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Captcha Anonymous 2334

Any odds of moving to a non-tracking captcha alternative that doesn't penalise VPN users? 8chan, despite being otherwise a spaghetti-coded mess, uses some other non-google alternative.

Or failing that making it necessary only for thread creation rather than posting in existing threads would be good.

Anonymous Admin 2335

I've been disabling Captcha periodically to see if we're still getting spam. So far it's going well. I might disable it altogether soon and only switch it back on when neeeded.

Anonymous 2336

Much as I dislike captcha disabling it outright is not a good idea unless you've got 24/7 moderation coverage and even then puts you at the mercy of even a single dedicated spammer with nothing better to do. Limiting it to only thread creation instead should be an option in tinyboard, a good middle ground even if you stick with google's tracking-and-ai-training 'free' captcha.

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