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politics Anonymous 2817

Why is there no talk of politics here? I thought this would be like 4chan? why is there no /pol/ ?

Anonymous 2819

There is no talk of politics because we don’t want cc to turn into 4chan.

Anonymous 2820


But aren't you guys interested in the subject?

Anonymous 2821

I mean, I am, personally.
But there are other places to talk about politics.
I'm glad it's not allowed here, it would get stupid.

Anonymous 2823

There should be one. What's the problem with talking about politics with other women? If it becomes stupid, let it be. CC should also have a board for music, science and food

Anonymous 2824

Yes, I came here because i was interested in other women's opinions on politics. But maybe someone has a recommendation of where i could find such a space?

Anonymous 2826

If you want to talk about politics seriously, it makes no sense to exclude men. The real world won't. This site is a haven from male-infested areas. Delving into politics is the opposite.

Anonymous 2829


What a fucking dumb statement by a cringy handmaiden. Talking about politics WITHOUT men is what allow us to ACTUALLY talk about politics. In a RATIONAL manner. Men dominate politics worldwide and none of them a worried about "excluiding women". Go to 4chan or lolcow if you're so bothered by the ideia of us having a board for politics. Fuck off

Anonymous 2830

keeping us from talking and delving into politics is exactly what men have been doing since ever to exclude us from these spaces. Thanks a lot for enforcing the same idea idiots. I bet they are very worried about the lack of women on /pol/

Anonymous 2831

there's no rules against politics threads. just go to /b/ and make one.

Anonymous 2882

Admin has said that there isn't going to be a /pol/ board. That isn't the culture here. You can go literally anywhere else cranky

Anonymous 2884

there's plenty of talk of trannies it seems. Surely that counts?

Anonymous 2887

This. That would be interesting.

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