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re: rules Anonymous 1442

Hi! I'm new here, and so far I really like the vibe of this board compared to the others. I've read the FAQs and the rules but I still don't quite get how rules #6 (no persons under 18) and #7 no male bait/thirst-posting can be enforced? This is an anonymous board after all.


Anonymous 1444

Hey anon, welcome aboard. There isn’t an explicit way to enforce these rules (and similar rules) on imageboards aside from the posts someone might make that reveals that they broke a policy. Technically, a 13 year old or a man could post here for months without getting banned if they blend in with the culture and post according to “code”.

Anonymous 1445

I agree with the Anon above me ^. This is standard in imageboards and is enforced to make sure you are ~mature~ enough not to shit up the boards with spam and edginess imo.

About rule number 7 and being anonymous: we're anonymous but staff can see which posts are yours so they will know if you're taking the bait or posting bait, and if you made that a habit.

Anonymous Admin 1446


Rule #6 is to give users a heads-up that we're an 18+ community with 18+ content not suitable for minors.
It also means that users shouldn't post in an annoying or juvenile way.

#7 means that in general, we don't want men on here. Of course it's impossible to tell a users' gender by their post alone, so in a way, it just means 'don't ask, don't tell'.

Bait in this case means for example users who only come here to write posts intended to rile up our users. e.g. making threads asking for girlfriends, controversial content veiled as feminism, etc

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