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Hater Thread Anonymous 30199

Post about media you hate i.e. books, movies, anime that you dropped (or finished) and why you hated it.

Anonymous 30201


Miraculous Ladybug.
>Marinette is a goddamn creep
>Seriously. She invaded Adrien's personal space so many times, and sabotaged a lot of shit just to smell his ass. She is not a good friend to Kagami, AFAIK.
>Marinette's creepiness and possessiveness over Adrien are ridiculous because it's not like he even knew she liked him
>the show's "will they, wont they" device with Marinette and Adrien's relationship dragged on for so fucking long, I had enough and quit the show a while ago.
>in the episode of Chat Blanc, how tf did Adrien deduce that Ladybug is Marinette, when just the episode before, Marinette used powers to convince him that she and Ladybug were two different people?
>what the show did to Chloe's character development was shitty
>Alya's character is emptier than a bag of Lay's chips. At this point, Alya is whatever Marinette is at the moment. If Marinette thinks XYZ, Alya will think the same. If Marinette does XYZ, Alya will support her or do the same. She's written less like a character of her own, and more like a puppet.
>show can't seem to stay consistent with how much Gabriel cares about Adrien
>speaking of Gabriel, how tf did he not figure out that Cat Noir is Adrien a long time ago? Even for a kid's show, it's stupid that not even Marinette's parents can identify their only daughter wearing a domino mask, and a skin-tight suit when Marinette isn't even using a fake voice.
>show wastes our time with the first two seasons because approximately every single episode in those seasons are basically the same.
>show's creator self-inserts his life into the show way too much, and pretty much based Marinette's family, including Marinette herself, on his past relationship with his ex. IMO that's childish.
Decided to repost this because of a dumb typo. Sorry about that btw.

Anonymous 30203

Anything with superheros in it. I'm so fucking tired of hearing about these movies. Movies are shit now. I won't watch anything now if it's a tent pole remake. Sick to death of remakes and superheros blah blah blah good god just get good creatives and stop making rehashed crap.

Anonymous 30206

You take children's garbage too seriously

Cannot believe you wrote this much about a faggy 3d animation

Anonymous 30207

The thread is for hating media. Well, there you go. I don't like Miraculous Ladybug.

Anonymous 30209


holy fucking shit I hate saya no uta. I always think I'm the insane one when I say why I don't like it, because moids and scrotes get on my ass and say "well ACKSHULLY, it's philosophical! it's a game that makes you think!! it's a terrifying horror game!!" fuck NO it's not, it's literally a fucking loli porn nukige.

while I did like the horror parts of saya no uta, they focused way too much on the fucking loli sex, and the game is around 4-5 hours as well, which isn't enough to develop the characters. If I remember correctly also, moids got pissed at a russian who wanted to remake saya no uta, because he aged up the main character.
I kinda want to cut the game some slack because it is 20 years old or so, and it's basically a very experimental one. But I also hate how people give it so much praise and think it's one of the best VNs of all time. No it's fucking not, it's like watching shitty porn. I love VNs and playing this game made me not want to touch VNs for a while.

Anonymous 30210

if anything i'm surprised eroge/nukige from the era of "let's make erotic games with decent plot and characterization" ended up as like a holy grail of VNs. it's still porn at the end of the day.
scrotes need to realize not everyone is going to like a porn game but that's asking for a lot from them.

Anonymous 30211

I also fucking hate it. It's just loli porn. Disgusting.

Anonymous 30213

one piece is the epitome of everything i hate about anime

Anonymous 30215

Could I ask you to elabore a bit? I'm curious on why One Piece in particular.

Anonymous 30218

Somehow I don’t remember anything about loliporn when I was reading it, I remember it as a slightly detective psychological thriller with a schizo protag
I think my brain just ignored and filtered all weird sex stuff I am sure were there

Anonymous 30219

I dropped that bunny girl senpai anime like 3 or 4 episodes in. it's been awhile since I watched but I remember the characters being so boring and soulless. like just very generic and unlikeable with nothing redeeming about them. the moid mc in particular felt like a shitty self insert to me. it also gave me the feeling it was going to turn into a harem anime if I were to keep watching, and for some reason the interactions between the male mc and his little sister felt off to me. the artist of the light novel which the anime is based off of has made a ton of hentai, a lot of which features underaged girls, so I'm glad I dropped the anime even though I don't think he had much involvement.

Anonymous 30220

I hate anything battle shounen (even if they’d call it seinen) and I hate how anime equals battle shounen
nayrt, but since relevant to my post: for me it’s hyper and dumb - overemphasises any emotion, any event, too much drama I don’t believe a bit - I know it’s because it’s for kids and they don’t know subtle, I guess, but adults praise it too
Also various body types for male characters and one universal for female characters, haha classic

Anonymous 30225

There was a censored version released, iirc, but the most common versions of the game include the porn.

There's still really weird shit like one of the MC's friends being turned into a sex slave that sucks him off while he talks to his friend on the phone, and the whole thing where the alien race Saya belongs to "needs human semen to survive", or some shit like that. So even if you take away the sex scenes, it's still pretty ingrained into the plot.

Anonymous 30230

Saya is literally drawn and made to act like a child and the protag fucks her. Get a grip.

Anonymous 30243

Looked it up and ready the summary on wikipedia. For the first half I was like "what's so bad about this?" and then I kept reading. Who the fuck actually likes this shit?

Anonymous 30255

Saya is one of the most overrated things of all time. What I dislike is how the story itself and so many of it's fans try to make it seem deeper and darker than it actually is. I think it's a very basic story but so many people make it out to be this totally unique and amazing experience that it just is not. I think you have to be easily impressed or a little dim in the head to really like it.

Anonymous 30267


Annoying and dumb.

Anonymous 30353

>She invaded Adrien's personal space so many times
Idk, sounds based.

Anonymous 30370

I like the concept of fuminori vision and saya being an eldritch abomination who only he can see and who kind off "saves" him. I do agree that the sexual aspect is too much. I like the disturbing factor of fuminori's vision but I don't think all the sex scenes ( rape and mind breaking of yoh ) were at all necessary for shock factor. However the detective lady was an underrated girlboss !
It is one of the most effed up things I've read but I enjoy the creativity of it, it takes alot to disturb me
I do agree that it definitely isn't for beginners, it made me take a big break of VNs for some time. Just because it's a short story doesnt mean it's beginner friendly

Anonymous 30376

The ace attorney anime is so awful I could only stomach the episodes with the anime exclusive cases and even they were so bad. NONE of the charm and class of the original.

Anonymous 30377

Exactly. Most of the animation is crap too and I don't think they used music from the games (maybe they couldn't due to copyright reasons??)
I had been waiting YEARS for an AA anime and when it finally dropped it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life as a fan

Anonymous 30763


What's upsetting about miraculos is that it has so much potential, like the miraculous and their history, Gabriel's relationship with Adrien, the dynamic within the characters, Adrien and Felix being sentimonsters, it was all there for an awesome series to arise.
The love square is an actual creative and original idea yet it's wasted on this show, I hate it so much but the fandom is full of extremely creative people that do awesome content.

Anonymous 30764


every miraculous episode

Anonymous 30768


I jus' don't like any of it..

I also didn't enjoy LOTR but I could kinda get into the Hobbit movies.

Anonymous 30776

All the star wars movies are so cheesy to me.

Anonymous 30778


The Final Fantasy series is so hit or miss for me…

Anonymous 30779

I mean, with a franchise with such a myraid of entries, is it really surprising that you end up disliking a bunch of them?
Even the most hardcore FF fans have THOSE games that they hate. FF8 is a popular one in this regard since it was always considered a black stain in the middle of the perfect streak from IV to X.

Anonymous 30780

I just don't get it. Why put them under the same franchise title if there is hardly any overlap between the games?

Anonymous 30781

Most fantasy anime sucks. It usually devolves into an incel harem fantasy with weird rape or pedo vibes. The worst aspect is the slave girl that falls in love with the male protagonist. Whenever there's a strong female character with an actual personality. They usually get captured or almost raped by some antagonist. Only to be saved and added to the male protagonists harem.

Anonymous 30784

Shared gameplay and mechanics, recurring elements, reused enemies, brand recognition. Also the trend started back in the NES era probably due to the closeness in release dates and it stuck around like with many other titles like Dragon Quest or Megaman.

Anonymous 30785


I'm so fucking tired of FNAF shit everywhere.
It's so annoying, i'm sick of it. You open youtube with no cookies and from the get-go you get fnafshit shoveled down your throat

Anonymous 30786

i cant relate, most of my recommendations are redpoop and saturated DIY videos. you shouldnt clicked on that fnaf video 3 yrs ago

Anonymous 30787

Idk what ur watching but I dont get that shit in my recommended

Anonymous 30800

Any medieval fantasy. I hate how this setting is so popular.

Anonymous 30846

I hate most media in general because it'll always be better than what my life has been, what my life continues to be, and ultimately what my life will end up being.

Anonymous 30855

the music is like crack but this is true. Tired of fnaf

Anonymous 30856

This isn't the vent thread

Anonymous 30872

I hate Gantz for the way they portray female characters. I was disgusted with just how misogynistic the manga/anime was. They're not interesting or useful, they're only there for the shitty coomer moid characters/readers. I still read a lot of Gantz because I thought it was interesting but the misogyny bothered me a lot and tbh, I thought all of the characters were shit and didn't give af about any of them. I hope the manga artist gets ball cancer for being a sexist pig

Anonymous 30873

Screen Shot 2023-0…

That is par the course for seinen manga. Still, Izumi best boy.

Anonymous 30874

Post-2010 anime is utter shite. It’s all shonen big 3 ripoff crap.

I hate AOT, MHA, Demon Slayer, Hunter x Hunter. They all seem kinda content mill-y to me.

I started watching anime when I was a child in the early 2000’s. The genres of each show were so much more diverse, the plots had so much more substance and meaning, and the art was so much more detailed. I used to get so excited when I met a fellow anime fan because I had someone to talk about my interests with.

Now, whenever I meet an anime fan, they like all the modern shonen BS that I don’t watch, so I might as well not even bother seeking out other anime fans. These shows are also far more palatable to normies, so the demographic who consumes anime has completely changed. Whenever I try to show them older shows, they are completely disinterested. It makes me pretty sad because I wish I had IRL friends to share my interests with /:

Anonymous 30875

You are aware HxH is way older than that, right? Also most mainstream anime has always been shonen battle manga and the "big three" are all DBZ wannabes themselves, just like those shows that came after.
You have to dig a bit deeper if you want to talk about other types of anime, but mainly you'd want to talk about manga since there's much more variety there (like it has always been).

Anonymous 30888

Yeah, Izumi is such a qt

Anonymous 30897


I feel the same. Life's shit, just want Ai Yazawa to come back…

Anonymous 30905


What about media you used to dislike, but now you don't mind or even like?
As a Colombian, I grew up with reggaeton everywhere and despised it a lot. But now it's something I don't mind, in fact some tracks are really groovy.

Anonymous 30906

I hate Stardew Valley. It took a lot of effort, and I can respect that but it's a shitty Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons clone that mixed some Rune Factory in. The sprite art is so unappealing, and the fans are obnoxious.

Anonymous 30907

Made in abyss is creepy lolifag torture and body horror porn. Lil furry rabbit girl gets so fucking horny and it's gross. They're all like 8 years old

Anonymous 30909


I hate hazbin/helluva boss. I followed the creator years ago because I thought her art was striking, not necesarily good but I liked it enough to be curious what could be done with it animated. It's sad to me seeing how mismanaged it's been. She got the show she worked on for years in development hell and fired the friends that made her original pilot posible. Then all the episodes of the other show she made shows how her team just doesn't have the chops to carry a show because it's just no fun, all the episodes feel like they animated a first draft where characters just play to their schticks and go through the motions with something kind of like a joke but feels like no thought is put into actually being funny. But what actually pushes me to actually hate all of it it's the fanbase blindly consuming any crap that they churn out leading to all of it never improving and just keep sinking until it just all collapses on itself when hazbin finally releases not being good at all or the bulk of the fanbase stops being teenagers and move on the something else to base their personalities on.

Anonymous 30922

Any novel written by Henry James. Every time I try I end up dropping it after 1-2 chapters no matter which one it is. The fucker takes like 20 pages to say what could be said in a paragraph, and barely anything gets communicated in the first place so it feels like you wasted all this time for no reason. It drives me fucking crazy, I'm done trying. One of my favorite authors is Joyce so it's not like I don't enjoy dense and meandering literary bullshit that fills you up, and I've read through Gissing's self-pitying slop just fine, it's just James in particular. It makes it worse when one of his fans gets mad that I don't like it and starts indignantly gushing about how amazing he is. Good for you but no, I will not like it even if you do, it's just not my thing.

Anonymous 30924


Yeah it's gross as fuck. At first I thought the world building made up for it, but at S2 I ended up noping out

Anonymous 30925


For me it's FMA 2003.
It captured none of the humor and charm of the manga, was full of needless changes, left wide open plot points, and twisted certain aspects of the series to be darker just for the sake of them being darker and more convoluted . Also don't get me started on the ending, it's completely retarded (especially the Hitler part), unnecessarily depressing, and turns Al from an independent character to Ed's bottom bitch lapdog. And people have the gall to say it's "more mature" despite the manga/BH having quite serious/somber moments as well. The only people I've come across who say the manga is shit and 03 is better are edgy contrarians and degenerate fujos who have a kink for suffering and incest. They could've just left the ending open like most anime do nowadays, but the director was braindead and effectively took a fat steamy dump all over Arakawa's work with the ending. Fuck that fanfic tier garbage

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