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Rebuild Of Evangel…

Anonymous 2372

I'm worried that there are lots of men pretending to be girls here. Maybe I'm seeing things wrong but there are too many posts which just ooze a very "male imageboard user" feeling. I can't be the only one seeing this posts which read like a re-written /r9k/ post.

Anonymous 2373

Perhaps there is. Although aside from a very slow raid a few hours ago, I haven't seen anything unusual aside from /feels being a toxic mess.

Anonymous 2374

You aren't seeing things wrong. It feels like I report posts for "sounding male" every week.
But there are also girls here who lurk or post to male-dominated imageboards, have adopted their language and use it here for the lulz. I think even I have (shit)posted stuff that sounds like something a guy would say.

Anonymous 2375

I've adopted the language of the male dominated boards. And I became aware of it recently when posting here. I hate it.

Anonymous Admin 2376

Please continue reporting. I look into every report. A lot of the time, post history is convincingly "female" even if the user(s) reporting think a certain mindset can't be held by a woman. What
posted also factors in.

Anonymous 2379

Some women just think or speak that way, I guess.

Anonymous 2380

yeah, some guys are posting here because they say they want to get the board going. no one needs them to get the board going. they will make people leaving by being outrageous.

i would like for the gross pictures to leave but i dont have a problem with different viewpoints. its a fine line for the mods.

Anonymous 2382

Second on the gross pictures. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before, but it’s just unnecessary and adds nothing to the thread other than making people who may be sensitive to that sort of thing look at gross stuff. But that’s male “humor” for yah.

Anonymous 2384

Anonymous 2390

>I'm worried that there are lots of men pretending to be girls here.
Yes, they are called tr*nnies and they come from a place called discord.

Anonymous 2391


So who the frack is telling them about this place?
One of yous must be bringing them here

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 2449

Consider that crystal was created and advertised in a thread on Lolcow, which has like 70% female users and 30% male users

Anonymous 2455

most of lolcow are gossipy gay males lol, its actually 70-30 but the other way around.

Anonymous 2494

How far are you willing to go

Anonymous 2504

>just gonna post this here

Not to be a total bitch but….
I think a majority of these sudden "I was raped" post is from a troll.
More power to you, actual rape survivors for being brave enough to talk about it. All rapist and pedophiles need to be hanged.
But the posts I'm calling to question are the ones that feel like that came out of left field.
Am I alone in this?

Anonymous 2505

I feel the same way.

Anonymous 2512


Is there now more moids here?
Because there's been like two post about cc on /r9k over the last week? More post have been sounding men like now.
If so gross.

Anonymous 2555

how do we discern moid from tryhard edgelass?

Anonymous 2557

I would say upfront misogynistic shit is a good tell. That or a obsessive fixation on evolutionary psychology or virgin men, as moids really like talking about these things. Even then you really can’t be too sure these days. The post history thing that mods do is good though, as your average shitposteress or edgelady isn’t gonna keep it up past a few hours

Anonymous Admin 2561

I wish men would stop coming here to tell us how to make a female-only site more appealing to men. For the last time, we're not interested in "appearing less misandrist". We don't care how constructive or insightful you think you're being, you bring nothing new to the table just like every other male who has ever tried the same. You'll be permabanned on sight.

I also want to remind everyone that you can get banned for responding to discussion points made by men as it only encourages them to post more. Report and move on.

Anonymous 2562

Lolcow seems to be managing scroteposting and banning scrotes quite well, how do they do it?

Anonymous 2563

Realistically there probably are, some guys on that one board say it's easier to talk about their feelings here by just switching the genders

Anonymous 2564

There isn't anything one can do. The options as I see them are to introduce verification, or to disincentivise trolls somehow. What if we made each person solve a computationally difficult puzzle (via their shell)–say it took twelve hours to solve on a normal CPU–and you have to produce it in order to post. It replaces the reCAPTCHA, so it reduces spam; it also means you can't troll on a whim, and it'd be a much rarer troll happy to wait simply in order to troll. It basically lets you have an account system without registering. At the end of a week, it rolls over so you have to repeat this process. And each one is associated with an IP, so you can't share them with someone else. I find it hard to explain computing concepts but I hope someone gets what I mean and can put it into proper language

Anonymous 2565

When in doubt, report.
we're small enough that the admin can handle some false positives without getting swamped.

Anonymous 2567

how small is the community?
do we have numbers on that?

Anonymous 2568


Anonymous 2571

Report them and call them out. Make men feel unwelcome here like men made women feel unwelcome on 4chan. Don't use "male internet slang", adopt your own or risk being seen as a man and not taken seriously by your fellow women.

Anonymous 2572


Open cc for a daily check in. To come in during a /poltard raid attempt in progress.

Anonymous 2577

Forgive my autism, but I don't understand the jokes
>girls don't use the internet
>no one here is a girl
I've been seeing it alot. It's just odd that now it's appearent on this site. I normally don't get jokes but I really don't understand incel humor.

Anonymous 2579


ah to be young again,

no girls on the internet is an ancient meme, at least 13 y/o by now

Anonymous 2581

You're just being paranoid sweety

Anonymous 2583

Its older than that, I remember when tits or gtfo was first posted.

I miss the old days when women were celebrated on the chans and fapped to and fought over. Its nice feeling desired even if you have the social skills of a rock.

Anonymous 2584

>Wanting to be desired by the unattractive and autistic userbase of the chans


Anonymous 2588

>Not honestly believing this

Anonymous 2598


Lolcow has a larger userbase, which is helpful as it means there's more women to spot and report rule-breaking, but also means there's generally more male posters. The userbase is admittedly a more snarky and catty one, and some posters will report anything they remotely disagree with (under the pretense of "it's a scrote") whether justified or not. When someone's reported for supposedly being male or "typing/acting like a male" the moderators usually ban said person on sight because they just have to take people's word for it. I've seen this lead to women getting bans (redtexted as "scrote"/"male") for discussing their relationships, kinks, wet dreams, and such even in those subjects' designated threads. There's also quite a few GC anons (as much as I respect them) who accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being male, but the mods seemed to have cracked down more on that and it's happened less since 2X was removed. I think even they got tired of it.

>>2565 makes a good point as well - We have a smaller userbase than LC and along with that, less male posters. LC mods may ban anyone just because someone reported their post and claimed they were male, since they deal with those types of reports constantly. If you sincerely think a poster here is male, you could probably report them with confidence and it wouldn't swamp the mods. Admin also said (>>2376) that she looks into every report.

Personally, I appreciate this site and its atmosphere more than LC (which seems to be more infiltrated by males and preteen newfags with each day) and would love to spread the word somehow, though as anons have pointed out, spreading word means alerting more males to its existence. The unfortunate reality is that there will likely always be some men here. There may not be much of an issue if those few adhere to board culture without outing themselves, but I think the second they feel the need to out themselves they should still be banned on sight.

Anonymous 2606


We’ve ascended beyond worrying about sneaky maleposters. They’re already autistically outing themselves anon.

I’m convinced that any moids who feel compelled to post here and pretend to be female will eventually snap and either call us fat dykes or profess their love.

Anonymous 2674

"There are no girls on the internet."
Internet is not real life, the distinction is meaningless here, was the original meaning I believe.
It was lost on most people.

Anonymous 2700

yeeting away from …

Given that I've seen /r9k/ repeatedly make threads about CC because (shocker) moids are creepy and don't respect women's privacy, that's probably why there seems to be little surges of anons who read as LARPing moids/incels. I've reported the threads as raid encouragements but the 4chan mods don't seem to care that much.

I'm really trying to break away from 4chan in general. The lingo can be fun and direct but it's also very negative and unproductive at times too. I used 4chan mainly for fandom content and I'm currently weighing my options for better places to get it from. I enjoyed Tumblr in the early 2010's despite its major flaws, and I wish there was a similar semi-popular site that worked like old tumblr + that one extension bar but already put into the website itself.

Amino app is popular and less polluted with Twitter trash but the app itself is messy as fuck and populated mainly by minors and pedos seeking out those minors, basically just like Twitter.

I love y'all so much, thank you for all that you do here. You do great work, I've seen some of the crap you have to clean up and all I can really say is godspeed + I wish eyebleach was a thing.
I still have to remind myself not to reply to bad bait posts and manage my time better.

Anonymous 2708

>I've reported the threads as raid encouragements but the 4chan mods don't seem to care that much.
It's hit or miss on every board or even general. /r9k/ has zero enforced moderation except for lawbreaking stuff, meanwhile you get instabanned for multiple weeks if you post a soy wojak on /vg/

Anonymous 2709

>you get instabanned for multiple weeks if you post a soy wojak on /vg/
wow based /vg/ mods

Anonymous 2710

you typo'd the word cringe!!

Anonymous 2996

there are & also trannies. The real femaleness to this imageboard is no more tbh.

Anonymous Admin 3016

Please see: >>>/b/60346

> I'm going on a bit of a rant here, but the main criticism I see when people discuss crystal.cafe (here and elsewhere) is that a female-only rule is unenforceable. This is true and should be obvious to anyone. Making it impossible for men to post or having a 100% ban rate on maleposters isn't achievable no matter what. But I don't think that makes our site pointless. What I aimed for was to give women an imageboard experience without being talked over and invalidated by men, without porn spam and misogyny threads. No matter how much I scrutinize post histories of reported users and err on the side of caution, there will always be men whose tone and ideologies blend in with ours, and there will always be women whose don't. That is just a part of having a user base consisting of a variety of people from different recesses of the internet, who can share genuine feelings and shitposts alike. Part of imageboard culture is the utter insanity that comes with that. I don't expect this site to be a harmonious female-only utopia, I just want to provide a space that doesn't allow harassment and solicitation of female users.

Anonymous 3037

This site has been a lot faster since the /fit/ raid. Do you think some of them stayed, admin?

Anonymous 3038

Yes there have been a lot more anti-men and pro-islam threads popping out. The last one in particular seems suspicious, I think Admin should stop discussion about it for a while. I think someone is purposedly raiding the site with pro-islam sentiments. Reporting so admin can see this.

Anonymous Admin 3040

I absolutely understand the suspicion, but I checked that user's post history and they've been here for years and have over 1000 posts on record. I will add religious topics to the sticky though. And I think it's time to add an official rule about political soapboxing.

It's possible, but I always err on the side of caution when seeing a suspicious post from someone who's new. They usually get bored after a while. Another thing I noticed is that ironically, legitimate user activity often picks up after a raid in a bid to reclaim the site.

Anonymous 3041

there's scrotes in the kpop thread

Anonymous 3042

yup theres a ton of spamming and shitposting, im trying to report but i feel like it's gonna get worse, they came in a huge wave and are just spamming out any conversation

Anonymous 3043

They were linked in from here. I get the feeling someone really doesn't like this site.

Anonymous 3044

yup thread is unusable at this point, just gonna keep reporting and hope mods get to cleaning house

what a mess lol

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