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Sites like Crystal Cafe Anonymous 2957

Are there any more imageboards or forums like this? Im pretty new to CC but it seems like its not very active so I was wondering if there are some other sites only for women and with little to none lurking moids

Anonymous 2958

there's spinster that's a twitter clone and gender critical on saidit which is a reddit clone, fairly active



Not saying just gender critical is the only community on both sites just showing example because spinster shows you a register screen if you don't link directly, spinster is definitely women oriented, saidit is general

Anonymous 2960

thx but I didnt mean boards that especially talk about trans women and feminism but more like here where there are topics about all kinds of stuff

Anonymous 2961

I think spinster is just a Twitter-esque social network where you can talk about anything, but intended to have at least a userbase of feminists. There's also lolcow.farm

Anonymous 3070


https://anonima.club is an image board for girls in spanish. It is still starting though (and it is kind of death) so it would be nice if you can give it a try

Anonymous 3071

See how this website has "Dark Crystal" and "Dark Crystal (old)" themes. Well your chan desperately needs one of those. It's so annoying for my eyes.

Anonymous 3072

I wish i could spanish

Anonymous 3073

ngl actually very cute. although i agree with >>3071, it's too bright for the dark crystal girlies like me

i wish i can understand spanish though, hope your admin reconsiders making it an international chan instead

Anonymous 3147

The manager of that site is a lurking incel.

Anonymous 3196

If you use reddit there's r/femaledatingstrategy. It's the only sub I know of that bans make posters but it's mostly aimed at dating. Their philosophies may see harsh to some but I like it & it's pretty active.

Anonymous 3233


asherah's garden

Anonymous 5870


>asherah's garden

Anonymous 5871


Anonymous 5919

Too bad this is a year-old post but I'm really curious about the proof. Fucking disgusting I wish scrotes didn't bait women like this all the time.

Anonymous 5999

might go on this site because i wanna learn spanish. writing or reading it is good enough for me, idk if i could ever speak it lol

Anonymous 6007

there's a limit to how toxic a place can get. also, let's be real- their advice is horrible and never works

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