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Sites like Crystal Cafe Anonymous 2957

Are there any more imageboards or forums like this? Im pretty new to CC but it seems like its not very active so I was wondering if there are some other sites only for women and with little to none lurking moids

Anonymous 2958

there's spinster that's a twitter clone and gender critical on saidit which is a reddit clone, fairly active



Not saying just gender critical is the only community on both sites just showing example because spinster shows you a register screen if you don't link directly, spinster is definitely women oriented, saidit is general

Anonymous 2960

thx but I didnt mean boards that especially talk about trans women and feminism but more like here where there are topics about all kinds of stuff

Anonymous 2961

I think spinster is just a Twitter-esque social network where you can talk about anything, but intended to have at least a userbase of feminists. There's also lolcow.farm

Anonymous 3070


https://anonima.club is an image board for girls in spanish. It is still starting though (and it is kind of death) so it would be nice if you can give it a try

Anonymous 3071

See how this website has "Dark Crystal" and "Dark Crystal (old)" themes. Well your chan desperately needs one of those. It's so annoying for my eyes.

Anonymous 3072

I wish i could spanish

Anonymous 3073

ngl actually very cute. although i agree with >>3071, it's too bright for the dark crystal girlies like me

i wish i can understand spanish though, hope your admin reconsiders making it an international chan instead

Anonymous 3147

The manager of that site is a lurking incel.

Anonymous 3196

If you use reddit there's r/femaledatingstrategy. It's the only sub I know of that bans make posters but it's mostly aimed at dating. Their philosophies may see harsh to some but I like it & it's pretty active.

Anonymous 3233


asherah's garden

Anonymous 5870


>asherah's garden

Anonymous 5871


Anonymous 5919

Too bad this is a year-old post but I'm really curious about the proof. Fucking disgusting I wish scrotes didn't bait women like this all the time.

Anonymous 5999

might go on this site because i wanna learn spanish. writing or reading it is good enough for me, idk if i could ever speak it lol

Anonymous 6007

there's a limit to how toxic a place can get. also, let's be real- their advice is horrible and never works

Anonymous 6070

How would nonas feel about an image board for women you can only access (read/post) after proving you are a woman somehow? A check would be hard to implement of course, my first though is voice verification but it is easier and easier to fake these days, idk what else could it be. You would obviously need to make an account but posting would be anonymous like any other board. I love CC dearly, but it's simply a fact we are the most known "female only" chan and that attracts bitter moidies to the party.

Not that I have the technical know-how to even attempt making such a site but I'm just brainstorming.

Anonymous 6071

A million people will jump on you with a million reasons why verification won't work, but I think they're overly cynical and defeatist.

You can do it nona. Cc sucks and isn't getting better anytime soon

Anonymous 6072

I would like to see and do think it's possible.

Anonymous 6073

I think it would work as long as you have rules against attention whoring and sharing personal information because that would make it easier to identify bad actors invading the space

Anonymous 6074


Saying cc sucks is pretty unfair to our lovely admin, I think moids running rampant is not her fault, it's just how well known cc is on /r9k/ etc. It's really sad, since I do love this site (or, the idea of it). Thank you and >>6072 for encouragement though!

I googled a bit if there is a way to know who is using a voice changer, and I don't know if there is. Having a semi-reliable verifying method would be a requirement for even starting to looking up how to technically make the project happen. Of course, even a step like this would deter the less invested attention-seeking moids. BUT I have no website coding experience, and the programmer sock trannies would run a site I have made to the ground in 0.1 seconds lol

Yes of course, isn't that a rule in just about every image board?

Anonymous 6075

>Of course, even a step like this would deter the less invested attention-seeking moids.
It seems to me that the whole point of the site is that the more obnoxious moids make themselves known by virtue of them being obnoxious, so that if males infiltrate the site, at least they're not being inflammatory and making conversation unproductive

Anonymous 6145


I think LC is more well known that CC, it's way more active for a start.

Any kind of verification is going to fail especially in what's supposed to be an anonymous website. You can't stop people from partaking.

Best thing you could do is just make CC or whatever space you're trying to create be as aggressively feminine as possible. I don't mean cutesy kawaii or "lets talk about makeup and boys!" I mean talk about shipping, fandoms, fanfics, periods, female-oriented/dominated hobbies, mental health, feminist threads etc topics that men just aren't really into that much. LC and PULL have a lot of women because they're first and foremost gossip websites, men aren't interested in gossip.

CC's problem is just lack of activity and it attracts negative activity every once in a while. I think CC was probably where I saw many horrible pictures for the first time and oftentimes when I open this website I have to hold my breath.

Anonymous 6146

fds is why i left my bf and stopped being suicidal. literally everything they say is true and makes your life sooooo much better

Anonymous 6149

Can m*ssad newfags stop?

Anonymous 6157

>Best thing you could do is just make CC or whatever space you're trying to create be as aggressively feminine as possible. I don't mean cutesy kawaii or "lets talk about makeup and boys!" I mean talk about shipping, fandoms, fanfics, periods, female-oriented/dominated hobbies, mental health, feminist threads etc topics that men just aren't really into that much. LC and PULL have a lot of women because they're first and foremost gossip websites, men aren't interested in gossip.
This. I totally agree with this. Just look at what happened to Fujochan, they deleted the manhating board from the start and now they're infested with moids LARPing and demanding to be allowed to post their trapshit tranny porn.

To be fair, you're probably replying to a male and a male probably replied to this post before me. Don't worry, FDS was a cool place to have on reddit, but reddit is full of tranny mods so they delete/take over every subreddit for women and feminism.

Anonymous 6177

Sorry as this is an old thread

I agree, heavy on the fujo posting and gossip. I think the main issue is that CC is too accessible and entertaining for moids. It's far too easy to navigate and to understand.

Anonymous 6223

I had no idea there was a fujochan and I am on my way to repopulate it.

Anonymous 6239

This gif is so awesome and trippy. I like to come here and just stare into it every once in a while. It makes me feel hapy.

Anonymous 6240

lj 2022-07-23.jpg

There's like 100 non-russians still using LiveJournal. You can get on the front page for just posting "good morning" and getting a few friends to reply. Would imagine its like getting locked in a '90s mall overnight.

Shout-out to ohnotheydidnt for winning the Test of Time award. Future AI bots will someday datamine the site and determine that people were once really into late 2000's celebrity gossip.

Anonymous 6331

What is pull? I want to visit it

Anonymous 6670

PULL used to be a gossip website, it’s dead now.

Anonymous 6862

sims forums are the closest thing to a female-only community online

Anonymous 6869

The interface of that website was really annoying and overly complicated and the page and post layouts were buggy and hard to organize. I can see why most people abandoned it.

Anonymous 6870

Just put kpop constantly all over the front page and it will instantly drive the moids away. They get extremely triggered by that stuff.

Anonymous 7208

thepinkpill.co is a female-only reddit clone. It's unfortunately not very active but there are subs for all kinds of stuff

Anonymous 8788

A stopped clock is right twice a day.

most of their advice consists of "LEAVE HIM B11TCH!!" the second you run into any moid related issues regardless of how solvable or unsolvable they are. Of course that advice will help a girl in an abusive relationship. The same way it may prevent a girl who wants a relationship from ever having one because she reads to deeply into everything. Also there is a tremendous amount of ridiculous racebaiting on that sub which makes me think 4chan moids have infiltrated it and are trying to manipulate women into hating men of different ethnic groups for no reason.

There is genuine radfem dating advice out there on the net, and bits and pieces of it may be found in FDS, but the sub itself and its entire culture is pretty much toxic and unhelpful.

Anonymous 8798

Dark Crystal is the best theme, I stole it for a reason.

Anonymous 9354


Anonymous 9374

anon you tease how do i find this place?

Anonymous 9400

Yeah good question nona we can’t hold the suspense any longer!!

Anonymous 9471

choachan cafe is gonna be unvilable for a while and i'm looking for a girls only anonymous imageboard like ccc. i came here bc i've always see nonas talking about this place. is there another ccc nona here?
kpop board is locked, i dont know where to go

Anonymous 9473


Anonymous 9475

why cant kpop girlies have some fun here

Anonymous 9477

does anyone know how long? i miss it so much already

Anonymous 9483

There's nothing wrong with ccc, stop being an asshole.
Welcome anon

Anonymous 9484

do you have a rundown of what happened with the harassment and stalking? i stopped checking ccc months ago when i dropped my husbando

Anonymous 9486

tks what thread we can post kpop here

Anonymous 9487

ccc is closed for good
>We have decided to close the chapter on Choachan. We want to reassure users that no accounts on the site were hacked, and no IP addresses were leaked. However the site and staff have been persistently and maliciously targeted for an extended period with a particular focus on the board owner. The autiny janitors were not part of this and have been a consistent and trustworthy help throughout the years. We would appreciate if people gave them the grace they deserve for their hard work. We apologise for the sudden closure and we appreciate the disruption it has caused but in the circumstances we feel unable to continue with hosting the site.

>We thank every kind anon that has supported us through these years and we cherish the fun times we had together. Until next time!

Anonymous 9492

and so are our threads

Anonymous 9494

is it true the new site's and nny's board owner is a curry horsefag moid? will we at least have the old mods back? i don't trust this at all

Anonymous 9505

what’s the new site??

Anonymous 9522

yes it is true and dont go on that site or post on it he loves to malware the shit out of anyone who calls him out. hes 100% the same faggot who spams awful shit everywhere too. BEWARE

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