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Anonymous 3110

Cannot post either on /meta/ and on the terf threads. Anyone facing similar problems?

Anonymous 3111

So it would seem, so it would seem.

Anonymous 3112

i thought the site got shut down due to the "raids".
seems a bit pointless to raid a site as slow as this.
You could honestly delete an hours worth of posts and hardly notice a difference.
I guess it makes it easy for mods to find and delete raid posts anyway.

Anonymous 3113

Yeah, probably because the "I'm not a robot" thingy got deactivated for a while, you probably posted there and now that it is back you can no longer post there.

Anonymous 3114


Oh shit, I can't post in the shota thread either.
It was such a comfy thread!

Anonymous 3115

Yeah that's what I'm noticing, any thread of posted in before doesn't have the captcha on it

Anonymous 3116

Happened to me. The Captcha was not showing up for a long while. Trying to post just claimed I was a bot and I'm NOT!

Anonymous 3117

Captcha is not showing up for a lot of threads just a few new ones. This is super bugged.

Anonymous 3118

having the same issue where I can't post threads but I can reply to them
captcha only shows for me when I reply to threads, otherwise trying to post leads me to getting a "you look like a bot" message

Anonymous 3119

Snail has to figure out how to fix her own chan forums. This bug is wack.

Anonymous Admin 3120

Sorry, I'll disable captcha again when I get home in a few hours so I can fix this.

Anonymous 3121


Anonymous 3122

can i post?

Anonymous 3123

oh thank god. all of yesterday it kept telling me "you look like a bot" with no explanation. 2 different posts blocked on 2 different boards so it wasn't a post content issue.

Anonymous 3125

Are you sure you’re not a bot anon? Have you checked your skin for metal filaments lately?

Anonymous 3126

Oh, we're back.
FYI >>3114 picture is 304403.

Thank you!

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