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Possible raid attempt incoming. Anonymous 2443

There's an autistic guy flooding other small boards with Gladiator. The staff here is very active, so I don't believe we'll have any problems, but I think you should know, and maybe a rangeban will be needed since he's very stupid.

Anonymous 2444

atleast its just gladiator, not the horrific stuff cc usually gets spammed with

Anonymous 2445

Anonymous 2446


Anonymous 2451

Guess it begun.

Anonymous 2481

4chan is doing a raid and is trying to trigger people here. They are spamming gore and stuff.

Anonymous 2501

Capture _2019-12-1…

Anonymous 2502

Uh-Oh…..oh no

Anonymous 2513

Might just be me, but I don't actually give a fuck when we get raided. It's a minor inconvenience for us, but most of the time we don't retaliate/react in an interesting way so they're all are just chillin and posting their entire gore folder until the mods wake up and ban them. Most of the time, these raids resolve itself before most of the userbase even hears about them.
I was quite the shitposter in my edgy "2cool2bfemale" stage, so I get the appeal of ruining somewhere for other people, but I think raiding a place like this is anticlimactic since the board moves so slowly. Says a lot about the people who continuously attempt to fuck with this place when I can think of at least five other websites/web communities that would care more than we do.

Anonymous 2515

So many roses

Anonymous 2518


The moids are back. Just report anyone being a dick or claiming to have a dick.

Anonymous 2519

Someone should draw a no moids allow sign.
I would but I'm not near my computer.

Anonymous 2521

What!? The second reply was actually reasonable. I didn't expect that from r9k.

Anonymous 2590

Sorry to bump an old thread but this url was dropped into a "let's pretend were girls" thread on the television and film board on 4chan. You might have some interesting newfriends coming by.

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