-deep men who are so aLoNe and aLiEnAtEd. And the way he writes women is trash. They're just there to serve the man in his journey, that's all. But the women aren't real. It's purely a description of how a man perceives women, and the result is disgusting. For the life of me I'll never understand his popularity. Especially amongst women. Every time I hear or read his name I'm filled with this visceral disgust. Unreal.

Anonymous 33118


>But what I hate even more than the meaningless elements and plots are the main characters. Insufferable. They are always these fake-deep men who are so aLoNe and aLiEnAtEd. And the way he writes women is trash. They're just there to serve the man in his journey, that's all. But the women aren't real. It's purely a description of how a man perceives women, and the result is disgusting.
I haven't read any of his books [yet] but you've exactly described my complaints about an adaptation of his short story called Drive My Car, nona. It's one of the most boring movies I've ever seen, yet critics rave about it and I think it even won some award at Cannes.
I can easily understand that he's writing a psychopath or a borderline and presents these one dimensional personalities as mysterious characters but this somehow makes his audience cream their pants.

Anonymous 33121

Murakami writes the Literally Me of books. Every MC is some bland single dude who's not like the other boys because he has "esoteric" tastes like jazz music. The best sex he can get is bored housewives and he leers at the teenage girls in his neighborhood. Then he meets some crazy chick but it doesn't work out.

Anonymous 33122

I agree with you, yet there is something comfy in his books, like watching a dull grey sky slowly dumping rain on the world.

Anonymous 33128

Screenshot 2023-12…

Supermarket by Bobby Hall (aka Logic). I didn't know who Logic was upon receiving the book, and I barely do now. He is a famous rapper, which explains the overinflated praise this book received. I felt so deceived by the time I got to the end. Enduring the prose written by, what felt like, a 15 year old who'd just seen Fight Club and decided to make a shitty self-inserted spinoff.

Littered with redundancies along the lines of "'I'm tired,' he said, tired."
This was pitched to me as a brilliant psychological thriller.

…It does kind of fall into the entertainingly bad category to be honest.

Anonymous 33141


I don't want to spoil another thread. This is about Muv Luv, a shitty VN made for smelly scrotes who play with a mouse in one hand while stroking their dick in another being sold like it's some artistic masterpiece.

>uniform of a high school teacher
I remember playing this VN, bored, tired, desperately hoping for things to get interesting like how the shills told you, only to sit through a 30 minute clicking marathon featuring descriptions of a girl having sex with a tentacle monster before I gave up.
How can you take anything serious when their suits make them look like half-naked women without nipples?

Anonymous 33154

Yes it is 20 years old, moids can STFU about it already.
That does not change that it started the trend so I don't care. I also don't give a shit about shooters I just want regular cutscenes where I can read a text box and click through it when I'm done. Most games don't have dialogue worth reading to begin with.
There's nothing wrong with not liking the millennial scrote bible, lol. Are you one of those "nonas" that pretends to be "scrote-brained" when we all know you're just a dick monkey?

Anonymous 33166



This is the hate thread, but you're spreading outright misinformation about the VN so I had to chime in.

>a shitty VN made for smelly scrotes who play with a mouse in one hand while stroking their dick in another being sold like it's some artistic masterpiece.

Muv-Luv is three different VNs. First two of which are rolled into one release. Only first one, Extra, was deliberately marketed as a generic bishoujoge so that Alternative would sell better. Evident by how it frequently deconstructs and parodies the genre. If you actually read until Alternative, I'm surprised you didn't know this.

>only to sit through a 30 minute clicking marathon featuring descriptions of a girl having sex with a tentacle monster before I gave up.

I don't know why people like you seem to forget you have a Skip (Usually CTRL) button you can skip 99% of H-Scenes in any VN ever with. There are also translations that only get officially released without any H-Scenes, for pearl-clutchers like you. That was the case with Muv-Luv Alternative. What you read was either the unofficial Amaterasu translation or you deliberately went out of your way to patch this H-Scene back in the game.

I can't stand versions censoring out H-scenes, but complaining about it even when there's ones right there for you doesn't even make sense.

>How can you take anything serious when their suits make them look like half-naked women without nipples?

The suits are scantily clad to lower everyone's modesty around eachother and deepen their trust. In a war, modesty is one of the least of your concerns. This actually happens in the military, although granted probably not usually with women and men together. Also to be noted that nudity isn't as big of a deal in Japan as it is in the West anyway. They used to have mixed gender onsen. They aren't as common anymore, but in a setting like Muv Luv Alternative where many parts of life have been forced to go back in time I can see it happening because of that.

Honestly, it sounds like VNs just may not be for you in that case. You sound like a pickme who can only watch anime and would just have a melodromatic breakdown over Euphoria, posting a Youtube video of themselves fakecrying over "these weird Japanese porn games" like that Sydsnap chick from Trash Taste.

Anonymous 33167

Damn that word has lost all of its meaning

Anonymous 33168


I meant pickmes as in people like Sydsnap who post showing off that they play through something obscure and niche like VNs, while simultaneously having unnecessary and melodramatic normie reactions to their content, or not even bothering to sit one through because of their preconceived biases and impatience.

>play with a mouse in one hand while stroking their dick in another being sold like it's some artistic masterpiece.

Right off the bat >>33141 basically thinks Muv-Luv is some nukige because it has a few H-scenes at the very end of every Extra and Unlimited route that you don't even need to read through, and only one H-scene in Alternative that if you played through Steam you wouldn't even see and for most people is only a very small part of the series that doesn't even matter past being deliberate shock content.

There's no way she actually read through the VNs without knowing this. Or having played any other VN ever. If you give her early original Key VNs, she may dismiss the whole VNs as shitty just for running into H-scenes added to it at the very end of the route. No one that actually enjoys VNs raises that much of a stink about them having sexual content. Especially not when they're completely irrelevant to the rest of the VN.

By the way, there is a consensus that most VN H-scenes have terrible writing. Muv-Luv is no exception. No one is jerking off while reading lines like

>A pair of protrusions take on hard, definite shapes, emphasizing the existence of breasts underneath.

An actual line from Muv-Luv. It's clearly not pedaled to be jerked off to, but she already just thinks every VN is STARLESS or something.

Anonymous 33172

That's literally not what pickme means and stop sperging about people not liking what you like in a thread meant for hateration, retard.

Anonymous 33173


>This is the hate thread, but you're spreading outright misinformation about the VN so I had to chime in.

You lack reading comprehension,


use made up words,


and are just looking to infight so it shows who is the retarded one.
Just because it's a hate thread doesn't mean you can just make shit up about a VN that's not true.

Anonymous 33203

Muv Luv has some interesting ideas but I can't deny that some visual novels can make girls uncomfortable due to themes like sexualization (Yu-no was the progenitor of most of these and it was really sexual) especially in the one you mentioned.

Anonymous 33204


NTA but I always have an issue with people who complain about a VN being nothing but porn when it's usually such a small part of a 60+ hour story, especially when a commercially available version removes H-scenes.

Fate is another good example of a popular series people rag on for Stay/Night being porn but it's optional content in an otherwise clean VN. At the end of the day the games are upfront with their content and a player can choose to turn it off if it isn't something they want to see.

Anonymous 33205



I don't deny there is alot of sexualization overall. VNs are still, by and large, otaku material. They are made by and for Japanese otaku and that is what otaku culture likes. That is why Japan itself seems to push out more nukige than they ever do plotge and why plotge like MLA is actually a very small percentage of successful VN. Because of that, unfortunately, Japan itself does not help in alleviating the image of VNs being "weird hentai games".


There should always be an option for people who want to play a translated VN with or without H-scenes, rather than outright censoring them out imo. Censoring them out is taking too much creative liberty than is appropriate. It may disrespect the writer and the work itself, and flat out miss info that may be relevant from it. It should also not be a translator's job to police the content of the work and release a supposed professional translation that has translated only pieces they're personally comfortable with. Either get someone else to translate them or leave the work alone.

Anonymous 33444


I actually really hated the Amazing Digital Circus. I went into it fully expecting to love it and was just horribly disappointed
The plot is so incredibly cliche. Everything that you expect will happen next just happens. I’m not saying it needs to be extremely subversive, but it feels like a children’s cartoon in terms of its reliance on tropes.
Speaking of tropes I really really hate the characters. Every single one is written like the author studied other characters that are popular on the internet and copied them. I can’t wait to see the further adventures of Tumblr Sexyman, Object Head Ominous Villain, Cute Mascot, the Sassy One, the Childhood Friend, the Craaaaazy One, and of course, Literally Kobeni from Chainsaw Man
It’s not like I’m suffering from overexposure tainting my views either, I watched it the same day I first heard of it

Anonymous 34028

Seconded, though I only played 5's story mode for fujo reasons. But if I stepped back from that and looked at it objectively, it's not a great game. Drive from point A to point B in a car with meh controls and other cars cutting you off all the time. A seemingly large impressive map but not a lot to do in it. Leftovers from cut content that might have made it feel less empty. It's nice as a driving/listening to the radio simulator but when I think about how much money these things cost, it's ridiculous.

Does Red Dead do the thing where if you fail a mission enough times it lets you skip it? Talk about a lack of confidence in your game design.

Anonymous 34032

Tye Amazing Digital Circus is the first ever piece of media I ever described as "mid".
Everything about it is very much just fine. Nothing about it was hateable (except for the rabbit character), and nothing about it was lovable. It was just a by the numbers cartoon that felt very PBS.
I kind of liked that it was clearly inspired by Portal but it's clearly a show for youtube's primary audience: little kids.

Anonymous 34051

infant humour. I can not stand 20 seconds of it.

Anonymous 34066

nromal and healthy reaction to Bethesda slop

Anonymous 34090

the only good r* game is table tennis

Anonymous 34097


Anything relating to Kamen Rider. I listened to moids praise this show for years and when I decided to finally watch one, it… well it feels a little mean to make fun of it, because it's obviously for 10 year olds. But it's just shitty production, shitty actors, shitty story. I realized the adult "fandom" is just men being entertained by flashing lights and funny sounds, as if they're still kids. Actual franchise for manchildren.

Anonymous 34111

the acting is bad but it's full of ikemen and also love and peace shit actually appeals to me on a monkey brain level. plus the actors all star in BL right after the season is over. idk something about the shitty production value is soulful for me.

Anonymous 34112

Baldur's Gate 3 is the worst game I've ever played and I genuinely don't understand why it got game of the year and was hyped up so much by fucking literally everyone

Anonymous 34113

not exactly consumer media, but workout influencers who are obviously bored rich narcissists

there's a great amount of influencers who are nice people with good intentions that look great and everything, who have great development stories and helpful information.
But there's just a great amount of douchebags and lying animals occupying the fitness sphere I feel is more prevalent this decade due to the ease of social media presence/attention.
the worst ones are the ones who have barely any skin in the game and have just maintained a vain body most their lives and then after a little bit of exercise and development they feel entitled to spew garbage and toxic material online. Lord knows daddy bought them a branding line and everything. I hate how superficial everything is

Anonymous 34126

Honestly, a bunch of my friends started playing it. And I thought that I would try it out because of that. But every single character has literally the most nail on chalkboard voice, I can't listen to them at all. Everyone sounds like they have 10,000 pounds of phlegm up their nose holes. They talk like Victorian British freaks from the 1800s. Simultaneously bored and offended. How can you take any character seriously?

I played BG2 and I don't remember any character sounding this bad. Also all the freaks wanting to fuck the vampire? I don't even know who the vampire is! I just know everyone's running around wanting to fuck it. It just gives very Tumblr vibes

Anonymous 34127

is that the one with the geriatric haired mfer being memed as the next sexyman? he is being astroturfed.

Anonymous 34143

Bruh. Romancing the vampirefaggot (don't judge me ok I hadnt had a vidya romance since Solas in Dragon Age 3 and really wanted to lose my vidyavirginity and he was the only 'evil' option for me) was SO ANNOYING i had to use a fucking walkthrough to basically do a bunch of boring sidequests just so I could pick a specific dialogue option to get him to like me. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. By the time I got to the sex scene I didnt feel any satisfaction whatsoever.

Plus, the level designs suck, the characters are so boring that I didnt even give a fuck about the weak ass plot, and even with tutorial mode on it doesn't tell you that you can manually disable turn-based mode. Which resulted in me being stuck in turn-based mode AFTER having completed a particular quest which was REALLY annoying to do in turn-based mode bc there was no combat, we were rescuing some people from a fucking fire.

Honestly only got the game bc it can be played co-op and my bf and I like to play games together. Turns out our characters couldn't even interact with one another, much less have sex. Meaning if we wanted to see a sex scene, we both would have to cuck each other. This led to us referring to the game solely as "CucksGate3".

0/10, not only the least fun ive had playing a game but also probably the most irritating game ive ever played. DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE

Anonymous 34451

I watched helluva boss because of the shock value. I liked the first episode then just lost interest. Its too 'vile' (I know the main theme is hell and its supposed to be vile and vicked but to me its just bad taste) and the show reminds me of what I hate in people.

Anonymous 34480

after 10 everything is gay ppl who play 14 are fags and arent real ff fans

real nonas remember squaresoft

Anonymous 34481

Oyasumi punpun sucks, fucking waste of time that probably nobody read but shares panels because they're a e s t h e t i c. In fact all asano works have the same " weird bullshit happens but nobody reacts to it " that gets really boring after a while

Anonymous 34486

Tales of.
Few games in the franchise are not that bad, most are mediocre at best, Graces is the absolute worst, characters and story are so shit.
>main character similiar to isekai protagonists
>main heroine is a lolita dressed tsundere that nags every other character, acts superior and gaslights main character into feeling bad for things he has no fault of
>in the final arc he suddenly loves her and they get to live together
>story is a melting pot of various tropes, with the darker plotlines reminiscent of some Final Fantasy titles, albeit lacking the great writing, alongside the cheerful and power of friendship themes of Kingdom Hearts, without nearly enough charismatic characters to pull it off.

With that said I find funny legendia has barely anyone talking about it despite being one of the best written games in the franchise with developed characters and dynamics kek

Anonymous 34488

GtaV is the best gta gameplay wise, but story and character is lacking, I know a lot about that shit because it’s all by brother plays

Anonymous 34495


I never liked the film Idiocracy. It reeks of Hollywood elitism looking down on middle Americans and the working class. Like without the guidance of university graduates and the upper class we'd all somehow devolve into Neanderthals. When all the necessities to maintain civilization come from the rural countryside and regular people doing hard work. While the elites reap the rewards and often destroy local businesses in the process.

Anonymous 34521

Yeah it's easily Mike Judge's weakest work. I love everything else he's done. Beavis and Butthead is my favorite cartoon, Office Space is in the discussion of my favorite movies but this just isn't good. None of the jokes land and the idea is the most mean spirited one I can think of. And of course it's also responsible for the platitude that is better for confirming a person is a faggot pseud than any other. "Bro, Idiocracy wasn't a movie, it was a prophecy!"

Anonymous 34724

Fuck moids, i get the sexual atraction but we have nothing in common they are se excretable

Anonymous 34725

I think there's another reading of the film's message that isn't quite so elitist. Many of the smartest of those rural countryside people will chose to leave the countryside to pursue an education and a desk job in the city, where they'll choose not to have children. Eventually there'll be no one left who knows how to rotate crops or herd cattle.

Anonymous 34729

The movie very explicitly links intelligence to inheritance, not education.

Anonymous 34730

That is my point. If all the smart people move to the city then there will be no one smart enough to farm properly left in the countryside.

Anonymous 34736

walkable cities

Anonymous 34738

It's still elitist and you're an elitist too. At least be honest about it.

Anonymous 34739

I thought that the Great Gatsby sucked. I mean we read it for school so I mean I guess that doesn't count. The writing is super incoherent and I think the whole messages behind it were super obvious. Rich people in the 20s were vapid assholes? Wow, that's so crazy and surprisng kek.

Anonymous 34777

That’s one of the few literary classics we read for school that I actually liked somewhat, and only because of the vivid scenery descriptions and the ~symbolism~ that got me a good grade on my English essay. A bit weird because I tend to hate anything with romance

Anonymous 34927


I fucking hated the "Rebuild" of Eva. Piece of shit Hideaki Anno destroyed a beloved franchise because he wanted to show to all the smelly scrotes that he's a big boy now. Fucking demented. I will never forgive him for ruining Asuka.

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