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Captcha error message, Can't post anywhere Anonymous 2835

I keep getting a captcha error message when trying to post. Am I banned or is it really a captcha error?

Anonymous 2836

it would be a captcha error. if you're banned it'll tell you. maybe it's caused by a cache/cookie problem? try clearing your cache

Anonymous 2837

Possibly not a ban, captcha can be a snotty little bitch sometimes, I swear more so during peak posting times.

Before trying to post I copy all my text, and then try to post, due to longtime frequent captcha errors. I copy because I find sometimes a page refresh helps, sometimes a full browser restart is required.

I find it's worse on android. Worse depending on your broswer.

(Covertly, what broswer are you using? Operating system?)

Anonymous 2838

Also cute kitty, just no sicky on the Persian rug after grass noms, please…

Anonymous 2839

You sound smart.
I like your answer better than mine.
Elle Woods/Legally Blonde snapcup snaps for you.

Anonymous 2840


Thank you! Also, I'm using Chrome for both PC and mobile.

Anonymous 2841

Oh and
Android & Windows

Anonymous 2845


From personal experience, it will only give you the ban message on the device you were originally banned on. Attempting to post from other devices on the same network will only yield captcha error with no respect to OS or browser used. I have attempted to post from 2 linux machines running Firefox, a Windows computer running Chrome, and a mobile device running Firefox and Chrome. Only the original mentions the ban. Clearing cache has no effect across devices.

Furthermore, and I don't know if this is exclusive to Firefox on Linux, it will only tell you "you are banned" in a dialogue box, it does not give a reason why. I only remember seeing the standard imageboard ban message screen on Firefox once, and even then, the reason field was left blank. I attempted to reach out to the email address in the FAQ, and have been given no response after 7 days. It is hard to use the website if I don't understand why I was banned.

Anonymous 2847

Same here, FF on Linux, unknown ban message back in January, sometimes get captcha error, but I only used one computer and one OS.
The email is abandoned, I sent a message in January and no response still. I have a different IP now.

Anonymous 2888

I get that a lot, too. I have to fill the captcha many times.

Anonymous 3615

Anonymous 3651

You must be temporarialy banned buddy

Anonymous 3684

I got this a few times. It always wore off after a few days so I assume it was a ban, but I never know what the ban was for.

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