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Anonymous 1902

Will there ever be a political discussion board?

Anonymous Admin 1903

Highly unlikely, sorry.

Anonymous 2196

How are we supposed to establish the Autocratic Matriarchy if we can't even discuss it on obscure imageboards

Anonymous 2199

wait until the men """give it to us""" I guess, just like they did with the right to vote (e_e)

Anonymous 2200

just go to reddit

Anonymous 2201


Anonymous 2202

thank GOD!
I come on cc to escape all the politics talk that seeps into every imageboard/forum

Anonymous 2214

Us women shouldn't care about politics, desu. Embrace tradition and stop being a little slutbag!

Anonymous 2224


Why would you want to invite cancer here? There are plenty of other places to talk about politics and literally all of them have gone to shit because of it.

Anonymous 2247

pretty sure men would rather extinguish the entire species than giving up power, i know because women would also do.
try to survive in this psycho world, it doesnt really matter who has the power, i can assure you it wont be you.

Anonymous 2249

This is good to hear, it ruins everything.

Anonymous 2312

Mussolini was a journalist
Hitler was an artist who moonlighted as a wall painter
Stalin was a meterologoist
Tito was a locksmith
Mao was a librarian
Truman was a haberdasher
Khruschev was a peasant

You never know
The future General Matriarch of the Feminist party might be a CC browsing NEET

Anonymous 2317

infinitychan /pol/ would be better suited for this kind of thing and I don't think most people who want quality posting have the stomach for it.

Anonymous 2329

Why does everyone assume this site, which has maybe a dozen regulars, will produce the same cesspit as /pol/?

Anonymous 2330

It's not just about the regulars. We get raided enough as is.

Anonymous 2333


A cc /pol/ would attract even more of the wrong type of crowd.

Anonymous 2352

Is wanton handmaidenry that different from LARPing scrotes? Because it tends to have similar effects…

Anonymous 2353


So, is racebaiting allowed now? Not sure why else this would be left, unless the point is actually to welcome /pol/.

Anonymous 2354

Just because this is a female only image board doesn't mean it's a feminist only image board.
Not all women are rampant man haters.

Anonymous 2357

Politics is what destroyed 4chan, not that it was a good website to begin with, but after the 2016 election it's essentially dead

Anonymous 2358

We need a containment board because the bigotry spills in every other thread. Preferably hidden from the homepage.

Anonymous 2359

Containment boards don't work. Have you seen 4chan in the last four years?

The mods should do what I said yes I'm that arrogant a month or two after this site started by having a zero tolerance approach to anything that even smells like /pol/faggotry. They aren't just another voice in the imageboard choir, they want to shut everyone up and they're more than happy to lie, misdirect and obfuscate in order to do that.

Anonymous 2360

>they want to shut everyone up
>shut up unless you have my opinions

Anonymous 2361

/pol/ posting is almost always off topic, disruptive and shit. this is the mods site and if she doesnt want retarded /pol/ shit, she has no obligation to give you a seat at the table

Anonymous 2362

No, shut up if you're a /pol/fag. If you're a normal human I disagree with go ahead, but /pol/posters are like furries with more ambition.

Anonymous 2363

You do realise /x/ exists with a thread about wanting to rape people? But god forbid a place where someone can discuss politics, culture and race.

Anonymous 2364

The idea with this is that it's the same as the idea of a male containment board. Men have their own places for discussion off-site. Same with pol, there are already plenty of places off-site to discuss those topics.

A /pol/ here is completely unnecessary.

Anonymous 2365

God, you're so transparent.

>I just wanna talk about race haha, why are you so triggered?

If anyone is unconvinced by my hostility to a /pol/ thread just try having an actual discussion about a film on 4chan's /tv/.

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