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Team Applications 2019 Anonymous Admin 2071

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for users who would like to volunteer on the board.
I'm taking applications via email. Your first task is to avoid asking where to send your application. I'm sure you can figure it out.

In your email, please write a short introduction about yourself, including your age, what you want me to call you, how you found crystal.cafe, and what you like and dislike about it. If I like your application, I will approach you with a set of hypothetical scenarios for you to respond to.


Can help with raids, delete posts, and make modposts to warn users.
Can ban users, see post history, delete posts, and make modposts to warn users.

You will start as a Janitor and will later be promoted to Moderator if everything works out.
You can volunteer to only moderate specific boards.

All applicants who receive a reply will be asked to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are female both during the interview process and at random points during their stay on the team. I'm not entirely sure how invasive this process will be, but I will be as respectful of your privacy as possible. Please understand that an all-female team is the foundation of this website and this cannot be compromised under any circumstances.

I will only respond to emails if they included everything mentioned in this thread and if I think you're a good fit. Due to time constraints, I will not send rejection emails, but I will update this thread once applications are closed.

Anonymous 2080

whilst we need to prove to you that we are female, do we get anything from you to know youre not a larper creeping on women?
(my message sounds hostile but im not tryna come across that way)

Anonymous Admin 2083

Yes, of course. I'll be as transparent as I can be without jeopardizing my anonymity.

Anonymous 2090

I don't always have my PC open, but I do have a phone. Will I be able to mod from there?

Anonymous 2091


Good luck to everyone applying!

Anonymous Admin 2094

Yes, moderation works fine on mobile.

I'll reach out to applicants this weekend.

Anonymous Admin 2127

I've added 2 new janitors and will continue to talk to more applicants in the next few days. For the time being, I'm the only one who can see IP and post history, but Janitors can help with raids and maleposting. Just an update for everyone who's curious!

Anonymous 2145

I hope you added people from different timezones to the team. There has been a raid for the last 3 hours and nothing was deleted yet. It's a small one but still.

Anonymous Admin 2154

We have pretty good coverage and the team deletes raids quickly, however there's a technical difficulty which means that if a thread OP gets deleted, it will take a few hours for the board page to refresh, unless I am online and can refresh the board manually. This doesn't count for individual comments in threads, but it's still a pain and one of the reasons I'm planning to move to a different platform with less archaic code.

Anonymous Admin 2220

Currently at 0 reports, is there an issue?

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