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pls resurrect Anonymous 1197

</3 don't go breaking my heart Crystal.cafe

Anonymous 1385


How should we go about raising activity? I feel like I post frequently enough where more than half my life is on this board - my point isn't that I necessarily regret that, but I just am saying so because I don't think that'd be the case if more people posted on here. I have made quite a few threads and some will take off, some will collect dust, so I'd also like to hear some examples of what kinds of threads people like on here that encourage engagement within the community. Overall, I just wish there was a bigger userbase. I've personally recommended this site to randos who add my on discord who are girls, but I want to go a step beyond.

Anonymous 1386

why would you post this picture? if you wish there was a bigger userbase you would know who goes on here.

Anonymous 1387

You can leave and all the real girls will come back.

Anonymous 1388

I wanted to hear directly which threads people like and engage in, how is that weird? And why do you have a problem with a photo of Victoria's Secret models? A lot of girls including myself find their appearance pleasing and as motivation. Yeah, I guess it's a "Stacy" thing, but I don't see why that is weird in of itself.

Anonymous 1389

I've been on this site since June of 2017. I don't understand why there is so much vitriol to me wondering which threads people enjoy the most.

Anonymous 1390

Sure Stacy.

VS might be empowering for you, but if you post here all the time like you say, you'd know that isn't really the ideal that many anons are going for.

Anonymous 1391

Calm down, some of us don't want to look like growth-stunted basic K-pop idols, anon. I haven't made a Victoria's secret models thread for a reason. I posted one picture of a group of conventionally attractive women that happen to be from there. Not to mention I've seen other girls that resemble their type in other cute girls thread.

Anonymous 1396

Sorry for being rude, it was bad timing with the robot thread. (Also I feel like it wasn't the best choice of picture to go with the subject at hand, but that is neither here nor there)

To answer your initial question, there's a tradeoff between increased growth due to advertising in other girl communities and the chaos of growing pains if the newer posters are unfamiliar with imageboards.

As for threads that encourage participation, I wish media were a bit more active, but I can see that the wide variety of interests other people have make it a hit or miss most of the time.

Anonymous 1468

how tf do we increase activity?
i wouldn't want it to be too active, maybe 50 new regular posters would be nice

Anonymous 1469

>>1468 It will be busier after July

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