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Kpop thread Anonymous 9106

Anonymous 9107

I can't be the only one who finds it funny that a group comprised entirely of ethnic chinese mogs the rest of the industry

Anonymous 9108



Anonymous 9109

god the new shotaro kid sticks out like a sore thumb, and the rest of them really arent even that attractive

he literally looks as if some random stan photoshopped themselves in the corner as a self insert….SM really has fallen far

Anonymous 9110

Are looks not as important in Japan? WayV was insane visual wise

Anonymous 9111

I know, offtopic, but are /b/ and /meta/ locked?

Anonymous 9112

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Hes not a manlet 178cm everybody nct is saved

Anonymous 9113

where are you getting 178? also there seems to be two versions of his profile floating around so no one's gonna know

besides, jaehyun is supposed to be 180cm and the dude is prob 175 tops, so height is literally impossible to determine

johnny's true role is just to be a "for scale" model for the rest of them kek

Anonymous 9114

This kid is gonna be huge. Everyone has been talking about him since yesterday like…. his whole life is being dug up

Anonymous 9115

Nobodys even talking about the other one

Anonymous 9116

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 9117

I think SM put up that horribKick It cover on purpose to garner publicity. I'm watching his dancing videos on twitter and hes legit good.

Anonymous 9118

Honest question: Do you nctfags even like the group? All this nonstop posting but virtually all of the posts are negative.

Anonymous 9119

Thats just literally what nctfans are like. Nonstop complaining and psychoanalyzing 24/7.

Anonymous 9120


bp is trash but I'm liking jennie's look here

Anonymous 9121

So ISAC 2020 is literally going to be e-"""sports""" and dogs. Who the fuck is going to watch this shit?

Anonymous 9122

I like BP idk why everyone complains about them. I always check out their songs on Spotify and add to my playlist.

Anonymous 9123

who would be watching ISAC anyways except for whale sized fangirls who wanna make sure their oppas don't make eye contact with any woman.

Anonymous 9124

exactly, no normal non fan watches ISAC, i feel like even casual fans dont watch that shit

Anonymous 9125

>can't sing
>can't dance
>hasn't had a concept change since debut
>spends more time shilling to luxury fashion brands than performing

Anonymous 9126

He already has fans videos

Anonymous 9127

jesus christ what happened to SM having visual standards

Anonymous 9128

Aren't whale sized fangirls what keeps it profitable? I can't imagine the opening their wallets this time around and MBC's decision to hold it this year just doesn't make any business sense to me.

Anonymous 9129

isac is the most boring shit ever, I have no idea why anyone watches it I could never go through even a moment.

Anonymous 9131

Screen Shot 2020-0…

?? NCT fans who where there when Lucas + Kun were added did they receive any hate? I've never heard of WayV getting any hate if anything they only got praise for visuals.

Anonymous 9132


This got such little attention when it happened but it is still so sinister to me. I know SM is already sketchy as hell but this seriously looks like pedo sponsor stuff

Anonymous 9133


Sm recruited Johnny in what, 2009? So yeah since then their standards have been nonexistent

Anonymous 9134

An anon in the last thread mentioned a conspiracy that Jonghyuns suicide was actually a cover up for murder I know it’s retarded but is there any more info on this??

Anonymous 9135

? the article says that he sent nude pictures when he was on a Chinese survival show in 2013. where are you getting sm pedo info from?

Anonymous 9136

Wonder how Johnny feels watching exo becoming so rich and buying buildings having solo work when hes stuck in NCT being unpopular

Anonymous 9137

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 9138

Does anyone else here not read k-netizen translation sites (pannchoa, netizenbuzz)? I just don't care to read a bunch of comments made by random koreans…it feels very kboo-ish to me.

Anonymous 9139


At least it looks like he doesn't have a big head

Anonymous 9140

then dont read it? its a pretty quick way to glance through the news of what's going on, and its more palpatable than say allkpop

its a bit rich to spend your time on a kpop forum and then sniff at "but im not a koreabooooooo"

Anonymous 9141


Shotaro and Jaehyun need a lip lift surgery. I've always been against telling someone that they need plastic surgery but my eyes cannot take these philtrums much longer. Someone needs to get a sasaeng fan to scream it at them or something. It would do the both of them wonders.
Shame because Yu Zhi was pretty hot, he would have been a god-like visual among the majority of average to deformed kids in NCT. Why are SM's Chinese trainees so much better looking than the Korean ones?
This is a legitimate topic I've wondered about for a while now. Not to mention that so called "Korean" top visuals like Jun Jihyun and Jang Wonyoung have Chinese heritage as well. I even saw Tzuyu's name mentioned in a top-rated comment of "Best Korean visuals", kek.

Anonymous 9142

Pls try to sage low effort posts otherwise we're gonna get banned from this website kek last thread wasn't on autosage and this one probably isnt yet too

Anonymous 9143


Does anyone else remember the mess that was the Love Me Right teasers?
> Baseball hats
> Football jerseys
> Basketball shorts
> Soccer cleats
Just…how did this happen?

Anonymous 9144

what is autosage?

Anonymous 9145

Yikes Jang Wonyoung is considered a top visual?

That aside, true. I didn't bring it up before because I didn't want these threads to venture into /pol/ territory but I always wondered about the fact that when it comes to visuals/visual lines, chinese idols are overrepresented.

Anonymous 9146


I found myself down a rabbit hole on a thread of Kpop Illuminati connections and it’s all so stupid but I can’t stop reading. Illuminati nutters are so sick and twisted but so fascinatingly retarded.

Anonymous 9147

The mods set up the thread to be automatically saged – it won't be bumped by new posts

Seems like everything else but kpop threads is locked… I wonder what is going on… not a good omen tbh we might get kicked

Anonymous 9148

They didn't update the sticky until the last thread almost maxed out either. Jannys are just slow.

Anonymous 9149

Maybe because chinese folks have a very high standard for looks? So therefore korean companies also have a high standard for them? Idk

Anonymous 9150

It is kinda odd he named his dog coal briquette after JH suicide, he coulda named that dog anything else!

Anonymous 9151

>not a good omen tbh we might get kicked
Should we set up a contingency plan? https://8channel.bz/kpg/index.html
(yeah, the rest of the site is filth but you don't have to interact with it or look at it)

Anonymous 9152

Go to that kpop thread on vigilant citizen

Anonymous 9153

Does the state of kpop piracy frustrate anyone else? Seems like it's either russian/chinese streaming sites (or if luck allows it, yt) or random links to gdrive/mega on twitter. And even then, it's more often than not horribly encoded watermarked screen recordings. I wish kpop pirates were more technologically adept.

Anonymous 9154

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Is that Kai Lucas fight about to happen before our eyes? Make your bets ladies, mines on Lucas.

Anonymous 9155

Superm title track out

Anonymous 9156

very boring song

Anonymous 9157

It doesn't stand out. They do seem to have a "sound" now that is very Super M.

Anonymous 9158


YG Entertainment's new building is finished

14 floors
2nd floor full cafeteria
Basement sports/recreation zone
2 floor auditorium
7 dance practice rooms
7 recording studios
30 music studios

Old building 1st floor converted to fan zone

How does YG still have the money to do this

Anonymous 9159

>How does YG still have the money to do this

BP or maybe the pimping never stopped.

Anonymous 9160


I like it too, I don't listen to their songs but sometimes they serve as nice fashion inspiration lol

Of course she is? She's already super pretty and making the other members look bad despite only being a kid now, in a couple of years she'a gonna look bomb.

Anonymous 9161

We'll have to agree to disagree then. Aside from being tall I can't see what else she has going for her.

Anonymous 9162


god SM styling and photography has really just gone into the shitter

i feel like every series of teaser pics have just gotten worse and worse, who the hell styled these dudes and decided to put their short ass bodies onto these boxes and in giant dad shoes

these guys actually look like the manlets they are, if they made them sit and stretch out they wouldnt have looked so stupid short

Anonymous 9163

Stop making new threads, the mods pinned the thread with the link for a goddamn reason.

Anonymous 9164

try and post in the old one you fucking moron

Anonymous 9165


i enjoy watching armpits acting dumb as fuck like this, it's entertaining

Anonymous 9166


do ratmys genuinely believe that purple belongs to bts? it's just a color, this retard didn't invent it lmao.

Anonymous 9167

why did bts steal justin bieber's color

Anonymous 9168


This is the other new nct kid

Anonymous 9169

Looks like you mixed Yuta and Sungmin

Anonymous 9171

Won't it caues infight the fandom? Why is it good for SM?

Anonymous 9172

It absolutely will cause inter-fandom drama, I can't wait. It's gonna be like watching retarded monkeys sling shit at each other.

Anonymous 9173


I'm sorry but this kid? He might just be one of the top ugliest idols in kpop history

Anonymous 9174

Lmao is SM really gonna do Akb48 style now? No longer pretending to care about their idols' feefees, if you're voted unpopular, then gtfo kek
>That will be so unfair tbh ….
>this is worse than hunger games
>that's so disgusting i hate sm
>This is beyond disgusting. All its gonna do is divide a fandom thats already divided, give clout to members that are already popular and make the member with the least votes feel like shit…. SM is the definition of evil
Lol it's absolutely fair, that's how real life works too, only the best get the job.

Anonymous 9175

oh man this sounds amazing, i cant wait for the nctfag meltdown because their favorite useless fave got no votes

Anonymous 9176

I think it's just because there are more Chinese people. The chances of finding a good-looking person of Chinese descent who's in the right age bracket and wants to be an idol with the right skills are higher.

Anonymous 9177


i saw this today
"wow shotaro would fit with these two well"

big kek, the dude is so unattractive, he better be a god tier dancer or he's going to get destroyed the moment he debuts

Anonymous 9178

Does anyone know why k-nctzens are mad at Johnny? I don’t want to go twitter to find out

Anonymous 9179


So tragic.

Anonymous 9180


Anonymous 9181

SM already changed it after people got mad lol. I don't think I've seen them respond this quickly before. It sounds like now the voting is just going to be for a group activity and they're going to release content of the smaller groups for free

Anonymous 9183


Backtracked so fast. SM testing the waters slowly.

Anonymous 9184

I kind of miss idols who have more openly tragic pasts. I don’t know if it’s just because a lot of gen 1 and gen 2 idols came from impoverished backgrounds but it always makes me more attached to them in a weird sense. Maybe also because a lot of newer idols seem like privileged rich kids who are just doing this idol thing as a hobby it just seems that they don’t have 1/4th of the drive older idols had.

Anonymous 9185

i dont really get this glamorizing of poverty/struggle you're doing, but gen2 idols definitely felt more genuine because they probably worked harder and were more passionate about their work

nowadays everything feels so fake and manufactured, not to say it wasnt before this but now its just way less subtle

Anonymous 9186

i couldnt even finish this, these dudes really think theyre the next generation of leaders when theyre actual egotistical dancing monkeys

this is truly the epitome of performative activism, mixed with a healthy dose of "i am 14 and this is deep"

a few wonderful quotes for everyone who doesn't want to watch this garbage fire i pulled from the comments since i didn't finish either:

"If the stars are hidden, we'll let moonlight guide us. If even the moon is dark, let our faces be the light that helps us find our way."

let our faces
jesus fucking christ

Anonymous 9187

Is there really any benefit to turning kpop into jpop? The quality will go down immensely. SM has had rumors of being in a trainee deficit for a while now and it makes sense. Why would u want to train for years give up everything just to enter another survival show?

Anonymous 9188

Every unicef ambassador is a celebrity monkey unicef uses to drive its message. BTS has a huge young international fandom it makes sense for unicef to partner with them.

Anonymous 9189

thats true but it doesnt make it any less performative or stupid to watch

i cannot stand these pigs, i look forward to the day one of them ends up in a scandal just to see the ratmy meltdown

Anonymous 9190


Jaehyun is unrecognizable. How old would you guess he is?

Anonymous 9191


I like that this generation idols are rich. Idols that come from poverty are so vulnerable to exploitation. Look at hara, sulli and Jaejoong. They came from poverty and their family used them for money not to mention how fucked up they are god knows what they had to go through.

Chenle may have other issues but I’ll never have to worry about him being forced to suck some executives dick in exchange for something. That makes me feel at peace.

Anonymous 9192

I couldn't even recognize Suga in the Thumbnail of this video. I knew he fucked up his face but since I try to ignore BTS as much as possible, I didn't realise how much tho. He looks like Shindong…

Really tragic.

And imagine being one of the three chinese WayV members also kinda new to NCT and be pretty much overlooked, because everyone is talking about the new ugly guys.

Anonymous 9193

Wow this is actually a really good point that I didn’t think of

Anonymous 9194

Why is Sooman so obsessed with Japan and trying to make NCT48 happen? There is a reason ngaf about jpop outside of Japan.

No wonder all the female trainees have left S.M. who wants to do bikini shots at 13 and have ur akage fan bring a chainsaw to a fanmet and cut you up

Anonymous 9195


When and why did they have a zoom session?

Anonymous 9196


Anonymous 9197


I’m just-

Anonymous 9198

They haven't seen all those "plastic Korean" memes, have they?

Anonymous 9199

I'm sorry but this is so pathetic, seemingly the entire country is collectively jerking it to how great they supposedly are thanks to BTS, literally who do they think they are? Are they really delusional enough to believe that they're going to be the next Murica, Russia or China - because idols…? Strong national pride will always be a mystery to me. The average Korean doesn't profit one bit from BTS' millions. And the fact that their president is constantly up their ass is also embarrassing, I remember that the leader of my country already got shit for congratulating the soccer team after they won the world cup - imagine the same shit but with a boy group, multiple times. Unthinkable.

That's another thing that annoys me, they're so incredibly ignorant about everything, everything but "racism" against themselves, meaning anything that's less than blatant asskissery. Finding BTS unattractive or carefully voicing that they might have had ps is like a crime.

Anonymous 9200


And this is how one of the "centers of this world's beauty" looks like…

When did being a bragging narc turn into a positive thing?

Anonymous 9201

>he’s helping redefine the hegemonic/westernized beauty standards
That reminds me of ratmys saying that BTS ended the Big 3 hegemony, because now BH (1 company) is at the top instead of SM, JYP, YG (3 companies).
Same here, acting as if the beauty standards changing from western/white to solely korean with plastic surgery is something positive, a true win for diversity.

Anonymous 9202

It’s nice that Asians can get more representation and that beauty standards can become more inclusive, but this guy is basically just saying korea#1111111.

A trashy message for our times.

Anonymous 9204

on one hand im glad as an asian person people are finally finding asians attractive (even though i never really saw that as a problem before this, but that may be my ignorance of growing up in a very asian community in the us)

however i really dont like this narrative of licking BTS's ass because somehow they were the ones who ushered in this era of new redefined beauty

not to mention asians have already been fetishized, and now we just have koreaboos who make it even worse

plus it really sucks to be told things like "omg you're so pretty, are you korean?" or as if that's supposed to be a compliment

i guess im just annoyed that korea is now somehow the standard for everything golden about asian culture and the rest of us are just supposed to be happy because "at least now we're represented"

Anonymous 9205

What world is he living in?

Anonymous 9206


center of world's beauty right here ladies

Anonymous 9207

So we go from American cultural imperialism to Korean cultural imperialism. How progressive

Anonymous 9208

There's a very big vocal crowd (of asian americans) who now feel proud because "kpop is asian pop! for us asians! finally asians are popular too!" literally no, it's only by koreans for koreans, they've got nothing to do with you. I get that asian americans want representation but it shouldn't be in the shape of koreans from korea (or japan or whatever), those guys world is very different from theirs, they grew up and live in an extremely homogeneous society with always close to 100% of people looking like them. You pretty much can't be anymore of a majority group and get anymore representation and privilige than as an east asian who lives in east asia. That's also why bts "we're so oppressed" shtick is so very disingenuous.

Anonymous 9209


This sums up my thoughts pretty well.

Anonymous 9210

Kind of off topic but wonder how korean nationalists feel about 88rising ? It’s a small hip hop label comprising of Asian hip hop artists from Indonesia, Japan China. They work with Jackson from got7. They are pretty well known in the us hip hop scene and their artists are pretty good. They would be way better for Asian representation than bts

Anonymous 9211

>he’s helping redefine the hegemonic/westernized beauty standards

Funny, when Koreans get plastic surgery to have More western features

Anonymous 9212

Jonghyun came from a financially poor background as well, he had a single mother and was on welfare. Tiffany’s home life in America sounded pretty miserable too. GOT7’s JB had an abusive stepdad.
Idols from those kinds of backgrounds seem more appreciative of what they’ve been given than their wealthy band and label mates, even if there’s only a handful of them.

Anonymous 9213

Yeah it's almost like they're actual people with actual experiences, not rich kids with completely uneventful lives who bought themselves the fancy idol life

Anonymous 9214

No shit. It’s so bizarre to me how companies love pushing the fake “underdog” story, making it just tragic enough to be palatable, while totally disregarding the idols who actually had the same upbringing x10. It’s just something that’s always grossed me out and made me feel for those idols much more. Korea has a very “let’s sweep all our fuckups under the rug and pretend they don’t exist” society.

Anonymous 9216


How do u take a face like xiaojuns and turn him into this? SM hates the Chinese members.

Anonymous 9217


Idc about the Neanderthal haters I think he looks really good here. Also I never noticed he had like one eyelid with the line and one without.

Anonymous 9218

if youre gonna gush about jaehyun, at least post a pic where he doesnt look like a neanderthal.

Anonymous 9219


JH has been looking fine lately. WW on the other hand must be going thru a mid life crisis or something

Anonymous 9220

Do you think he looks good here too >>9190 ?

Anonymous 9221


>Are looks not as important in Japan? WayV was insane visual wise
the looks just seem to be more of the "natural" type in japan. this person who is a member of a famous idol group in japan ended up ranking no.1 in votes as an 'ikemen' (handsome guy) in a famous magazine poll.
yuta was ranked 11th

Anonymous 9222


He looks way better imo. did they stop doing jaw Botox for him cuz it makes him look manlier. He could pass for 29 tho but eh

Anonymous 9223

the akb48 style was kind of the plan from the beginning when LSM first announced it, they're finally being upfront with it now though lol nctzens are losing it

Anonymous 9224

>yuta was ranked 11th

Well here’s our answer then Japan doesn’t care about looks

Anonymous 9225


He’s still ugly but he doesn’t look as twinky anymore lol

Anonymous 9226


Let’s hope this lasts. He would be doing himself a huge favor by bulking up. Super masculine face and twink body is a gross combo

Anonymous 9228

Screenshot (288).p…

You wayv fags aren't even gonna pretend being subtle anymore, hm? In the last thread too, constanly
>The chinese look the best
>All of nct are plastic, only wayv are naturally beautiful
If we go by percentage, you guys are the by far most obnoxious fandom, delusional af, even worse bootlickers than ratmys, all are obsessed and can't stop sperging about how uwu attractive and so much better they are, all the time, everywhere you go, unprompted.

Anonymous 9229

I kind of appreciated the variety of bad teeth that was in Wanna One.

Anonymous 9230

Eh I’m pretty sure him and every other idol on that list are only there because of the their fans votes and not because of their actual looks, just like how those yearly most handsome/beautiful lists are always dominated by kpop idols.

Anonymous 9231


is there anyone you used to think was ugly but now you find hot?

For me it’s Jeno. He looks like he’d never smell bad.

Anonymous 9232


Yuta looks like he’d permanently smell bad. He always has greasy skin and long scraggly hair and he’s always wearing a cap.

I shudder at the though of him wearing a sleeveless top and raising his arms.

Anonymous 9233


Agree. The anti Korean sentiment manifests itself in weird ways. WV aren’t ugly but they don’t look better than all the korean members either.

Anonymous 9234



Reminds me of

Anonymous 9236


YG managed to snatch a hot Japanese boy for treasure when their image is in the tanks. SM is declining.

Anonymous 9237

top kek

Anonymous 9238

a yikes
i feel like japanese people want all their idols to look like L from death note, but the dude is not gonna translate to looking hot irl

as a result they get all these skinny manlets with eyebags who look grody as fuck

Anonymous 9239


Asians don't stink like white or black people when they sweat, so chances are high that no male idol smells (or at least not super badly)

Japanese women have super weird tastes, the standards for j-idols are incredibly low, they even seem to prefer the uber short ones, because popularity unironically decreases the taller they are (and tall in japan means anything above 170). Pic related is like the japanese bts, they look like this, yet are so popular that they have to draw lots for tickets in domes with a capacity of 100k. Korean idols at least need to put a litte bit of an effort into the way they look, while arashi look like 50 ever since they hit 30. And that's why japanese girls flock to kpop lol

Anonymous 9240

>japanese people

Its Not like they have a say Here He is at YG and gets korean Styling. And i think He is the tallest in treasure

Anonymous 9241


I dont think that any Young Girls like them, they have been in the bussines Since forever and Jpn Fans are very loyal

Anonymous 9242


>Asians don't stink like white or black people when they sweat, so chances are high that no male idol smells

Calm down there koreaboo

Anonymous 9243

Lmao arashi have Korean fans too. I once accidentally came across a YouTube channel with hundreds of Korean subbed arashi videos

Anonymous 9244

Kai admitted that he's actually only 180cm, but with his pictures you can already tell that he's much taller with better proportions than most other male idols who claim that height (most of BTS, Jaehyun, Monsta X,…), so how midget-tier are they in reality

Anonymous 9245

yeah, what a stupid fucking koreaboo thought
do people actually believe the millions of asians out there all just magically dont have BO?

besides, BO and the general unwashed hair smell are mutually exclusive and some of these idols openly admit they dont wash

Anonymous 9246

I'm a svtfag actually. I've don't listen to any of nct's music aside from cherry bomb but wayv is objectively the best looking group and there's no way around that.

Anonymous 9247

He looks greasy sometimes but the other members have called him an ‘old man’ for sleeping early/waking early, and showering everyday so idk if he’d smell.

Anonymous 9248

Are you sure this isn't essentially just a popularity contest?

Anonymous 9249

That pic doesn't really contradict what they said.

Anonymous 9250

What, is showering every day such a strange thing for males? Jesus lmao

Anonymous 9251

who tf cares, theyre overall untalented and if they werent under SM no one would care

also the moment u said u were a seventeenfag immediately made you lose all credibility

ffs you guys have woozi and scoups or whatever his name is, ofc these dudes would look godly

Anonymous 9252

The amount of damage control in this post makes me blush.

Anonymous 9253

They don’t have stinky armpit sweat like white/black but their sweat elsewhere still smells like sweat/whatever body odor they have.

If U ever rode the subway in Korea/Asia there are some nasty smelling mofos

Anonymous 9254

I even said that maybe they smell a bit but they don't have what makes non-asian people stink severely. Plus they're not as fat and hairy as your average western man either, so…
Thinking of which idols smells good/bad is the weird and creepy anyway, especially if it's about nct dream.

Anonymous 9255

why are we even discussing body odor what the fuck

who the fuck cares if these dudes smell like roses or cat piss

Anonymous 9256

>I swear by god I'm not a fan but WayV are literally objectively the most beautiful group ever, how dare you deny that!!!

Anonymous 9257

I guess those korean plastic surgeons are secretly wayv stans too then? Stop being a fucking idiot.

Anonymous 9258


here you go bc youre obv nctfags
you can go to nordstrom and ask for a sample so u can go home and flick the bean to what ur oppa smells like

jesus christ

Anonymous 9259

So which groups look better in your opinion then

Anonymous 9260

>especially if it's about nct dream.

Majority of dream are 20 yr old men. They’re prolly getting their dick sucked on the regular.

Anonymous 9261

oh my god no one fucking cares about your floppy chinese oppas

no amount of but theyre hoooooootttt is gonna make them successful, just fucking stop

Anonymous 9262

What's the point of this post? You're becoming more annoying than nctfags.

Anonymous 9263

i love to watch nctards and the tards who hate them fling shit at each other, keep on going, girls

Anonymous 9264

>oh my god no one fucking cares
You obviously do since you can't stop replying to every single one of my posts. I don't know why the fact that a non-fan can still appreciate their outward appearances triggers you so much.

Anonymous 9265


Those korean plastic surgeons always tell dumb stans like you what they want to hear, they'd also say that jimincel is naturally blue eyed if they have to

They're clearly very much below average if not shooped to hell and back, plus all but lucas are additionally short too

Anonymous 9266

That one angry anon who always comes on the thread and complains about everyone’s posts.

Anonymous 9267


wdym anon my jiminie is obviously sculpted by the hands of god and is the gold standard for male beauty

all the bts boys are gorgeous, even RM who looks like kim jong un's son

Anonymous 9268


Who in wayV hurt u? Was it xiaojun after u found out he’s only 5’7 max?

It’ll be okay anon.

Anonymous 9269


jennie and her entourage are just glorified instagram models but i gotta say i dig this picture

Anonymous 9271

Go look at their "image analysis" of other groups. Yes, these videos are primarily made to validate fangirls and i'm not in denial about that. But that "best visual group" declaration isn't being given out generously.

It must be a tough life for you if you have such a hard time making peace with someone else's (a complete stranger's no less) opinions about something so trivial.

Anonymous 9272

I’d love being BP tbh. Luxury, minimal work, fame and money and I only sometimes have to go on a a stupid variety show and do aegyo.

BTS is passing out backstage and aging like shit and BP is doing minimal work and still manage to have an insane fan base. .

Anonymous 9273

while the one nct wayv fag is just sperging, has anyone watched the everglow dance practice?

im just getting into them and honestly aisha is gorgeous, and she looks so tall

i hate how the barrier of entry for this group for me is that main vocal's fucking facial expressions, i feel like i have a visceral cringe reaction everytime shes on screen gaping her mouth and wiggling her eyes like a fish

Anonymous 9274

Open your eyes and look at this >>9265 that's simply not attractive.

Anonymous 9275

same, id be lying if i said i wasnt envious of how little they work compared to how much they make

blinks always freak out about how they dont get any work but honestly if i was them id take magazine/brand deals all day instead of slaving away on practice

can you two please just take it somewhere else

Anonymous 9276


A huge portion of NCT are literal gamers. They prolly don’t shower and are secretly incels.

Anonymous 9277

Seriously, why the hell do you care so much about what I think? Name your oppars and I'll find you a million uggocrops of them.

Anonymous 9278

my oppa is psy and jyp

Anonymous 9279


I always forget that dream are in fact adult men.

Anonymous 9280


This song is SO KPOP in a dated kind of way. Like it belongs in 2010.

Anonymous 9281

thats kind of why i love it though? its SO dated but it reminds me of when i first got into kpop and that boppy electric kara/fx style music

Anonymous 9282


apparently superm showed up on ellen again? im surprised she invited them back considering mark made a comment to her about asking about dating and she looked like she was about to throw a fit

Anonymous 9284

r/asianmasculinity trying to spread muh chinese genetic superiority propaganda kek

Anonymous 9285

Damn, Ellen's still around?

Anonymous 9286


Tragic. Those ugly outfits distracted me from the entire performance.

Sooman must be mad as hell at super m and is just torturing them at this point.

Anonymous 9287

Everyone except you has already stopped posting about wayv, samefag

Anonymous 9288

SM stylists have all suffered brain damage or something, there literally has not been a single teaser or anything that's been put out lately that has good outfits

the most recent nct 2020 teaser just reminded me of hospital gowns and hunger games

Anonymous 9289

>TWICE's Tzuyu says goodbye to her beloved pet Gucci
>She also posted:
>"I was originally planning to adopt a mommy and daughter pair of dogs, and I was going to see them on September 24. However, you left our side yesterday. Our baby Gucci…

Fuck idols who get pets, tbh

Anonymous 9290

i thought it was her family's dog? but i totally agree, idols who are actively promoting should not be getting pets, especially dogs

Anonymous 9291

Not sure, but if she's deciding to adopt dogs then offloading the burden onto her family that's even worse.

Anonymous 9292

It’s her family’s dog, retard
If you’re gonna nitpick at least make sure it’s something relevant, not Tzuyu getting upset because her parents’ dog died

Anonymous 9293

calm down tzuyufag

Anonymous 9294

nta but i think they were more so talking about the fact that she said she was going to adopt 2 dogs? while having the schedule that she has?

its sad that her dog died, but its horribly irresponsible to just adopt 2 animals knowing you're going to be overseas and rarely home all the time

i guess she could just dump the dogs on her parents like V did and then parade it around on social media when convenient, but its still pretty scummy

Anonymous 9295

> i think they were more so talking about the fact that she said she was going to adopt 2 dogs
Yeah pretty much.

Anonymous 9298

Wanna ask are there any fans of Taeyong on here like ppl that watch his vlives/follow him ect. How would u describe him?

Anonymous 9301

no, it was a survey conducted with over 110,000 readers of the magazine. it's usually marketed towards women. there is actual popularity contests but this is a ranking where readers voted for the names of men they thought to be "ikemen" (a handsome man).

Anonymous 9302

>thinking any of this automatically disproves that fans just voted for whoever they liked the most
anon i….

Anonymous 9303

Why are there two different songs happening? The verses are in the same key and flow nicely but the choruses sound like they came from another demo. I like the vocals/melody (it sounds like an Exo b-side and I'm an Exofag) BUT the structure of this song is a no. The key change from the verse to the chorus makes no sense.
Also why is there no MV released if this is a title track?
Knetz are mad at how their industries are designated as 'K-media, k-beauty, k-pop' unlike how America just is 'pop'. Like uh I'm sorry but do you NOT realize that your country has a niche entertainment industry and that should be an achievement in itself considering how great your sister country is doing? Korea is nowhere close to America and never will be because it's a tiny country with a homogenous, collectivist population.
I feel like he's the type to be super attractive in person. I wonder how many idols are like that actually although I've read accounts from some people and one that I recall on LSA was from a woman who said that most idols ain't shit in person. She said the only exceptions were Minhyun and Mingyu.
He's 16 anon.
I've never smelled anything remotely bad on public transportation in Korea. No one eats, talks, or does anything to attract attention on a subway. It's pretty uneventful and scentless.

Anonymous 9305

you aren't wrong. the results really haven't changed much over the past few years and i see these guys on tv all the time

Anonymous 9306


Why is jkook always covered in cuts and shit like this like what goes on?

Anonymous 9307

i mean hes a dancer and practices, so not surprising that hes cut up or bruised often

Anonymous 9308



Some idols look way better on video than in pictures and he’s one of them. When u see him in pics his nose takes over and his jaw looks too angular but in videos you can see he has a really small head and his features aren’t that harsh.

Anonymous 9309


I Wish he would do this kinda fuckboi styling and not the art how thing he’s got going on.

Anonymous 9310

i agree he looks better…but how is this fuckboy styling lol he's literally in a t shirt

Anonymous 9311

The cap the earring idk. What do u call this style?

Anonymous 9312

i think hes cute in a very boyish way, i do see the resemblance to donghae, but i think hes more manly

Anonymous 9313


wow what the hell happened to jaemin, he looks unrecognizable here

Anonymous 9314

Bad screenshot? He looks the same in videos, but the white hair is doing NOTHING for him.

Anonymous 9315


Anonymous 9316

Anony i love your eloquent way of shit talking bts topkek

Not sure if it's bad ps in his case but BTS V also has one side w/ monolid and the other w/ double eyelid

Lol this looks NOTHING like Jennie. They shopped her to look like Hyori no doubt

Yeah but all that luxury and fame will last a lot less for them tho

Anonymous 9317

Yo I didnt know this Kevin Woo guy (U-Kiss, After School Club) but he's easily entered my top 3 most flamboyant gay idols, maybe just right below Jo Kwon… if there's any U-KISS fags or old gen fans here: everybody knew he was gay right? He sissys every word he speaks lol

Anonymous 9319

Lmao yes. Well at least young teen me immediately clocked him lol.

I feel like U-Kiss was like a prototype of Ateez, they also mainly had foreign fans but back then that wasn't enough to make a group not crash.
It's kind of odd that all failed/nugu/former Asian American idols are flocking together: Amber, Eric, Henry, Jamie, Kevin, Jay, the dude from Kard,…like do they really relate to each other because they're western or do they think this will make them gain fans?

Anonymous 9320

You think he has a masculine face?

I’m not even surprised, I always had a feeling they’d do something like this.

Anonymous 9321


Is Young K handsome or jusf photogenic?

I also think the member that kinda looks lile Jungkook is cute ngl am I tripping?

Anonymous 9322

Is that the group with the over the top gay fanservice?? Were there more members fruity like Kevin?

Also did they have a member that got involved in a "dating" scandal with Jo Kwon because someone took pics of their cell phone screens and there were some sus txts?? Or was that Teen Top. I always get the groups with cringey names mixed up

Anonymous 9323

I honestly can't remember, never heard of that?

The by far most extreme fanservice was always by Suju tho

Anonymous 9324

Suju is proof that the gayer the fanservice is, the more likely the idols are to be straight

Anonymous 9326

Daehwi from ab6ix is another obvious homo

Anonymous 9329

He looks alright i guess, kinda average, him and youngjae on idol radio are cute

Anonymous 9330

i feel like he was more handsome a few years ago. or maybe it's just because i've lost interest in day6 lately bc their music has been declining

Anonymous 9331


I hope to god this was planned from the beginning and now we will finally see WTF the point to super m was. That group has done nothing but flop left and right it was making me question sooman's and capitol record's sanity

Anonymous 9332


The NCT2020 live had 12 million views? Thats the most views I've seen on any nct content.

Anonymous 9333

It boggles my mind how obsessed with nct zoomers are. Literally not a single member out of how many now? 50? Stands out kek. Did SM just throw literally every uggo and botched abomination trainee into nct?

Anonymous 9334

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I know nothing about the Korean kid, I can see him being popular in Korea due to looks tho. Ppl saying he resembles jaejoong.

Anonymous 9335

…aren't the vast majority fans of currently active groups zoomers?

Anonymous 9336

Exo also met up with Ryan Renolds, I guess Lee Soo Man snatched some deal with them. Hopefully it's not gonna be too embarrassing…(we all know it will)

Why did you search for "Renjun hand"? lol

Anonymous 9337

Taeyong also resembles jaejoong but that didn't do him any favours

Anonymous 9338


>Why did you search for "Renjun hand"? lol

I'm just really into hands.

Anonymous 9339

Screenshot (291).p…

Sorry but this just makes me feel bitter. Following the threads here and on lolcow made me realize just how insanely much NCT get's to do in comparison to the other SM artists, it feels like I see more stuff of NCT in a single month than of Exo in their entire career, meaning nearly a decade.
Mnet is the same channel as Produce, so a ton of people will watch it.

Anonymous 9340

I mean NCT is literally twice the size of Exo and they were already a big group, of course they'll be able to make more content. And Exo hit daebak fairly quickly, they didn't need a lot of pushing afterward, but in their early period they were practically as bad as NCT. I was a kpop fan before Exo debuted and I avoided listening to their music for years because of how much SM pushed them in 2012.

Anonymous 9342

Exo had 1 show in 2012, plus youtube/instagram/vlive weren't a thing back then. Pushing a group in the year of their debut is fine/normal (or maybe 2 years if they aren't successful immediately), but SM also virtually stopped giving them activities after Call me baby which was only in 2015, while NCT is already in their 5th year and still crazily promoted everywhere.
And what about RV, it's not like they're busy either

Anonymous 9343


Taemin also asked his fans what he could do to promote himself, he only got 3 days off inbetween sperm activities to release his album.

Anonymous 9344

NCT is only just beginning to see the level of popularity expected of SM groups though, I think it makes sense that SM would want to capitalise on the increase they've seen this year and try to cement it, even if it is annoying. And even though Wendy is well enough to make public appearances now that doesn't mean she's completely 100% again. I don't think it's wrong to delay a red velvet comeback a little longer, you don't want another Heechul situation where the injury eventually ends up as chronic pain.

Anonymous 9345

Also despite their age, NCT is still SM's newest group… The newest group always gets the most stuff. One day nctzens will be old hags crying about how NCT is so neglected compared to SM's next group too.

Anonymous 9347

I've never really followed sm ggs so idk much about their situations, it's definitely a little suprising if snsd was their main push for that long though, ggs usually expire sooner than bgs anyway

Anonymous 9349

>One day nctzens will be old hags crying about how NCT is so neglected compared to SM's next group too.
And then they can simply rewatch the gazillion of things they did during the first 5+ years of their career, while that is not an option for fans of other groups at all.

SM not debuting new groups for so long is weird af
>2007: SNSD - 2009: f(x) - 2014: RV
>2003: TVXQ - 2005: Suju - 2008: Shinee - 2011: Exo - 2016: NCT
The gap grew from 2 to 5 years, and that's ok too, because during that time all of the other groups were still very active as well, but now you only NCT and Sperm promote and no debut, not even any trainees in sight. What happened to the uber difficult SM auditions that everybody wants to try and close to all fail?

Twice debuted later than RV, Itzy debuted too already and both are very successful, so Jyp's approach is definitely better.

Anonymous 9350

Sperm on Ellen

Anonymous 9352

Yeah but by then there will be new forms of content and what NCT has will probably seem inadequate. I mean if someone told me in 2012-2014 that Exo fans would one day be complaining because they didn't have enough content, I'd have slapped them in the face. When I think about how Exo seemed to get everything that money could buy while SM's older groups - the ones that actually made that money - were left with scraps or shipped off to Japan or simply fucking disappeared for two whole years with no explanation while we got Exo shoved down our throats in every possible form that SM had at their disposal back then… I mean I'm glad I stopped hating them because they have really good music, but I'll never forget how annoying it was.

Anonymous 9353

It was even worse than that in the 2000s, I mean does anyone even remember MILK (2002) or TRAX (2004)? In those days SM just seemed to be throwing everything at a wall to see what sticks, nowadays it seems like they're more devoted to making all their groups stick regardless of what it takes.

Anonymous 9355


What did they get other than one variety show?
Right after debut Exo already sold more than Shinee, in 2013 they vastly outsold all of their seniors and afterwards it was more than all other SM groups combined, so at least their stuff was paid for with their own money. They only needed support for one year, which is not something any group can be blamed for.

Anonymous 9356

Jesus EXO outsold Girls Gen by more than double clearly Koreans own a monopoly in male beauty boy bands and pop music now.

Anonymous 9357

Does anybody remember that SM actually already had their own version of Lana in the early 2000s? A fully white, german girl as an idol lol

Anonymous 9367

HAHAHAH this is supposed to be one of the top 3 visuals of a group with over 20 members–according to the NCT 2020 teaser ending formation (>>9339 see: Jaemin, TY, and Lucas at the front).
Yeah he's definitely gay. I watched one episode of Road to Kingdom and clocked Young Taek from Golden Child in like 10 seconds. Another obvious one is Doyoung from NCT.
I think he's just photogenic in performances anon. I used to find him really cute too but their music has always been boring aside from a handful of songs.
Anon I know exactly what you're talking about. Exo was literally shoved in everywhere by SM up until like 2014. If I recall Mama 2013 was super Exo obsessed (bc SM paid for it). But NCT has more than twice the amount of members that Exo has and nowhere near the same amount of talent and cohesion.
TRAX had a few really good songs imo (aside from english lyrics…) but Korea never had any liking to rock music. Unsurprisingly they flopped and now their group is some weird EDM trio.

Anonymous 9368

agreed, i dont know if the anon complaining about EXO "not getting content" wasn't around in 2014, or was just an exo-l and didnt realize how dominant EXO was everywhere

it literally felt like they were smothering kpop, the effect is amplified now with NCT solely because there's a billion of them, so when they pop around in subunits and activities it feels even more overwhelming

SM always repeats its mistakes, they're adding these new rookies like they tried with zhoumi and henry in SJ, and now shoehorning NCT into everything to try and garner fame

Anonymous 9369

>Korea never had any liking to rock music
There's a fair amount of krock but most of it isn't tied to the idol industry and I think it's somewhat fallen out of fashion just like it has in the west. The idol industry was pretty influenced by jrock in the early-mid-2000s though, apart from TRAX you can really feel the influence in early TVXQ and SuJu releases.

Anonymous 9370

i mean smaller groups such as n.flying are more rock-y, you can definitely feel the jrock influences in their music

Anonymous 9371

I've been enjoying n.flying a lot recently, I miss that kind of light-hearted goofy attitude in my kpop mvs

Anonymous 9372

they are honestly my ult group for music, i love how its just nice music thats easy on the ears

i also really enjoy day6, which is similar in vibe. they remind me of ft island, ofc without the creepy rapey dudes

Anonymous 9373

N. Flying sounds more like emo pop or pop punk or whatever the thing that was popular in early 2010s was.. I don't see the jrock

Anonymous 9374

i mean jrock derived a lot of its roots from pop punk and garage rock, im just saying nflying makes music that feels more rock-influenced, whether it be jrock or pop punk than their idol counterparts who seem to favor the heavy electric/edm styles

Anonymous 9375


jhope's sister apparnently opened a youtube channel and immediately hit 1M subscribers, and ratmys are torn between supporting her and screaming that she's piggybacking off her botched brother's fame

she looks unfortunate to say the least, why do koreans insist on chopping their noses until its a little pointy anime nub? its horrifying

Anonymous 9376

I’ve been a huge NFlying stan since they released Lonely (still their best song). It makes me sad that they’ll mostly be seen as one hit wonders with Rooftop. But christ I need them to STOP with the weird metallic vocal filter they put over Hweseungs singing. Hweseung is one of the very few actually talented recent generation vocalists why put that weird bts filter they put on jimins screeches over his voice?????

Anonymous 9377

i totally see what you mean, i couldnt place my finger on it but now i hear the heavy almost reverb-y vibrato filter they have in the background

the dude obviously has a voice, i dont get why they process it so heavily either

Anonymous 9378

Speaking of random kpop bands, has anyone here ever heard of a band called Lucy? One of their songs is featured on the Pump It Up arcade machines right now and it was honestly kind of shocking for me to run into a korean song/artist I'd never heard about before, especially on a platform which has mainly mainstream stuff (and Dreamcatcher for some reason). Which probably reflects badly on me as a terrible koreaboo but whatevs. The song is not bad really.

Anonymous 9379

Good K-rock is The Rose. I'm kinda sad they didn't get the treatment they deserve, they have some great songs. It's not really rock, it's an more annoying imitation of rock but I like it nonetheless.

Anonymous 9381


Seeing the juxtaposition of Chunghas insane amount of jaw botox/fillers + surgeries next to Jaehwan and his huge underbite is so jarring.

Anonymous 9382

I like Sammy's voice. Thinking about it, all of these bands (The Rose, Day6 and N. Flying) have really good vocalists actually.

Anonymous 9383

I personally don’t see the appeal in listening to krock unless you’re a kboo, there’s nothing unique about it and I can find the same exact music in a language I can actually understand (English). At least with kpop I can get the appeal with the mv visuals and choreo.

Anonymous 9384

But the BEST krock was FTIsland. No vocalist even within kpop comes close to Hongki for me.

Anonymous 9386

This is really weird to look. That guy looks like Jaehyun and Chungha looks like current madonna

Anonymous 9387

Agreed, it once again is only a copy of Japan, so if you're not into classic american rock, there are many really good japanese bands.

>If I recall Mama 2013 was super Exo obsessed (bc SM paid for it).
Because ratmys always defend Bts performing for 40+ minutes by claiming that other groups were allowed just as much, I once looked up the performance lengths of Bigbangs, Snsd's, Exo's and so on Mama appearances, and even in 2013 which pretty much their best year, Exo only performed 2 songs, meaning around 10 minutes. Considering that they were the most popular, that's pretty mild, no?

Anonymous 9388


Their NCT Daily youtube channel uploads a new video around every 4 days. Fans joke that they are youtubers and just part time idols.

I think part of that has to do with their image. Exo had a more mysterious and glam image since the beginning. NCT has always had a goofy/meme image like SUJU did in the past.

Anonymous 9389



It did. TY has major pretty girl privilege. His crazy fans will never leave him. He will be the center forever. Even after a bullying scandal, which can end careers, he's doing okay.

Anonymous 9390

honestly the nct concept in theory is a smart one–especially with the advent of vlive and youtube, companies can easily throw together different combinations of idols to see which draws the most engagement

plus they can churn out content because there's so many of them, so nct is almost always "active" in a sense, which also is why people feel like these dudes are always in our face

there is no way they feasibly couldve done this youtube/reality show/subunit stuff with exo, because theres only 9 or so dudes, and fans will scream overwork. but with 20+ dudes in nct they can churn and rotate who's on the burner

unfortunately it's failing because all of these dudes are either ugly, bland as hell, or just untalented/not fun to watch, so it just feels like SM parading their circus of uglies every day

Anonymous 9391

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Damn Chenle revealed in his vlive he's actually balding due to all the dye. He talked about having to wear a hair piece before because his hair fell out.

Anonymous 9392

honestly i feel bad for the kid to be losing hair like that at his age, but i also find it hilarious that he doesnt give a fuck and just shows shit like this when other idols are afraid to even sneeze on camera

Anonymous 9393

Jesus that looks severe!
And he's only dyed brunette anyway, is that really so important, so much better than just black?

Anonymous 9394

he looked good with the dark hair too, i dont get why they did all that to him just to make him a brunette

poor kid, i hope he recovers, hair dye reactions hurt too

Anonymous 9395

So he himself doesn't even realize how bad it is…
>HELPPPPPPP i guess people commented that chenle was going bald and he was like "i dont think im balding? am i? not yet. definitely could happen though"

Anonymous 9396

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Casually revealing his bald spots in front of half a million people is pretty on brand for Chenle.

Anonymous 9397


Which idol has the most punchable face to you? For me it’s hands down Mino.

Anonymous 9398

isn't she pretty big on instagram too? I've always found her face to be strange looking. Like she has individual features that fit the beauty standard, but all together it looks so off

Anonymous 9399


Does anyone here find kun basic looking?

Anonymous 9400


scoups for me…dude looks like what would happen if you took a normal handsome dude's head and then squashed it heightwise by 6 inches

Anonymous 9401

Both in looks and personality he's just so bland, I always feel sorry for him.

Anonymous 9402

same, he just looks like a run of the mill dude, im sure if you put him next to normal people he would be considered attractive or decent looking, but he just looks out of place with the idol styling

he does seem to be quite a nice guy though, considering how the two younger chinese dreamies seem to adore him but his personality is so bland outside of "im mommy"

Anonymous 9403



He has a very soft look that doesn't stand out as much but I find him very pretty. His pale skin is also really nice.

Anonymous 9406


jimincel for me…dude literally makes me want to throw something everytime he pops up on screen

not to mention he's always smirking and eyefucking himself on camera so it makes it even more unbearable

Anonymous 9407


SM hates Kun. Did u guys know that they made him go on this beauty reality show called Pink something? Its a Korean show too, so fuck China advancement.

He just wants to produce music but SM is doing everything in their power to push this mom, soft, sweet angle image on him.

Anonymous 9408

omg he looks so sleazy in this pic

Anonymous 9409


Lucas bullying Kai confirmed, by SM!
Lucasfag what are you gonna say now?

Anonymous 9410


Everyone thinks he's so smart, but he looks like a retard

Anonymous 9411


Anonymous 9412



Ep. 154 of Kai not being able to stand Lucas for 15 minutes and shading him

Anonymous 9413


Anonymous 9416

Screen Shot 2020-0…


As always I can trust a Vlive with Chenle. Showing his bald spots, spoiling songs, asking Jungwoo what his favorite alcoholic beverages are and JW just panicking and then them comparing their 5heads.


Anonymous 9417


Hello kpopCC
have you accepted the current lord and savior of k-pop Christopher Bang into your heart yet?
Are you making sure to stream Back Door?
Have a blessed day

Anonymous 9418

I like Kun. He's good looking, but just like Suho, he doesn't have any eye-catching features. He just blends in with the background.

Anonymous 9419

ur gross ass oppa calls his underage fans babygirls

istg stays are the new ratmys the way theyre going

Anonymous 9420

i want him to swipe his nose like a credit card

Anonymous 9421

you sound mad your oppa doesn't call you his babygirl

Anonymous 9422


kang daniel. his face looks like it has been falttened by a hydraulic press

Anonymous 9423

he's so unattractive, i dont get the girls who were creaming their panties over him

that new nct kid looks like an even uglier version of him, maybe SM is hoping to snatch his fans kek

Anonymous 9424

I'm sorry to clog the kpop thread with this but imo (as a rock person) N.flying and Day6 are pop bands. Same for FT Island and CN Blue. I like some songs by these bands but rock is never going to be their sound.
Korean 'rock' is pop music. I tried listening to all sorts of bands and it's pretty much the same sound as what I've linked. Idk all Korean bands literally sound like that except for the exceptions like YB, Guckkasten, Seo Taeji. But even YB, a legitimate rock band, has b-sides that are boring ass standard Korean ballads. If any of you like rock music I suggest we all just give up on finding anything legitimately rock from Korea and stick to kpop.

Anonymous 9425

Same OP, this is my one and only jrock song that I know (and like). It reminds me a lot of U2.

Anonymous 9426

He looks fuckboy-ish, but not in a good way

Anonymous 9427


dude is ugly as hell

Anonymous 9428

wrong. blind. probably stan nct etc

Anonymous 9429


There are many very ugly idols, but nothing triggers me as much as this guy. The combination of his "sassy/arrogant gay"-act and those disgusting lips…
Spoilered because true horror gif

Besides him Monsta X seem to be nice dudes but they're so unfortunate in the looks department. Somehow all groups who are popular in the west consist of ugly motherfuckers.

Anonymous 9430

i forgot about this pterodactyl fuck
monstax fans always praise him for being sassy and cute but the dude just looks so fucked up and his attitude is just annoying

Anonymous 9431


literally looks like pubic hair

Anonymous 9432

>On July 30 and September 1, 2020, the Seoul Eastern District Court sentenced the perpetrator, who had engaged in repeated defamatory activities, to 4 million won [approximately $3,400] in total fines for all three cases, including a maximum sentence allowable by law. Public defamation carries a sentence of up to one year in prison or 2 million won [approximately $1,700] in fines, highlighting the seriousness of the sentences passed down by the court for this case.

I can't be the only one who thinks this is fucked up. A year of jail for talking shit on the internet. Wtf

Anonymous 9433

same anon but are there any nctfags here that know? I heard it was because he asked jisung if he had been watching porn during yesterday's vlive or something

Anonymous 9434

I don't understand why korea takes defamation laws so seriously there. Like I get that defamation should be a law, but I feel like they just go over the top and ignore other laws

Anonymous 9435

>I get that defamation should be a law,
Not in the way they have it there.

>Articles 307-312 of South Korea’s Penal Code describe various “crimes against reputation,” including defamation, defamation through printed materials and insult. The publication of “false factual statements” which damage the reputation of others carries a penalty of up to seven years’ imprisonment and a fine. However, truthful statements can also lead to criminal liability .Individuals who defame others by “publicly alleging facts” face up to three years’ imprisonment. In these cases, the defence of truth is only available to defendants who can demonstrate that their communications were made “solely for the public interest.” Individuals may also face up to a year imprisonment for “publicly insult[ing] another”.

Anonymous 9436

Lorry hill ( she's a youtuber who does videos on plastic surgery and did a video covering BP Lisa. She obviously got a bunch of push back from blinks.) said in her most recent video that she is going to continue her series on Kpop idols and im so excited.

Anonymous 9437

That's the news I wanted to hear.

Anonymous 9440

just go look on twitter or something no one responded so people obviously dont know or it wasnt a big deal

Anonymous 9442


Jyp finally let youngjae out of the basement after years. In got7’s offline series, other members did their solo works while he was staying home cooking ramen

Anonymous 9443

Was anyone else shocked by how much work Lisa has had done? Her nose job was obvious but everything else that was mentioned took me by surprise (chin implant, eye surgeries which made her look more Thai imo). Imagine if she covered someone like Taeyeon, oh lord. I can't wait to see more of these videos.
And ot but Lorry seems like such an angel, I feel bad for her having to deal with the delusional fans. Lisa's fans hate comments and death threats on all of her recent instagram posts.

Anonymous 9444


Oh god, why have you forsaken me

Anonymous 9445

i dont even understand the point of hiding plastic surgery either like….none of these idols are natural, the most natural they get is maybe resorting to fillers only, i just dont understand the "but X/Y is naturaaaaal"

Anonymous 9446


the fact that this had to be added is ridiculous

lowkey want to see her do BTS, but im sure she knows thats like stabbing a hornet's nest and then putting your face in it

Anonymous 9447

>lowkey want to see her do BTS, but im sure she knows thats like stabbing a hornet's nest and then putting your face in it
hows that different from lisa

Anonymous 9448

blinks are bad, but i feel like ratmys are on a different level

this lady would actually get bullied off the internet, i remember some girl on twitter posted something negative about bts during itaewon and got publicly doxxed

Anonymous 9449


I will never understand his fame, their standards are seriously low, he looked always weird but now he just looks like an old plastic woman

>1. An aged 30 minus 15 year old man [+16734]

>2. So handsome [+16592]
>5. Cute [+7817]
>6. His condition is too good [+5658]
>7. This male god is too, too excellent [+4524]
>8. The shot of his face is too good-looking! The closer the camera lens, the better he looks [+3900]

Anonymous 9450

yeah he looks pretty fucked. he’s also fucked up mentally. idk how to explain this but i just know he’s on anti psychotics

Anonymous 9451

nah he was just asking him if he had been watching something racy. could be interpreted as he meant porn but i just think johnny was trying to be "funny" and tease jisung. jisung isn't a minor anyway so i don't think it's such a big deal

Anonymous 9452


>jisung isn't a minor
Damn, it still feels as if he's a preteen lol
A couple years back Johnny looked so creepy next to him, the age difference between Krystal/Victoria or Minzy/Bom never looked that severe

Anonymous 9454

Their english pronunciation isn't half bad

Anonymous 9455

>I'm the other one chilling with them other ones

Anonymous 9456


i'm digging this concept, reminds me of orange caramel

Anonymous 9457


Basically all the replies are like this. Ratmys really need to grow a thicker skin.

Anonymous 9459

Lmao the way a certain couple of members were only shown for a split second

Taeyong's voice is so annoying, I'm sick of it already. He's so one dimensional

Anonymous 9460

wait, you're telling me this song is in english? i've been listening to it a few times on Spotify and thought it was korean lmao

Anonymous 9461

Have you listened to the rest of the album?

Anonymous 9462

nope, not yet. only listened when the single was released.

Anonymous 9464


I hope she does taeyong, I’m 99% sure he’s also had a chin implant

Anonymous 9465

I like exactly one line of this song

Anonymous 9466

someone said in this or previous thread that it sounded like two different songs mixed together… and it is kek. they have two songs (infinity and monster) and they just mixed them together for the title track. I can't hear a difference between any of the three songs they're just basically the same

Anonymous 9467

Sherlock by Shinee was also made this way, but I think it sounds more coherent overall

Anonymous 9468

I checked the album out and it’s shit. Every song is boring disjointed mess

Anonymous 9469

I know it's none of our business but I wished plastic surgery in the (Korean) celebrity world was more transparent.
There'd be less delusional fans who tout their idols as completely natural and use PS procedures to bash other idols and younger fans wouldn't put them on a pedestal.

Anonymous 9470


I wanna puke
Reading shit like this is already unbearably cringy on twitter, but seeing it irl…poor Alicia

Anonymous 9471

i think together at home, infinity, wish you were there and tiger inside are ok. too bad they're ruined as soon as lucas opens his mouth.

better days sounds like a shitty country song and taeyong's voice sounds like a bad impression of a texas accent. the other songs are unlistenable.

Anonymous 9472

Oh no. I don't even want to see the replies.

Anonymous 9473


that nickname is so fucking cringey. I can’t stand fans buying into his whole “pure baby boy” act when in reality he’s a narcissistic alcoholic.

Anonymous 9476

>kpop forum
Really now
>then don’t read it?
I literally just said I didn’t, no need to get all defensive. Feeling the need to constantly know what’s going on in Korea and reading translated internet comments by random Koreans does, in fact, make you a koreaboo.

Anonymous 9477

Kek the funniest is the delusional fans thinking these hosts are really into Jimin because "he makes them question their sexuality!!11" instead of obviously being fed by producers who they should pander too based on SNS research lol

Anonymous 9478

Who did she pick?

Anonymous 9480

He said he couldnt pick and ate the the pig pudding but it's obvs Harry since they're actually friends who hold conversations and hang out outside the show lol All these talk shows hosts are so fake lol

Anonymous 9482

Funny that you mention narcissicm. I actually think he fits the criteria for histrionic personality disorder much better.

>is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention

>interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior
>displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions
>consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self
>has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail
>shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion
>is suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others or circumstances
>considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are

Not trying to diagnose though, lol.

Anonymous 9483


Sometimes r/unpopularkpopopinions has some good posts, but man, getting this worked up over somebody calling your boy what he is… Stans of visuals should at least stay realistic about their level of talent, Sehun's dancing just looks painful.

Anonymous 9484

Okay It will be a random nitpick but Sehuns body is strange to me, his back is so flat.

Anonymous 9487

He looks like a woman. I wonder if his gf is closeted tbh.
I listened to Monster on its own and I think I actually prefer One. I'm the anon who said earlier that this sounds like two songs because lol kek (hi >>9466) it IS two songs after all. Monster's chorus is so boring (video attached). Infinity is actually good imo but it's probably better left alone without the verses from Monster. Infinity could be a Marvel song which might happen considering there was some collab with Marvel and SuperM just released.

Anonymous 9488

I spent a good minute laughing at this gif, wtf is he doing? Looks like some weird ritual dance lmao

Anonymous 9489

Wtf is this nonsense? This stupid narration is like Exo's debut "Tree of Life" bullshit lore. And who is the one speaking bc clearly although they have 2 native english speakers in the group, LSM overlooks them to let whoever else narrate this ages 8-12 science fiction book mess.

Anonymous 9490

I'm gonna really need help unpacking this video. Even JoKwon was a more convincing straight on WGM.

Anonymous 9491


you’re right anon hpd does fit him better than npd. either way he’s very self obsessed. even the other members have called him narcissistic before lol.

Anonymous 9492


Are we really playing armchair psychologist on here from a bunch of fake and scripted interview questions?

Anonymous 9493

honestly they all have issues, i agree this armchair psychology shit is dumb and uninteresting

what's next? astrology? mercury isnt aligned with saturn so thats why jimin looked off on X show last week….

ratmys are all the same lol even the ones who proclaim theyre different

Anonymous 9494

I was looking forward to seeing Lucas act so that I can justify stanning, but this script … whoever wrote this needs to be sued.

Anonymous 9495

Not armchair anon here, but as a med student, psychology is actually very useful and is a valid science.

Anonymous 9496


Felix please

Anonymous 9497

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Ratmys are the gift that keeps on giving.

Anonymous 9498


2 seconds in and I'm already wheezing at his shoes

Anyone here actually attracted to Ten? He's so unmanly even next to a skinny petite girl

Anonymous 9499

Screen Shot 2020-0…

TY has hinted he likes older women, but this is just….

Anonymous 9500



I'm just confused at his constant overhand throughout the video. He held wrists with the girl instead of holding her hand I'm dead.

Anonymous 9501

lmao that's so awkward and sus

wtf…can you post his?

Anonymous 9502

yes but deriving it off of public interactions and what we see of a public figure just derails into fangirling nonsense

this and trying to predict if someone is gay/not gay is just cringe af

there's a 2000+ page onehallyu thread for you spergs who want to fantasize about their oppas fucking each other, go there

Anonymous 9503

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Back to conspiracy theory. Why is SM always going with these dark and satanic storylines? They hav been at it since EXO.

Anonymous 9504


Because Illuminati

Anonymous 9505

Right, who thought these are the perfect lyrics for the debut song of the cute new boy group who should attract teen girls

The mask of anonymity hides
The jealous eye filled with murderous intent
Though they see the end, they’re still hungry
Now are you satisfied?

Anonymous 9506

Probably to not make his fans sad or he's just gay af.

Anonymous 9507

I wonder where do these tween girls go to find gore

Anonymous 9508

Shock sites arent exactly a new phenomenon anon. Plenty of places on the internet to find gore if you want them.

Anonymous 9509

I know. I'm wondering where THEY go to find them

Anonymous 9510

Screen Shot 2020-0…

It just needs to be ratmys 100% tbh. Every fandom is annoying but rat worshipers take the cake.

Anonymous 9511

carats finally getting up there

Anonymous 9512


Lmao the way they are pushing hard a white guilty trip in order to win a grammy… pathetic. They're no more deserving than any boyband in history, specially considering their latest releases

Anonymous 9513

Carats and Buddys are that high? Also, Momoland has fans?

Anonymous 9515

ok woojin

Anonymous 9516


Was lurking /mu/ and found these

Does anyone follow IZ*ONE here? Did Sakura really sleep her way to the top of HKT48? If any of this is true how does she retain her popularity?

chill stay

Anonymous 9517

Doesn't got7 have the 3rd largest twitter fandom? Bit surprising that they didn't even make the list.

Carat twitter has become noticeably worse since a year ago but I wouldn't be surprised if most of their votes came from butthurt blinks

Anonymous 9518

Screen Shot 2020-0…


Kinda fucked up that you'd say "slept her way to the top" when she was 17 and clearly pimped out to nasty old men.

jpop grosses me out I'd rather not know anything about it

Anonymous 9519

Ugh who gives a fuck about akb girls and sakura. Let’s not start this discussion pls

Anonymous 9520

Screen Shot 2020-0…

BTS have been in the US for years now. Why don't they learn English already??

When foreign idols come to promote in Korea they have to learn Korean, don't they?

Anonymous 9521

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 9522

>noooo she's a pure innocent victim!
go terf it up in your containment thread, idiot

sorry for daring to make a post that's not about nct and god forbid, a girl group

Anonymous 9523

Not a fan of jpop so idk much about it and nor do I wish to hear more but how naive of you to think idols don’t get pimped out in kpop……particularly nugu idols. I will commend kpop for keeping a tight wrap on everything and upholding a “pure” appearance though. That way fans don’t feel grossed out and driven away.

Anonymous 9524

>I will commend kpop for keeping a tight wrap on everything and upholding a “pure” appearance
kfans esp. sasaengs know everything, it's just ifans that get kept in the dark until shit hits the fan. Exhibit 1: Chen

Anonymous 9525

What kind of bullshit is that?!
Groups like RV not much behind ratmys? Because all those horrible Yeri stans make bullying tweets with 100k likes, constantly spamming "yeri best girl" whenever she fucks up - oh wait, that literally never happens. The average SNSD fan is like 30, Gfriend and Seventeen have mostly korean fans who don't use twitter that much, and while Exo and BP have big fandoms too, the former mellowed out years ago and while blinks can be annoying (unnie didn't do ps!), they're nowhere near ratmy level. As far as I know they never got people fired, they even called out Jennie's laziness - which is a level of self awareness ratmys won't even reach in a decade.

Besides, whenever a ratmy fucks up the others are quick to yell we don't claim them, that's just one person, we are millions! so how on earth could all those flop fandoms even remotely reach your level of grandness?

Anonymous 9526

Screen Shot 2020-0…


I def think a lot do, especially those from the no name companies. There is a ton of news about sponsors and all that. Hollywood has it as well but everything I have ever heard about jpop just repulses me on another level. Its like a way more perverse amplified kpop.

Anonymous 9527


Are we srsly still having this discussion? sasaengs don't know any real shit. They are obsessive stalkers and mentally ill not some intelligent 007 agent.

Anonymous 9528

>just ifans that get kept in the dark until shit hits the fan. Exhibit 1: Chen

Lol are we really comparing a teenaged girl being sexually exploited to a grown ass man secretly dating?

Ia that kpop has dark shig going on tho, just Chen or any fuckboi isnt an example of that, more the treatment of 9Muses, Sulli etc.
Jpop remains the worst tho.

Anonymous 9530

Quick someone change the subject before the next 100 posts devolve into a “jpop is so gross” discussion. We’re in a kpop thread jfc

Anonymous 9531

Here you go retard. Just one example of many. Svt fansites knew their schedules before the members themselves did.

Companies' staff frequently leak shit to sasaengs. Chen marriage, Itaewon-97 etc. only managed to blindside ifans while kfans knew well beforehand.

>Lol are we really comparing a teenaged girl being sexually exploited to a grown ass man secretly dating?
No? How did you even arrive at this? Is your terf seething hindering your ability to read or what? That aside, nobody in the entertainment industry is pure and being 17 and having a vagina doesn't change that.

Anonymous 9532

omg anon you're so aggro chill

Anonymous 9533

WELP this got weird pretty quick

Anyhoo… do you girlies think we're still having a scandal this year or the press will give it a break due to the currently political/social climate (corona and shit)?

I'm bored, they should us give something to chew on

Anonymous 9534


After the whole Senguri scandal I don't know what could possibly top it. If something does leak out I hope its just gossip worthy and fun to shit talk about.

I'm hoping for BTS dating scandal because that would be so savory.

Anonymous 9536

Rich coming from someone who had so much attitude in their posts while being so wrong about everything.

Anonymous 9537

Rather than a domestic Korean scandal I really hope BTS fucks up in America. I'm low-key hoping they do win a Grammy and it causes shit to hit the fan.

I'm sad the american pap don't follow BTS. BH keeps them in lock and key. Prolly why BTS never go to any real parties or talk to any celebrities.

Anonymous 9538

>Companies' staff frequently leak shit to sasaengs

Your own contradiction is literally in your face. They don't know any real juicy truly in the closet things. If u stalk someones instagram enough you are bound to find some shit out just like obsessive fans were able to find out about Sehuns sugar daddy cuz he's dumb af.

If you PHYSICALLY follow someone you are also bound to find out some petty shit.

I'm talking about golden phone level of info.

Anonymous 9539

How would you know their post history though? Are you a narc?

BTS and Blackpink could be torn to shreds based on their/their company's past actions but nobody cares enough to do so lol

NTA but you just have a different parameter gor what constitutes milk then? I'm satisfied with dating history and drugs

Anonymous 9540


Yangyang has abs everybody.

Anonymous 9541


>WELP this got weird pretty quick
nigga you've seen nothing yet



>If u stalk someones instagram enough you are bound to find some shit out
You don't find out their schedules ahead of time by stalking their instas. Oh my god. I think I lost a few braincells reading this post. Everything I said is common knowledge among people who are into kpop so how fucking desperate are you to win an internet argument? Why are you so in denial about this shit?

Regarding svt, the fansites were already there waiting for them at sketchbook, and at their departure to Yeoseo-do. They didn't follow them there.

Anonymous 9542

Nice try samefag. No need to know your post history when your writing style is this obvious.

Anonymous 9543

What should be the correct ranking then?
1. Army
2. Blinks
3. Exo-l
4. NCTizens
5. ?

Anonymous 9544

>4. NCTizens


Anonymous 9545


Why is the US so welcoming and open to Korea? Not trying to make this a political thread but for the past 10 years Korean stuff has flourished so much especially in the US.

Anonymous 9546

Nah I'm the one who talked about Sakura and you definetly were not having a discussion with me previously or after that so idk what this yadayada so wrong about everything to the other anon is about, guess you just wanted to throw an impactful line then

Anonymous 9547

Not sure where your confusion lies. If it happened with anime what's stopping it from happening with kpop?

Anonymous 9548


Is a comic book on the way?!

Anonymous 9549

how does saying that some women/girls may be abused by men in positions of power make someone a terf lol

Anonymous 9550

Saw that pic on /mu/. Please tell me it's just fanart

Anonymous 9551

i think that the image of just the cartoonified superm members is official promotional material, idk who shopped them in with the actual avengers. SM used the same artist who did the comic book theme for exo's power album.

Anonymous 9552

There's saying that some women/girls may be abused by men in positions of power, and then there's insisting that Sakura did not have agency in her 'date' with Akimoto whatsoever in response to what's mentioned in those two webpages.

Anonymous 9553


yy getting me hot these days. he's so 90's boyband.

Anonymous 9554

He’s cute

Anonymous 9555


would it absolutely kill sm to give winwin a haircut that suits him? my mans is looking like he only sleeping 2 hrs per month its only a matter of time before they plump him with filler and he becomes a botched mess.

Anonymous 9556


Anyone read this shit yet

Anonymous 9557

i dont think hes cute but hes such a dopey gamer boy and i think hes endearing as hell

not to mention the kid has zero filter and its honestly kind of refreshing, and his rap isnt terrible

hes not reinventing the wheel, but as idol rappers go he's good (especially by SM standards)

Anonymous 9558


this was on my instagram feed and gave me a huge spook

dude actually looks like something out of a japanese horror film

Anonymous 9559

If there's one thing NCT's fanbase is known for it's constant infighting.

Anonymous 9560

How braindead do you have to be to think someone is a TERF because they state the obvious, that young girls are exploited by old, decrepit men? Especially in fucking JPOP kek. There's no hope for you anon, just neck yourself. Make the world a better place.

Anonymous 9561

I've already addressed this crap >>9552 now gtfo

Anonymous 9562



I mean sure jan.
ty is hot af.

Anonymous 9563

Why are animated thumbnails even allowed jfc

Anonymous 9564

i didnt even say he was ugly, i just said the picture looked fucking horrifying because it was

but ok nctfag

Anonymous 9565


poor kyla

Anonymous 9566


I can stomach most things in kpop, but the babying is just so fucking weird. this is a 25 year old man there is nothing babyish about him at all. idgi.

Anonymous 9567

Kek so her no having an agency makes it even more likely for her to be taken advantage of. You sound like a scrote. As I said before, hang yourself please

Anonymous 9568

he looks so botched jfc

Anonymous 9569


fuck you for making me do this

Anonymous 9570

Screen Shot 2020-0…

confirmed. TY is good in bed.

Anonymous 9571

tenor (1).gif

Let's seal the peace itt with mingyu since we all kinda agreed he's attractive and def not a manlet amen

Anonymous 9572

Nominate to next thread pic if anyone can make a gif out of this lol
Poor girl

Anonymous 9573


He's so fine tbh, why is he not more popular?

Anonymous 9574



I feel like this is a good example of botched. TY looks fine as of now.

Anonymous 9575


love unedited candid pics.

Anonymous 9576

images (46).jpeg

Reverse cheerleader effect. It took me ages to realize there was a fine man in SVT because Mingyu is surrou nded by uggos

Anonymous 9577

jun is better looking imo

Anonymous 9578


>implying he looks better in non candids

Anonymous 9579


posting this to trigger the tyfag

Anonymous 9580


I actually can't see this. I'm kinda bummed.

Anonymous 9581

I never understood why we did this back in LC

Anonymous 9582

Anonymous 9583

the vid does not play

Anonymous 9584

Aw it’s so heart warming to see that the blind like kpop, too.

Anonymous 9585

This is one of the most iconic kpop things to me lol. The fact SM hired this weird dumbledore/gandalf voiced man to read this narration that is in plain English and yet I still have no idea wtf he’s on about.

Anonymous 9586

images (50).jpeg

Jun has a pretty face but is a fag+manlet, specially when he's standing next to mingyu

Anonymous 9587


This guy imo is a hidden hottie. Kim Min Kyu.

Anonymous 9588

He's not that good of a dancer. He just performs choreo well.

Where did all these cringy taeyong stans come from?

Anonymous 9589

mingyu's way faggier you dumb akgae

Anonymous 9590

He looks malnourished

Anonymous 9591

Anonymous 9592

I mean you can convince me idc much. Just from the videos I've casually watched of them, jun always seems very fruity which I didn't notice in Mingyu maybe because of he's manly figure

Anonymous 9593


What’s your favorite scandal so far from this year? For me the pure hilarity of Moonbok, the nugu seulgi male lookalike from pd01, being blasted by his ex. The headline alone makes me lol everytime. Boy group members (esp the nugus) are always so fucking dpi hey and awful it’s been proven time and time again.

Anonymous 9594

he looks manly but something about his face seems off…maybe its his really misaligned jaw/huge overbite and teeth

Anonymous 9595

ngl the fucking ex-stray kids nugu debacle with the dude making up a whole ass fake company was the funniest shit ive seen in forever

Anonymous 9596


I can't figure out if ur just used to seeing fatties or I'm just used to seeing twiggy dudes by now. He looks fine to me.

Anonymous 9597


ur telling me this dude was not gay? Okay then at this point ten is prolly straight too.

Anonymous 9598

exactly, i hate all these people insisting X idol is 100% gay, everyone thought heechul was gay af until it came out he was dating

besides, trying to determine if someone is gay or not is kind of gross, especially when youre basing it off publicly manufactured encounters and they're trained to act like that to specifically get more viewers

Anonymous 9599

>What’s your favorite scandal so far from this year?
Jim Jones by far. 2nd would be itaewon-97. Both backfired on their respective fanbases so hard it was fucking hilarious.

Anonymous 9600


He has a really nice face imo, but I do feel the fruitiness.

Anonymous 9601


Anonymous 9602

oh man the ratmy meltdown resulting from itaewon-97 was absolute gold

seeing them shit all over bobby and then scrambling to backtrack because they said people who violated quarantine was amazing

Anonymous 9604

lowkey i want to pop those blackheads
but jfc for someone with that much money you'd think he'd invest in some exfoliator or a dermatologist

Anonymous 9605


Whenever I watch TY perform on stage/watch MV my legs spread open, but when I try to watch his vlives or something more personal my vagina just clenches shut.

Anonymous 9606

spoiler that shit

Anonymous 9607


Is making jokes about having your bro having a tiny dick acceptable in SKR? In America it would probably end in a fight or a shooting kek

BTS members joke all the time about Jimin's LITTLE chilli pepper (which is alteady little)…

So who else is in the micropenis gang?
>yoongi, woozi, gdragon, TOP (as per queen Han Seo Hee)…

Anonymous 9608

They have actually said that? Damn. I think anywhere that's gotta hurt.

TOP one was proven false tho anti fans made that up.

Anonymous 9610


Ppl on lolcow diagnosed V with autism possible learning disability what about TY? At times he gives me an off feeling.

Anonymous 9611

Honestly every kpop manlet has microdick energy.

Anonymous 9612

Itaewon f4 and jim Jones were refreshing. Too bad it didn't last as long + kpg was banned on lolcow

I have high hopes that JK will screw up again

Anonymous 9613


Guys can you help me expand my collection of shitty kpop dancing, I only have twice and bp

Anonymous 9614

twice choreo 2.gif

Anonymous 9615

twice choreo.gif

Anonymous 9616

behold the revolut…

Anonymous 9617


Anonymous 9618


Anonymous 9619


Anonymous 9620

angry midgets.webm

Anonymous 9621

blackpink dancing.…

Anonymous 9622


end of dump.

Anonymous 9623

A bit of a Jonghyun sperg from someone who was a huge shineefag and especially a jjongfag.
It always made me just a little bit sus that jonghyun was friends (seemingly close friends) with some notably shitty celebs. He was really up that rapper Irons ass and he abused his girlfriend and broke her pinkie. And he was also close with Jung JoonYoung from the burning sun fiasco. He was also friends with the other burning sun clowns aka CNBLUE jonghyun and FTISLAND’s jonghun. I know Jonghyun had many celeb friends but I haven’t been able to let these things go from my mind.

Anonymous 9625

Hmm idk I take it more from the people he was close with months before dying and it was all basically women like IU, taeyong and that indie singer to whom he gave his final letter
Guess we'll never know but from vibes he doesn't seem as bad as the people you mentioned

Anonymous 9626

He also spoke openly about comfort women, which was a bold move since it could hurt their success in Japan
>"Every year on March 1st, I think of our grandmothers who were forced into sex slavery by the Japanese soldiers. Never mind the attitude of the Japanese government, I’m curious as to whether our government has any intention of solving this issue. I heard that there are about 55 remaining survivors and I wonder if we will be able to see them smiling brightly before they pass.”

Anonymous 9627

i mean normal people can have shitty friends, and you never will know since he'd since passed

however ive seen that one fancam where jessica was getting groped by that creepy exec and you can see him physically sliding inbetween them to protect her and getting notably angry at the situation, so based off of that maybe he didnt actually know?

i mean we will never know, dude couldve been the scummiest guy on earth and it wouldve died with him

Anonymous 9628


Idk. He was good friends with Yeri, Krystal, Amber for years a bunch of women who seemed to view him really positively. We will never know though.

Anonymous 9629


omg. can never unsee this.

Anonymous 9630

Anybody follow the golden phone idols beforehand? With CNBLUE Jonghyun and FTISLAND jonghun were there any warning signs that fans noticed beforehand? Like they were idols for years did fans pick up on anything?

For Senguri there were TONS of rumors and he was not shy about displaying his party lifestyle at all.

Anonymous 9631

He spoke about Black Lives Matter in 2016, had a guest on his show about this topic
Also contraty to certain CAHAM idols he would personally and promptly apologize if he ever screwed up. There was one instance he wrote an apology hours after the end of his show.
We'll never know but I highly doubt he was trash like the Burning Molka gang.

Anonymous 9632

With cnblue Jonghyun there were many things. He got caught sliding into a youtuber’s DMs making sleazy comments. There was also a gif that was spread around of him seemingly touching Yoona’s ass on stage for some award ceremony. He was also always just a general weasley guy? It’s kind of hard because CNB was not suuuuper popular with ifans but there was always a distant chatter among kfans that he dated around a lot and went clubbing all the time.
As a FTI fag Jonghoon always gave me bad vibes mostly because the members were so close with each other but not with him. I always just assumed he was a huge douche if not even Hongki wanted to hang with him. He was also someone who went clubbing a lot.

Anonymous 9633

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I'm reading some SM Ent Glassdoor reviews. Interesting and sounds exhausting.


Anonymous 9634

I heard that they pay their stylists peanuts cause they know those stylists will still throw themselves at the chance to work for SM.

Anonymous 9635

It's no secret that most big kpop companies are shitty to work at for everyday staff. They can barely manage to treat their valuable idols like human beings, why would ordinary employees fare any better?

Anonymous 9636


I'm super interested in what it's like behind the scenes. I wonder if all those rumors of idols/stylists and workers hooking up are actually true. I watch a lot of NCT stuff and there are always like 10 staff around them at all times I wonder what job they all do.

For example in Hollywood staff isn't allowed to chat/even look at the celebrities at all and they have to sign a NDA. in kpop tho the management lives with the artist in their dorm.

Anonymous 9637

Are there any official visual positions that are just plain wrong in your opinion? For me it's
>WJSN Cheng Xiao
Don't find her attractive and there are better looking members in the group
>G-idle Shuhua
Same as above
>Monsta X
Seriously cannot believe they had the gall to assign not one but THREE visual positions to such a busted looking group
>EXO Luhan
Agree with the other poster who said he looks like a lesbo

Anonymous 9638

shuhua is SO boring looking, i dont get why she gets praised for her looks when you see 3 of them a day walking down the night market stalls in taiwan

plus the girl has zero personality or talent, i dont get it

Anonymous 9639

I pretty much never find official visuals very appealing but I can still acknowledge that they're probably the most conventionally attractive

Anonymous 9640

>Reverse cheerleader effect. It took me ages to realize there was a fine man in SVT
Omg that's so true lmao

I know that anons don't care about Eunwoo but he just looks so good in comparison to all those botched twinks upthread, especially his body has gotten even better lately

Anonymous 9641

Does she really get constant praise for her looks? I don't follow G-idle but I heard her visual position is a bit contentious even for fans.

Anonymous 9642

Pretty sure nugu companies are way more hellish. And I think in the grand scheme of things big 3 companies treat their idols well enough.

Anonymous 9643

I genuinely don’t think so and I’m not just speaking as a jjongfag when I say this. I’m more inclined to believe he truly didn’t know because he didn’t see that side of him, rather than that he was actually a shitty person. He seemed to have genuine respect for women because of his mother so I think he was legit as much as an idol can be.

Anonymous 9645

she actually is pretty good on variety and has a very energetic and bouncy image but i agree shes kind of boring otherwise

Anonymous 9646

Thats true but Its Kinda useless because she still Cant speak korean and yuqi has to always Translate for her

Anonymous 9647


Wait, isn't that Joshua instead of jun? because unless i still haven't got a grasp on their names i'm pretty sure jun is the one that always looks sleepy

fucking kek'd, you are right. I've been paying more attention to svt these past 2 months just because i actually enjoy their performances and i'm actually surprised? never noticed that they have a few decent looking members, i honestly thought they all were ugly as sin but mingyu, jun, jeoghan and vernon are all decent looking. Still on the fence with that dude that looks like sandfox, woowon

Anonymous 9648


Is pic related yuqi? She's probably sick of her shit lmao

Anonymous 9649

honestly for how long she's been in korea shuhua's korean is god awful

she still can barely string sentences together, id say she has the comprehension level of maybe a grade schooler?

the only foreign idol ive seen that's worse than she is is fucking lucas, but that dude has actual rocks for brains

Anonymous 9650

Actually Wonwoo also looked really fine to me for the Left and Right comeback, maybe because of the shorter haircut.

Anonymous 9651


are u kidding me he looks like a grown version of this kid

Anonymous 9652

Wasn’t he the one that sang the curry song?

Anonymous 9653

idk but I'm pretty sure he was the one who used to be a big snsd anti, which never stops being funny to me

Anonymous 9654


Too bad for indians nobody else gives a shit lol

>actually enjoy their performances
Which one's your favorite? I much prefer their older stuff. They've been really boring the past 2 years.

Anonymous 9655

nta but I thought Hit was pretty entertaining performance wise, I guess their other recent stuff has been kinda boring though

Anonymous 9656

while we're on the subject of seventeen I just wanna say that this is my favourite thing they've ever done because the idea of a confused international fan encountering this without context makes me cackle

Anonymous 9657

there's a jun/wonwoo follow up to this FYI

Anonymous 9658

I know but I don't find their faces as funny

Anonymous 9659

I swear to fuck, he is so fucking ugly

Anonymous 9660

His personality is so fake and unbearable

Anonymous 9661

Too bad he can't dance for SHIT.

Anonymous 9662

a friend of mine started liking him of of pity after he ranked so low in pd101 and was made fun of on the korean version of american idol and then this happened.
>Boy group members (esp the nugus) are always so fucking dpi hey and awful it’s been proven time and time again.
they always show their true colors lol

Anonymous 9663

I think I prefer their older stuff, back when they used to have this really theatrical performances, but my favorites have been clap, thanks and boom boom. I agree that their latest releases have been boring but at the very least the choreos are still fun to look at, I'm not a dancer so I have no idea how hard they are but it's insane how in sync they manage to be

this was my first contact with seventeen and i was fucking confused

Anonymous 9666

choa is back and she's looking cute

Anonymous 9667

Korean work life in general is hellish. Most Koreans I knew during my time there wanted (or were definitely going to) to move to the west because of how terrible Korean work culture is.

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