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Mod applications Anonymous Admin 33

Please click here for the application

Post any questions you may have in this thread.

Anonymous 46

How does one apply? I have plenty of free time, I want to do my best to make this chan thrive, and I'm good at following directions, so I think I'd be a nice pick, but I'm also a bit autistic and need very specific pointers. Such as "how to apply to be a mod".

Anonymous 50

Admin, when will you be contacting applicants?

Anonymous Admin 60

We still need more applicants, thank you so much for the ones so far! Applications will be open for at least another week.

Anonymous 73

No special skills but I'm on maternity leave and have too much free time. I'm not the most tech-savvy but I'm willing to put time in. Should I bother applying?

Anonymous Admin 74

Please do apply. Thank you!

Anonymous 77

How long until we hear from the Admin?

Anonymous Admin 79

I will send out the first batch of invitations tomorrow!


Please email me at [email protected] with the correct address just to make sure!

Admin 84

Your Discord account doesn't seem to exist, please add me! (email field)

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