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Yuru Camp 03 - Mou…

Phallus containment board Anonymous 2281

Good idea or bad idea? I think it could work, plus it'd serve as a discussion ground.

Anonymous 2282

sounds nice in a vacuum, but give them and inch and they'll contaminate the whole site, and beg for gfs

Anonymous 2283

sounds terrible, we have enough male posters on this site as is

Anonymous 2284

Maybe as a honeypot so the mods can ban them more efficiently. Men have ruined almost every other imageboard out there, they can just fuck off if you ask me.

Anonymous Admin 2286

It's been suggested before and it's not happening. I firmly believe that containment zones don't work because unwanted users will just flock to our site more than ever.

Anonymous 2287

It will quickly turn into a cesspool of btards and poltards and will be the one with the most ammount of traffick on the board.

Anonymous 2291

Thank goodness admin, please no.

Anonymous 2292

I don't see the point since you can already discuss with men on other image boards

Anonymous 2318

I thought the other chans were for this.

Anonymous 2323


Anonymous 2324

Looks like the male version of myself.

Anonymous 2326


I'd suck his dick for some LINK tokens

Anonymous 4783

Make it a place for shadowbanning. Moids who post there would get a secret ban.

Anonymous 4785

i don't even hate men but I don't see the need for this

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