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In case some here don't know Anonymous 1233

Anonymous 1234


Anonymous 1235

Isn't it obvious? Men have a blatant posting style that's exposes itself.

Anonymous Moderator 1236

Literally the FIRST rule in the discord (and this board obviously) is that it's female only. If we discover you're a guy you'll get banned.

Thanks for the heads up OP. We've been dealing with this issue for a bit now.

Anonymous 1237

For what purpose though? I just don't understand the desire to be that petty and vindictive.

Anonymous 1238

Some of them are probably doing it for kicks to see how long they can go before being caught. I imagine the same ones are hitting people up via their info in the friend finder thread, so it's might be wise to cross-check and see if any new friends adding you on Discord show up in the finder thread or not.

Anonymous 1239

Don't worry about me, I've had a strict no friends policy for several years now. Hope everyone else is alright though.

They remind me of school kids who really want to talk to girls, but are too insecure so they just act like dicks in order to get any kind of attention. I'm probably being too forgiving though.

Anonymous 1240

all the brit(x) generals there are the worst groups on the fucking site
idk what's wrong with limeys

Anonymous 1241


Big brain robot posters.

Also shouldn't this be on /meta/?

Anonymous 1243

this is beautiful 10/10

Anonymous 1244


Some of them do it to be malicious and hurtful to women, it's a joke to them.

Others do it because they are trying to meet a girl that browses the same sites as them, enjoys the same things as them, and is similarly afflicted by, for example, social anxiety. Where else would they look? These are the ones that do not brag about being male on /r9k/ or try to compromise their identity.

Anonymous 1246

But how are they going to approach a girl they meet on a female discord?

>"Hey I've been watching what you say here for 2 months, we became friends and y'know I kinda have a crush on you :) I know you think I'm a girl since this is a female discord but I'm a male. Ha… Ha… Funny, right?"

Anonymous 1247


I think their aspiration is to find someone that they connect with deeply, not just watching them talk but talking with them and bonding over months, and then reveal that they are a male and hoping that they can turn that friendship into a relationship.

There are males on r9k that are nice and attractive people, they just have anxiety. Same here: there's lots of kind and attractive women here who are lonely because they face anxiety and depression. It's not strange for the former to try to connect with the latter, even if they must violate the rules in the process. It's darn close to impossible to accomplish on their home board.

Anonymous 1248

I think it's idiotic to compare men on r9k to the women here.

Anonymous 1249

I'm not; I'm comparing a tiny subset of r9k men to women here.

Anonymous 1251

if they really are this special type of men, that's another reason not to do that. Why? Because that's a shitty thing to do, people are looking for a place where they can talk freely without having a guy from rk9 watching them/lusting over them/capping them/whatever.

The thought is nice, but no. It's not a cool thing to do and if they do that, even for good reasons such as bonding with a girl there and falling in love, that's disrespectful.

Anonymous 1252


fuck all the guys who try to join, they are all faggot losers. even if they are doing it for the lols, why go through all the trouble? not worth it and fucking embarrassing.

Yes I Am A Gay Faggot 1253

I think most guys understand that women are trash, led by emotions and not to be trusted; Ban me you failed normies(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 1254



Anonymous 1341


just reported 3 or 4 posts on /b/.
is there another r9k raid?

Anonymous 1342

Anonymous Moderator 1343

Thanks for the heads-up! If anyone was banned by accident when we were dealing with the raid, please ban appeal and wait/talk to us on discord.

Thanks and enjoy CC!

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