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Why are the replies so rude Anonymous 10189

I have seen so many rude replies on this site in response to very lukewarm posts. Why is that?

Anonymous 10193

sometimes it`s a moid trying to bait and hurt others, just ignore and report it if it sounds too scrotey

Anonymous 10218

sorry, i’m having a bad life

Anonymous 10219


It's nice to be mean. What does it even mean to be nice, anyhow?

Anonymous 10224

What else can be expected of troons?

Anonymous 10226

lol for real

Anonymous 10290

Most of the rude replies are men

Anonymous 10372

They're 100% men or weird women. Hiding behind anon makes it too easy 2 be mean.

Anonymous 10374

I think rudeness is just part of imageboard culture, that's why I don't take mean replies seriously. What concerns me more is how rudeness has become way more acceptable on social media apps/websites for normies. It's like everybody is competing to be the most edgy and "brutally honest" internet user ever.

Anonymous 10375

blame twitter and its ratio culture

Anonymous 10423

Welcome to your first imageboard!

Anonymous 10782

Almost all of the new users are edgy zoomers who think that being a bitch is funny, it’s very tiring to see and the neet hiki femcel larping has ruined the site immensely

Anonymous 10784

Maybe it's because I grew up using lolcow but I don't seem to feel a difference on cc (I'm not one of the types acting rude for no reason fyi). If you see anons telling eachother to kill themselves, racebaiting, starting infights etc you can report it

Anonymous 10790


I think this is pretty accurate. It’s different from normal image board unpleasantness.
I’ve noticed this, too. Zoomers take a lot of pleasure in being mean and have a lot of righteous indignation to motivate them.

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