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News: Please join our site discussion chat on Jan 12th! Click here
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Let's chat! Anonymous Admin 1875

Crystal.cafe is growing and exciting things are coming, so I'd like to propose a board-wide chatroom at some point between now and end of January 2019 ends to discuss the current state of the site, possible improvements, criticism, future site features, and other things.

Please go here to vote for a Saturday or Sunday before February 2019: Click here

Go here to fill out a survey about your experience on crystal.cafe: Click here

Anonymous 1876


i voted for the 8th of december, since that pretty much signals the end of classes for me.
also, super excited for the chatroom! i hope plenty of people hop in

Anonymous 1877

i would only be interested if it was 100% anonymous tbh (no usernames, nothing)

Anonymous Admin 1878

It will be anonymous, all users will share the same name except for the mods.

Anonymous Admin 1906

Our chat will be on December 16th at 6 PM CST. I will post a link to the chatroom half an hour before we begin.

Anonymous 1910

Is there a chance it could be earlier? that's 1am EU

Anonymous 1911

Deal with it. The users here are not only from your side of the world.

Anonymous Admin 1912

I'm open to an earlier time as well. Any non-US anons who can't make it but would if it was earlier in the day, please comment.

Anonymous 1913

I know. Which is why I said earlier as only a few hours before would still be fine for NA on a Sunday

Anonymous 1923

I would also like the chat time to start a bit earlier, if it could be possible

Anonymous 1925

6 days!
will the chatroom be held on discord or will it be on site?

Anonymous Admin 1928

It will be on the site, but as an anonymous livechatting format. The rest is a surprise!

How about moving the chat to Saturday? Sadly too many people have approached me about not being able to attend if it's moved to an earlier time of day.

Anonymous 1929

Another EU anon who would like it to be earlier. I just don't want to have to stay up until the early hours of the morning when US anons could just attend around lunch time in their timezone? Doesn't make sense to have it so late imo.

Anonymous 1930

Yeah nevermind the other two freaking continents right? Screw Asia and Oceania, the world ends after Europe

Anonymous 1931


Anonymous 1939

would 7pm (us) work?

Anonymous Admin 1940

At this point it's better to just move the chat to a different date. The reasons are that one of our mods will be unable to attend, I'm sick atm, and the time schedule doesn't seem to work for a lot of people (I've been messaged about this on Discord as well).

So the new time and date for our chat is Saturday, January 12th, at noon EST.

This means afternoon for Europe and nighttime for Asia.

Everyone who's unable to attend will be able to read the entire chat afterwards. I will put it up as soon as we end it.

Anonymous 1946

get well soon admin-sama 💐
also this sucks

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