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Anonymous 2892

What's the deal with all the recent discord spam?

Anonymous 2893

I know right? Mods, can you please delete and ban all these trannies spamming dozens of anime pic discord threads in /b/?

Anonymous 2894


I hate trannies so fucking much

Anonymous 2895


>shaped like a penis sideways

Anonymous 2896

Is it even trannies? I thought it was always men trying to trick women into talking to them.

Anonymous 2897

so trannies.

Anonymous 2898

I was thinking more incels
I mean one o the spam threads was
>Mommy mommy join

Anonymous Admin 2900

Sorry, they're persistent and I had an uncharacteristically busy day. I'm going to continue adding more spam filters to make things harder for them.

Anonymous 2901

U good. What we need is a honeypot trap. Make a /trans/ board for a week then IP ban anyone who posts supportively there

Anonymous 2902

A ton of them are in tech. Any person could just ban evade with a vpn too. You're also going to risk that time with them getting comfy and telling friends about it, potentially resulting in a raid or ddos attack. They already get all of reddit for forced inclusiveness.

Anonymous 2903

Anyone here joined the discord to confirm what flavor of moid was making them? You keep jumping to trans but I assumed they weren't trans for whatever reason

Anonymous 2904

It's a possibility that it's only other women that just feel lonely or excited to talk. It's better and safer to talk to people in post chains for a while first. It's the same concept except a lot slower.

Anonymous 2905

Literally all it would take is a throwaway discord to poke a head in and check what the deal is

Anonymous 2906

If you're up for the challenge, let the rest of us that are reserved about it know how it goes. Maybe you'll make a friend or two.

Anonymous 2907

How do you know they were trannies? Honest question, I didn't join and I won't, I hate Discord.

Anonymous 2909

It's a mixed bag 4chan/imageboard server, they werent pretending to be girls or trannies or to actually represent cc.

Anonymous 2910

what is the discord link >.<

Anonymous 2912

Poked my head in the recent discord, to verify if it's a honey pot, was kicked because I was too autistic to realize "DiscordThrowAaway" isn't a good name

Anonymous 2916


begins with T, rhymes with janny
yeah, im thinkin its a fucking tranny

Anonymous 2921

Why the fuck do trannies want to befriend us??? To feel more female or what??? Bunch of creeps. They will never understand how it feels like to be a female! The mental and physical pain, the objectification, being overlooked, etc.

Anonymous 2922

They’ve imagined a fabricated camaraderie with us and think that they’re simultaneously “one of the gals,” while also being here to find a chan gf “just like them”

Anonymous Admin 2941

Sorry about this issue still persisting. I always bandelete them and have adjusted the spam filter, they're just stubborn. I've thought about simply blacklisting any mention of Discord altogether, but that would get legitimate users caught up in the crossfire and the spammers would move to posting invites as images. Can't do anything but play whack-a-mole until they get bored, sorry.

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