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Anonymous 1478

Hi, new here

Serious question: is this site actually a 4chan like board but for females or just Tumblr "but with green text" edition?

Anonymous 1479

Yep its 4chan for females. It has to do with toxic masculinity and women's efforts to make the internet a better place! :)

Anonymous 1480

Somehow I get the feeling that you don't spend much time here at all, anon.

Anonymous 1483

this website is a hellpit but with girls

Anonymous 1484


Well I guess that's all I needed to hear.

Anonymous 1485

content rat.jpg

It really feels like how 420chan felt between 2009-2012 rather than 4chan, minus all the drugs.

Not sure how to describe that, "comfy" I guess. Just something about how the conversation flows really reminds me of it.

Anonymous 1487

Cursed image.
Can you explain why?

Anonymous 1500

there's been an influx of channer girls ruining the site :(

Anonymous 1501

ITT: People bitching about this board and yet still lurking and posting in it

Anonymous 1502

But if you're here you're already a channer

Anonymous 1514

Not really sure what kind of girls would populate a "girlchan" beyond channer girls

The shitposting can be fun. It's nice to scream about nonsense on The Internet

Anonymous 1540

>tumblr with greentext
>female version of 4chan
Which one sounds more interesting and new to you? Not the first one I hope.

Anonymous 1576

I’m new here too so I’m hoping this is 4chan for females. Is there certain things/words you guys don’t say here or is anything fine?

Anonymous 1577

I guess you will be fine as long as you follow the rules and don't have a cock

Anonymous 1580

It's like 4chan but slower, less racist, and with more shoujo. Also most people here don't like trannies, if that wasn't obvious from the no penis rule.

Anonymous 1581

Really? The discord is full of tranny sympathisers

Anonymous 1586

They're nice there and truthful here, isn't that obvious?

Anonymous 1587

>Upload a screenshot to preview a link.

Most sensible rule I've ever read. It seriously makes me question why not every board or social media generally requires this.

Anonymous 1588

Discord member here. We never talk about trannies so I don't know where you get your " full of tranny sympathisers" statement from.

Admin/mods have said before that trannies aren't allowed in the discord because men can use that as an excuse to pass the voice check.

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