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Anonymous 3080

What's the % of male posters here and how to identify them?

Anonymous 3081

like 10% are moids and looney trooners. You identify them by their lies and sometimes some moids are so mad at women that they cannot just lurk more and stay quiet.
Report them on the spot.

Anonymous 3140

assume all posters are, especially if they post things like >>3081 does. watch out for them.

Anonymous 3141

More importantly don't respond to male posters. Do not even give them attention or they will come back. It becomes really fucking obvious when a poster is an incel moid because they have their whole ideology they believe like fanatics.

Anonymous 3146

>how to identify them?
When they put women down in order to defend men.
Some are pickmes, but if they take it too far maybe it's not a woman.

Anonymous 3148

This is a perfect example >>44285
They make bait threads they take from /r9k/ to blame some shitty attitude on women. The kind of posts you also see in reddit attempting to prove "women are evil and unloyal de-humanized persons who only attempt to worship chads, that are aggressive that punch other people for no reason and that want to be treated like garbage" and whatever the fuck.
Never respond to their threads, just blast them out of existence.

Anonymous 3182

Prominent facial hair, adam's apples, and penises are all dead giveaways.

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