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Anonymous 2483

How do we draw more people to the site without attracting moids?

Anonymous 2484


I would say promote this website in female-only Discord servers, but I don’t even think those are safe from… them.

Anonymous 2485


i've been wanting to join all female server for a while. even saw some being advertised on /r9k/ but i was too late and invite expired. i really wish for a place like that. we could confirm our gender through voice etc.

Anonymous 2486


I would join if this existed, but I can't make one because I have no clue how Discord works. We'd need to keep all of the chats private until users were verified though. I don't want men having access to anything we post in case they try to sneak in.
I've also heard that men sometimes sneak into places like these using their girlfriends' accounts. Is anyone willing to make a server specifically for femcels/fembots/fa women so this doesn't happen?

Anonymous 2487

I don't know how reddit works but are there female only boards to post on? I doubt we can trust those.

Anonymous 2488

I advertised in a bathroom at my uni.

Anonymous 2489

They swing a certain way, so you'll run into a lot of "MA'AM"s that way. They do have a femcels board.

Anonymous 2490

Why would you want others to live this life? You should be actively making sure people avoid this site

Anonymous 2491

But this site is so nice yet so inactive :(

Anonymous 2492

I agree with >>2490. I don't have much of a life. And posting here sometimes feels like I'm yelling at the wind. I like imageboards. I just hate the male dominated ones. I just don't like how they talk about women, so hostile and arrogant. I've seen threads get derailed by incels.

Anonymous 2499

what life? this site is much nicer than most imageboards as other anon said and there are people posting that have satisfying lives but are still loners and are more comfortable with online communication. you can't just decide that it's bad for everyone.

Anonymous 2506

This site is nicer than lolcow. I wish it was more active too :( Y’all have great advice

Anonymous 2507

I've never been I've seen it namedrop all the time.
How do you like it?

Anonymous 2508

I'm >>2507
Today was this first time I went to lolcow.omg. for a lack of a better word that place seems ugly? Is it nothing but call out posts?

Anonymous 2509

I’m not >>2506 but I usually stay away from those boards. /ot/, /g/, and /m/ are the only tolerable ones.

Anonymous 2510

lolcow has some worthwhile threads in /g/ /ot/ and /m/. I usually go on /g/ to ask for advice but since it’s very slow I rarely get responses. /ot/ is very active but is dominated by radfems/gender crit/pink pilled anons… every post eventually turns political with instigators fighting and clogging the threads, and then there are mean anons who think you’re a larping “Scrote” if you go against their echo chamber. Then there’s /pt/ and /snow/ which nitpicks and critiques internet nobodies, which I find is a waste of time so I never go on there. Ironically, that is how I found lolcow; I used to follow Venus Angelic’s drama on PULL.

Anonymous 2525

I actually heard about this site from an anon on /fit/, when I was asking for some exercise advice there. This place seems great, but also kinda dead? Or is it just slow?

Anonymous 2526

It's slow but at times there a small spurts in activity. I've only been lurking here for a few months, so maybe I don't know where all the popular girls actually hang out.

Anonymous 2527

hqdefault (3).jpg

>How do we draw more people to the site without attracting moids?

promote the site on either a discord server you feel totally safe in that is small in population size, or share with your online friends via DMs.

also, if people are reluctant to visit, show them some cool stuff and go like "oh i got this from a site called crystal.cafe"

Anonymous 2528


oh yah (this is gonnna sound weird) but if you search for the topics we discuss on this site on Instagram and them DM those accounts you might get some more hits

Anonymous 2529

I just found out about it on /v/. I'm looking forward to having a place like this to poke around.

Anonymous 2532

why would you want a server with femcels and fembots
would be a toxic fiesta

Anonymous 2535


Stacy thots begone

Anonymous 2536



IMO discord servers are always a bad idea, unless its with personal friends you know. Even if you "confirm" everyones identity it doesnt stop the drama that will always inevitably happen. Now you have to deal with server admins and mods and hope they arent power tripping assholes. And all text conversations are essentially recorded on Discord and anybody that joins the server can scroll through all of the messages, which can lead to doxing if you are accidently posting too much personal information because you are using a name now.

I prefer anonymous posting myself.

Anonymous 2538

we can start by not actually trying to attract their attention but who actually cares

Anonymous 2540

We don't ;)

Anonymous 2541

Is this imageboard safe from trannies?

Anonymous 2554

Frankly, not even the discord server where verification was needed to join was safe from them, or men for that matter. You're posting amongst them both in even greater numbers here.

Anonymous 2566

The safest way is word of mouth, but it's also the slowest AND is not 100% male proof.
While growing the community would be nice I'd rather have a slow board than an active board that has more male shitposting than any sane post.

Anonymous 2573

whats a moid?

Anonymous 2578


Anonymous 2582

Definitely not on reddit

Anonymous 2591

I agree. We should do nothing and let people find this site on their own. If we advertise this site its bound to attract males since they make up like 80% of the internet.

As long as the posts are good slowness shouldn't be a problem. Its not like crystal.cafe is dying.

Anonymous 2648

Mumsnet lol

Anonymous 2649

You're probably joking but actually this and GenderCritical. CC is one of the few sites allowing radfem opinions without censorship. Other site platforms regularly delete radfem content with no warning. Lolcow used to get recommended on GC before they killed radfem content. GC even had an 8chan board for a bit.

If admin would add a radfem board it would probably attract a lot more users to come here. Mumsnet is too heavily moderated to post freely about radfem things: they make users use preferred pronouns, regularly remove threads, and a lot of popular users have been banned. Reddit is 99% disgusting porn and will probably bow to trans terrorist pressure eventually and quarantine/delete GC. The 8chan board is already gone of course.

Anonymous 2650

As far as I can tell, GC has a large population of right wing dudes who are only there cuz they like to dunk on trannies. I doubt advertising over there is a good idea… I don't want a bunch of reddit incels to flood the board.

Anonymous 2659

I was joking but I whole heartedly agree with you.

Anonymous 2687

Having a radfem board is unironically a good idea. It can act like a containment center for all of the “are transgenders allowed on here” threads that refuse to die. Also I’d love to see a thread about feminism that doesn’t devolve into arguments about the death of human larvae, because feminism is only about that desu.
Reddit advertising is a bad idea because (as someone who has an account and still browses) redditors in general are the scum of the internet who get off on how “edgy” and “unpopular” their basic mainstream critiques on society are. We don’t need that sort of negativity here

Anonymous 2689

I'm not sure how cross-site promotion would work, or what different sites' rules concerning it are, but would asherahsgarden.net be a good place? I sometimes post there and figured a few people here might post there as well. Its activity level is about the same as ours, maybe a little less active.

Anonymous 2693

I sometimes see women on 4chan and they seem nice, but I'm not sure if I should post C.C. link there. Yesterday I was talking with one on /v/, but I think the risk is too big.
Too bad, I really wanted them here.

Anonymous 2694

From personal experience, just go to any discord that's main focus is either:
1. Sims
2. Animal Crossing
3. Transformers/Gundum
about 70 to 80 percent of those discord populations is female

Anonymous 2713

this site literally gets posted to 4chan /pol/ (where I came from 5 mins ago), it's only a matter of time before it just becomes a bunch of guys larping as girls because they've got nothing better to do with their lives

Anonymous 2714


It's already happened time and time again, I resent to inform you. You wouldn't believe the frequency at which we're mentioned by boys (who "totally hate women", remember) on /r9k/.

Anonymous 2715

That explains the random tranny and incel types who would pathetically and obsessively spam threads here. /r9k/ is so disgusting.

Anonymous 2755

maybe on similar sites? like some of the chiller forums on myproana, yes they have eds but they have good aesthetics and are very funny.

Anonymous 2761

Not gonna happen, Im willing to bet over 25% of the posts on this site are dudes, some more convincing than others. And thats besides all the posts that get deleted and I never see.

I also see this place mentioned a lot in mostly male spaces.

Anonymous 2779

I would bet money that over 2/3s of posters are already men

Anonymous 2792

>they hate us
<here's a screenshot full of them asking how to date us

Anonymous 2793


It was the same guy spamming all those threads, and if you looked at any of them (or that board in general) for 5 minutes, you would see what disgusting profligates the posters really are. These aren’t wholesome men who just want a relationship. These are men who believe that women are inferior, don’t deserve rights, shouldn’t have jobs, should be raped/killed, and exist for the sole purpose of amusing men. If they ever managed to get into a relationship, it would be horrifically abusive.

Anonymous 2807

You can't

Anonymous 2812

let it grow organically.

Anonymous 2813

Can you give me any examples of an image board that has a rule that says no women allowed?

Anonymous 2814


if legbeard websites and women only gyms bother you so much, don't go to them

Anonymous 2833

lolcow seemed to be libfem to me and also they have too much threads about shit like celebrities

Anonymous 2834

I'm certain wizchan has lost the will to care about anyone posting anything, even if you give yourself away.

Anonymous 2859

is there any sites like this but on the deepweb, onion only?

Anonymous 2879

Maybe ask for their discord, talk to them over voice, and then mention CC?

Anonymous 2880

Word of mouth. There’s no guarantee that some handmaiden won’t tell a group of guys about us of clout but it’s the only way to avoid (additional) male traffic and half-assed raids

Anonymous 2881

most lolcow users come across as very rad fem/TERFy and hate trans cows
male users will try to infiltrate and brigade when this site becomes more popular. I really don’t think we can do anything unfortunately

I mean, do miners really have to advertise this site? we all know about wizchan from somewhere. if someone lurks imageboards and places like the farms, they’ll probably find out and be interested

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