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Anonymous 3080

What's the % of male posters here and how to identify them?

Anonymous 3081

like 10% are moids and looney trooners. You identify them by their lies and sometimes some moids are so mad at women that they cannot just lurk more and stay quiet.
Report them on the spot.

Anonymous 3140

assume all posters are, especially if they post things like >>3081 does. watch out for them.

Anonymous 3141

More importantly don't respond to male posters. Do not even give them attention or they will come back. It becomes really fucking obvious when a poster is an incel moid because they have their whole ideology they believe like fanatics.

Anonymous 3146

>how to identify them?
When they put women down in order to defend men.
Some are pickmes, but if they take it too far maybe it's not a woman.

Anonymous 3148

This is a perfect example >>44285
They make bait threads they take from /r9k/ to blame some shitty attitude on women. The kind of posts you also see in reddit attempting to prove "women are evil and unloyal de-humanized persons who only attempt to worship chads, that are aggressive that punch other people for no reason and that want to be treated like garbage" and whatever the fuck.
Never respond to their threads, just blast them out of existence.

Anonymous 3182

Prominent facial hair, adam's apples, and penises are all dead giveaways.

Anonymous 3256

Well, one of my posts just got deleted in the Tinder thread that was in favor of women, so now I seriously don't even trust if the mods are female.

Anonymous 3257

The most obvious but still slightly "hidden" ones always go around shilling how "not all men are bad". Another giveaway I've seen is extreme nosiness about personal things

Anonymous Admin 3258

Your comment was removed because it was a reply to a manposter. When I delete man comments, I also delete their replies so that the male has less incentive to ban evade and continue the conversation. Your comment's content had nothing to do with its deletion. Sorry about that!

Anonymous 3279

Apart from obvious shit like being that much of a pickme (you know what I mean), the most glaring thing they do is try to speak for more people than themselves. Moids very often generalize and speak on behalf of others without acknowledging that others may hold a different opinion.

Ever seen one of those memes about how female socialization makes you say "sorry" all the time? (Or you're just Canadian.) Unless a moid is actually good at larping, he's usually going to give himself away by never saying anything like that. It'll be a blanket statement like "women don't like X, it's Y" instead of "personally, I don't really like X for Z reasons."

Anonymous 3280

I wouldn't necessarily say that. It's true for me, but I've met a ton of steamrolling women who absolutely make generalized statements, especially when it comes to things they dislike.

Anonymous 3281


Anonymous 3293

there are no girls on the internet

Anonymous 3296

This 100%

Anonymous 3305

Reported for testicles lol

Anonymous 3358

I couldn't tell you the % but imo men are easy to spot due to their misogynistic views. If you can recognise bait or fetish material, you'll be able to spot them. Men who come here are actively jacking off to seeing women getting upset over their posts or want a "debate".

Also this >>3279

Anonymous 3396

Yeah, I think most of the time you can tell who the men are by the fact that they've clearly come to this site for an argument and nothing else.

Anonymous 3398


Anonymous 3436

Are moid bans permabans? Its not like theyll ever change.

Anonymous Admin 3437

Yes, they're always immediate permabans and their full post history is deleted.

Anonymous 3501

But anon then that means you are…

Anonymous 3502

Every conversation on this site circles back to men. It’s depressing. Almost as bad as the incels who unilaterally hate women.

Anonymous 3504

half men who think they are clever divining the secrets of women
half the fact non-gendered discussion is facilitated just fine elsewhere on the tubes

Anonymous 3505

Then make and respond to threads about hobbies and things you like?
I get where you are coming from but its nice to have a place to vent about moids in cc too. Just bump the video game thread answer some hobby questions.

Anonymous 3538

I agree so let's make more threads about other stuff

Anonymous 3554

Pretty based.

Anonymous 3561


Anonymous 3571


Anonymous 3573

didnt want to make another thread so im gonna post my thirsty shit here

ive seen a few posts claiming they found a bf on here, how tf does this happen
my thoughts are that they're either larping men, baiting or, on the off chance it's real, just amazingly lucky
i filter out all the terf stuff, is that where it's happening??

Anonymous 3574

Can you post some examples?

Anonymous 3575

ill see if i can find them, they might have been removed though

Anonymous 3576

What about transwomen?

Anonymous 3577

TiMs are easier to spot than regular moids cause they have more narcissism

Anonymous 3613

Wow way to break rule 7!

Anonymous 3712

>What's the % of male posters
>how to identify them?
be the mod
it is unbelivable so easy to tell the difference between X and Y when you can see many samples at once

Anonymous 3713

It's obvious because they constantly type how they think a woman types (like t3h p3ngu1n of d00m in the worst examples). If they're talking about interactions, the interaction is always a male pleasure fantasy with zero regard for what the woman gets out of it.

>amazingly lucky
Would it be amazingly lucky to meet men in a public bathroom or women's section of a store? Sorry but I wouldn't want that.

Anonymous 3714

how is that amazingly lucky? why would anyone want to date a guy you meet off of here? any guy that would be on here, for the most part, is going to be red flag city

Anonymous 3717

You have a point, kinda. Men are more aggressive and state their opinions as fact, women tend to be witty and more evasive. IMO it boils down to threatening vs. making fun of your opponent.

Anonymous 3738

Oh boy another m*id raid
your posts like your lives will be deleted and forgotten

Anonymous 3786

Misspelled mods tbh.

Anonymous 3890


What is moids? Unironic question.
>First time here.

Anonymous 3891

moids = men

Anonymous 3892

Lol I’ll bite. I’m waiting for feels to get cleaned up anyway.
It’s the second best gender. Y-chomosome havers. Lump between the legs. You know, those people.
The actual word is meant to parallel the term “femoid” that incels use to refer to women if “females” sounds too urban to them.

Anonymous 3895

You can also call them scrotes which sounds better imo

Anonymous 3897

An unfortunate genetic condition afflicting about half the population.

Anonymous 3902


Anonymous 4385

i just got here from 4chan. im amazed. lol this is like a mirror version of /pol/ is this real life ?

Anonymous 4395

Silence your amazement and declare your sex, 4choid.

Anonymous 4541

This whole thread seems like very flimsy precon assumptions. Feels very witchy hunty tbh.

Anonymous 4544

Does that mean disagreeing with anything anyone says would make me a moid? Or is it just if I disagree with public opinion regarding moids?

Anonymous 4546

have sex

Anonymous 4547

>Moids very often generalize and speak on behalf of others
full circle

Anonymous 4568


what the fuck is a "moid"?

Anonymous 4569

You know "femoid"? moid is the male

Anonymous 4577

They eventually expose themselves as male. Most moid accusations are based on the idea that no woman can disagree with what the accuser thinks or does. But in reality, men love revealing their gender and are incapable of RPing for long, and there are also subjects that they're always extremely ignorant about so they slip up when they have to talk about those things.
Even if their intention is just to talk to us because we're "nicer than 4chan" or whatever, they can't help saying something like "hey, this thread has made me feel better as a guy :)". It's super common. The kind of guy who wouldn't do this probably wouldn't even bother with this site in the first place.

Anonymous 4581

Incels coined the term Femoid from Female + Humanoid since they believe "women have no souls, they connote be considered human, they must be humanoids". Moid is likewise short for Manoid.

Anonymous 4583

If I remember correctly, the reason for calling girls femoids comes from the outdated classification of human races into Caucasoids (Caucasians (European, Middle Easterners and some africans like Ethiopians)), Negroids (Sub-Saharan Africans) Mongoloids (All Asians excluding Middle Easterners), Australoid (All Oceanians) and Ameri-Indians.

In some countries, specially around South America, mongoloid is used to refer to people with down syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome because of their appearance (slanted eyes) to Asians.

Men started to combine female + mongoloid to imply that women are retarded, which in turn made women create moid, to imply likewise.

Anonymous 4656

Mentions 'false rape accusations' ever

Anonymous 4660

Some men just want to read female brain produced thoughts, so I've been told.

Anonymous 4666

this or just simply curiosity
it's probably mindblowing for a dude coming from 4chan to see that there's imageboards where the majority of the anons are female

and although its impossible to know, i always wonder how many girls actually use 4chan

Anonymous 4685

They make threads like this.

Anonymous 4691


Finally I found out what that OP image is… it’s this thing called “Garamon” from a Japanese tv show. Cute..

Anonymous 4736

If going by users who added my discord tag, probably 20-30%, they even admit/don't hide that they're male if you ask them.

Anonymous 4737

At least you know right off to block them.

Anonymous 4740

Unfortunate they can't get blocked by lurking here and adding people

Anonymous 4762

and then get butthurt when those thoughts are not the ones they imagined them to be

Anonymous 4763

prob 30-40% most polls have this result (even before trannies went mainstream)

Anonymous 4775

I feel like men will be much more likely to contact you anyway because they're on the hunt while female users aren't. So maybe your post was seen by 100 female users and 10 male users, you just don't hear as much from the women

Anonymous 4788

>second best gender
I'm also new here. How does this website feel about trans people? Is this a conservative or a liberal climate?

Anonymous 4789

Generally we're at least liberal but transwomen are included in the no men rule. Transmen are female so they can participate.

Anonymous 4790


>transwomen are included in the no men rule
>Transmen are female so they can participate

Anonymous 4792

This is false, troons get banned immediately.
Men in a dress =/= female

Anonymous 4794

reread my post slower

Anonymous 4796

Why does it have to be either?

Anonymous 4803

This is a TERF climate, which means extremely liberal except when it comes to the subjects of transgenderism and men, then it's reactionary and politically incorrect. Overall, this place is liberal, but edgy, if you know what I mean. You can't discuss any kind of politics that isn't identity politics btw.

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